SwissGear Computer Backpack (Royal Blue)
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Product Description

Swiss Gear Computer Backpack

  • Organizer
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Audio Pocket
  • Computer Sleeve

Customer Reviews:

  • It's SchoolGear for my kid
    From the makers of the Swiss Army knife, you get a solid, utilitarian backpack. You can call it a 'computer backpack', because you can carry a laptop in it. I am writing this review on a Thinkpad T60 and, it's official. The T60 fits inside the laptop sleeve with plenty of room to spare. And it's padded too. And, if you don't feel like carrying your laptop in a backpack, it's okay to use it as a regular backpack. This particular one (my second SwissGear purchase) was for one of my kids because the first one I bought was grabbed by my first born because he was the one who opened the box and it's going to be his SchoolGear. So, let's summarize.

    - Solid build, pretty close to 'indestructible'.
    - Lots, of pockets, and I mean LOTS. I can see why my kids loves this. The more I investigated, the more pockets I found and my kids just counted 22 of them.
    - Padded computer sleeve, of course. Seems adequate for most laptops.
    - The organizer pocket lets you store pens, a cell phone, money, maps... has many internal pockets where things can be organized.
    - Water bottle pocket.
    - Sunshades holder.
    - Swiss Army knife pocket, of course.
    - The shoulder straps are quite comfortable.
    - Compression straps allow you to secure items inside.
    - Airflow padding on the back for more comfort.
    - Cool design, in black, with little Swiss silver crosses over red everywhere.

    Can't think of anything other than, to my surprise, it turns out that it's made in China.

    I feel compelled to give it five stars.

    Note: I actually have this exact model but in Black. The only difference is the color....more info
  • Excellent backpack
    This is the best backpack I've ever owned. It's very sturdy, made with good quality materials, and looks very good as well. The myriad little pockets are very useful for organizing things for easy retrieval when needed. The handle on top distributes the weight evenly, so it won't hurt your hand when you want to carry it by hand. The tips of the adjustable straps even come with rings to make it easier to pull them while wearing the backpack - very useful when it's heavy; most other backpacks just come with the plain straps. I also love the hole to pass through the headphone chord, which is right under the handle (you can't see it in the picture, but it's there). My 15'4" laptop fits well in the inside pocket. There is a detachable little keychain in the front pocket, so you wont have to fumble a lot for your keys.

    This is really an excellent product. I would definitely recommed this backpack. ...more info
  • Quality
    No problems with it -- much better quality then you'd buy at wal-mart or target. This backpack actually replaced one of those guys, and I couldn't be happier. It is in every way better, and additionally it isn't massively large. It is a good traveling size, and will definitely work as a carry-on. The handle on top is very strong and placed in the middle of the 'pack so it's easier to carry around -- this doesn't look bad at all, and is much better then having it right along the neck where it'd be unbalanced and harder to carry in hand.

    Finally, the color -- it's a very good blue in person. Not too bright or flashy, but still attractive. Doesn't look dorky, and would work extremely well on a trip....more info
  • PERFECT, except for...
    I just received this backpack yesterday & I've been through alot of backpacks & notebook bags trying to find the perfect one & (at least for me), I think I've found it. It's plenty big (& well padded enough) for my 15.4" MacBook Pro & it has plenty of pockets for all the junk I seem to carry around...cables, mouse, iPod, camera, extra books, pen, etc. There are even smaller pockets & pouches inside of the larger ones.

    My only complaint (& the reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5) is the stupid little pouch that's attached to the right shoulder strap that you would put your Swiss Army Knife into (I'm assuming that's what it's's too small for most phones). It just looks dumb being there and it drives me crazy that I've got this little unused pouch there that can't really be useful for anything. Couldn't they have put this pouch (if they HAD to have one) inside the bag someplace??

    Other than the one complaint I have to say it's just about perfect...& the price just makes it even better! I've seen bags for twice this that weren't nearly as nice....more info
  • Great Travel Bag!
    I was looking for a new laptop backpack for my next trip and stumbled upon this one (on sale for $39.99).
    I love it!! When I received it I was impressed with how sturdy the backpack felt and looked.
    My Dell Inspiron 1525 with a 15.4" screen fits nicely in the laptop sleeve. And I felt like it was well protected.
    I also liked all the various pockets so I could keep all my odds & ends (iPod, batteries, pens, sunglasses, folder, paperback books, travel pillow, etc) organized & separated.
    Plus this backpack fit underneath the seat in front of me on all my flights (Northwest Airlines) during my travels, so I was able to take this backpack as my personal item and a suitcase as my carry on (I like to have everything with me for my domestic flights as long as the trip plans make that possible). Just don't over pack the backpack or it will become too big to fit underneath the seat.
    I found the backpack to be comfortable and not too heavy as I wandered around each airport.
    I definitely recommend this bag for traveling!!...more info
  • Nicely made; plenty of room
    Very nice pack & room to spare.

    I used to have problems carrying all my gear. In addition to the laptop, I have to carry quite an assortment of cables and hardware for field work. This pack has room for it all.

    There are two minor downsides: #1, If there's room, I'll fill it and it'll be heavy. #2, Even though it is roomy, it still looks like a child's backpack on my 6'3" frame. If I bought another, I'd likely go for the larger pack. That would loop to #1.

    So, great product at a great price....more info
  • This is a great backpack. It has a great amount of space and is organized well. Very versatile!!!
    It has a great amount of space and is organized well. Very versatile!!!...more info
  • My favorite bag!!
    Lots of pockets, good quality zippers and easy on my back. Its a wonderful bag. It also has a very nice protective pocket for my PC. I purchased 4 other bags before trying this one, I'm so glad I gave Swiss Gear a try, I will definitely stick with them....more info
  • Works Well For Me
    I have turned this backpack into my mobile office. I carry EVERYTHING. My 15' inch laptop fits snug. I have plenty of room for all of my folders, laptop accessorites, x2 external hard drives, power chord, and can even toss my camera's in there. The pockets are perfectly adjusted for my needs. I can set this bag on top of my desk and have quick and easy access to everything. I carry around 20 pounds of crap and I think this bag is screaming for more. It's very durable! I don't have anything negative to say about this bag....more info
  • I love this computer backpack
    looks really smart, has tons of pockets, so easy to keep organized and find things in a pinch, but most importantly very well made. Should last me for years!!!...more info