ThermoWorks The Original Cooking Thermometer/Timer
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Now with on and off switch! A huge kitchen favorite and must-have! Once you use this in your kitchen, you will never want to be without it. The original version of this product has probably been the most widely chosen oven-cooking alarm in the market. It's not easy to improve on that but ThermoWorks has. From customer comments, the most frequently suggested new feature has been an On/Off switch to save on battery life. (The old one couldn't be shut off but batteries lasted months.) So, they've updated the housing to a more robust design and added a slide switch so the unit can be powered off. The proven circuit is the same and the button arrangement is slightly improved. The well-loved simplicity has been kept so you won't need to find the instructions each time you set an alarm. The new stylish housing folds the display up for counter use or flat for less obtrusive magnetic mounting to an appliance door. Cook's Illustrated said this: "The best of the bunch, an easy to use thermometer from ThermoWorks ($20)" and "This user-friendly model allows you to view both time and temperature simultaneously and is free of the annoying and unnecessary USDA recommended presets for various types of meat that are all too common in other brands.

  • Sticks to your oven for use as oven food thermometer and timer.
  • Indispensible tool that monitors both food temperature and use as a timer
  • Put the probe into the food and close the oven door. Set the desired temperature and alarm will ring.
  • Digital display of food temperature, alarm temperature and countdown timer.
  • Adjustable alarm setting range of 32 F to 392 F for a variety of meats and doneness.

Customer Reviews:

  • Takes the guesswork out!
    Nice to have. Insert into roast, put in oven. Set alarm or just keep an eye on the internal temperature. Perfect roast everytime! I love it. It would be nice if there was an on/off button, but I just leave the batteries in and it sits (magnetically) to the side of my refrigerator. Haven't had to replace the batteries yet....more info
  • Nice timer
    I bought this to replace a simple timer. I have yet to use the thermometer function. The controls are intuitive and clearly labeled. I have two complaints. First, the magnetic base of my unit was warped. It was marking my cook top hood. I fixed this myself with the magnet from my previous timer. Second, I would like an automatic shut-off. I have a tendency to forget the timer once I've stopped it. I will recommend this unit for ease of use and good value for money....more info
  • Nice Oven Thermometer
    I use the Thermapen thermometer made by this same company and I wanted another one that I could set to beep at a certain temperature in the oven when it hits a certain degree. I even used it on the grill to cook steaks. I just closed the lid on the wire and found that lots easier than just probing the meat all the time. It works fine and I'm very happy with it.I will be buying another one for a friend.

    ...more info
  • I use it ALL the time :o)
    I bought one of these about 3 1/2 years ago, it just recently started acting goofy... so I'm shopping around, comparing pro's and con's, and I find myself coming back to the same one that I initially bought. I use it daily and just love it. I think my recent one started going weird on me after I put the probe in a 400 oven, I've learned from reading reviews that it's not rated for temps that high. After that, it started reading C instead of F when I didn't set it for C, and other weird things. I like the thing so much that I have decided to buy another one, I think with proper care it will last me a good long time :o)...more info
  • LED Screen
    The first time I used this, the screen went mostly out after the temperature went over 100F. The full screen returns when the temp of the roast or ambient goes back below 100.
    The alarm does work fine, however....more info
  • Worked like a charm.
    Since buying this thermometer, I've used it a couple of times. Each time, it perfomed perfectly. The controls are very intuitive. The labels on the buttons really tell you all that you need to know. It switches from F to C with the touch of a button(which is great since my wife is Japanese and I'm American). The magnet on the back is very strong so there's now worry about it slipping and falling. I also like how you can change the settings "on the fly" without having to reset.
    All in all, I have no real complaints. I would, howver, like it better if it had a button lock to help prevent accidental changes to the settings.
    ...more info
  • Recommended with reservations
    Actually, Cooks Illustrated recommended this thermometer "with reservations." Here's what they have to say:

    "The best of the bunch-an easy-to-use thermometer from ThermoWorks ($19)-was great when it worked but has probes that even its manufacturer admits are sometimes defective. Until a better meat probe comes on the market, we recommend this one-with reservations. Check the probe's accuracy by boiling water and taking a reading before trying it with a roast. If the probe doesn't read very close to 212 degrees, ask for a replacement."

    I also have a question about this item: the picture on AMAZON of the ThermoWorks Original Cooking Thermometer appears to be identical to the picture of the Poulder Original Cooking Timer and Thermometer. I wonder if they are the same . . .

    ...more info