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LG 32LG70 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
List Price: $899.95

Our Price: $745.00

You Save: $154.95 (17%)


Product Description

A home-theater enthusiasts dream come true. This 1080p LCD TV boasts cutting-edge features like Intelligent Sensor, 120Hz technology, Invisible Speakers, and a contemporary design with red color accents. The LG70 is sure to catch your eye.

  • LCD HDTV features an elegant & distinctive lower edge tear drop design with swivel stand
  • 1080p Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p with 4x HDMI v 1.3 digital inputs
  • ISFccc caple of professional calibration for picture performance
  • Invisible speaker system for richer more balanced sound & a polished look
  • 15,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio

Customer Reviews:

  • This TV is fantastic!
    I've been researching flatscreens since the end of last year and finally decided on the LG. I couldn't be happier! The clarity of the picture and the incredible sound were worth the wait. I spent two days on my couch watching the Masters & I don't even like golf that much. The price from was also better than Best Buy. I'm glad I shopped around....more info
  • It's a Great Television
    Okay, Big Deal on the number of HDMI Ports. 3 or 4, what does it matter. I bought a television first and foremost for the picture, then sound.

    This LG has a great picture. Granted, its my first HDTV, but I could not be happier. I have compared it to some sets in bargain, mass "Mart" type chains and I can see a difference. 1080p in 32" is not commonplace yet, but it does make a difference. Fast motion sports and other similar types of viewing remain very fluid and no jagged edges appear.

    The sound is above average, but I certainly do not expect it to sound like my home theatre system.

    This TV is one that I would recommend to everyone....more info
  • It's a great tv, but not as advertised.........
    I've had this tv for a little while now and it looks great. When i first got it, I only used the RCA video in plugs, but it still looked pretty good. Now that i have the HDMI cables and a HD dishnet box, it is as good as it gets. The only con i have found is that many vendors advertise this tv as having "4 HDMI ports" and "TruMotion 120Hz".
    WRONG! It has 3 HDMI and 60Hz. Maybe the larger models ,but not the 32 inch model LG 32LG70.
    Other then that confusion, this is a great TV. I got mine at best buy for $699....more info
  • Excellent Monitor for the price!
    With all the crying over a 4th port that isn't actually available this TV is getting a bad rating for basically nothing. I hate it when people can't find their tissue.

    This screen looks great is is priced right for the size. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Great TV
    This TV exceeded my expectation. The HDTV tuner works really well, the multiple inputs are more than enough to satisfy my needs (Cable Box converter, DVD, HDMI Inputs, etc.).

    The USB functionality is really cool. I plugged in a small USB extender that had come in some other thing I bought, and to that I can plug my Western Digital external Hard Drive, and browse through photos with a stunning really amazing color display in the TV, and I can even listen to my MP3 as I browse the photos, all done through the USB with computer at all. Trully a great buy !

    Cons: it will not play video files on your hard drive, nor will it access your hard drive over a network. The TAGS for the different inputs cannot all be customized. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    I haven't bought a new TV in over ten years and the last one I had was a hand-me-down from my grandfaher (so yes, pretty old). My new TV is big and shiny and pretty. The remote it comes with works very well and I can actually adjust the color scheme if I want. The set up was quick and easy. Took it out of the box, had my brother set it up initially and done. I moved a few weeks later so I had to take off the base and reattach but that was still very easy to do. This may not be the most helpful review but just know that my tech-loving brother picked this out for me and he is jealous that he didn't get it first....more info
  • False Advertising Indeed
    This unit is advertised as having 4 HDMI inputs. It only has 3. If that's not bad enough, the 120mhz spec is also false. Together these two false claims take what would be a top of the line 32" LCD for a fair price down to an average LCD for a high price. I don't know which company is responsible, but between Amazon and LG this is really weak sauce....more info