Canon SELPHY CP760 Compact Photo Printer (2565B001)
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Product Description

With the compact SELPHY CP760, you can print amazing photos with ease, from your kitchen, living room, friend's house, even from a hotel room when on vacation, all without a computer. Just insert your camera's memory card into one of the built-in card slots to preview and auto-enhance images on the 2.5" TFT display; or print directly from your compatible digital camera, camera phone, or Bluetooth device using the optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface. The big buttons, large display, and automatic red-eye correction make it simple to create superb prints, from card size up to 4x8. It's fast, too. A beautiful, long-lasting 4x6 photo takes less than a minute to print. Print directly from your memory cards via the card slots or wirelessly with a Bluetooth-enabled device and optional Bluetooth adapter 4x6 borderless color photo as fast as 52 seconds print speed Up to 300x300 dpi print resolution, 256 levels of color gradation Paper Sizes - Card (2.13 x 3.39), Card Full label, Card 8-Labels, (Postcard) 4 x 6 (Wide) 4 x 8 USB PictBridge compatible Compatibility - Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2000 and Mac OS X v.10.28 to 10.4x and v10.57 Dimensions - Width 7.9 x Height 3.3 x Depth 5.6 Weight - 2.1 pounds

  • Prints full-color 4 x 6 inch photos in less than a minute
  • No need for a computer -- print directly from a memory card or USB drive
  • Prints colorful photos at resolutions as high as 300 x 300 dpi
  • Optional BU-30 Bluetooth interface
  • Compact design measures 7.9 x 3.3 x 5.6 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • The little printer that could
    This is great little printer, that produces very clear and vivid permanent pictures very easily that even kids can use it. The unit can read SD and other memory cards directly and is real easy to produce fantastic color prints. The 4 and not 5 stars is because it uses Canon paper only as opposed to off the market paper - at least so far.
    Overall a good buy that will fill you with no regrets....more info
  • nice little printer!
    I was looking for something compact that I could take with me on vacations, etc. and this is perfect! My five year nephew can even hook it up to the camera and pick which picture he wants to print. The quality for each print is fantastic. It does not print bigger than 4x6. I thought the ink/photo paper combo that goes with this was very reasonable....more info
  • A great little printer
    The Canon Selphy 760 is a great little printer. It's compact, simple to use, inexpensive, and the photos are brilliant. The cartridges don't dry out like they do on an ink jet printer. If you want something dedicated to just 4x6 photos at a reasonable price, I recommend getting the 760 model. The newer models cost more and don't have any advantage over this one. All they've added is a ridiculous bucket and bright colors on the printer. I like the all white one better, anyway....more info
  • Good printer in general but not very satisfied
    I'm still using HP Photosmart A618 to print 5 x 7 & some 4 x 6 photos. I'll not compare the Inkjet technology with Dye-sublimation because the dye-sub is clearly better in image quality even with 300dpi(dye-sub) vs 600dpi(inkjet). but I'll write about what I liked & what I didn't like using Canon brand printer. btw, I print from the PC (fix the exposure, remove noise..etc photos using Lightroom or any other software) and then I use the official software to print.

    What I liked:

    - The photo is super clear and the printer produces amazing quality (outstanding). you will never be disappointed. I assure you that.
    - The printer is fast enough.
    - The paper quality is very good and you will not be worried about papers & ink (36 ink cartridge size will print 36 photos, no less no more).

    What I didn't like:

    - The paper size isn't perfect 4 x 6 (101.6 x 152.4). It's smaller (100mm x 148mm) in Canon and maybe more smaller than that.

    I compared the HP 4 x 6 paper with Canon 4 x 6 paper and the HP was bigger by 2-3mm in width and height. I believe that HP produces a better size of 4 x 6 because when I resize any photo to 4 X 6 using any software I get (101.6 x 152.4) which means 1800x1200 ,resolution 300dpi. But When I print this photo size using Canon, the printer will crop automatically 2-5mm from width and height (Canon paper has 2 tabs at the right and left sides which can be removed after you print the photo). The printer will print at least 3mm in the tab area and will crop 2-4mm from the height.

    Now if I don't want to lose any part of the photo, I should resize all the photos I have to 1748x1181 (100mm x 148mm). To do this, I must disable the constrain aspect ratio. but this will make my photo worse (a square looks like rectangle).

    To override this problem, I must not disable the constrain aspect ratio but I need to make the height exactly 100mm. that's mean I'll sacrifice some (mm) in the both sides of width (if the Canon paper really 100mm height).

    - The default colors settings aren't correct (for me the orange color was warm yellow and the warm yellow in the reality was almost green!!). what you see in the PC screen is different than the printed photo. I printed 8 pictures to find the correct settings for me. Raised the contrast, exposure and saturation a little and not equally. still, the final result not perfect but very good. (the colors, contrast and other settings in my monitor is correctly adjusted. mostly as I can see by my eyes).

    Final words:

    Before you buy any Canon dye-sub printer, take a look in Epson (PM260 or PM280) or the Fuji (QS-70 or QS-7). Check the actual paper size to make sure you get the 99% of the frame in the final result from the printer. You will need to take a photo to any shop and print it by the models you are thinking of. Make sure to set the resolution at 300dpi and the paper size of 4 x 6. Compare the results and choose what you like then....more info
  • Canon Selph
    I bought this printer for a charity event. We took pictures of entering honorees, printed them and framed them as gifts. The picture was fantastic and the color was perfect. Everyone asked me where I got that great little printer. I highly recommend it....more info
  • photo printer
    I was very happy with the speed of delivery on my new photo printer. The printer is a perfect size. The only problem i have with the printer is the ink cartridges . they only print out about 8 photos then run out. I didnt realize that part, I had to order more ink right away cause i print out alot of pictures. ...more info
  • Convenient
    I was so pleased w/this item that I ordered another one. The only negative is that even though I bought the 2nd one the following week it was sold for $20.00 less and Amazon did not offer a price adjustment. I was very disapointed b/c other merchants that I have purchased from offer an adjustment....more info
  • Excellent Picture Quality
    This is my first printer of this type and I was really impressed by the picture quality. Also, the cost of the cartridges/paper pack seems reasonable as well. Being able to print directly from the memory card or camera is really convienent....more info
  • Excellent...
    This is my 4th "CP" Printer from Canon. I don't know why I keep upgrading because I don't need to. This one is the fastest "CP" Printer yet. I have 2 complaints...

    1. They took away the retractable usb cord.
    2. No battery support.

    Luckily I still have my CP-710 for portability. I use the CP-760 for my desktop machine. I love the new speed, the larger display screen and design of the 760. It still produces great prints so I would rate this printer from a scale of 1 to 10 an 8.5 because of the 2 reasons I mentioned earlier.

    Tim of...
    Tim Farris photographer info
  • Great portable printer!
    This is my first portable photo printer and I really love it. Allows me to print photos for my friends anytime. I usually use it with my macbook pro via iphoto. I normally have to put the brightness setting to highest in iphoto to get the same exposure as on my computer screen. Prints are sharp and colors are saturated with natural-looking skin tones. Really photo lab quality. Only thing I think that would make this better is if it also ran on batteries which would make it a really print-anywhere-anytime machine. Anyway, high marks for this little printer!...more info
  • Basic portable photo printer that prints beautiful photos!
    I bought this printer as part of the Canon pink pack (pink SD1100 camera with this printer, both included in the box). I already had an Epson PictureMate PM280 but I thought it would be cool to have a printer and camera that matched. (Yes, I'm that vain. ggg)

    The printer makes BEAUTIFUL high quality photos. It prints quickly and it's a nice little printer, worth the money. You can do basic photo editing on this printer, such as reduce red eye, change colors to B/W, sepia, vivid, ...add the date (or not) but that's all you can do.
    You need space in front of the printer to insert the paper cartridge AND you need space behind the printer as well. The paper extrudes out the back at the start of the printing process.

    However, I am spoiled by the rechargeable battery in the Epson PM280 printer I already have. It's not a drawback really, to not have battery power in this Canon printer, but if you are taking it to a family reunion picnic you'll need to be sure there is electric power nearby. (I wonder if Canon has a power adapter for this printer to use it in the car...have to check into that...)

    Another feature I like about my Epson printer is the editing capabilities. You can change brightness, sharpen, and much much more. And there are cool frames built into the printer you can choose to add to your photos. This is quite comical at times, children love this part. I took a photo of their science teacher and we chose the Peter Pan (Disney) frame when we printed it...the kids thought it was hilarious. We chose the princess frame when we printed the photo of another male teacher...a great time was had by all...except for the teachers of course. GGG

    Anyway, I digress... the Canon photo printer is a great basic printer and will work well. You will be very pleased with the print quality. It's outstanding!
    ...more info
  • Nice little printer
    I really didn't need a photo printer, I already had one. But this was a gold box deal, and the ratings seemed great. I also wanted something portable, and this is definitely it.

    When I got it, I was a bit confused as to how to add the paper cartridge, it isn't explained very well. After a bit of fiddling (the blank cover has to be opened before it is slid in), I finally got the paper in. I then printed one of the pictures I had on my Nokia N95. It pulled the paper in, and out came some yellow stuff. Aha, I thought Yellow, Magenta and Green. But then it pulled it in a fourth time to. My friends told me it was probably black, and that sounds plausible.

    The picture is great, I really like what I can do with this. One thing to remember, though, you need space on both sides to feed the paper through. On the "front" side you have the cartridge, but you need space in the back too.

    All in all, I am satisfied, and do not regret the purchase....more info