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Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 41 Translucent Pocket Knife
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Product Description

Large Blade. Small Blade. Bit Wrench. Bit Case. 5mm Hex Socket. 4mm Hex Socket. #8 Torx Bit. #10 Torx Bit. #15 Torx Bit. #2 Phillips Head Bit. 4mm Hex Bit. 4mm Flat Head. #0 Pozidrive Bit. #1 Pozidrive Bit. Ball Point Pen. DIP Switch Setter (use pen). Can Opener. 3mm Small Screwdriver. Bottle Opener. 6mm Large Screwdriver. Wire Stripper. Reamer. Sewing Eye. Corkscrew. Mini Screwdriver. Straight Pin. Key Ring. Toothpick. Tweezers. Pliers. Wire Cutter. Wire Crimper. Scissors. Hook. Metal Saw and File. Nail File and Cleaner. Wood saw. Fine screwdriver. Wood Chisel. Dimensions: 91mm (length). Materials: Stainless/Plastic. Lifetime Warranty.

  • Compact, tech-friendly pocket knife with over 40 tools
  • Acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle
  • 100% stainless steel components
  • Features bit wrenches, hex sockets, torx, hex, and pozidrive bits, screwdrivers, pen, pliers, wire tools, and more
  • Includes tweezers, toothpick, and key ring

Customer Reviews:

  • Computer Guy Husband Loves It
    Got this as a birthday gift for my husband, a computer admin guy for a large company. When I bought it (elsewhere) I also got it engraved with his name. Until Los Angeles Airport took it during a business trip, he literally used it everyday and carried it with him everywhere. He said it had all the tools he needed for his work. The quality was great. ...more info
  • A Fun Tool for Tech Geeks!
    I really do use this for working on PCs. Much easier and more convenient way to carry a tool kit around.

    Construction is top-notch, as you would expect in a Swiss Army knife. There are the odd tools on it I am not sure I would ever use, like the gear hook. But it has what you need to get the job done for PC repair and upgrading.

    Very highly recommended....more info
  • Great, except for the driver bits
    This is a top-notch tool except for the interchangeable bits. I'm not hard on tools, but the torx drivers and the flat blade driver are brittle rather than strong and can break after a few months or in some cases just a few uses. The large Phillips bit seems more durable but still shows visible wear after a few months. The Posidrive bit, however, showed no wear after several years, but I had to replace each of the other bits at least twice in four years. Not only that, but the bits aren't exactly cheap ([...] plus [...] shipping) for that price, it seems like they could make the bits out of a stronger material that would last more than a year or two.

    Other than that, the many other functions of this knife have been very durable with no sign of wear other than the plastic case which shows the minor scratches and abrasions you'd expect from rubbing against a pocketful of keys for four years. Overall I am happy with my purchase, I just they made the driver bits as tough as the rest of this fine tool....more info
  • Nothing better for computer gurus
    If you do any kind of work on computers or other small electronics, you can't ask for a better tool than this SAK. The Cybertool has several screwdriver bits on it, most all fitting the common componenets on computers and other devices (such as printers and the like). As with most Swiss Army Knives, this one includes the completely useless corkscrew (why Victorinox believes everyone who buys their knives uses them to open wine bottles I'll never know), but the rest of the tools are useful. It is slightly heavier and wider than the Deluxe Tinker version, but still a good size to keep in your pocket. Another version of the CyberTool is available without the scissors, pliers, pen, and a few other options. If you're just going to use this for basic repairs, you might like the more stripped-down version better. This knife is the same quality as the rest of the Victorinox line and well worth the price....more info
  • This mini-toolkit is awesome!!!
    I am a computer technician and this little gadget is being used every single day. Let me tell you this swiss knife can handle abuse; it was used for everything: computer repairs, laptop repairs, opening beer, cutting wood to size to make a shelf fit, screwing in a door, etc...

    The only con of this product is that it's not for a woman. A big man as myself can carry this around every single day in my jeans but a woman would definitely find this too heavy/big. ...more info