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SwissGear Computer Backpack (Black)
List Price: $120.00

Our Price: $39.53

You Save: $80.47 (67%)


Product Description

Swiss Gear Computer Backpack

  • Fit laptops up to 15 inches
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Audio pocket
  • Computer sleeve

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome! Perfect!
    For several years (not an exaggeration) I've been looking for the perfect day pack - many compartments, lightweight, holds a laptop and isn't overly budensome on my back. I've bought and tossed at leats half a dozen in the process. When this bag was offered in the "deals" listing at a ridiculously low price, I had nothing to lose, so I bought it. Surprise!!! To this Pilgrim, at least the search has ended....more info
  • SwissGear is SchoolGear - and there's room for a laptop too :)
    From the makers of the Swiss Army knife, you get a solid, utilitarian backpack. You can call it a 'computer backpack', because you can carry a laptop in it. I am writing this review on a Thinkpad T60 and, it's official. The T60 fits inside the laptop sleeve with plenty of room to spare. And it's padded too. And, if you don't feel like carrying your laptop in a backpack, it's okay to use it as a regular backpack. This particular one (my second SwissGear purchase) was for one of my kids because the first one I bought was grabbed by my first born because he was the one who opened the box and it's going to be his SchoolGear. So, let's summarize.

    - Solid build, pretty close to 'indestructible'.
    - Lots, of pockets, and I mean LOTS. I can see why my kids loves this. The more I investigated, the more pockets I found and my kids just counted 22 of them.
    - Padded computer sleeve, of course. Seems adequate for most laptops.
    - The organizer pocket lets you store pens, a cell phone, money, maps... has many internal pockets where things can be organized.
    - Water bottle pocket.
    - Sunshades holder.
    - Swiss Army knife pocket, of course.
    - The shoulder straps are quite comfortable.
    - Compression straps allow you to secure items inside.
    - Airflow padding on the back for more comfort.
    - Cool design, in black, with little Swiss silver crosses over red everywhere.

    Can't think of anything other than, to my surprise, it turns out that it's made in China.

    I feel compelled to give it five stars. ...more info
  • Really comfy backpack
    I really like this backpack since it has so many pocket and looking nice however, don't think you can fit 2 binders and couple on notebooks with it. Over all I recommend it !!!...more info
  • A good back, but smaller than expectation
    Got this fantastic bag 1 day after the order, thanks to Amazon.
    Overall satisfaction is quite good. The gag is not heavy and made in tough, so I hope it could last at least a couple of years. Yes, it's a Swiss Gear!
    I ordered a Targus Citygear 15.4", but had to return it as the delevered one was damaged, and order this bag.
    One might has a misunderstanding of the size like me. I expected a little bigger than the actual size, as I compared the size information with other Swiss Gear bags and some Targus as well.
    15.4" laptop will not be fit 100% into the sleev. My 14.1" one is also not fitted perfectly. The upper side of the labtop has no protection. If you have a laptop bigger than 14.1", please search more.
    However, overall satisfaction is 4-star....more info
  • Nice Notebook Pack!
    Good, solid pack for travel with a notebook PC. It worked fine with a heavy HP ZV5000 series notebook made in 2002. Plenty of padding and straps keep weight from feeling uncomfortable. Lots of cubbies inside and out. Good for books, smaller travel items, etc. ...more info
  • Tough to carry once you filll it up fully, i mean fully!!
    Highly enjoyable pack. I take it everywhere. It holds all my cables, netbook, wacom tablet, flip video camera, canon camera, tripod, wooden clipboard, voice recorder, mp3 player and a whole lot more. Buy this pack if looking for something to hold everything but now you just have to carry it all....more info
  • Awesome notebook backpack!!
    The backpack is awesome! When I first took it out the box, it was a little bigger larger than I imagined but not excessively too big. I've had swissgear backpacks before so I already knew about the build quality. There are a bunch of pockets everywhere! I pack away my notebook, a few books, ac adapter, misc pens, portable hdd, and ethernet cable all organized. The best part of this thing is the comfort! Even with me lugging around all my junk, I don't even notice the weight on my back. But it gets heavy when I hold it by the handle. Overall, awesome notebook backpack. ...more info
  • Excelent backpack
    I was looking for a backpack for my laptop that had a lot of space and look good to, found this one and did the work flawlessly....more info
  • Great backpack!
    This bag rocks if you are looking for something to protect your laptop and the rest of your stuff. It is made extremely well and offers lots of storage options. I would recommend (and have) this to anyone in the market for a new satchel....more info
  • Ok bag
    I bought this to replace a Targus bag. The build quality of the product is better then the Targus, but the overall bag is just marginally better. The main issue of the bag is that it seems to have a smaller base then the Targus. Physically that means the bag is more likely to fall over when you put it on the floor. This is not a big deal, but if you put the bag on a desk the falling over becomes an issue. Also the protection for the notebook is not as good as for the Targus bag, which is somewhat surprising. I will keep the bag because I got a good price on it, but I would not recommend it to a friend. At 44$ this bag is definitely overpriced.
    On the bright side, the airflow system is a nice feature. The bag is easier to carry then the Targus. This might be a plus for some that outweighs the lower protection....more info
  • great computer backpack
    After running through Frankfurt airport with an "over the shoulder bag" I decided to get a computer backpack - and this one is great (I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could). It will actually hold 2 laptops if you travel with one for business and one personal (photos, for example) and plenty of papers, folders, etc. My only nitpick - the outer pocket - which could be great for a ticket and passport, is not even large enough for a passport. But overall, it is a great, well made, bag....more info
  • Great backpack
    It is beautiful and designed very well. It has large space for computer and books, also has many internal pockets where small things can be organized. I cannot like it more! ...more info
  • excellent backpack, great price
    This is an excellent backpack with a lot of useful features. The sale price was unbelievable....more info
  • Quality Product
    This is a very nice, well designed book bag. The main Laptop compartment is very well padded and it has a strap on the inside to keep the laptop securely in place. The middle compartment has two dividers inside of it to help organize your things. The front pocket doesn't really have enough space to store anything major, but the Cell phone pocket is very convenient.

    The picture is somewhat misleading to me. I thought it would be a lot wider than it is. Tye size is not too large, big enough for any student. It has enough pockets to store loads of extra things, especially small, easy-to-lose things.

    The outside is very durable. I would bet you could take a knife to it and it wouldn't rip.(Not a guarantee, just speculation). All in all, a very dependable, sturdy, stylish back pack.

    *EDIT* I tried this yesterday, and my Xbox 360 fit in the Laptop padded compartment, if that gives you an idea....more info
  • great product with high utility
    I am really impressed with quality. This is my first swiss gear backpack and it does stand up to its name. It has all the organization categories i needed. An easily accessible portable music player pocket and well padded support for laptop. Little heavy compared to my old backup but its utility and build quality were worth more than what i paid for - 29.99 on Amazon....more info
  • A really, really great bag
    Cons - does not have a water bottle pocket on the side, as it does in the picture. It has a zipper/web pocket on each side, but no bottle I know of will stay there reliably. I put other things in these pockets.

    Pros - everything else. Lots of pockets to organize stuff. It can hold far more that I imagined, but still be easy on the back/shoulders. Looks terrific, understated.

    I was afraid to buy a bag without actually seeing it, but after reading reviews I decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did.

    UPDATE 4 months later -- Love the bag more every day. I am shocked at how much I can pack in when I need to, and happy how light it is with I don't. There is one area I personally would redesign, but considering the hundreds of other details that contribute to the usability, looks, quality, and durability, I have no complaints. I'm happy with it every day I use it, which is almost every day.

    UPDATE some weeks later --- Fell down many stairs. The backpack and stuff I had in it saved my entire back from injury and still looks new. The rest of me is still recovering....more info
  • Durable...
    This was a goldbox item so I got it at a good value. It's very durable with many pockets but it's just not quite big enough for me. It also does not have a water bottle pocket like advertised which really disappointed me... The two side pockets are just too small....more info
  • Spectacular
    I bought this to use for my laptop, although I haven't had occasion to do that yet (but my 17 inch fits by a smidge). I did however need it on a recent vacation abroad, where it was just wonderful. It held up very well while hiking and getting tossed around at airports, etc. It was extremely comfortable for both my husband and I to wear and easy to adjust the straps when we switched.

    The worst thing I can say about it, is that there are so many great pockets, we temporarily lost stuff. ;)...more info
  • Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack
    Nice-looking backpack.
    The padding for the laptop is thick, and if you like a zillion compartments, pockets and organizers like I do, you will definitely love this backpack.
    After seeing mine, my son and my husband each bought one. It's nice as a piece of carry-on luggage that can hold your laptop and still have room to carry plenty of other things.

    The only drawback I can think of is that it is a bit on the heavy side. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This was a great buy. The backpack is very durable and has plenty of room for my laptop. Very happy with the purchase!...more info
  • It 's the best
    It 's nice model and good material. It's good quality for computer backpack. I like it!...more info
  • Backpack
    Great value and wonderful item. We used it on vacation and found it to be great to pack and exceptionalquality...more info
  • Computer Backpack
    Excellant backpack for a laptop computer and a light load of school books. It is well made and has loads of places for "things". Unfortunately it is not big enough for all the books, notepads, etc. that have to be carried these days for school....more info
  • Quality product with an unbeatable price!
    Swissgear Computer Backpack fabricated with durable materials is an ideal carrying travelling kit for my laptop and other accessories. The pack is heavily built provides excellent protection to any fragile items stowed inside. The numerous pockets with the pack is another assets added to this pack, which comes with such a shocking low price. Item received on time as per schedule. ...more info
  • Durability issue
    I loved this backpack when I got it, but after using it for almost two months, the shoulder straps are starting to tear where they meet the top of the backpack. I normally carry a laptop, one book, my lunch, and a 24 oz water bottle, so I don't think I'm overloading it.

    Since I am out of the 30 day return period, Amazon told me they wouldn't do anything and I need to contact the manufacturer.

    Amazon originally gave me an incorrect phone no. for the manufacturer. I later tracked down what I believe to be the correct Swiss Gear e-mail address, but never received a response.

    ...more info
  • High quality backpack
    Great packpack for carrying a laptop and such. HIgh, high quality. Very impressed. lots of rooms, compartments for pens, busines cards, files, etc. I would give this 5 stars but the laptop compartment, is as some other users have commented, is not quite as good as it should be. THe notebook has about 2in at the top where there is no padding or protection. Not a major issue, but...I would think padding should cover the entire notebook. Still, a great, great pack. Highly recommended....more info
  • Worst Buyer Experience - Never Received Package
    This is the first time, in many years as an Amazon customer, that I've had trouble with receiving a package.

    -First problem: I used standard shipping by USPS, which is the worst delivery experience I've ever encountered. I'm guessing the package is too big to be left in a standard apartment-sized mailbox. And for some reason USPS didn't leave the package at the drop-off office (where most over-sized packages go), even though no signature is required. Why couldn't they just leave it at my doorstep? I don't know. Instead I get a lame "Sorry we missed you slip," with the date Jan. 1st, before they are suppose to return the package. Supposedly I have 12-days left, according to the "We missed you slip," but that's a lie. I've just called USPS and "the package is currently being returned to the sender." With other postal carriers, like Fed-Ex or UPS, they attempt to leave the package in a safe place for pick-up, or retry the next day with notice beforehand. USPS just gave up on the first try, and use incompetent methods for redelivery. I've never been so disappointed in a postal delivery service.

    -Second problem: I can't find a way to contact the sender for reshipment or feedback. Will I ever get my money back? Who knows! I'm kind of glad this backpack was on a good discount, but if it wasn't, I'd probably go Costanza on this situation.

    -Third problem: The whole reason I put myself through this whole ordeal is to purchase something durable enough to protect a newly purchased laptop. I just bought this laptop, and it would be nice to keep it from getting banged up by the city life. So far, I've been using a protective sleeve which is good enough to absorb bumps while walking. But if I ever were to accidentally drop the book bag it was being carried in, I'd hate to imagine. I've seen other students with Swiss Backpacks, so I can tell they're pretty durable in comparison. But will I ever get to know this firsthand? Probably not, oh well.

    Overall: I wish I could have had the experience of using this backpack, but that may never happen. I don't know if I'll try a re-buy (the prices aren't that bad). If there is a next time, I'll just use Fed-Ex and pay the extra $17s.

    ...more info
  • very good
    I really liked this backpack for the first time I saw it on amazon. Everybody who needs a cool, convenience, and cheap backpack should order this one....more info
  • Great Backpack!!
    This backpack is awesome! It has plenty of room for more than just your laptop and accessories. It is well designed and is comfortable even when it is fully loaded....more info
  • Backpack does not work well.
    The price was good and the quality appears to be ok. But I am returning this because:

    1) I have both a 15" and a 15.4" notebook computer. There is practically no protection for the top corners of either computer in the backpack. This design seems to be quite common for many backpacks. I really do not understand why a person may feel safe to put their valuable computer inside a backpack with similar design.

    2) The shoulder straps are too wide for me. It is not comfortable and I do not feel the backpack is secured preperly on my shoulder. I am skiny; this backpack may work better for a person bigger than me....more info
  • nice backback
    I bought this for my boyfriend for his birthday and he LOVED it! He thought I spent way more than I actually did. Fooled him! Can't wait to see what i get for my birthday!

    It also came in on time, very impressed by the whole experience.
    ...more info
  • Great Classroom Bag - Good Backpack
    The construction of the backpack is first-rate. The zippers are industrial strength, the fabric seems tough and the stitching also looks to be high quality. The design and construction of the straps make it comfortable whether you carry it on one shoulder or two.

    It is a great backpack for school. It has three main compartments which are divided into sections and smaller pockets within the compartments (including a media pocket with an opening for headphone cords). This makes it easy to organize books, notebooks, calculators, etc. for easy access in class, on the bus or on the plane. If this was ONLY a schoolbag, I would gladly give it five stars other than the straps on the side get in the way of the zippers at times and you really are going to have a snug fit with a 15.4" laptop and don't even dream about a 17" - AND...

    I like backpacks to have a little more utility (especially ones from SwissGear - the makers of the famous army knives) and therefore I give it three stars for a few reasons. First, as a backpack for traveling, daytrips or just carrying random stuff of a non-educational nature it really is not ideal. Clothing and non-books do not fit well due to the very things (i.e., compartment separators) which make it work so well as a bookbag. And if you try to fit those things you are sacrificing internal volume to carry around separators for your books and laptop. It might have been a good idea to have designed the separators with velcro attachments so they could be removed. Also, while the picture makes it seem like it is fairly large and has a lot of volume, it really does not compared to my old Eddie Bauer pack, nor is it very big.

    And one other nitpick. It has side pockets for water bottles, but unless you are carrying a small milk carton, they are too big to stop the bottle from slipping out - and they did not provide drawstrings. I would have preferred mesh pockets with a drawstring in case the bottle is wet. This just seems like it could be a mess.

    Take this review FWIW (it's free), if you are looking strictly for a backpack that TIGHTLY holds your 15.4" laptop, some books and papers, then this is really pretty nice. But if you want something with more utility and volume, you might want to skip it and go with something a little less librarian and a little more mountain man....more info
  • Great Bag
    Awesome product!! Great Deal of Amazon!! Fast Shipping!! Overall great buying experience!!...more info
  • SwissGear computer backpack
    Roomy and sturdy. Good price. A little small for a 15" laptop so I use it for my mini instead. Overall a great value....more info
  • Very sturdy with lots of pockets and compartments.
    This pack is of very high quality at a great price. There are lots of storage compartments and pockets of various sizes to meet your needs. It does not transport loose papers very well if you have other items in the bag as they tend to distort the dividers. Also if you need to carry very large or bulky items, this bag is not for you. It does protect and secure a laptop very well....more info
  • Nice Backpack!
    I bought this on sale on Amazon for $30, great deal and works like a charm. ...more info
  • Good Backpack, Lots of Pockets
    This backpack is great value for the price. The first one I received had two defects, which was slightly upsetting, but getting a replacement from amazon was easy. There's a lot of space inside, but it's almost too divided; it's hard to find a place for large items. The laptop sleeve seems to protect and secure my 15.4" laptop nicely....more info
  • Great bag, intelligently designed with loads of functionality
    This is a well-designed bag, with lots of functionality. No flaps covering the zippers, which means no getting the zipper stuck on extra material as you open and close it (you wouldn't believe how many high-end bags include this design flaw). Specially designed pockets and compartments for everything from books and iPod to cell phone and laptop. Tons of storage, no space wasted. Contains air-flow back padding, a carabiner, and extra strong laptop padding, this thing is amazing. Excellent deal....more info
  • great
    The backpack is great, my 17" laptop is an almost too snug of a fit. Lots of pockets excellent quality....more info
  • Great for airport travel
    This backpack is a sturdy workhorse that is fantastic for air travel. It has many pockets and zipped areas, making it easy to keep track of various items, especially those that need to come out for security screening, such as a laptop or 3 oz. and fewer liquids. The only thing I wish it had was a water bottle holder, as well as a sleeve that completely detached from the inner backpack for the laptop. I carried this bag full of items (a DSLR camera, laptop, snacks, etc. through several airports while toting a toddler along with me and my back survived the trek without pain. I highly recommend this item for purchase.

    I will note that my laptop is a smaller, 12" laptop, so I had no issues with it fitting in the sleeve....more info
  • Cool and practical
    This backpack is the best, according to both my husband and my son. It is sturdy enough for a laptop, yet it is not super bulky. It features multiple compartments(for keys, water, MP3 or phone), but some of the pockets are hidden, contributing to a sleek and stylish look. More importantly, it can withstand being thrown daily into my son's locker or carried around as the carryon bag for my husband's many business trips. And the discount makes it super affordable.
    ...more info
  • I love it!!
    I love its design and the fact that its not as much as heavy as other
    products....more info