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St. Elmo's Fire
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    Absolutely useless to me. The DVD is in German, and will not even play on my DVD player. What a ripoff. I just spent 10 bucks on a DVD that is going straight into the trash. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS SELLER! NO RETURNS are possible once you open the package!!!! ...more info
  • Gotta have it
    No 80's movie collection would be complete w/o this one. Who can resist old school Demi Moore, Andrew McCarthy & Judd Nelson??? The tumultuous lives of young adults in the 80's ... few things beat it. ...more info
  • Best of the 'Brat Pack' Movies
    "St. Elmo's Fire" is my favorite 'Brat Pack' movie. With an all-star cast, how can you go wrong? First you have Rob Lowe who is simply gorgeous as Billy, a guy who can't decide what he's going to do after graduating college. He plays the sax (quite well I might add) for fun and sometimes for money.

    Then you have Julie (Demi Moore in a wonderful performance), who is very high-strung after learning about her father's marriage to another woman. Her life is basically like kettle with hot water that is about to boil. She's happy then she's sad, then she's manic...She's everything! But she does a wonderful job.

    I loved seeing Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy together. After seeing "The Breakfast Club," I never thought I'd see them as a couple. They are cute together and the scenes they share are fun to watch.

    Emilio Estevez's performance was just as wonderful as the others. He falls in love with a doctor (Andie McDowell) who is already involved with someone else, but he's determined to make things go his way. It doesn't work, but watching him try to make it work is just as much fun.

    Andrew McCarthy is a lot of fun to watch. Everyone thinks he's gay because he doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn't date very much. It's a typical stereotype, but I got over that. The end of the movie proves that he is not gay. Mare Winningham gives a stunning performance as a girl who comes from a very wealthy family. She loves Billy but her father wants her to marry a successful businessman. Since she is 'daddy's girl,' she doesn't want to disappoint him.

    Overall, this movie is just fun to watch and listening to the director's commentary is great. You get to learn about all these things that went on behind the scenes and what roles the actors were originally up for....more info

  • a classic definitive 80's movie
    OK i just picked this up for 1.00 VHS at a flea market, only because i love JOHN PARR's first CD the catchy synth rock soundtrack song. to anyone who got this movie just for that timeless song, you will like the whole CD and all of his music. even though i hated college and quit after a year and could not relate to it, i was not disappointed because the movie is totally 80's. i love anything and everything 80's from music to movies. long but never boring- because it tells the story of about 7 different characters in the same time and keeps switching scenes, rather than focusing on the story of one main character. the movies message is basically about holding on to being young and having fun after school is over. this movie joins my list of the top 80's movies of all time along with SUMMER CAMP NIGHTMARE, TRICK OR TREAT, RED DAWN, FOOTLOOSE, TEACHERS, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, BREAKFAST CLUB, APT PUPIL, ROCKY 4, KARATE KID, FLASH DANCE, 3 O CLOCK HIGH, RAD, GLEAMING THE CUBE, STAND BY ME, etc. for anyone that truly digs 80's stuff, get it and enjoy. -loner88 ...more info
  • Brat pack at it's best
    Packed full of stars, this is one of the greats from the 80's. If it's been awhile since you've seen it, get it and watch it again. You'll love it. Then go and get 'The Breakfast Club'... :-)...more info
  • Was friendship ever really like this?
    This film presents a wonderfully/hopelessly romantic view of friendship as seven buddies make the transition from college to jobs. Although I had a set of close friends at university, this film made me insanely jealous that my friendships didn't seem as frank and open as they are here. Or maybe it was just that my coterie hadn't included Ally Sheedy.

    Many of the actors, though just starting out, already seemed to be type-cast. Emilio Estevez plays someone totally obsessed by a girl (Andie MacDowell) -- in today's climate, he could justifiably be prosecuted for stalking and harassment. Demi Moore's character (Jules) lives the high life, way beyond her means and control, and everyone's worried about her. Rob Lowe plays Billy, a philanderer who can't hold down a job or a family.

    The demands of the plot mean that, though this cluster of seven was close-knit at college, all the swapping of partners seems to happen only once they graduate. (In my experience, most of the partner-switching happened at college, not afterwards.)

    Where this film scores so well is with the message that, despite all the flare-ups and other incidents, these friendships are for life. Yes, people will drift apart -- here symbolised by Billy's somewhat optimistic career move to New York -- but you just know that some day, they will meet up again.

    Life in many of its colours is shown here, and the most implausible element is the idea that Rob Lowe's character could ever apply himself sufficiently to pass the college graduation exams. And, in my opinion, many of the plot ideas were shamelessly plundered by Richard Curtis for 'Four Weddings' and 'Love Actually'.
    ...more info
  • WHat's the meaning of Life? You BReak mY heart but THen again U break Evryones hEaRT.
    I LOVe LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE. TOTAL EIGHTIES. Everyone has that one movie that sticks with them well you might be laughing but this is that movie for me, This and Breakfast Club are those movies that I love to watch repeatingly and will continue to do so. The End of Innocence and B.S. and the start of Adulthood....more info
  • 80s college graduates in flaming love triangles
    St. Elmo's Fire is more like a steaming soap opera on autopilot--it all runs a little too quickly to explain itself. However, the actors really make this a great film about love life in the adult world.

    The film features some of the best actors in the 80s, such as Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Mare Winningham, Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy. Each of their characters bring something different in the complex set of romances. They all play college graduates trying to succeed in the adult world.

    Kirby Kaeger (Emilio Estevez) hopes to become a lawyer, but he's still peeking out of the corner of his eye at Dale Biberman (Andie McDowell), an older hospital intern.

    Billy Hicks (Rob Lowe) is a frat boy who can't keep a job and has trouble making enough money to support his wife and baby, but can play the saxophone really well.

    Wendy Beamish (Mare Winningham) is a shy virgin who devotes her life to helping people in Social Services. She wants to break away from her overprotective family, who is pushing her to marry someone she doesn't love. Meanwhile, Wendy still loves talking to Billy.

    Julianna "Jules" Van Patten (Demi Moore) is the "party girl" who is in love with her boss at the bank. She lives extravagantly in a fancy apartment, but longs for the love she couldn't find from her emotionally distant father.

    Alec Newbury is an ambitious Democrat political worker in a relationship with Leslie Hunter (Ally Sheedy), a woman who wants to become an architect before getting married. However, Alec is cheating on Leslie, and Kevin Dolenz (Andrew McCarthy), is Alec's friend who knows about Alec's many relationships.

    With so many characters and only 110 minutes, the movie almost goes too quickly for the characters to fully develop. However, all the actors give such fine performances that it all somehow works out. Yes, even when the characters are almost ripping each other's lungs out, they all somehow stay friends.

    I'm still not sure how many 80s kids were really bratty kids who smoked, had sex and took drugs. Still, this is a reasonably good film about teenage friendship. I still think this is one of those films that 80s kids would like more than I did, because I'm a 90s kid who prefers grunge and mosh pits. But if anyone has free time and is willing to check out a cool romantic comedy, they should give this film a try....more info
  • Not As Good As The Breakfast Club...but
    This was a more serious brat pack film. That's probably the reason it didn't have the same " feel " as the other brat pack movies. The actors were older and their characters were dealing with " being grown " where as the usual brat pack movies dealt with teenagers struggling to find themselves. St. Elmos Fire is a decent movie but at times you find yourself struggling to keep up with the characters. It wasn't until I saw it again after I was grown that I realized it was more of a soap opera than a movie. There are some cliched plots: Bestfriend in love with bestfriend's girl. Popular chick is really insane. Cool guy is on drugs and sleeps with every woman he meets. If you don't know which characters I'm referring to you haven't seen the film ( enough ). The plots fall flat and soon becomes as mindless as some of its characters. Also the mismatched coupling didn't do it for me either. I can't see someone as straight laced as Wendy getting involved with Billy no matter how hot Rob Lowe looked in those days. And if they were friends how come everyone started sleeping together by the end of the movie? There were too many unanswered questions, but then again that's the 80's-Brat Pack style.

    St. Elmo's is an entertaining and decent movie for fans of any of these seven actors, but not the best of the brat pack. The soundtrack ruled back in 85' though it may sound a bit dated these days....more info

  • Brat Pack At Their Best!
    I think that this movie is, hands down, one of the best movies of 1985, if not the whole 1980s. I think one of the things that make it unique is that it was directed by Joel Schumacher rather than John Hughes, who is widely known for his many teen movies of the 80s. This movie is just so artfully done that you can't help but love it. Granted, there are some parts that seem a little off. I mean, do you really think that Kirbo (Emilio Estevez) would be THAT obsessed with the woman? I thought that was a little odd but the rest of it, for the most part, was right on. I was particularly impressed with Demi Moore's character, Jules, and her "life in the fast lane", which came to a screeching halt in the end and was, ironically, the one thing bringing the group together when they were falling apart. To cut to the chase, I love this movie. It is fantastic acting, fantastic directing, and just all-around good....more info
  • Back to the BratPack Years
    Anyone who loves the 80s movies has to watch this ... a coming-of-age movie about friendship, sticking out for one another, unlike the sex-centred teen comedies of today ... who can forget John Parr's 'Man in Motion' and David Foster's love theme instrumental? Andrew McCarthy, Rob Lowe, Emilo Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Demi Moore - need i say more ? wonderful actors/actresses in the 80s who graced the screen...great chemistry on-screen... a trip down nostalgia lane......more info
  • Corny Bad
    This movie is not the best, but not the worst either(that honor would have to go to Bio Dome). It's just blah. The characters are dull and the whole plot is corny in a bad way. I couldn't really feel myself identifying with any of the characters or caring what happened to them, which is one of the best parts of movies. The only good thing about this movie is the theme song by John Parr. It's an awesome song. Anyway, most of the movies with members of the Brat Pack are overrated and this one definitely fits the bill....more info
  • One of the reasons the 80s was...the 80s.
    A forerunner to Friends and a Brat Pack movie with the most...Brat Packers, St. Elmo's Fire was a romantic comedy that bowed out to theatres in 1985. Seven of the eight stars were in the enviable "Brat Pack" group, young and precocious actors and actresses that were considered the best of the best of their generation. While St. Elmo's Fire is often considered a mellow and almost overblown teen romcom by the starchiest of critics, it's a favorite of many 1980s film lovers.

    Summary in 13 words:

    Seven college graduates try and struggle with real life, some succeed, some don't.

    DVD Details
    2.35 Anamorphic Widescreen
    5.1 Dolby Digital Surround (English),
    2.0 Dolby Surround (Director's Commentary)
    English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Korean Subtitles
    Release Date: 1999
    Single-Sided Single-Layered Disc
    Suggested Retail Price: $14.99
    Black Amaray Keepcase

    Video and Audio

    The video is remarkably clean. The film was issued in the early years of DVD, when most transfers looked more like cable TV quality, but the video here is exceptional. Presented in its original widescreen is always a good thing, and the print quality is great. The colors are vibrant and accurate, and there's little to no grain or dust. One minor complaint would be the main titles, in its unsettling red font, but other than that, the video is great.

    Audio is offered in English, but the subtitles are in so many languages that if you wanted, you could learn Chinese by reading the film enough times. It's pretty balanced in terms of dialogue vs. background noise/music.

    Bonus Features

    A commentary by Joel Schumacher is one of the many audio tracks given on this disc. He does a pretty good job talking about making the movie, including various tidbits about the actors and the story (which he wrote). The guy's pretty good with a microphone. If only he could have done a commentary for his film The Phantom of the Opera in 2004.

    A faded and dirt-filled 8-minute EPK about the making of the film is also presented, made at the time the film came out. It has quick interviews with the cast and director, with a narrator talking during much of the behind the scenes footage. Is it an exhaustive documentary? No. Is it a useless 8 minutes of your life taken away? No. It's pretty rewatchable, though a longer more substantial featurette would be welcoming.

    "Man in Motion" is the music video that uses the St. Elmo's Fire theme with lyrics. It's got a real 80s look to it, and features most of the cast as well as video clips from the film.

    There are four trailers: St. Elmo's Fire, About Last Night, Groundhog Day, and Jerry Maguire. The trailers for St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night are not the best video-quality-wise, while Jerry Maguire is not the best movie-quality-wise. Groundhog Day is okay for what it is.

    There are also cast/director biographies and filmographies up until 2000.

    Closing Thoughts

    Perhaps the second best brat pack movie of the 80s (The Breakfast Club, of course, is THE best), St. Elmo's Fire is a wonderful " what?" kind of film that is best enjoyed in the company of your closest friends.
    ...more info
  • Everyone knows someone like these guys and gals

    You know, a drama queen who always has to be the center of attention; the screwup who really means well; the niave do-gooder and the seemingly 'it' couple. Everyone can relate to the characters in this movie and that's what makes it fun. I call my boyfriend Billy because he reminds me of Rob Lowe's character - he's a perpetual frat boy and returns to his alma matter to party still (a year after graduation).

    The everyday struggles and triumphs portrayed in St. Elmo's Fire are all too common. I feel especially bad for Kirby and his unrequited love for Dale Biberman, he becomes obsessed with her and really embarasses himself a couple of times. This movie seems a bit cartoonish and almost mockery of itself sometimes, but it is almost 20 years old, so......more info

  • Can't Be Serious!
    The 1980 gal hairstyles were eclectic. There's the smooth look of Alli Sheey. What's with the shawl outfit she wore in two unrelated scenes? Wardrobe screwed up I think. Then there's the teased, big hair, Madonna look of Demi Moore, the square shouldered screw me outfits with lots of hanging beads. One chick does cocaine and the others disapprove. Yeah, like that actually happened in the 80's. Who played the nice Jewish girl? Sorry, the Brat Pack all looks the same to me. Anyhow, she looked like a dumpy Swede. Oy vey! Rob Lowe, he played himself. I wanted to pull the stupid earring from his pretty ear. Poor Judd Nelson. He had to play a young Republican. Obviously the screenwriter felt this was a part lower than pond scum. It's tough to write a screenplay with so many characters that could not have possibly been best friends ever. Two of them seem to be in love with a very plain Sheey. Essentially the film is a youth soap opera two hours long. My era was late 60's, mid 70's. That was long hair and LSD. The 80's seem to me mad chick clothes and cocaine. That generation worked awfully hard to have fun....more info
  • Brat Pack, here we come
    The Real World of cinema I call this. Definitely influential to MTV starting that series. Seven best friends recently graduate from Georgetown Univ. Trying to find their way in life for the future. They all hang out at St. Elmos bar in downtown Washington DC. The characters are somewhat stereotyped the conservative, the artsy journalist, the rebel badboy, the party girl, the niave virgin etc... But that's true to life in a way we all can be put into some category sorry to say. They all have their own set of problems to deal with but end up helping each other out in their own way. Defining 80's coming of age film about relationships & hardships of facing an uncertain future after college. Entertaining script written by Joel Schumacher & an ensemble cast showcasing talent to come. One of my favorite brat pack films. Essential to anyone who grew up in 80's cinema....more info
  • Boring... horrible music scoring
    No real plot or progression. And the worst part is that the
    David Foster Love Theme instrumental is repeated again and again
    and again and again... maybe dozens of times. It was okay once
    or twice, but they way over did it. Rent only if you like
    the 'brat pack'....more info
  • It's Not All That Bad!
    I can't argue with the negative reviews, but I am somehow strangely drawn to this movie. Perhaps it is because I was in my late 20s when the movie was originally released, and I hung out with a group of friends who were somewhat similar to the characters in St. Elmo's Fire. We even hung out in a bar (Z's Sports Tap in Chicago, since torn down and replaced by a highrise building) where we were regulars. I like to think we weren't as shallow and useless as the characters in this film, but we were all trying to find our way after being out of college for a few years. Now we are all fat, with kids, living in the suburbs; so I guess the attraction of this movie is to recall our "youth." By the way, it does have a pretty good soundtrack. Strictly 80s!...more info
  • Unrealistic view of up and coming yuppies, but the cast is
    good looking, of course this was 22 years ago and Demi still looks good. But then again she should, billionaries should also look good no matter what and if they don't somethings wrong. Movie was ok, boy do I miss the 80's. More relaxed, no computers, the fun wasen't drained out of everything. Well, most of the actors went on to bigger and better movies and salaries. Its harmless, enjoy....more info
  • The best of the Brat Packs.
    This is definately the best of the brat pack films. It has more sophistication and dramatic acting. You dig deeper into the characters, and you feel for them more. This has some good acting in it. Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Mare Winningham, Andrew Macarthy, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson all do wonderful. The movie is great, see it. I highly reccomend it....more info
  • Who are we kidding...
    ...if you're even looking at this movie, then you probably have seen it and, come on, let's face it - this is a classic for anyone born between 1960 and 1980. Watched just after I bought it and made me feeling 10 years younger. Just go ahead and buy it....more info
  • Boring Brat Pack Feature
    1985's St. Elmo's Fire is the film that created the Brat Pack. The film is about yuppie angst instead of the usual teen angst depicted in like kind films of the era. The seven stars, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Mare Winningham and Judd Nelson are all appealing, but the film suffers from an overall malaise. All seven are friends from Georgetown University and they trying to cope with the problems facing them in the real world. There is a lot of unrequited love between several of the friends, drug use and emotional baggage. Mr. Lowe's character is supposed to the one character that, instead of getting to the wrong marriage or job, just follows his dreams. His speech to Ms. Moore, who is on the verge of a serious mental breakdown or worse, in which he lights hair spray on fire is truly cringe worthy. Overall, St. Elmo's Fire is more of a cultural document, showing what yuppie life was like in the mid-80's and the state of the young and upcoming stars of Hollywood at the time. It also features the famed number one theme song by one-hit wonder John Parr....more info
  • The only brat pack movie I realy liked...
    Okay boys and girls.. I grew up in the Washington DC area and spent many a night bar crawling in Georgetown. True in DC legaly you can't (or couldn't) call a bar a "B-A-R". But outside of that, I remember many of the antics that these charcters got up to. Contrary to what some of the other reviewers have said about this movie this is, or was how I remember Georgetown and the DC surburbs to be in the 1980s. I was there and some 20s year later I still can't believe that era...

    All in all a little campy and several generations too far in the past for the current era. But over all a pretty good film. Funny how I look over the reviews and finally realize why my parents used to shake their heads at me when they tried to describe the more humorous aspects of life in the 40s and 50s. ...more info
  • St Elmo's Fire rocks!
    Great movie in the theatre and at home! One of my most treasured movies. Classic 80's, fun girls night movie....more info
  • No fire...It left me cold
    Just another movie about some young adults facing their usual problems with relationships, college life and future choices. Nothing new here, not too interesting or enjoyable either, so it did nothing for me. It's not very funny and at times turns into weak melodrama, revolving around tired, been-done-to-death cliches with lifeless characters. The director Joel Schumacher can do better than this (the somewhat innovative "Phone Booth" or the gripping "Tigerland") or downright bad stuff ("Batman and Robin"). This is just bland and forgettable, I guess I`ll pass....more info
  • The Brat Pack Comes of Age
    "St. Elmo's Fire" is one of those movies that could have been better, should have been better and yet, it just wasn't.
    It featured an ensemble cast of THE young and hot stars of the 1980s, the so-called Brat Pack (well, everyone but Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, who were spared this misstep). Maybe this was supposed to be "The Breakfast Club - - After College", but while "The Breakfast Club" had characters, even stereotypical characters, that you could relate to, there is absolutely no one, with the exception of Emilio Estevez' character, that you care enough about to relate to in this film.
    The setting is not the John Hughes teen friendly Illinois, but Georgetown, where our bunch of Brat Packers have supposedly graduated from college. Uh-huh. Yeah, RIGHT.
    Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy are living together and supposedly looking toward marriage - - problem is, Nelson is looking at and screwing everything else female that walks by and somehow hoping that Sheedy, in her prim and proper sweater and skirt sets and pearls can change that. Andrew McCarthy is their mutual friend who knows what Nelson is up to and secretly harboring a festering desire for Sheedy (or maybe it's just the pearls?) Emilio Estevez is a future attorney, working as a waiter/server and suffering a serious crush on Andie MacDowell. Mare Winningham is a dowdy, trust-fund type girl who is still holding on to her virginity, working in social services and fighting over marrying the proper dork that her parents have selected for her. She instead fantasizes about Rob Lowe, who is the pretty boy sax player in a local band, who has dropped out of school, married a white trash-y looking groupie, had a child with her and has now separated from her, and taking up with other groupies. Demi Moore is the wild chick who works in international banking, has a serious coke problem, stepmother issues and a problem with painting her apartment walls hot pink and with giant murals of Billy Idol.
    Sounds promising, huh? Well, in what is an early portend of the "Melrose Place" to come, Sheedy finds out what a dog Nelson is, dumps his ass, immediately jumps into bed with McCarthy, who is too desperately in love with her to realize that this is a rebound job; Estevez, after screwing up a lucrative house-sitting job by hosting a party there, travels to the snowy mountains to track down MacDowell and profess his love to her. He finds that she is holed up there with her boyfriend and despite being crushed, he lays a huge kiss on her and then heads back home. Lowe, in between faux-playing his sax and shaking his feathered head everywhere, takes Winningham's virginity and heads back to his estranged missus. Moore, after whining seemingly incessantly about her ill stepmother, has all her furnishings repossessed, loses her job and freaks out.
    Not exactly "The Breakfast Club".
    The real problems seem to lie in the characters themselves. With the exception of Estevez' character, they all seem like caricatures and horribly stereotyped. Their every action, every line of dialogue seems like just that - - they seem very one dimensional. Their so-called angst seems like a handy plotline device and nothing more than that.
    Winningham's character could have been salvagable - -except that she followed Lowe around like a sick puppy, knowing full well how he mistreated his wife and what a basic slacker he was. And yet, she still gave her virginity to him. Maybe if Winningham wasn't so bright, or she was a college freshman, it would be understandable. But she was a college graduate and seemingly intelligent.
    Lowe really had little to do with his role. Maybe if he had played the role Nelson had - - as the roving Lothario, with Sheedy waiting at home, it might have gone over better. With his too-pretty looks, it would almost be understandable how the character could get random women he just met to sneak into dressing rooms with him. Nelson just doesn't seem comfortable and doesn't pull it off - -but maybe Nelson might have been better suited for the sax player.
    Moore basically plays herself - -an interesting sidenote is that she was originally fired from this production for her drug problems, mirroring her character - - but was later rehired.
    While the title song later become a minor hit, "St. Elmo's Fire" itself missed the mark. ...more info