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Samsung Touch Of Color T220HD 22-inch LCD HDTV Monitor
List Price: $679.00

Our Price: $267.91

You Save: $411.09 (61%)


Product Description

1680x1050 Resolution / 10000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio / Analog - DVI - HDMI connectivity / 5 millisecond screen response / PC or Mac / HDTV Tuner 5 ms fast response time - Fast pixel response means fast action with virtually no blurring of ghosting Unit Dimension(With stand) - 20.47 x 17.38 x 8.46; 13.6 lbs

  • Touch of Color bezel - While the crystal-like bezel frame catches light beautifully, it actually reduces reflection of light off the bezel. And since the rich red color is injection molded for a blown glass effect, instead of spray painted, there is less environmental impact. It's easy on your eyes as well as on the environment
  • Dolby Digital Surround (3 W x 2 ch) An invisible speaker system with Dolby Digital Surround (3 W x 2 ch) gives sound quality to match the impressive picture.
  • 10,000 - 1 Dynamic-Contrast Ratio - The ultra-wide range gives you blacks and whites that are full of detail, even under adverse lighting conditions (typically 1,000 - 1 static-contrast ratio)
  • 300 cdm2 Brightness
  • Full HDTV monitor - The T220HD features a built-in full HD 1080p digital HDTV tuner, so you can watch both TV and HDTVDual HDMI inputs, DVI and VGA inputs / 2 HDMI connections

Customer Reviews:

  • Almost Perfect
    Its got all the features you could want with the best picture of any LCD on the market. Of course those are my opinions so please take a look at one for yourself. It has more features than I could possibly use, but I love knowing they are there in the event that I need them.

    I only have 2 issues with this Monitor.

    First is the power button drives me nuts. There is no button, you simply stick your finger to a sensor on the monitor. If you do not hit the exact spot, nothing happens. Try doing it in the dark for even MORE fun!

    Second is the stand is kind of wobbly and can not be adjusted. I really could not have been that hard to put a decent stand on this that could be adjusted but for some reason Samsung chose not to include this feature. I say, save the money on the fancy power button and give it a better stand!

    Overall those issues are pretty minor to me. The meat of the Monitor is the picture which is absolutly the best. No regrets here other than that I waited as long as I did to get this one....more info
  • Perfect for my PS3 / PC Monitor
    I did a lot of research on this HDTV before I actually decided to get it while comparing it to the Vizio 22 inch with 1080p resolution. There's a need for me to split the signal from my PS3 to a 40" Samsung HDTV (1080p) and into this 22" HDTV. The average reviews are right on the money and I can't believe the price for this model is actually less than $300. The Vizio HDTV is about $329 at target and not much difference elsewhere but with a mediocre performance.

    - Excellent & stunning HD display at 1080p/720p even from the PC
    - Nice profile for a desktop table, elegant for a multimedia center
    - More than enough ports you will ever need (2 HDMI/component/DVI/VGA/optical etc)
    - Very good location for input/output ports; 1 HDMI at the back and 1 at the left side. I actually like the fact that the 3.5mm headphone jack is also at the left side near the 2nd HDMI port
    - Built-in HD tuner
    - It's a Samsung, very reliable brand that rivals Sony in quality, design and performance minus the hefty price

    - The stand is a little flimsy, monitor shakes a bit when you nudge the table
    - It's true that the sound is below par but when I'm on PC monitor mode I have 2.1 speakers and my PS3 is connected to a 5.1 Kenwood receiver with 600watts of power / PS3 mode can use headphones as an option (not really an issue for me)
    - The remotes for my 40" Samsung HDTV and this model have the same signal, they're about 6 feet apart so one remote activates both of them which is annoying when you're playing and somebody turns off one monitor - both of them will actually turn off.

    All in all, the pros easily outclass the cons. In my opinion, this is the best 22 inch HDTV with 1080p res out there. This product is so underrated maybe because it's not sold in retail stores. Bestbuy sells the same class at least $350 with 720p res; some of them even $400+. This is truly a steal and impressive engineering design (coming from an engineer)!!!
    ...more info
  • Samsung T220HD
    Watched HD channels with no issues and works great for my desktop monitor.
    I played call of duty 4 and dynasty warrior 6(PC) and both looks great. I now have to get a better video card just to make my desktop work better for this monitor. Great finished on this Samsung and looks great on my desk. ...more info
  • I am not buying a 57" TV!
    This is a very good set with a crisp picture, easy to put together with a little help (this from a mechanical near-idiot), that is quite adequate when you are not intent on a home theater. The sound is a little tinny, but quit crisp. ...more info
  • Games are fairer, when they're clearer
    This moniter is exellent. The difference between the resolution of a tube television to an HDTV is astounding. The sound is crisp and I have several options from on screen as to adjust the sound as well as the picture quality. I'd never go back to regular television unless I had to....more info
  • 100% Samsung!
    I've been a big fan of Samsung TV's and devices for sometime, and was itching to find a nice smaller TV that would work well in our bedroom to replace an aging $99 Apex TV we picked up at Albertsons. This TV did not disappoint. The biggest change for us was getting used to the extra space we suddenly had compared to the CRT Apex.

    At the moment, we've got it hooked up to a basic Dish Network coax connection. Definitely not taking advantage of HD, but that wasn't really my intention for the TV. I did order a Sony upconverting DVD player that I hooked up to it, and, as expected, the Samsung performed wonderfully. While it isn't blu-ray, it looks wonderful. Crisp and clear images, and I couldn't be happier with the TV for DVD's.

    The fact that it doubles as a monitor is a nice perk, but I doubt I'll ever use it for that function. Samsung did a good job creating such a double-use device. Completely worth the $350.

    Like others, I think my main complaint would have to be about the speakers. They're not the best, but, again, for my use, I'm not too concerned.

    One other complaint, which is probably not Samsung's fault at all, is the Dish Network universal remote. I've run into this issue with my 32" Samsung as well, so I think it's a Dish Network issue versus with Samsung, but the Dish Network universal remote never seems to be able to adjust the volume like the included Samsung remote. If I hold down the volume button, it doesn't keep raising/lowering the volume. I have to keep pressing it for it to work. On thie particular 22" TV, the Dish remote is almost completely useless for the volume. It works occasionally, so we've reverted to having to remotes all the time.

    If you're in the market for a good, smaller LCD TV, Samsung has put together a great solution with this one....more info
  • Average +, for a Referb.
    The TV has played well with little of the magnificance of the 52" however for the price I still feel it was a good deal....more info
  • Full HD as expected
    Purchased this monitor/TV couple of weeks ago. It has everything needed.
    Air channels are cristal clear quality, especially ones at 1080i.
    With simple 10$ antenna I ve got about 20 DVT channel over air near Baltimore. 720p and 420p broadcasts are also pretty good.
    Can't watch analogues anymore. Connected laptop to it. Switching is within 1-2 second, no delay.
    TV Picture can be viewed in "as scanned" format, "Zoom1" and "Zoom2" if you want wide format fill your screen. 16:9 and others are possible but these would distort your native pictures. Certainly watching 1080 fromat is perfect on this TV. This TV is excellent choice for a small to medium (bed) room. Some people complained about volume sound- probably too low for a noisy space. For bedroom it is enough with middle volume settings....more info
  • Built-in digital tuner is unbelievable!
    Not a review maven really, but sometimes I feel obligated to comment when the product is better (or worse) than expected. Bought one of these in Nov. 2008 and it's so good we decided to get one more, as we have two teens with smallish rooms. Nice to have one monitor that works double-time as a digital TV and frees up some room space simultaneously. I am pleasantly surprised that both of these units have zero pixel defects, and work exactly as advertised on the PCs and as TVs at their full resolutions. The icing, in our case, is that -- for some reason my electronics-challenged brain doesn't quite get -- the digital tuners in these monitors pick up not only a bunch of air channels (a couple even in HD format) without any external antenna attached, but also grab many more cable channels than we would ever justifiably pay for (we are on a basic cable plan). Curious why, but I ain't complainin'.... Only quibble I can think of is, switching the source (PC <> TV) isn't as instantaneous as some might like ... takes a couple seconds....more info
  • Super Monitor!
    This is a great monitor. Color is perfect, clear, crisp!! Great for showing videos! HD is picture-perfect!...more info
  • T220HD
    I purchased the T220HD as a replacement for a bedroom TV. As I only use the unit as a TV, not as a monitor, I can only comment on it for the TV features.

    1) The value and versatility for the price is very good.
    2) The picture quality is impressive with some minor color customizations.
    3) It receives OTA HD signal very well with a roof VHF/UHF antenna
    4) The response time when changing channels is very good, 1-2 seconds.
    5) The menuing is easy to navigate and fairly intuitive.
    6) The "Touch of Color" case is nicely designed.
    7) The remote control has good size, multi-color buttons so it is easy to see and use.
    8) The remote is not strictly directional - you don't have to point it directly at the TV.
    9) The sound volume is fine for a small room - I don't feel a need for external speakers.

    1)The most annoying feature is the channel display. When changing channels the info display stays on for a very short time, 1-2 seconds, and the channel is only shown in about a 1/4" number! When viewing it from across a small room, it is virtually unreadable. For the size of the display information window, the channel number could have easily been 1-2 inches and still easily fit in the window. I called Samsung support, thinking maybe their is an option to display it larger, but was told "no" and that this model cannot get any software/flash upgrades. One Samsung tech told me it was meant to be a monitor, not a TV, and that is why the channel display is so small. ...hmmm
    2) The the shape of the remote is semi-circular on the bottom, which makes it slippery and awkward to hold/operate with one hand.
    3) Having a dedicated button on the remote for the sleep timer would be nice instead of having to go through menus to set it.

    Despite the cons, the channel display being my biggest disappointment, I still think it is a good value and the overall quality and versatility is very good. I would probably rate it "5 stars" if it wasn't for the channel display.
    ...more info
  • Extremely Fast Service
    Very impressed at speed in which tv arrived, ordered on Thurs was here by Mon. Very pleased with quality and price, everything good. Would defintely use seller/site again....more info
  • great computer monitor
    i used this monitor as a computer monitor for extended destop. via HDMI port. the picture is so sharp. amazing quality. way to go!...more info
  • Just to clarify the negative review below me
    This TV is 22&#34; wide. I belive the reviewer below is measuring it horizontally. Screen size for the TV measures diagonally. I just wanted to clarify that. This is very nice TV/Monitor. I am very satisfied with the product....more info
  • Great picture, some serious design issues to be aware of ...
    I purchased this set at Costco the other day ($[...], for reference) after having returned a 19" Toshiba I had bought a week before at another retailer. I was looking to replace an old kitchen TV that had breathed it's last. It may be an excellent computer monitor, but as a TV it's lacking. I'm afraid I will end up taking this one back, too.

    Strong Points: Excellent picture quality, fair-enough design, sound ... well somewhat better than the Toshiba 19", but not by a lot.

    Issues: (Judge for yourself what is important to you) If you're using it as a TV, some may be significant.

    1. No composite video input
    2. No S-video input
    3. Sound is only fair (ok for the kitchen, not so much for a bedroom)
    4. Only one component input
    5. Not supplied with a comprehensive manual - available as .pdf
    6. Screen aspect ratio is 16:10 (not 16:9, though I understand this is not unusual for smaller LCDs), so maintaining true HD aspect ratio will result in slight black bars top and bottom.
    7. (This one drives me crazy!) Does not adjust image width in the same manner most other flatscreen TVs do. By that I mean that there is no adjustment that will widen the image comparatively more on the sides than in the middle of the image. The result is that you are forced to endure the black bars on the sides, or widen the image equally (wide setting, which would be just right for an anamorphically compressed image), so with a 4:3 broadcast image, it makes everybody look fat. There are a couple of zoom settings which chop off too much top and bottom.

    This unit seems to me more a computer monitor with a tuner built in, rather that a unit designed from the ground-up as a TV. For HD programs ... assuming that you don't need great sound, it's beautiful.

    BUT, you can't plug a VCR into it, other than perhaps through the RF modulator, (remember, if you have a combo VCR/DVD player, the VCR part won't play back through the component outputs) so in my judgment, it's lacking essential features. Too bad, the Samsung image quality is very good.

    Guess I'll have to find a different 19" Samsung TV (with the features I want) in white to match the kitchen decor. My wife will be happy. And that's what it's all about, n'est ce pas? Even when it comes to consumer electronics....more info
  • Great Computer Monitor - Sound Not Very Good Though
    Have only had this tv/monitor for two days but boy is it ever nice to use. My only regret is I didn't purchase it a long time ago.

    Hardly anything came with it to explain what goes where and how to work it. If a person hadn't had an experience setting up a HDTV prior to this they might be befuddled!!! Samsung could get a little more explicit.

    The sound is not good and I hooked up aux. speakers thru the headphone port. You could also hook them up thru the back of the monitor and go directly to the computer. I used the headphone one as it was easier than hooking it to the computer.

    I don't know how it works as a TV as I haven't hooked it up to a cable. I mainly want it for a computer monitor. It has great clarity = and that is what I was after. My eyes can't take the routine computer screen without burning. This screen is so easy to look at---text or photos.

    I have run a dvd on it and that looks great also.
    I highly recommend this model....more info
  • Samsung 22" Touch of color
    Item was here in 2 days in perfect shape. Color super, size great if you sit within 5 feet. Sound leaves much to be desired....more info
  • Great Buy!
    I purchased Two of these , one for my Son and they other for my daughter for Christmas. Between the High definiton Movies and X-box they never leave their rooms... Great buy! ...more info
  • Great TV and Monitor
    I bought this to replace my dying LCD monitor. The description really makes it sound like a monitor with a TV tuner slapped to it so I was a little hesitant on the TV aspect. Comes with both VGA and DVI ports; VGA runs at highest resolution allowed on my NVIDIA 5500 card without any problems. The box included both a VGA and DVI cables. The picture quality of the monitor is great, no dead pixels (yet).
    The TV aspect works great as well. The tuner picks up over the air HD channels very well and if you have cable, includes the HD channels as well. My only complaint is that it seems to get stuck on a channel (only happens on the first programmed channel) and you basically have to key in the next one to move up. The 'touch of color' is barely noticeable so if you can save money by buying the standard black one, do so. The sound quality is decent though I really didn't expect Bose quality out of a 22'' TV (that's branded as a monitor). All in all, it's a great little monitor/tv....more info
  • AWSOME !!!
    This is just an amazing Monitior/TV. It does exactly what I wanted it to do and it does it very well. It may not have all the "Bells and Whisles" as some of the more expensive models but for the price $287 it has got the ones that I needed....more info
  • samsung lcd tv
    i'm glad i bought this product. excellent price, good picture and digital speakers....more info
  • awesome HDTV for a MONITOR price !!
    ok, i do plenty of research before purchasing any product and especially for any electronics from online. i read all the pro and con opinions (both amazon and external websites) to ultimately make a decision on brand and model. and after 2 months of tv use, i have one thing to say:


    why do i say the best "value purchase"? just look at the title of this LCD hdtv: oh wait, it's not a TV! it's an HD monitor with a "1080p digital HDTV tuner"! why is this so important? compare the price of the actual Samsung Touch of Color 22" HDTV (Samsung LN22A650 22-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color) and with this Samsung T220HD monitor and the price difference is $200! this means that it's almost 40% less than the compared HDTV! and this also means that you're getting all the benefit of an HDTV in a HD monitor that has the quality of all Samsung brand tvs.

    as a matter of fact, since the T220HD is technically a monitor, it isn't even listed in the TV category. it used to be that the difference between an LCD HDTV and an LCD HD monitor was that to technically call it a TV, it had to include a TV tuner and speakers. most monitors do not have either a tuner and/or speakers. i don't know how this is still considered a monitor because it has both!

    furthermore, the picture quality is superb. i previewed the picture quality at a local electronics store and it matched up with all the small HDTVs. you can read all the other reviews and their nitpicks, and that's okay. but i'll tell you right now, the sound quality is what you're gonna get from any 22" tv. and yes, the tv does not swivel. i have no problem with the stand because it serves its purpose and i'm never touching it so why complain? one thing that i like on this even better than the actual tv is that the bezel is a lot thinner on the T220HD. lastly, the touch of color is such a nice...touch. i'm even thinking of getting the ToC 46" for my living room!

    ...more info
  • not very happy
    paid to much i bought this tv two days it was offered for a 100.00 $ less not very happy with that...more info
  • Terrific Samsung HDTV
    Beutiful picture and HDTV reception. Others have complained about the sound volume, but I have had no difficulties at all....more info
  • Great Product
    This Monitor is a great product at a price thats a steal.

    - Cheap
    - Fantastic Picture (my friend had a 50" Sony, and this is just as good)
    - Has Component cable Inputs (Great for gamers)
    - Can be used as a Computer Monitor or a TV at the click of a button
    - Comes with a VGA cable for your computer
    - Great Sound
    - Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth

    - When watching non-HD channels, outlines are slightly darker...more info
  • Samsung T220HD Fantastic with one minor omission
    Great LCD TV and very elegant design with a fantastic picture for the price.
    The one minor omission is there is no component video input (Yellow RCA Video connector) so you can't connect older analog DVD players or older game consoles. The analog audio connections (Red and White RCA) are there for composite video connections for higher quality video inputs....more info
  • Humdinger
    Great monitor for the price. Nice to get HD movies on line! Easy to set up and lots of control of the performance. I'll get onother one some day....more info
  • Not sure about this one
    I haven't bought it yet, but I have an opinion based on the pretty pictures. I give this TV three funny bunnies out of five for its amazing WOW quality - whatever that is. The screen looks like it could display video, like a TV does. That's a plus. On the other hand, the TV costs more than a tickle-me-elmo which provides much more entertainment for a fraction of the cost. All in all, I say rent it from blockbuster to see how you like it. Get the achievements and send it back. I already got 5000gp, making me the bestest gamer in the world. If you haven't heard of me then I suggest searching for me in the phonebook, or talk to anyone on the street. Ask for 3L173GamZORofDEATH. ttyl....more info
  • Wonderful monitor
    good price for this prduct. great PC monitor and HDTV, one short is the build in sound device. anyway, it worth the price! I love it!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Completely happy with this TV. It arrived as promised, well packed and easy to set up. Good picture. Would recommend. Good size for my use (hobby room)....more info
  • Amazing
    This monitor is great. I got it right here on Amazon for a great price of $286.95, I just waited for the right time to buy it and I found this great price. The picture quality is amazing.

    Picture quality
    Full HD 1080p
    Sync between my PC, TV and PS3 is super easy

    Not wall mountable(no big deal for me because I have it on my desk as a monitor as well)

    If you are looking to save space and have a great HDTV at a great price get this. If you are a college student like myself get this because it doubles as a TV and monitor....more info
  • TV
    We are happy with the TV. It is better than some of the reviews indicate. When we looked at a few others in the store, this model was the best for our needs....more info
  • Best Kept HDTV Secret
    When I was looking for a HDTV for my room to plug my Playstation 3 into. I wanted something between 22" to 26". When I came upon this product, I thought it was too good to be true. This LCD HDTV acts as a computer monitor, TV (with a digital tuner), and has two HDMI inputs for your game consoles, along with other inputs. When I was about to pushed the "confirm order" button on Amazon, I had to recheck my order to see if this was really a TV as well. It was way too good to be true. I went on to Bestbuy and check if they had this product... they had the screen that ONLY works as a computer monitor (no TV or HDMI ports) and it's price was more expensive!

    The TV looks amazing. 1080p on this screen is GREAT! The day I set it up, I was shocked with the clarify of the picture. Another thing I liked was the menu on the TV. All in all, this is a GREAT product! Great for a TV for a small bedroom, kitchen, etc. I would and plan on buying another one soon! I would recommend this product to someone on a budget but wants a good looking TV. ...more info
  • One great TV
    Having put my trust in Samsung products before, I was not disappointed in the performance of this TV. Its just one great set, the picture and sound are awesome....more info
  • Not what it's cracked up to be
    I've owned LCD TVs almost since they were available, and have 4 LCD TVs, not counting the Samsung T220HD LCD TV. All the other LCDs are Olevia LCD HDTVs of various sizes, and if Olevia had a 22 or 23 inch 16:9 HDTV in their lineup, I would have bought it - but they don't (which is stupid).

    So, after researching the 22 and 23 inch 16:9 LCDs available, I went with the Samsung T220HD, because it was the right size (fits the space available on my office L-desk) and it had glowing reviews. But now I realize that a lot of reviewers must not know any better, because the Samsung T220HD does not deserve any type of glowing review.

    The 2 stars I gave it is being generous. The inexpensive 19 inch 4:3 non-hi-def TV it replaced beats the Samsung on every aspect except the old TV is not hi def, and the Samsung is. Beyond that: the old TV's sound was fabulous, whereas the Samsung TV's sound is horrible. I had to keep the old TVs volume down around 6 or 7 to keep it at a reasonable listening level, and the sound out of its stereo side speakers at that level was great. The Samsung's volume has to be cranked up into the 40's to even hear it well, and then the sound is grainy and muddled.

    Plus, the Samsung TV doesn't have any audio output except a fiber optic output. Since my office receiver/amp doesn't have a fiber optic input, I can't even hook the TV to it for more volume. Would it have been soooo hard for Samsung to include stereo RCA jack audio outputs, since ALL receiver/amps have those inputs????

    All of the Olevia LCD HDTVs must have some special circuit to make low-def TV, and low-def video look great on them, because this Samsung taught me that all TVs don't do that. With hi-def TV, the Samsung picture is great, but with a regular TV signal, or low-def video, the picture is grainy and muddled, I suppose to match the TVs grainy and muddled audio.

    All of the LCD TVs I've ever owned have had flat black frames. There's an extremely important reason for why they were designed that way (which obviously the Samsung engineers aren't aware of); so the flat black frame blends into the background and disappears from your awareness as you watch the TV. Instead, the Samsung's frame is very glossy, reflecting everything in the room, which is impossible to ignore. Plus the frame has an very ill-conceived red band and a piece of shiny chrome along the bottom curve of the frame, which is even more difficult to ignore. Those kind of things are great on cars, if you want others to notice your car, but they're horrible to have on a TV. I want to watch the TV screen - NOT the flashy glossy TV frame!

    The old TV's connections: component video/audio input, SVGA input, a composite video/audio input, and an S-video input, plus a PC audio output and RCA stereo audio outputs, and a headphone jack. The Samsung is missing two of those outputs. - Not very savvy at all.

    Really, the only good points of the TV are: its size fits well in the space I have for an office TV, its has very easy access to the back connections, which is a plus (all TVs connections should be like that) and it is hi-def, and has a great picture "if" you feed hi-def to it.

    But, that's about it. The rest of the TV falls short of expectations, and way short of the old technology it replaced on several aspects.

    And, that's not good! -- Very disappointed with it.
    ...more info
  • not good
    with a hd channel tv looks great , but when not on HD channel tv looks like it would be snowing . Really not happy with this purchase because I am using this tv in my daughters bedroom , and she doesn't have HD in her room. Just a few HD channels. ...more info
  • Beautiful picture
    I've only been using it for a few days, both as a tv and as a computer monitor and I love it. The picture is bright and sharp. The movie that I played on my computer was not as sharp because it isn't HD, but sitting a little back it still looked great because it's so big.

    The only problem I've had is getting the right brightness setting for my taste and our room lighting, but it's easy to change and there are many automatic settings to choose from plus controls for each individual element (brightness, contrast, etc.)

    The television tuner seems to have a stronger amplifier than our old tvs because I can get many more channels on it, though some of the analog ones were too bad to watch. The digital ones mostly come in perfectly though we live in thick woods out in the country in NW PA.

    I bought this because the $80 Memorex digital converter I got last summer had more and more problems and finally quit working . . . just out of warranty, of course. A lot of good it did me to get my coupon early!...more info