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Las Vegas: Season Five
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Product Description

Las Vegas is hotter than ever as new players come to town for a sizzling Season 5 of TV's sharpest and sexiest drama! As recently installed Montecito Casino owner A.J. Cooper, Primetime Emmy? Award and Golden Globe? winner Tom Selleck ups the stakes for his elite Las Vegas surveillance team in 17 episodes plus two double length episodes filled with smokin'- hot bodies and intense new scandals! Special guest appearances by Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels), Geoffrey Owens (The Cosby Show), Rachel Boston (American Dreams) in the show TV Guide calls “TV's sure bet for a fun time.”

Customer Reviews:

  • Well don
    I like this show very much. I already own the previous 4 seasons.
    I think the fith season is not as good as the one befoer, but it is still
    ...more info
  • sorry but no buy to Season 5 series
    I've been a big fan of the series and own the first four seasons.

    But this season just plain sucked. The scripts were lackluster, many of the scenes seemed phoned in and many episodes just were not up to previous seasons. The show did a slow fizzle.

    And that's a real shame. We lost a greatcasino owner in James Caan. Tom Selleck should have been a great replacement but his character just didn't jell like it should have but the storyines just didn't shine. And it seemed that all the fun and cheekiness was drained out of the series.

    What happened to the writers?

    I'll not be buying this season. For those die-hard fans who liked the season -- fine. But for those who didn't catch the episodes and are discriminating -- unless you just have to have it, I'd recommend to chose another series. I was very disappointed and really regret the wasted talent of this last (not a surprise) season....more info
  • The final series, so I'm told
    After a few episodes I found myself not missing James Caan. I'm surprised they are not running this further with Tom Selleck, who is a breath of fresh air. Thoroughly recommend this if you are a Vegas fan....more info
  • Las Vegas Series Season 5
    I bought the set hoping for the ending to the series that NBC promised, as it showed "to be continued". But, they left me hanging, AGAIN!. I am sorry that they got a cut, of the money I paid....more info
  • Las vegas season 5
    I must admit I was hesitant on the idea of ED leaving the show, because no one want change of characters in their favorite show, But magnum PI played a great role. I really enjoy his character. The way he came in and broke the trend of the stereotypes the cast and crew had of him. I am really looking foward to season 6. This season left me wanting for more. It is a great buy, good story lines, I can actually watch this season again not just put it up for sell on e-bay this one is a keeper....more info
  • Still good ;-)
    I've always loved this series. It's silly yet fun and enjoyable and light too but somehow addictive. I've watched it from the start and find it still good to this day, but different with the cast changes.
    In this season, we see Tom Selleck join the team as the new owner of the Montecito, AJ Cooper. Danny and Dalinda find out that they're having a baby, and he becomes the President of the Montecito. Piper and Mike wake up one morning finding themselves married (which they keep secret) and when the wedding is out in the open, Mike puts together another wedding for the sake of his mother which prompts Danny to properly propose to Dalinda.
    It certainly isn't the best season in it's five year run, but it's still good if you are a true fan of the show. I really love episode 12 called I Could Eat A Horse where Danny and Mike are sent to Wyoming to buy a horse for Coopers ranch and also It's Not Easy Being Green where Dalinda is obsessed with becoming environmentally friendly.
    If you've also watched Las Vegas from the very beginning, you'll probably still like this but may find this isn't it's finest work. There are still plenty of laughs and of course there's Mike and Danny who provide a lot of eye candy for us girls. I still enjoy it and hope that all Las Vegas fans will as well....more info
  • Great show
    This show is one of my favorite shows on tv and i to feel that NBC didnt respect its loyal fans to the show, by not given us the final episode of this great show it just tells me they dont care what we think. But all and all the show was still good. After good old James Cann left, Tom selleck did a good job coming in having to fill big shoes.All the characters cont. to portray there characters to the fullist. I do hope NBC does release the finally episode to its fans just so we can have some closure to the show. Buy this movies to show NBC that they made a big mistake by taking the plug off this great show....more info
  • Final Season
    Could'nt wait to see it now I am sorry I did, because I didn't want it to end, I want it to keep on going and there is no season 6. I loved the excitement, I am addicted to it and I miss all the characters....more info
  • Simply AMAZING series !!!!!!!
    This series should run forever !!!!....Great cast, great writing and awesome acting and directing !!!!...Congratulations to all !!!!!

    Make a movie and lots of sequels !!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Still funny & dramatic but....
    I love the show, I bought all five seasons and I always thought it exceptionally well cast, performed, cut and directed. So I could not wait to see the fifth season, since the fourth ended with such a cliffhanger. Alas, I was rather disappointed to find out that one of my favourite characters had quit. James Caan, who was the soul and key player of it all. Although I must admit that Tom Selleck does a wonderful job, but still, he's no James Caan. I sure don't miss the character of Nikki Cox. However what I think is appalling to all viewers: they leave us with another cliffhanger in this season and THEY AXED THE SHOW?????!!!!! How are we ever going to find out, what happens to Delinda's Baby or all the weddings, does Ed Deline reconcoile with his wife? How did Cooper survive? What will become of the Montecito? Questions and more questions and - alas - no answers. What a shame!...more info