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Pentax Optio W60 Waterproof 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom (Silver)
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Product Description

Take your PENTAX Optio W60 to new extremes. With 10 megapixels and a 5X internal zoom, this waterproof Optio shoots deeper, wider and at colder temps. A new design allows the Optio W60 to operate up to 13 feet underwater for two hours and at extreme temperatures well below freezing. Perfect for photography in adventurous settings, the Optio W60 captures a wide variety of scenes including expansive landscapes, architecture, and group photos in confined spaces as well as close-up telephoto shots. The Optio W60 also features High-Quality Movie mode, Face Recognition, Smile Capture, and Blink Detection. 2.5 inch IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD monitor with Anti-Reflective coating is viewable at wide angles, even in bright sunlight Coldproof for use in extreme, sub-zero temperatures HD movie capture to vividly capture moving memories in widescreen 720p Advanced Face Recognition technology sees up to 32 faces in 0.03 seconds, with Smile Capture and Blink Detection PENTAX Shake Reduction system automatically sets ISO up to a high 6400 to prevent subject blur. Movie Shake Reduction also available Focus modes - 9 point AF, Spot AF, Auto Tracking AF, Macro, Super Macro, Infinity Landscape, Pan focus, Manual focus Capture Modes - Mode selection - Auto Picture (Standard, Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene Portrait, Night Scene, Sport, Flower), Program, Night Scene, Movie, Underwater, Underwater Movie, Landscape, Flower, Portrait, and more Programmed AE electronic lens shutter Unit Dimensions (W x H x D) - 3.9 x 2.2 x 1.0; Weight - Without battery or removable memory - 4.4 oz

  • 10.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 18 x 24-inch prints
  • Waterproof to 13 feet; coldproof to sub-zero temperatures
  • 5x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • 720p HD movie capture (15fps)
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Survived a watery vacation
    I took my new camera to Key West for a week of fun. I took my wife and kids too BTW. We took pics while snorkeling, canoeing, swimming, fishing, biking, walking and power boating. It did everything pretty darn well. General picture taking was easy and fun but the 5x zoom wasn't quite as clear as I would have hoped. The macro and 1 cm macro worked really well.

    The mode button allows you to change settings very fast and easily. It opens a single window with all the settings on one page so you can quickly choose what you want and take the pic. My kids had it figured out in a few minutes with no manual. Video was clear and crisp with the usual poor audio from a pocket camera. Hey its a pocket camera!

    Set on sports mode with a fast memory card you rarely missed a shot. The camera cycled fast and allowed for pretty fast multiple shots. The battery burns out a bit quickly but my kids tend to review their shots a lot which sucks down the battery. If out for a long day avoid reviewing your pics until get home. A multi day trip away from power would require more than one battery. Not a hardship as the battery is quite small.

    A friend owns the earlier W10 and warned me to protect the screen from scratches. I bought a neoprene/velcro wrap that attaches with a small screw. It screws into the tripod mount hole in the bottom of the camera body. Well worth the money and highly recommended. Its slim and catch free easily fitting in your pocket. Nice accessory.

    Pedco Wrap-Up - Camera Wrap

    I bought the red one so I could find my camera if set down in the field. Nice camera. Well worth the price....more info
  • Great camera for the active and adventurous!
    Highly recommend the Pentax Optio W60 digital camera for its ease of use, waterproof capabilities, great looks, easy to carry size, its economical price, and for its many features.

    Note: My video review is at but I am not sure links are allowed at amazon. (show pictures & a little video from a rafting day trip in Arizona). Their search is not so great like here at Amazon, so you may need to search by clicking - top right, "Community" - Search member: beta . Select the member "beta" (no numbers, no letters). That will bring you to all my video reviews, including the Pentax Optio Camera. Click the Pentax picture to start it. The direct link: (

    I recommend this camera for the adventurous who enjoy the outdoors and water sports. The Pentax Optio W60 can record in 16:9 high definition with a frame rate of 15 fps and resolution of 1280x720. It has underwater picture and movie modes.

    With all the pluses, a couple things to note - the Pentax does not have an optical viewfinder and in bright sunny light on the water, even with its protective anti-reflective coating, it is sometimes difficult to see what you are filming through the LCD screen. Also, in movie mode, the zoom noise is recorded and can overshadow nature's sounds (see video review). Be sure to take extra batteries, as in movie mode, the battery lasts about an hour. My video review includes example first-time pictures and movies, but there are so many modes available for you to try after the initial shots. Selecting the correct mode is sure to improve your pictures. I highly recommend the Pentax Optio W60 waterproof digital camera.

    Pros: Waterproof, plus abundance of features., Great looks, compact and nice color., HD movie mode.

    Cons: Quieter zoom when taking movies., Optical viewfinder., Batteries that last longer.

    Bought this product at: info
  • Nice camera
    I bought this camera as a gift for my brother. I don't know much about it but he seems to like it especially around water sports and he did a lot of research before picking it out....more info
  • Functional, but Definitely not Perfect
    I purchased the W60 to take on a tropical beach vacation. Also considered the Olympus (rejected due to numerous reviews complaining of shutter lag) and the new Panasonic (too expensive).

    My first impression on opening the box was intensely negative. The overall look and feel is not as jewel-like as a Canon or (especially) a Panasonic. And the battery charger - totally unacceptable!!! It's a huge clunky thing with a foot-long plug-in extension cord, literally about six times as bulky as Canon's standard folding prong charger. Considering that people buy this thing to travel, and that it retais for around $300, Pentax's blatant skimping on the charger is totally inexcusable. It is reason alone to not buy this camera.

    Once I got over my disappointment, however, I found that the W60 actually functions pretty well. The menus are clear and easy to understand, though some basic features, like the self timer, require too much button pushing. (Also, while the W60's got a gazillion program modes, I found it pretty much impossible to make the darn thing stop down, as it consistently defaulted to a wide aperture and the fastest possible shutter speed, even in "landscape" mode.)

    With all that said, I was pleasantly surprised by the the image quality. The autofocus does a particularly decent job. Most all my photos turned out crisp and clear and more or less properly exposed. I was especially pleased with the underwater photos (taken down to about 15 feet). They were a little murky straight off the card, but applying auto color correct (I used irfanview, but suspect any basic program will work equally well) caused the colors to really pop. Video quality is also surprisingly good, especially in HD mode.

    So . . . my final verdict is that this camera does what it is supposed to do pretty darn well. It's a little clunky, and the battery charger is a travesty, but if you're looking for a decent point and shoot that can be used in wet environments (and you don't want to spend $400 on the Panasonic), the W60 fits the bill....more info
  • Fun, good quality point and shoot
    Bought this camera for underwater photography during my trip to Cuba. It was easy to use and the underwater pictures are surprisingly clear. I didn't have to sift through too much of the documentation since I found the camera to be intuitive. It is interesting to note that the lens does not extend out of the camera when using the 5X optical zoom. Instead, the lens action seems to be contained within the camera. The only thing is, there is only a small piece of glass that appears to be protecting the lens and when the camera is turned off, there is no protection built in for this glass piece. I am worried that if I toss the camera into my purse or with my snorkelling gear, the glass will scratch and affect picture quality. It does not come with a case, so I am using a cell phone style "sock" to keep the camera from being damaged.

    As well, the flash is a little close to the lens and it's easy to accidently cover it with your fingers while taking a shot. Still, I would recommend this camera for anyone who wants to take pictures in or near water. I bought an extended strap that I can put around my neck and used a small carabiner to secure it to my bathing suit so I would not accidently drop it on the ocean floor. ...more info
  • Great surprise!
    I ordered this camera by accident, but decided to keep it and try it out. It takes great, clear shots (and surprisingly good action shots in low light). I love the fact that it is waterproof and dirtproof. I haven't tried it under water yet (don't know if I have the guts as the last supposed waterproof camera I bought leaked and was ruined the first day) but it's been in the dirt quite a bit and works great....more info
  • Saw it in Wired, great camera
    Used it at Alumni swim meet, works well with camera and video underwater, I don't have the steadiest hands so the digital steady feature was nice, multiple modes, easy to use, I had kodaks in the past, this is definitely better...more info
  • This Camera is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone who didn't appreciate this camera must have been taking night pictures in a mud puddle. Definitely worth the investment. The underwater pictures were beyond belief! The LCD screen is kinda hard to see while taking underwater shots, but once on the computer...WOW!!!
    If you ever buy and use disposable underwater cameras... ditch that and buy this now! :)
    ...oh, does not float...we added a bubble wrap tie to strap. ENJOY!!...more info
  • Single purpose camera
    Purchased this hoping it would be a good 'multi-purpose' camera for the beach, boating and casual snaps. The picture quality is much lower than other 'point and shoots' at this price range. I am still keeping the camera for water/beach use, but ended up getting a Canon SD790 as a general purpose camera....more info
  • Great camara!!
    I read other reviews on Amazon and made my choice on the Pentax Optio W60 waterproof camara. I love to read the reviews on Amazon because it makes my purchases alot easier as an informed consumer. I used the camera on vacation in Maui and loved the results. No need to worry about getting the camara wet and took great pictures! I used it snorkeling and the pictures were wonderful. It fit in my wristlet purse which made it easy to grab and shoot quickly when and wherever I went. I would suggest the camera to everyone and would certainly purchase it again....more info
  • Grainy and Blurry
    I was so excited to get this camera, but was really disappointed with the picture quality. Low-light conditions made for extremely blurry and grainy photos. I tried to use the proper shooting mode, but that didn't help at all. Outdoor pics in bright sun were pretty good, although once the pics were on the computer I couldn't tell if they were taken with my old 3MP camera or the new Pentax 10MP. I was hoping to be blown away by the pictures but was not impressed at all.
    A few other cons-
    Navigating the menu was counterintuitive
    The buttons are tiny.
    Lens is always uncovered

    These last things could be overlooked, but the poor picture quality makes this camera a no-go....more info
  • Pictures are fuzzy if you zoom even a little. Only regular pics clear.
    I was hopeful after my husband took my kodak easyshare for a swim that this waterproof camera would be my answer. Unfortunately the pics are not that great. They are fuzzy, even if you zoom just a little bit. I don't return things often but I have to return this camera. I missed so many great pics at the ball game. Only pics taken at farthest range came out... =( Going back to kodak......more info
  • Avoid the sand at all costs or RIP.
    After a bit of research I finally settled on the W60. Pictures were fairly washed out but it was better than missing out on memories at the beach. After the first use I notice small sand particles on the rubber seal (this protects the battery/SD Card area). Tried to remove as much as possible. Then a few minutes into my shallow underwater shots in Waikiki the camera went blank... the small particles of sand must have created enough space for the water to get past the rubber seal and into the camera. Well, 2 uses and the camera was dead.

    If you can get past the poor washed out colors, the mic catching the click click autofocus in movie mode and the "made in China" factor then maybe this if for you. But i will never buy Pentax again. Look into Canon's new Powershot D10. I will be picking one of those up soon....more info
  • Maiden Snorkeling Trip
    I used the camera Pentax Optio W60 Waterproof 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Zoom (Ocean Blue)for the first time during three days of snorkeling off beaches near Cabo San Lucas March 15-17 and got a dozen really good shots at depths down to nearly 5 meters. It vastly surpassed its predecessor, a Nikon Coolpix 403 in a housing. It took a little experimentation to get the right settings for optimum focusing, but I caught on and eventually got some really great shots of the unique species in the Sea of Cortez....more info
  • Just for fun
    Two reasons prompted me to buy the W60, one it is a Pentax and two it is water proof. I wanted a pocket camera for the fishing trips and the everyday travel and the W60 proves to be great for both. One way I can attest to the water tightness is video taping with it in 4 feet of river on the end of a fishing line after which this camera is still working. Hence this camera begs to be played with, it wants you to push it to the max in your outdoor picture taking while still holding its own at the tame birthday party. There are plenty of modes for picture taking with two of my favorites being the pana mode and a two shot wide area mode. Both of these are great for travel and I find myself using them alot. I also like the macro focus which has produced some great shots for me. But there are the things I don't like about the W60. The first is the battery and its life. I wished tha Pentax would have made a battery which has more power and could be replaced with something that could be purchased in a store for back up usage. As it satnds now I would suggest you buy a second battery for your trips with this camrea and you still may want to take a charger. The other thing I don't like is the noise that is made in the video mode. It sounds like clicking at playback, but it is good enough to get the point across. In a nutshell I am glad I got the W60 as I have used for both work and play in the short time that I have owned it....more info
  • Great adventure and all around camera...
    I bought this camera for a surf trip to Panama. It worked fantastic in and out of the water. Although it does not say it is shock proof, I droped it 2X and it still works fine. I have been using it as my everyday camera and seems to take great photo's. One of the best functions is the green button. You can set the type of photo you want to take and a default style. For example, you can set your default to portrait and then select outdoor, action or any other setting... Then by hitting one button go back to one or the other without having to scroll through the menu options.
    Overall great camera, great price!...more info
  • Love this new version of my previous OptioW
    I loved the original and this one is so much more amazing. The underwater colors are fabulous. The new larger screen perfect to view. I loved the original and this one just makes it that much more fun to own this camera!...more info