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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 09/09/2008 Run time: 127 minutes Rating: Pg

Paul Newman gives one of the defining performances of his career, and cemented his place as a beautiful-rebel screen icon playing the stubbornly tough and independent title character in Cool Hand Luke. And before he became familiar as a sidekick in 1970s disaster movies (Earthquake and the Airport movies), George Kennedy won an Oscar for playing Dragline, the brutal chain-gang boss who tries to beat loner Luke's cool out of him. It's a classic rebel-against-the-repressive-institution story in the line of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest or The Shawshank Redemption. Certain moments have become classics--particularly the hardboiled egg-eating contest, and the immortal line (drooled by Strother Martin, as a sadistic redneck prison officer), "What we have here is a failure to communicate." And don't forget, Luke is also the source of the oft-quoted driving ditty, "I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I have my plastic Jesus, right here on the dashboard of my car..." He is cool, all right. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • the legend
    i have watched this movie over 400 times,will never be another newman,blu-ray is crystal clear...more info
  • Best of both worlds
    I bought this DVD for my Brother's birthday and the reason behind selecting this DVD was that it gave you the option to watch either Full Screen (which he loves) or Widescreen simply by selecting the side of the DVD to play. He was thrilled with it....more info
  • Forget the Blu-Ray!!! Save Your Money!!!
    The Blu-Ray Cool Hand Luke is MONO!!!!! Not even a feeble attempt at stereo or 5.1. One great movie, but don't waste your money on the Blu-Ray! Buy it on standard DVD if all you get is MONO. I was foolish enough to assume that there was no such thing as MONO on a Blu-Ray. I'm so angry over this purchase, I CAN'T EVEN SEE STRAIGHT. Truth be told, I didn't even check before buying because I wouldn't have believed that such a thing could even exist!...more info
  • Fast Finish
    This is a study in sadism. Unmitigated psychological abuse meets up with wild heroism in the character of a complex, but silly convict, Luke Jackson (Paul Newman). Wrong is called right, justice perverted, but he turns the tables and starts to goad the "bosses" into ever more serious conflicts until they kill him....more info
  • One of the best, by one of the best...
    One of Paul Newman's best performances, and truly one of his best films (I still don't know why I didn't nominate this in Best Picture for my personal awards); `Cool Hand Luke' is not only very, very cool; it is very, very impressive. With powerful acting and one of the most poignant and powerfully moving endings of it's time, `Cool Hand Luke' is not just a staple for avid Newman fans, but this is a film for anyone who loves film; period.

    Paul Newman plays Luke, a rebellious young man doing some time for vandalism. He's strong willed and very independent, qualities that don't mesh well with prison life. He knocks heads with a few people, not the least of which is the Captain (a ruthless Strother Martin) and Dragline (Oscar winner George Kennedy). Dragline and Captain are determined to break Luke, but for different reasons and in different ways. Dragline, the prisons gang leader, wants to break Luke into submission, but soon he begins to admire Luke's unwavering pride. The Captain wants to humiliate and destroy Luke (that midnight digging scene sends chills down my spine EVERY time I watch this movie).

    The films ending is really where the heart of the film lies, and where the characters that have been being developed become full and real and most impressionable. I won't even get into the ending (I am not going to ruin this for anyone) but just know that Luke's final decision rings so true, even today.

    It's a pure and brutally honest depiction of our subconscious yearnings.

    The acting is a huge highlight here, and Paul Newman further cements himself as one of the finest actors to ever work in Hollywood (I've been known to confess him as my favorite actor of all time). What he does with Luke is marvelous; constructing a man who is self inflicted with feelings he refuses to share, reserving himself until the end when his true afflictions are made bare. Newman creates a perfect fa?ade for Luke, a faux sense of security, which only adds to his eventual breakdown. George Kennedy was amazing as Dragline, a truly inspired performance. He's witty when needed, gruff when needed and even charming (he is the true definition of `buddy' here). A lot of people have knocked his Oscar win in the years that followed it, but he was truly deserving (even if I would have given the award to Hackman). I also want to point out Strother Martin for his devilish performance, truly spine chilling.

    So, like I said, this is a marvelous film and is one that I highly recommend to any and everyone I talk to. I'm so glad my father ranted and raved about this long enough for me to finally commit to watching it (that Paul Newman TCM marathon didn't help either) and so, in like manner, I plan on ranting and raving this film until you see it too!...more info
  • The "Cool Hand Luke" review
    I was satisfied with this product, with possibly one exception. It was produced in the format that fits a normal T.V. screen, not the so-called letterbox format. I was not given any mis-information about this product, and purchased it without giving attention to this aspect. All things considered, I would have to say I made a good "buy". It was easy to make a purchase on Amazon, and the delivery was prompt.You have guidelines provided to help the consumer make an informed decision on a product. "I'll be back". Sincerely, Patrick Dwyer...more info
  • excellent
    bought this movie for my boyfriend for christmas and you should've seen his face when he opened it!!...more info
  • Cool Hand Luke is a classic
    What can one say about Cool Hand Luke that has not already been written. It is one of the best films ever made. Starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, J.D. Cannon, and Strother Martin with a host of billiant supporting actors, CHL is pure enjoyment from befinning to end. If you have never seen this film, buy it. It is a part of American Cinema history....more info
  • Very well-made with sense of graphic imagery and cinema view...
    The rebel character in Hollywood after the death of James Dean went through a period of transition and did not gain definite new characteristics until the late sixties...

    The three established rebel/anti-heroes in movies were Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, and Steve McQueen...

    In 1967, screen audiences were exposed to two new rebel hero characters, Clyde Barrow, a rebel without a cause with enough guts to strike out against any bank, and Luke Jackson, an anti-hero 'born to lose,' but a man full of pride and dignity...

    "Cool Hand Luke" resumes Newman's career as another rebel, a non-conformist, a perfect hero who beats the system wherever...

    Superbly directed by Stuart Rosenberg, Newman exhibits a complete arrangement of emotions invading every nuance and implication... Resources of his true command of his technical acting are breathtaking in their impact... The motion picture (nominated for 4 Academy Awards) won him his 4th Academy Award nomination...

    Newman is again a cynical loner, but he's also charming, and everything is calculated to involve us with him; like "Hombre," the film begins and ends with closeups of his face, but here, appropriately, he has an engaging smile...

    The opening, where he drinks beer, unscrews tops from parking meters and mumbles to the arriving cop, recalls Dean's drunken incoherence at the start of "Rebel Without a Cause"--an apt title for Luke... He breaks rules for no apparent reason, wherever he is, including the chain gang to which he's sentenced...

    Unlike Paul Muni in "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang," who steals only to eat and is turned by society into a hardened criminal, Luke is a criminal from the start, and his crime isn't motivated by hunger... It's a meaningless anti-authority gesture--the existentialist "gratuitous act," committed purely for the sake of committing it... Luke engages our sympathy not because he is economically deprived or the product of an unhappy home, but because for him the act of rebellion is its own justification: he's the perfect sixties hero...

    Initially, Luke alienates the prisoners by his indifference and sarcasm, and the top dog, Dragline (George Kennedy) picks a fight with him... Luke is severely beaten but keeps fighting, and this--plus his continual defiance of the guards--wins him the men's respect... Their admiration grows when he proves he can eat 50 hard-boiled eggs, one after the other, in only one hour, another gratuitous act ("somethin' to do").

    But Luke gradually becomes a victim of the excessive admiration, rebelling because they expect him to, which leads to a pattern of escapes and captures... As the warden says, "What we got here is a failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach." Even though Luke becomes subservient after torture, he again escapes... Dragline admires the way he fooled the guards while planning all along to escape... But Luke says he really did break down, and asserts: "l never planned anything in my life." Even his last act is motivated not by heroism but by impulse...

    The physical punishment Newman's characters often undergo reaches an extreme here, as Luke constantly invites pain (in his fight with Dragline, he says, "You're gonna have to kill me."). Underlying his sometimes vigorous rebelliousness is despair at a cruelly indifferent world... But the men need a hero, and Dragline perpetuates the myth, telling them that he had "that Luke smile" to the very end... We last see a montage of shots of Luke smiling--the men's vision of him as unbeaten and almost immortal...

    Newman's performance is among his best, and Luke is one of his definitive studies of non conformism... As in "Hombre," he underplays, but in a loose, relaxed, "cool" manner... He's affecting in a wide range of moods: quiet detachment, wry contempt, raw courage, exhaustion, exuberance, gentleness, anger, resignation...

    There's a superb1y understated scene in which Luke's dying mother (Jo Van Fleet) visits him... Like Rocky Graziano, he says he tried to live cleanly, but could never find a way... But the mood is quite different here: instead of intense emotion, there are on1y ingenious expressions of uneasiness, regret, sadness, acceptance... Newman conveys his unspoken affection entirely through his glances and reactions, as she wistfully remarks that she once had high hopes for him...

    The actor even survives the film's pretentious attempts to make him a mock-Christ figure... Besides the obvious sacrifice-resurrection parallel, he's even shown in the exact crucifixion position following his fifty-egg (Last Supper?) ordeal... There are two badly conceived dialogs with a God he doesn't believe in--after which he realizes, "l gotta find my own way," a rather unconcealed statement of existential despair--but Newman performs them with quiet conviction....

    His mock religion is better suggested by the bottle opener he wears in lieu of a religious medal... And the despair is effectively dramatized in his reaction to his mother's death... The men leave him by himself, and he sits on his bed, playing the banjo... With a sad, breaking voice, he sings a religious parody: "l don't care if it rains or freezes, long as 1 got my plastic Jesus..." He looks down and begins crying, but sings faster, obsessively, withdrawing into himself and expressing his utter loneliness in a world that has no God... It's one of the most moving scenes in all of Newman's work...

    Paralleled to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Cool Hand Luke" is a character study, which works beautifully, very well-made with sense of graphic imagery and cinema view, a good-looking film with superb photography in Color, extremely good as an entertainment...

    ...more info
  • outstanding!!!!
    I grew up watching this movie... its a movie I seem to never get bored with. Paul newman is an awesome actor, and if you are a fan of his, this is a must have in your movie collection!!!! ...more info
  • Defning Movie Of and For The 60s
    First of all, I found the Editorial Review to be quite silly, appealing apparently to those who are totally unfamiliar w/the 60s but yet familiar w/the 70s. Movie critics have recently voted Cool Hand Luke as "One of the Finest movies ever made." And it does deserve that standing. It and it alone--yes over "The Graduate", a fine 60s film in its own right, but not definitive--can serve as an excellent defiition of the 60s.

    People constantly refer to Newman's character "Luke" as a "rebel". Yet this characterization reflects our society's actual fear of defying authority in itself. Luke isn't a 'rebel'. He's perfectly willing to follow sensible, reasonale orders and just 'get along'. What he doesn't abide is Abuse of authority. He didn't rebel against authority for it's own sake. He refuses to accept Injustice, if even on the most minor levels--injustices we know well and all(?) routinely accept as if we're powerless. By accepting them we become sheep easily led to slaughter, for acceptance of minor abuses quickly leads to, and indicates the certainty of underlying, serious intolerable abuses (ala George W. Bush & Nixon). To paraphrase the guard upset on hearing Luke's supposed disbelief in G/god: 'I've worked this chain gang for nearly 30 year and I ain't killed me no white man....Sorry Luke but I'm just doin' my job." "Callin it your job don't make it right, Boss", replies Luke.

    Luke not only takes on the prison institution, leaders and guards, but also the chain gang's self-appointed 'Boss' prisoner 'Dragline' (George Kennedy). Here the film argues for a more egalitarian society: They are, after all, prisoners, every one. Questioning Dragline's authority, results in a boxing match Luke knows he'll loose. But he fight anyway, is beaten badly, yet won't "stay down" as warned. Luke replies, "you're gonna have to kill me first." By being beaten but refusing to give up he wins the fight and everyone's respect. The warden recognizes Luke's righteousness resistance as trouble to come. Later, after being seriuosly wronged by the warden in the opinion of all, Luke never gives up trying to escape.

    The movie takes up a third overarching issue of belief, or lack of belief, in God & in combination implies Luke's 'rebeliousness' stems from his 'non-belief'. Made in the time of the infamous "God is Dead" headline and the "anti-hero", both strong players explored here with much religious symbolism, the film is just as relevant today as 40+ years ago. Does Luke actually not believe in God? Or is it those who don't really think for themselves who are 'guilty'? Some may feel as if Luke's character feels "the world owed him something", as individualists (rebels?) are often pegged. Perhaps Luke feels unquestioned belief in God leads to acceptance of abuse ("..I ain't killed no white man.") when all 'follow the leader'. The aftermath of the escape scenes lead to a much-needed review of the morality of torture (ocurring everyday in our prisons).

    This film is a powerful call to acccept and follow the idealism inherent in America's founding principles of freedom: Be a true individual. Think for yourself. Stand up and fight for what you believe no matter what the odds, consequences or opponents (even God?). This is a movie that will make you think. I saw it as a teen in 67 and it helped change my life. Society is again in great need of hearing it's message.

    Thought-provoking and profound, with excellent, sometimes experimental cinematography and a brilliant screenplay deserving of an Oscar itself (it and the novel both written by a former chain gang member), an all-star ensemble supporting cast and the seamless Oscar-deserving performances of Newman and Kennedy, it will stand for all times as one of the best and most important movies ever made. (for Liz and Graciela)...more info
  • Will Always be a Classic Newman Film
    Everytime I watch this film I wonder how it could happen. I always end up angry at the system. This is a Must have Paul Newman film....more info
  • "...Anything Built Like That....Gotta Be Named Lucille..." COOL HAND LUKE on BLU RAY
    Originally released in the cinema in late 1967, like most people, I came across the fantastic "Cool Hand Luke" on a piddly little television set at home, sometime in the mid Seventies. And like most folk, I've loved it and its indomitable spirit ever since.

    Fast-forward to September 2008, and it arrives on the shiny new Blu Ray format - and to see it all cleaned up and pucker like this - and on a juicy big plasma screen too - is a treat few movie fans will be able to resist.

    As close to 'beautiful' as a man could get, Newman shone from the second he smiled in the opening credits. The rest of the cast too were just fantastic - it's almost a case of spot the famous face now - Harry Dean Stanton and the young Dennis Hopper in early roles, George Kennedy in probably his best part, Strother Martin, JD Cannon, Lou Antonio, Joe Don Baker...the list is endless...and all of it with a top screenplay by DONN PEARCE and FRANK PIERSON and complimented by a cool LALO SCHIFFRIN soundtrack.

    But the real treat for lifetime fans of the film is the PRINT. From the moment you see the red steel "violation" sign fill the screen as a drunk Lucas Jackson chops the head off yet another parking meter in his hick home town with a steel cutter, you know this print has been seen to properly - and I mean properly - it's absolutely gorgeous to look at.

    Most of the action takes place in the blistering heat of a Florida prison and its daily work details, so there's a sort of heat haze over every outdoor shot, but the clarity of the restored print is still fantastic. When some of the prisoners are going through the compounds gates - beautifully clear. Paul Newman as he lays on his top bunk before the 8pm curfew looking at a bare light bulb just inches away...again so clean...

    And then there's the film itself...there are so many great scenes:
    ...the full-on sex-kitten JOY HARMON (27 at the time, but looking more like 20) washing the car in that clinging floral dress while the boys sweat nearby digging a trench in the road ("I'm dying here...") is probably one of the sexiest and most delicious scenes ever put to film (George Kennedy calls her Lucille). Strother Martin's famous lines about "communication" when one of the prisoners gets shirty, the mirror shades of "Boss" reflecting everything from the birds he shoots to approaching trucks, the boisterous and loaded card games, the egg-eating contest, hiding out in the chapel at the end of the film as 'boss man' comes after Lucas...George Kennedy dying inside as the spirit of his new friend is close to being broken, but doesn't break (Kennedy won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Role)...all of it brill...and like its title...effortlessly cool.

    There's a "Making Of" and Audio Commentary (not on some rental versions) and the subtitles are in French and Spanish only.

    "Cool Hand Luke" on Blu Ray is a triumph. What we have here is not a failure to communicate, but a great version of a great movie.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Cool Hand Luke
    What can I say about "Cool Hand Luke" except that it is one of the most entertaining & memorable movies ever made, as well as one of Paul Newman's best acting performances. This movie is full of great lines & great scenes & is a must see for any Paul Newman and/or movie fan. "Cool Hand Luke" belongs in every movie buff's collection & is a movie you will want to watch over & over again. *****+++!!!...more info
  • A Real Review of This Blu-Ray
    Alright, I've noticed all the reviews have been of the film and a summary. I'm sure if you're looking to purchase this film, you've already seen it. I'm going to go on about this particular conversion of the film.

    The visuals for this film wasn't upgraded very much from the DVD release (I also own). Image quality is not that much better than the DVD. The audio is much crisper. They separate the channels really well, however, I've noticed that it isn't in a true 5.1 Surround sound. It's in stereo and mono only. There is a special documentary called "A Natural-Born World-Shaker: Making Cool Hand Luke." After doing some research you'll find this is not upgraded from the DVD at all. This gets 5 stars from me, because simply, it's a film required for every film collection. Being rated G it's good for the whole family and holds tons of moral stories for you. Forget Disney, show your kids to reality, not brainwash....more info
  • Cool Hand Luke
    I've missed this great flick in collection for years. Arrived in great shcpe ant timely shipment....more info
  • Great Movie!
    If you like Paul Newman and his early years, you will love this movie! ...more info
  • Cool Hand Luke
    ESSENTIAL MOVIE!!! One of the defining roles in Paul Newman's career in which he plays a likable convict put in prison for breaking into parking meters. Luke is a nonconformist which doesn't bode well for him in prison, a place that demands conformity to the rules. Luke evolves into a position of respect among the inmates, they look upon him as a leader though it's a role he doesn't want. He's constantly bucking the system which keeps him in trouble with the warden & guards. Things get worse after a successful escape & subsequent recapture. The warden & guards try to break Luke's spirit which they aren't very successful at. Luke finally tries another escape which leads to his demise.

    The movie has several defining moments in it; there's the egg eating scene where Luke eats fifty boiled eggs in one hour, there's the scene where the warden (Strother Martin) makes his famous speech: "What we have here... is a failure to communicate..." & the scene where, apparently, Luke's spirit is broken. The acting in this movie is outstanding elicited by the director Stuart Rosenberg who wasn't & never will be one of Hollywood's better known directors.

    There are many now famous actors in this movie with varying degrees of substantial roles. George Kennedy won a very deserving Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role. Also in the movie are Morgan Woodward (Sunglasses) in a featured yet non-speaking role, Harry Dean Stanton, Dennis Hopper, J.D. Cannon, Lou Antonio, Wayne Rogers (co-star in M*A*S*H), Ralph Waite (The Waltons) & Anthony Zerbe.

    Do yourself a favor & get this movie, one of the best "prison" movies ever done by Hollywood!...more info
  • simple movie in a simple time
    this is one of those movies no matter where you come in, channel surfing immmediately stops & someone always says "I didn't know this came on today". Without a doubt, its a favorite movie for whole family. As we've aged, the Newman appeal hasn't.

    Hope EVERYONE has a SAFE & MERRY CHRISTMAS! And brings in 2008 just as SAFELY! :)...more info
  • Slow-moving, predictable prison film
    "Cool Hand Luke" is one of those heavy-handed 1960s message films - set in a rural southern prison it features brutal guards and sensitive, misunderstood prisoners.

    These prisoners are meant to be tough but you get the feeling they would be eaten alive today. Paul Newman is excellent as always and the sole reason for watching this film. George Kennedy won an Oscar for his performance but it is forced and mannered by today's standards.

    Wildly over-praised this film begins to drag pretty quickly and builds to a predictable conclusion.
    ...more info
  • Too Cool!
    This is a classic movie that I enjoyed very much. It's one you'll watch over and over. YOu must love Paul Newman, he really is cool...........more info
  • Paul Newman's Best Movie
    This, the story of a Southern chain gang in the post-WWII South, is one of my top ten favorite movies. Growing up, it had legendary status in my household. My dad, my brother, and I quoted from it all the time. Even today, I can break into a Strother Martin impersonation ("When a man's mother dies....") that gets my dad laughing. Simply put, this is just about a perfect movie. It contains the classic eating of 50 eggs scene (where, if you didn't get the Jesus symbolism by then, is made pretty obvious). But the car washing scene is pretty classic, too (even if the woman looks more "60s" than the rest of the movie). The script is fantastic, the locations are evocative of the time and place, and the actors all put in great performances. George Kennedy won an Oscar for his turn as the prison fixture, Dragline; and unfortunately, they don't make them like Strother Martin (dead) and Harry Dean Stanton (still acting) anymore. The cast is so good that Joe Don Baker and Dennis Hopper appear, though only on the margins. And as for this movie's star, well, Paul Newman gives his best performance as Luke, who epitomizes the American rebel. Think James Dean goes to prison and you have Cool Hand Luke. It's hard to believe Newman was around 40 when he made this movie. He looks a lot younger. The book the movie is based on was written by an ex-con safecracker, who had served time on a chain gang. The movie certainly has authenticity (even though it was filmed in Stockton, California, not the Deep South). For me, this is Newman's best movie, a great story about a man's self-destructive rebellion against authority....more info
  • Cool Hand Luke
    "Luke" is a work that transformed Newman from movie star to anti-authoritarian folk hero. Clearly the actor was attracted to the dispossessed, in life and in film. His Luke is two things at once: a loser whose drunkenness lands him on a chain gang, but also a tough individualist equipped with personal courage and a defiant spirit. Top-notch support comes from Martin as Luke's wormy nemesis, and Kennedy, who won an Oscar for his turn as Luke's loyal pal, Dragline....more info
  • Yet Another Newman Masterpiece!
    If you haven't seen this film yet, by all means, go out and rent it today! Hell, you might as well purchase it, because it is definitely worth every penny and I promise you won't regret it. It is a true classic and a movie you will want to see over and over again. God knows I must have viewed this one at least a dozen times now. The acting, directing, writing, score, etc... is top notch. Am I the only person out there who constantly poses this question - WHY DONT THEY MAKE FILMS LIKE THIS ANYMORE? Then again, there has never been, nor will there ever be, an actor quite like Paul Newman. And if ever there was a role in which Newman was born to play, this was it! Seriously folks, could you even imagine another actor playing the part of Luke? It's definitely one of his finest performances ever. The man has charm oozing out of every pore in his body.

    Along with the outstanding, understated work of Mr. Newman, this film also contains several wonderful performances by a fine supporting cast - George Kennedy (Best Supporting Actor Winner as Dragline), Strother Martin, Robert Donner, Morgan Woodward, Wayne Rogers, Ralph Waite, Harry Dean Stanton, Dennis Hopper and Jo Van Fleet as Luke's mother Arletta. By the way, the scene in which Luke confronts his dying mother Arletta is one of my favorites of all-time. It redefines the word POIGNANT and I can almost guaranty it will melt your heart.

    There are so many famous lines and scenes in this movie that make this film completely unforgettable. I have yet to meet one person (male or female) that didn't thoroughly enjoy this film from begining to end. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you are in for a treat. I still remember the first time I saw this film and how much I enjoyed it. In fact, the very next day I went to the video store (sorry Amazon, you weren't around yet) and immediately purchased it. Trust me folks, this is one EXCEPTIONAL film.

    Finally, I think we sometimes forget just how many classic films Paul Newman has been in - "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof", "The Hustler", "Hud", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", "The Sting", "Abscence of Malice", "The Verdict", "The Color of Money", "Nobody's Fool", etc... etc... etc... The man is a living legend and one hell of a good human being to boot! At 82 years old, he just announced his retirement from acting. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I for one feel like I am losing an old, dear friend. ...more info
  • A must see
    This is by far one of the greatest movies of all times. Paul Newman is amazing, the ultimate rebel. Who else would cut the heads off parking meters because "Small town, not much to do in the evenin."...more info