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Mediabridge - 10ft High Speed HDMI Cable - Version 1.3 Category 2 - 1080p - Blu-Ray - PS3
List Price: $33.95

Our Price: $11.99

You Save: $21.96 (65%)


Product Description

Mediabridge HDMI Cables are high quality cables that will do exactly what you need an HDMI cable to do. Simply put, they will cleanly transport the signal from your Blu-Ray player, PS3 or X-Box to your television without degrading the picture. And if your Blu-Ray player or game console happens to transmit 120hz, they will not get in the way of that either. Mediabridge HDMI cables are CERTIFIED Category 2 by HDMI testing labs to meet or exceed todays most advanced HDMI standard. Unlike category 1 cables, which are only guaranteed to throughput 1080i resolution, Mediabridge HDMI cables are certified category 2, which means they are guaranteed to throughput 1080p. Please visit the website to learn more about the advantages of high speed category 2 cables. Category 2 cables offer the most advanced performance to date and are a technological step up from Category 1 cables. Offering support for 120Hz refresh rates, 48-bit Deep Color, and Ultra-High Speed 10.2gbps transfer rates, Version 1.3b Category 2 cables will support the most advanced features of todays equipment. Perfect for Playstation 3 and Blu-Ray equipment. Mediabridge utilizes 28 gauge premium cable and 24K gold plated connectors. This premium HDMI cable will enable home theater and gaming equipment to perform at its highest level possible.

  • Category 2 Certified - High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz (Supports 120Hz Refresh Rate and 48-Bit Deep Color).
  • Version 1.3 Certified - Supports all new HDMI advanced features such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master AudioTM.
  • Supports 1080p FullHD Resolution.
  • Fully Shielded Heavy Duty 28 Gauge Premium Grade Cable with Soft PVC Jacket.
  • Gold Plated Certified Connectors.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works Perfectly
    This HDMI cable works perfectly! It's a hell of a lot cheaper than those "monster" brands or anything you would get at a "best" retail store. Picture quality at 1080p is superb, sound quality is amazing, no distortion, yada yada yada. Save your money and get this cable, you'll have more to spend on other more important things like a quality receiver or plasma....more info
  • Great Cables
    These cables do everything the BIG name professional cables do at a fraction of the cost. The cable arrived in its own sturdy box labeled with a description, not a flimsy plastic bag or hang card. The cable slid right in the TV and Blu-ray player without a problem. The picture and audio quality are supurb! I also bought a shorter HDMI cable to connect my computer to the monitor. It is great too. If you are looking for great quality at an affordable price, look no further. ...more info
  • great cable at a very reasonable price
    This is a very well build, high quality HDMI cable at a very reasonable price. I bought a $99 HDMI Monster cable first, but then I had a second thought about spending a hundred bucks on a cable, so I went online to search for a cheaper cable. I decided to get this cable for its price, but after I had a chance to test it and compared it to the Monster cable. This cable performed as good as the hundred bucks Monster cable. So I ended up returning the Monster cable and got 5 more of these cables....more info
  • Great price on great HDMI Cables.
    These cables are a great buy. I had some $50 HDMI cables(only 6ft)and these have more sturdy plugs and better quality overall. And for a 10ft cable at this price they just can't be beat. ...more info
  • Quality & Value
    Purchased a set of these 10ft cables from Amazon/Mediabridge and they arrived the same week. Popped the protective caps off each cable and connected the U-verse box to the THX home theater system, then used the second cable to connect the THX to the HDTV.

    Both cables worked perfectly and cost less than $25.00! No additional audio/video cables were needed - since both digital audio and video ride the same cable. I checked for noise/interference by placing the HDMI cable close to the TVs power cable. No change on HDNet in the signals (audio/video) quality, so I tie wrapped them together. Shielding was not an issue with these cables.

    You can compare and pay a lot more for a shorter HDMI cable from the big box stores, but you will not be able to see or hear a difference in quality. These cables are well constructed and all that is needed to carry digital signals (1's and 0's) between devices.

    As I continue to install HDTVs, I will continue to order these Mediabridge cables!! ...more info
  • Works Great
    Works as good as my $80 cable
    I switched back and forth on my playstation and digital Comcast box couldn't tell the difference. My tv's 60ghz though not sure if that makes a diff. But in my opinion,
    DON'T PAY MORE!...more info
  • top quality
    Highly recommend - these are excellent quality and are priced right. There is no need to pay any more for cables to carry the 120Hz digital signal unless you like wasting money....more info
  • Incredible Quality...
    This cable went above and beyond my expectations. I used this on my PS3 to my 32 inch Samsung LCD and it looks absolutely phenomenal. I love it. I honestly didn't expect HDMI to be this big of a difference at all, but the quality went above and beyond everything I ever expected. I thought my TV was only capable of 720 and I plugged it in and it brought up 1080i so I'm extremely pleased. The only discrepancy I had against it was for some reason it only fit into one of my two HDMI ports. It could be just that one was used more than the other but one port only worked when I wiggled it around a little. I plugged it into the other slot and it has worked perfectly since then. For the money, don't waste your money on the Monster cables. I constantly hear just as many (if not MORE) mixed reviews on those cables as any of the off-brands. This is literally as high-quality as it gets for a non-name-brand product. VERY nice, HIGHLY recommended. WILL buy MediaBridge again :)...more info
  • Great Cable for the $$
    I purchased two of these to connect PS3's to our Samsung HDTV's. Both have work flawlessly. Even Walmart charges a fortune for these cables. Because I also hook my laptop to the HDTV, I wanted another. The 10ft were gone. I bought a 3 ft to connect the HDTV to the PS3. So far, it's working. The laptop works on the other cable also. The cables themselves are quite sturdy; the connectors are snug and seemed to be securely attached to the cable. I agree with the reviewer who said: "They either work or they don't." These work and for a small fraction of the cost other places....more info
  • Great cable for the money
    In a big-box electronics store, if you go in to buy a piece of electronics gear they always work hard to sell you one of their expensive cables. I can only imagine how much higher percentage markup they have on that $40 cable than they do on that new electronic gizmo you just bought.

    I bought the 10' cable when I bought my HDTV to hook up my DVR and it worked so well that I bought another shorter cable when I added the receiver. Both have worked well and appear to be excellent quality....more info
  • Excellent value
    The cable works perfectly at a tenth the cost of what I could buy off the shelf locally....more info
  • Excellent Product and even better price
    If you shop around for HDMI cables you will find that there are companies in this world that are getting rich by playing us all for fools. $150+ for an HDMI cable that is no better than these are. Ridiculous.

    The cables arrived in perfect condition, each packaged in their own boxes (no plastic baggies). I purchased 2 of these and they both work perfectly. They are being used to drive HD video to a brand new Samsung flatpanel TV. Picture is beautiful! I would highly recommend this product. Don't waste your money on cables that will work no better than these do.
    ...more info
  • Cable worked for me!
    I purchased the Mediabridge 10ft. HDMI Cable in order to connect a 42" TV as a second monitor for my computer. I had occasionally looked for a cord in stores but was shocked at the prices. I read the reviews of the HDMI cord and realized I had the HDMI connection on the back on the TV and the computer (my computer allows dual monitor hookup).
    It seems to work fine and now I can show websites to a few people at a time without hunching over my 15" screen stuck in a converted closet office. All for $12. Plus with my cordless keyboard and mouse, I can surf the net from the couch....more info
  • excellent value
    after buying a hdtv and home theater system which i thought was the hard part i cam to realize all the extra hardware needed to do the install. i didn't think it would be a big deal until I started to shop for cables hdmi/rca jacks/ optical/ spreaker wire etc. what a shock i was in for, I couldn't believe the retail price from stores like wal mart/ best buy/ even circut city brankruptcy sale. So i search the web and found a absolute quality product at a resonable price. I strongly reconmend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • Affordable HDMI
    These HDMI cables are just as reliable and high quality as the Monster cables at Best Buy but cost 1/10 that they do. Definitely recommended....more info
  • Good cable and a good value
    I purchased this cable to connect my HD Plasma TV and my Blu-ray DVD player. The cable works perfectly and the picture is flawless....more info
  • It's a cable... and it works...
    The cable works; I'm getting 1080p. Enough said! No need to get ripped off by Best Buy....more info