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Dreams do come true¡­
Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) stars in Ballet Shoes, a heartwarming and uplifting film based on the beloved, best-selling novel by Noel Streatfeild and featuring an award-winning cast that includes Emilia Fox, Victoria Wood, Richard Griffiths and Eileen Atkins.

"We three Fossils vow to put our name in the history book, because it is ours, and ours alone¡­" With these words, three orphans, raised as sisters, leave their sheltered lives and embark on an exhilarating journey that takes them to the heights of the stage, screen and sky!

Exclusive 20-Minute Interview with Emma Watson
Deleted Scenes, Ballet Shoes Audiobook Excerpt

Based on the Noel Streatfeild novel Ballet Shoes, this is not the 1976 film starring Angela Thorne and Barbara Lott, but a 2007 BBC Northern Ireland production starring Eileen Atkins, Peter Bowles, Richard Griffiths, Gemma Jones, and Harriet Walter. The Fossils are an unconventional British family living in 1930's London. Orphans Pauline (Emma Watson), Petrova (Yasmin Paige), and Posy (Lucy Boynton) are being raised by an elder sister Sylvia (Emilia Fox) and her Nana (Victoria Wood) in the absence of their eccentric great uncle Matthew (Richard Griffiths). As Sylvia struggles to educate and support her three charges on very limited funds, she is forced to let rooms and enroll the girls in the Academy of Dance and Stage Training in hopes of furthering their education and preparing them to earn a comfortable living. While at the academy, each of the three ambitious girls discovers her own personal calling and labors intensively to achieve her dreams: Pauline studies to become a star on the stage, Petrova gravitates toward a career in aviation, and Posy trains to become a great classical ballerina. Their paths are difficult and full of adversity, but the sisters' steadfast support of one another and common resolve to earn a place in the history books based on their own merits propels each of them toward individual success. A compelling and inspirational film that encourages young women to strive for their dreams, Ballet Shoes is most appealing to ages 9 and older. --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • So much fun!
    This film was a huge surprise to me. I had never heard of it, and rented it on a lark. It is so much fun! Who wouldn't love a film about three Depression ophans in England who save their family home by talent and pluck? Beautifully made. You will have a brilliant time!...more info
  • A delightful film from a beloved book
    This is a delightful film. The book was written in the 1930's, but its expression of young girls' hopes and dreams is timeless. The film is true to the book, with a few bizarre exceptions--what on earth was going on with Nana's hair, and where did the romance and all that smoking come from, and why? However, these anomalies are easily overlooked because the rest of the film really captures the look and feel of the book--the way I always pictured it in my mind. I only wish it could have been longer, so that we could have seen more of the story. Much of the casting is perfect--particularly Pauline, Gum, and Winifred. Emma Watson is the perfect Pauline! I highly recommend this movie for anyone over age 8 or 9, and hope that it sparks a resurgence of interest in all of Noel Streatfeild's "Shoes" books. Her stories embodied the concept of "girl power" long before the phrase was coined. Another "Shoes" film would be nice too--maybe someone will make Movie Shoes into a film. It would appeal to both boys and girls. One can only hope!...more info
  • Absolutely Darling
    Oh my gosh, could this movie be any cuter? I don't mean that in a sickeningly sweet way. This movie is just a good story about women trying to make it on their own after the war in London. The Fossil sisters were all foundlings of a collector of all things paleontology. They grew up in a big old grand London house alongside trilobites and T Rex until those treasures had to go to make room for the growing girls.

    Petrova wants to be like Amy Johnson when she grows up. I think Amy Johnson must've been the British Amelia Earhart. Posy was found with only a pair of pink toe shoes when she was a baby, her mother having been a young ballerina who had neither resources nor time to care for her child. And the oldest is a stage natural. These three girls live a life filled with love and possibility, if not one of materialism. Still, their needs are always met and the girls receive great educations and theatre training. IN fact, everything in this movie seems to be blessed and appointed by Providence. Every time they have a need, it's magically filled by strangers literally at the door. And in the end, everyone has a happy ending.

    I highly recommend the Ballet Shoes.
    ...more info
    I bought this movie hoping to like it because of Emma Watson being in it. She is a great actress and this movie was wonderful with her in it. My daughter who is almost 4 didn't understand some of it, but she still enjoyed watching it with me. It is a movie we will enjoy over and over again!...more info
  • Overflow of Talent
    What a delightful adaptation of Mary Noel Streatfeild's(1895-1986)story. She was an actress and prolific writer who very much wanted to provide children with worthwhile reading. J.K. Rowling is a fan, and there's a few Potter alumni actors in this entertaining fable.

    A paleontologist(Richard Griffiths, who plays Harry Potter's dunderheaded relative) first adopts Sylvia(Emilia Fox, whom I'll always remember as Georgiana Darcy in 'Pride and Prejudice' and simply love). He complains about it but moves out some dinosaur bones to make room; however, "Great Uncle Gum" repeats the process, bringing home three more orphaned, baby girls from various expeditions. Sylvia cares for them in his museum-like home while he vanishes for twelve years. Move ahead to the 1930's. Money runs thin, and the girls make a pact to excel in their endeavors and to help their beleaguered, older sister save the home. They take in some eccentric boarders and attend a dance academy as they try to discover their gifts and means.

    The ensemble cast shines. If you have ever watched BBC or Masterpiece Theatre you'll recognize many of these journeyman actors such as the great Gemma Jones(Dr. Jakes). In regards to the younger actors, obviously, there's Emma Watson(Pauline) from 'Harry Potter' fame who portrays the thespian talent of the family. Her character struggles with insecurity and pride, and Emma does a fine job expanding out beyond 'Hermione'. She candidly talks up a storm about the making of the film in the extras. She's a talented and bright, young woman. Yasmin Paige(Petrova) plays the Russian girl who struggles fitting in anywhere. Can't act or dance for the life of her, she wants to fly. It's a tougher role since it lacks the flamboyancy of the others. Finally, there's Lucy Boynton(Posy) whom we loved as Margaret in 'Sense and Sensibility(2007)'. What a growing star! Her timing and delivering are impeccable. Again, she's absolutely hilarious. Apparently, all the actresses enjoyed the dancing, but poor Lucy didn't much care for the red hair.

    Sandra Goldbacher directs('The Governess'); Heidi Thomas wrote the screenplay(episodes of 'Cranford' and 'Lilies'- both excellent and a favorite of ours, 'I Capture the Castle').

    It amazes me how the Brits put out films like this. It doesn't feel forced or contrived. It bounces between drama, comedy, with a bit of whimsy and a dash of suspense and romance all wrapped neatly without any nasty bits or nasty people. A family film geared for school-aged girls, but with enough to interest finicky adults.

    The moral of the fable: Love and family are more important than accomplishment but still- go out and be all that you dream to be. Right on!

    ...more info
  • Good movie
    Cute movie. Embarrassingly, I rented it because I recognized the title from "You've Got Mail". I watched it once and then bought it for my sister-in-law. I've never read the book....more info
  • "Ballet Shoes (2007) ... Emma Watson ... Koch Vision (2008)"
    Koch Vision presents "BALLET SHOES" (26 December 2007) (84 mins/Color) (Dolby digitally remastered) -- Featuring an all-star cast led by Watson (Hermione Granger of Harry Potter), the inspiring and uplifting family drama Ballet Shoes won over audiences of all ages during its UK premiere last Christmas --- Now, KOCH Vision brings Ballet Shoes to American audiences for the first time, when this feature-length adaptation of Noel Streatfeild's beloved novel makes its DVD debut, complete with an exclusive Emma Watson bonus interview --- With her latest blockbuster,Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, shelved until next July, Hermione's millions of fans will thrill to her starring role in one of the top-rated TV movies in the UK last year.

    Story line and plot, Ballet Shoes tells the enchanting story of Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil - three orphans adopted by an eccentric explorer and raised as sisters by his selfless niece --- Each of the girls has her own destiny to fulfill; Pauline wants to act, Petrova yearns to be an aviator, and Posy is born to dance --- Amidst adversity, the three orphans vow to keep their family together, embarking on an exhilarating journey to realize their dreams.

    Under the production staff of:
    Sandra Goldbacher - Director
    Peter Breenhalgh - Cinematographer
    Michele Buck - Executive Producer
    Adam Recht - Editor
    Kevin Sargent - Score Composer
    Jeff Tessler - Production Designer
    Heidi Thomas - Executive Producer, Producer, Screenwriter
    Damien Timmer - Executive Producer
    Piers Wenger - Producer

    1. Emma Watson
    Date of Birth: 15 April 1990 - Paris, France
    Date of Death: Still Living

    2. Emilia Fox
    Date of Birth: 31 July 1974 - London, England, UK
    Date of Death: Still Living

    3. Victoria Wood
    Date of Birth: 19 May 1953 - Prestwich, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK
    Date of Death: Still Living

    4. Yasmin Paige
    Date of Birth: June 1991 - London, England, UK
    Date of Death: Still Living

    5. Lucy Boynton
    Date of Birth: 1994 - London, England, UK
    Date of Death: Still Living

    6. Marc Warren
    Date of Birth: 20 March 1967 - Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, UK
    Date of Death: Still Living

    the cast includes:
    Emma Watson ... Pauline Fossil
    Yasmin Paige ... Petrova Fossil
    Lucy Boynton ... Posy Fossil
    Emilia Fox ... Sylvia Brown
    Victoria Wood ... Nana
    Marc Warren ... Mr. Simpson
    Richard Griffiths ... Great Uncle Matthew
    Eileen Atkins ... Madame Fidolia
    Lucy Cohu ... Theo Dane
    Harriet Walter ... Dr. Smith
    Gemma Jones ... Dr. Jakes
    Adrian Lester ... Mr. Sholsky
    Peter Bowles ... Sir Donald Houghton
    Heather Nicol ... Winifred
    Mary Stockley ... Miss Jay
    Teresa Churcher ... Clara
    Skye Bennett ... Young Sylvia
    Don Gallagher ... Mr. French
    Emma Darwall-Smith ... Titania (as Emma Darwall Smith)
    Isabella Parriss ... Cobweb
    Jade Longley ... Moth
    Tim Wallers ... Mr. Montague
    Gresby Nash ... Leopold Neville
    Ebe Sievwright ... Valentin Manoff
    Ruth Brill ... Featured Dancer
    Natasha Mould ... Featured Dancer
    Jack Thorpe-Baker ... Featured Dancer (as Jack Thorpe Baker)

    1. Exclusive Interview with Emma Watson
    2. Deleted Scenes
    3. Ballet Shoes Audiobook Excerpt

    Great job by Koch Vision --- looking forward to more high quality titles from their film market --- order your copy now from Amazon or Koch Vision where there are plenty of copies available on DVD, stay tuned once again for top notch releases --- where they are experts in releasing long forgotten films and treasures to the collector.

    Total Time: 84 mins on DVD ~ KOCH 6545 ~ (9/02/2008) ...more info
  • Ballet Shoes is excellent,and is one of my most favorite books to be adapted into a movie,and Emma Watson is superb as Pauline.
    I give this five stars,because "Ballet Shoes" is one of my millions of favorite books,and i saw this film version on youtube,and thought it was excellent even though the quality wasn't all that good,but to know that it is coming on to dvd here in the states on September 2nd is very good news,and the bonus features seem excellent. I think the cast did a wonderful job as the characters,and Emma Watson shined as Pauline,and this is a very faithful wonderful adaptation of Ballet Shoes,and i recommend it to everyone,and i hope if you guys enjoy the movie that you will go read the book....more info
  • Wonderful period drama about three sisters in Depression-era London
    Having never read Noel Streatfield's "Ballet Shoes", I can't compare this movie adaptation to the book [I understand that the movie is a condensed version of the book], but I must say I found the movie to be quite entertaining. This is partly due to the wonderful assembly of actors chosen to act in it and the various familiar faces - Emilia Fox [ played the role of Ms Georgiana Darcy in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice], Emma Watson [Hermione of Harry Potter fame], Lucy Boynton [played the youngest Ms Dashwood in the 2008 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility], Richard Griffiths [also of Harry Potter], Harriet Walter, Eileen Atkins, and Gemma Jones. It was so wonderful seeing all these beloved actors together in one movie.

    The story starts with an eccentric paleontologist, Dr GUM [Great Uncle Matthew played by Richard Griffiths] who is forced to take in his orphaned niece Sylvia [later played by Emilia Fox] who is accompanied by her nurse, Nana. Over the next several years, GUM goes off on expeditions returning each time with a baby girl, and the three are raised as sisters - Pauline Fossil [Emma Watson], Petrova Fossil [Yasmin Paige], and Posy Fossil [Lucy Boynton]. When GUM goes off on another expedition and doesn't return for 12 years, the ladies and girls are left to fend for themselves, forced to take in boarders, and Pauline also goes to work on the stage as an actress to supplement the family income. The focus is mostly on the three girls, and though Emma Watson does a credible job with her role, she is often outshined by Yasmin Paige as the middle sister, Petrova, who finds herself in a quandary - she can neither act well like Pauline or dance like Posy. What she wishes for ardently is to be an aviator, a high ambition indeed for one so young and at a time when women pilots were few and far between.

    There is also a sub-plot [which seems more like an afterthought] focusing on a supposed love triangle between Sylvia, a male lodger, Mr Simpson [Marc Warren], and female boarder Theo Dane [Lucy Cohu].

    The story was paced well-enough but was flawed in terms of character development if only because of the movie's length - only 84 minutes total running time. But the period details were wonderful and the charming and able cast made it a worthwhile and engaging watch.

    Some of the bonuses on the DVD include an interview with Emma Watson, some deleted scenes, a movie trailer, and a audiobook reading of an excerpt from Ballet Shoes....more info
  • Good Movie for Mothers & Daughters
    This movie isn't what I would call a "chick flick", but it is wonderful for Mothers and Daughters. This is a very sweet story of success if family and friends come together to support each other. It has some very purposeful messages, especially to young women, who allow their success in life to overcome who they really are. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and bought it the first day it came out....more info