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Sony Bravia Z-Series KDL-40Z4100/B 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, Black
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Product Description

LCD still not thin enough for you, then look no further than the KDL-Z4100. With a striking slim bezel design, Motionflow 120Hz for the reproduction of smooth, lifelike images, BRAVIA Engine 2 and ACE for a deeper blacks and better shadow detail, now your TV design matches the picture. Motionflow 120Hz technology doubles the number of existing frames by calculating in real time and inserting 60 entirely new frames between the original 60 frames. The latest version of Sony's respected BRAVIA Engine 2 fully Digital video processor uses a collection of unique SONY algorithms to significantly reduce noise and produce sharp, vibrant, life-like images. Sony's Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) uses real-time image processing to dynamically adjust backlight levels for improved Contrast without masking details the filmmaker intended you to see. ACE delivers deep blacks in darker scenes, as well as fine details in shadows and other dark areas of the picture for a difference you can truly see. Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE) BRAVIA Engine fully Digital video processor 24p True Cinema capable DMeX capable DLNA Compliant (RJ-45 Ethernet Jack) New TV Guide IPG New Enhanced (XMB) User Interface with Rich 3D Graphics S-Force Front Surround Voice Zoom BRAVIA Theatre Sync capable (HDMI-CEC) Dolby Digital V-Chip Parental Control VESA hole spacing compatible Piano Gloss Black color 1-Year Limited Warranty Input Ports - 4 x HDMI (1 Side/3 Rear), RF Connection, 3 x Composite Video (1 Side/2 Rear), S-Video, 2 x Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input, PC in (D-Sub) + Audio In (Stereo Mini), 6 x Analog Audio Input (1 Side/5 Rear), Audio Out, Optical Digital Out, Headphone Jack, Digital MEDIA Port Approximate Unit Dimensions - 25.8 (H) x 37.3 (W) x 11 (D) with Pedestal Approximate Unit Weight - 48 pounds

  • 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel
  • Motionflow 120Hz; improves TV & DVD viewing
  • DMeX compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades
  • DLNA? Compliant - view photos from another room
  • HDMI x4, HD Component x2, PC Input

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Service, Excellent T.V.
    I have never ordered something this major over the net before. I was apprehensive because it was a new experience. Well, I am happy to report that I'm now in the 21st century and happy with the whole experience of making a major purchase with Amazon. The process went exactly as advertised -- I was given an estimated arrival date, shipper beat the date by one day, two helpful/courteous/patient guys delivered the set. They unpackaged it, positioned it, connected enough of the cables to assure it was working, offered to remove the box, but suggested I keep it for a couple of weeks -- just in case. Well, it's been a few weeks and I am about ready to ditch the box. I am very, very pleased with this Sony television. I wish I knew more about how to adjust the various picture parameters, but I'll play with it over time and learn more, I'm sure.

    The picture is absolutely fabulous. Motion/refresh rate eliminates all artifacts. Color depth is wonderful. Detail in black portions of an image is complete. Even the speakers on this set are pretty darned good!

    The main reason that I went with Amazon was that the particular set I decided on was not available at any of the stores in my city (major metro). So, the only way to get one in a reasonable time-frame was from the net. So, here's what I got by shopping at Amazon: 1) the exact set I wanted, 2) an absolutely unbeatable price, and 3) impeccable delivery and set up.

    The picture quality of the set is everything I had hoped it would be and more....more info
  • Great Product - Poor Delivery
    Amazon's carrier seemed to take extra time getting the TV from Inidana to the east coast - however, there was a snow storm in Indiana and Ohio. The appointment for delivery was set and after exchanging calls with the driver he arrived, opened the truck, and our TV was not on it. He promised to call in an hour - didn't. Called him again, said he would be there in an hour with the TV. It was over two hours. We finally got it and have been enjoying it. It's everything we hoped it would be....more info
  • A Product to Enjoy
    This product was purchased three weeks ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The color is great, but I did need to tone it down some in the Custom setting right away. The factory default settings blast the colors too much. It took a few days to get the color and brightness to be more true.

    Even though I have cable service one notch above basic, I get great HD on several channels without the use of a cable box. The cable goes right into the RF connection in the back of the TV.

    The only problem I have with the LCD is the viewing angle. This TV sits in a corner so I am not affected very much. However, if I move away from watching the TV at a right angle by more than about 30 degrees there is a noticable loss of color quality. I knew this going in for the LCD, but the advertised angle of 178 degrees does not tell the entire story even though the picture can still be seen over that range.

    Now I have to go for the upconverting DVD or BlueRay so I can get the most out of my DVD's.

    ...more info
  • Whoa! Nice picture!
    I'm very happy with this purchase. I've read other owners' responses on various web sites, and I think that people don't realize the many issues that affect picture quality including inconsistent broadcasts and many picture settings.

    The Sony Bravia KDL-40Z4100 comes with several picture modes: Standard, Vivid, Cinema, and Custom. Each of these can be customized with settings for contrast, brightness, color saturation, color temperature, backlight adjustment, noise reduction, and some advanced settings which amongst other things include options to use the wide gamut color space to take advantage of the 10-bit color. I recommend leaving all of these picture modes at the factory settings except the Custom mode which you can experiment with. Each mode has a Reset option so you can restore the factory defaults if you've mucked anything up.

    The commentators at and others pretty much parrot each other that the manufacturers deliberately deliver the TV's with gaudy color settings so that we morons will go gah-gah when we see them on the wall at a brightly lit Bestbuy. I think its a little more complex than that. In the case of the Sony Bravias, they are typically displayed in the Vivid mode to accommodate the brightly lit showrooms. However, even that picture mode is pretty good... in bright lighting. After all, the manufacturers want these things to look good on display, and they know people shelling out thousands of dollars for a set will tend to be very discriminating. I think the Sony engineers are a little smarter than the pundits give them credit for.

    I purchased the "Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics" disk on Blu-ray to calibrate the picture. I carefully went through the explanations and the test patterns. However, I still get the best picture from the factory settings for the Standard picture mode. I've also tried a number of recommended settings downloaded from the Internet. Still, Standard picture mode is the best. My main criteria for judging the picture is how close it is to reality, and I have several Blu-rays, DVD's and some broadcast stuff that I know what they are supposed to look like.

    I have been really appreciating seeing dark scenes clearly on the new KDL-40Z4100. Again, I'm using the default settings for contrast, brightness, and backlight. I know there is controversy about contrast ratios, but I can't imagine any better than deep black, bright clear white, and excellent detail in every shade in between.

    Motion is also excellent. I watched ape-men fighting scenes and ballet-like spacecraft movements in 2001 A Space Odyssey on Blu-ray, a really fast action sequence in Casino Royale on HBO/HD, and a few Celtics games in HD on cable. All motion was completely smooth, and I saw zero artifacts. It has been quite a relief after seeing so much choppy motion on other sets in the showroom.

    Now for the negatives: I bought a Sony Blu-ray player and a Sony Soundbar receiver/speaker system. There is a feature called Bravia Synch which is supposed to make Sony products more compatible with each other allowing you to turn things on and off with one button and a few other capabilities. I have meticulously gone through the manuals and tried various connection configurations, but I can't get the Bravia Synch to work--yet. This negative is somewhat offset by the fact that the remote is a universal remote that can easily be programmed to operate the other devices.

    Another irritation is that I can't get closed captioning to work correctly. The options are Off, On, and On with Muting. Nothing works. I emailed Sony support, and to their credit they quickly responded, but the bad news is that you can't get closed captioning when using a cable set top box with an HDMI connection. Any closed captioning has to come from the STB itself. I got that to work, but it takes several steps through menus with the STB remote each time I want to turn closed captioning on or off. A minor nuisance.

    However, there's more good stuff:

    - 120 Hz
    - 10-bit color; xvYCC; wide color gamut; deep color.

    - Plug in a USB flash drive and listen to MP3's and view digital photos.
    - Connect your laptop with an RGB cable and stereo audio connector.
    - Optical digital connection for great digital sound.
    - Really good programmable universal remote.
    - Slim, modern design--best looking set on the wall.

    BTW, Amazon has the best price for the KDL-40Z4100.

    UPDATE 1/2/09: I've been reading other reviews about "sparkles" on the V-Series. There is a free software upgrade on that addresses that. Though I haven't experienced the so-called sparkles, I upgraded the software anyway. It's pretty easy. Just copy the file to a USB flash drive, plug it in to the TV, and follow simple instructions.

    Also, in my review I mentioned using default factory settings for Standard picture mode. I now find myself more and more using the Vivid picture mode. Colors look really natural but a little brighter, and the contrast ratio is visibly better.

    I am very discriminating and usually quite critical when it comes to consumer technologies. I wouldn't have written this rave review if this wasn't an amazing TV. I've looked closely at the pictures on many HDTV sets, and this one is really more advanced. I have nothing to gain in saying this except to tip off people that this is a really good set.

    ...more info
  • sony 40z4100
    I purchased the Sony 40Z4100 LCD Flat screen last month. The TV was shipped via AV Wholesaler. The TV came double-packed and was up and running after a quick call to Sony to help me calibrate. The TV has a great picture, the HD is phenomenal. I know some people have complained about the sound system but I don't agree. The volume and speakers on this system work just fine. For the price I paid, I am extremely satisfied. The best thing about this TV is that it was the ONLY 40" available in ANY brand that would fit it my entertainment center. It has the sleekest design out there. I would recommend this tv to anyone looking for an lcd. ...more info
  • Best purchase.
    I shopped online various websites, local stores and found the best price here. The company called ahead of time to arrange a time for delivery. Item shipped quickly and delivered to home with a breeze. Would recommend this company to anyone looking for quality and price. The BEST!!...more info
  • Excellent HDTV, but some minor user interface issues
    I bought the TV (direct from Amazon) because of its compact size and connectivity options. The picture and sound are very good in my opinion and the TV's remote control allows me to control the TV, cable box, Blu-Ray player, and Receiver all from one unit for most operations. I like the TV very much and am happy with my purchase.

    The connectivity options work very well for me, better than I hoped. (1) The TV makes a superb computer monitor, especially if your computer's graphics card has a full-color 1080x1920 mode. (2) You can plug an ethernet cable from your LAN into the LAN port on the back of the TV, and then view photos or play MP3's that reside on computers anywhere in your LAN (provided that these computers have DLNA server software installed and enabled--see below). (3) Also, you can view photos or play MP3's by putting them on a USB flash drive and then plugging that flash drive into the USB port on the side of the TV. (SONY warns that some flash drives will not work, but mine do. Be sure that your flash drive is formatted with the FAT32 file system!) (4) Finally, SONY documentation says that you can also plug a SONY digital camera into the USB port on the TV, but apparently it really must be a SONY camera. My CANON digital camera has a USB connector, but I cannot make the connection to the TV work.

    Despite my overall highly-favorable feelings about this TV, in my opinion the TV's user-interface software has some (fairly minor, but annoying) issues.

    (1) "Light sensor" should be more easily enabled or disabled, and/or calibrated/adjusted:
    The TV has a "light sensor" feature, allowing the TV to automatically adjust overall screen brightness according to the light level in the room. This feature can only be enabled or disabled by navigating through a menu system with the remote. I like to change this setting fairly often, so I wish it could be enabled or disabled more easily. (When "light sensor" is ON, the screen seems too dark in some situations, but not all.)

    (2) The Slide Show application should work better:
    The TV has a slide-show application for viewing photographs. The photographs can reside either on a flash drive or digital camera connected to the TV via the USB port, or on a remote computer connected to the TV via the RJ-45 LAN port on the back of the TV. (In the case of the remote computer on your LAN, that computer must have DLNA server software such as Windows Media Player 11 installed.) You can configure the slide show to use a variety of "transition effects", but you can not configure it to have NO transition effect, which is what I want. I just want the old slide to disappear and the new slide to appear immediately, without any fancy fades, wipes etc. Furthermore, the slide show software appears to have some bugs in it. Sometimes it gets into a mode where all the pictures are a little blurry. Restarting the slide show then corrects the problem.

    Also, I would like an option to display the file name of each slide at the bottom of the screen.

    (3) The Coax cable input can not be disabled in the "INPUTS" menu. My TV has no coax cable plugged into the cable input on the back of the TV. Instead I use the HDMI connection from cable box to TV. I would like to disable the Coax input in the INPUTS menu, but have found no way to do this. You can disable (grey-out) other inputs, but not the coax input.

    Note: I think that the above are software issues, rather than hardware issues, so Sony may correct them in future software releases for this HDTV. I have not yet applied any software patch to my TV.

    Minor problem with delivery: The delivery company called me and I thought we agreed on a delivery date 2 days from that time. However, the TV was delivered the next day, one day before the agreed day for delivery. Fortunately, I happened to be at home....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is my first HDTV and it is great. Easy to set up, lots of inputs, and a fabulous picture.

    My only "problem" is that the base of the stand sticks out in front of the flat panel by about 4 inches - that means that it has to hang over the front edge of the shelf in order for the screen to be at the front of the entertainment center, which then can't be closed. Not a huge problem since the cabinet is never closed, but it does look goofy....more info
  • Sony No Baloney
    Being in the Cine-Media-Arts business all my life, I have come to demand much from my personal electronics. The Sony 4100Z LCD television has risen above all expectations. Sony has moved above the rest with their Z model. The package cannot be beat, if you want true natural colour, modern electronics, user friendly controls, good pricing, you cannot do better. Simply put, "Sony No Baloney"....more info
  • sony z series lcd
    Great flat panel for size limited cabinet. Fab picture and clarity. Very cool looking set. Typical Sony quality. Great price on Amazon and great delivery. They even came in and set it up. A+++...more info
  • nothing to complain about
    Initial was looking for smaller size, but the thin bezel on this model makes this 40 inch the size of an average 37", and keeps it looking low key in a small place. The 40 inch z series has same panel as the XBR, but at a significant savings, and has the 10bit display panel that the z-series loses at 37" size. Have connected to my pc via dvi - hdmi , without any issues.
    Picture seemed to me more natural than any other LCD in the store.
    Amazon shipping service was excellent: I was contacted in 4 days after placing my order. Delivery was within a 3 hour window.

    Note: I sit about 6.5 feet away, which might seem big, but with non full screen content stuff stays large, and I love it. At this close range you'll want all your inputs to be at least hi-def. Hard to watch non HD once you have it.

    Just buy it!
    ...more info
  • I love this TV so much...
    I researched for about 6 months before I finally ended up buying this television. I went to Circuit City, Best Buy, B&H, J&R and I don't know how many online stores looking to see who had the best price on a 40" HDTV that featured a thin bezel, 120Hz refresh rate, 24p True Cinema, Brushed metal and lots of HDMI inputs. I also wanted to get something that would last me more than one year before I had to upgrade to something bigger and better. This Sony model came with everything I wanted and more. The moment you get it out of the box you feel instantly gratified. I hadn't even turned it on and I was already gushing over its smooth lines, brushed metal THIN color edges and really sturdy looking stand.
    I switched it on. The SONY logo started glowing and the automatic set-up began. Everything was so easy to set up and it even came with free TC Guide on-screen channel listings. So cool, if you do not use a cable-box, if you do then this is a redundant feature. The picture is MESMERIZING. Clean, clear, sharp and the MotionFlow technology makes you feel like you are in the program you're watching.
    My Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 look fantastic. There is even a game mode that you can select to have the games pop out even more. Blu-Ray is great. I just recently watched Kung-Fu Panda on Blu-Ray through my PS3 and it was great. Really great.
    I love this TV. I love SONY....more info