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Mediabridge - 6ft Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable - 120 Hz - Version 1.3 Category 2 - 1080p - PS3 - Blu-Ray
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $9.99

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Product Description

Mediabridge HDMI Cables are high quality cables that will do exactly what you need an HDMI cable to do. Simply put, they will cleanly transport the signal from your Blu-Ray player, PS3 or X-Box to your television without degrading the picture. And if your Blu-Ray player or game console happens to transmit 120hz, they will not get in the way of that either. Mediabridge HDMI cables are CERTIFIED Category 2 by HDMI testing labs to meet or exceed todays most advanced HDMI standard. Unlike category 1 cables, which are only guaranteed to throughput 1080i resolution, Mediabridge HDMI cables are certified category 2, which means they are guaranteed to throughput 1080p. Please visit the website to learn more about the advantages of high speed category 2 cables. Category 2 cables offer the most advanced performance to date and are a technological step up from Category 1 cables. Offering support for 120Hz refresh rates, 48-bit Deep Color, and Ultra-High Speed 10.2gbps transfer rates, Version 1.3b Category 2 cables will support the most advanced features of todays equipment. Perfect for Playstation 3 and Blu-Ray equipment. Mediabridge utilizes 28 gauge premium cable and 24K gold plated connectors. This premium HDMI cable will enable home theater and gaming equipment to perform at its highest level possible.

  • Category 2 Certified - High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz (Supports 120Hz Refresh Rate and 48-Bit Deep Color).
  • Version 1.3 Certified - Supports all new HDMI advanced features such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master AudioTM.
  • Supports 1080p FullHD Resolution.
  • Fully Shielded Heavy Duty 28 Gauge Premium Grade Cable with Soft PVC Jacket.
  • Gold Plated Certified Connectors.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great cable for the money. Great Service from this Seller!
    When I recently purchased my new 46" Samsung 1080p TV from my local retailer the salesman informed me that I would need to also purchase a new "high speed" HDMI cable. They were selling these for $48.00. I never had a problem with the old HDMI cable that I had been using on my last 1080p TV (it was stolen during a burglary) so I was going to keep using that one. However, when I also purchased a new Samsung Blu-ray Htib, the "Anynet" system (a system that allows all the new Samsung digital products to communicate with one another) wasn't working properly. Even though the picture and sound seemed okay, the TV wasn't finding the htib system as a connected "Anynet" device. The Htib owner's manual recommends using a v1.3 HDMI cable. So, before returning the new htib system, I decided to try getting one of these newer cables. I found the Mediabridge cable for $10 on Amazon and after ordering it, had it in my hands within 3 or 4 days. It seems to be well built and should last indefinitely. The problem that I was experiencing was gone immediately after I installed the new cable and I've had no problems since.
    Thanks Mediabridge and Amazon for saving me the extra $38 and helping my new AV system to shine!...more info
    I had done some research on websites such as CNET, PCWORLD. There, information led me to conclude that buying real expensive HDMI cables would not increase the quality of those at a lesser price. As I recall, there was a link for one of these sights to MEDIABRIDGE. Their selection was terrific with great prices. Placed an order for 3 cables. I was kept in the loop until they arrived. They were every bit as the articles claimed. Good Purchase!...more info
  • Very Niiice
    These were a great deal and make my 52" Samgsung play unconverted DVD's in super detail. They are a quality product at a super low price. Buy them here, if you buy in a store you will be overpaying and usually aren't high speed. Recommended...more info
  • Great option if you need longer cables
    I'm not an expert in cables but I decided to write about these. Most cables are shorter than these. If you need a longer connector because of the placement of your components, then I highly recommend these. The price is reasonable and the quality, at least for me, was excellent. ...more info
  • Excellent value
    Only been using it for a few weeks, but this cable is an excellent value buy....more info
  • Value for the money.
    I've used this for my TV and it's working without any problem. I haven't got a chance to compare the higher end (over priced) cables but I think this is good value for the money spent. will be ordering new one soon for my new Sammy....more info
  • Great performance at a great price!
    I chose these cables based on all of the other reviewers' inputs, namely the ones that state there was no perceivable difference between using these cables and those that cost up to 10x as much.

    I was very impressed with the build quality of these cables and confirmed they do indeed allow the full HD signal to be transmitted across. As long as that digital signal can get across, then that's all that matters!...more info
  • Excellent cables for an Excellent price!
    Bought these cables several weeks ago for my new 42inch Sony V series TV (1080p). I do not have a blu-ray player yet, I'm getting a PS3 for that soon, but I am useing 2 of these cables for my Xbox 360 and my ATT Uverse box (IPTV, think cable TV over fiber internet....). Playing games on my 360 in 1080p looks amazing (the 1080p enabled games anyway). WAY sharper and crisper then useing the component cables. Same goes for watching HD TV. Everything simply looks crisper and much more "alive".

    The cables themselves are quite thick and sorta hard to maneuver about, but once you plug them in your unlikely to move them much. I'd rather have them this way anyway, they are shielded and very sturdy. Clearly they are well made. They are also apparently gold plated, and they snapped into my 360 and TV with a meaty, but easy, click. Very secure connection. I also appreciated that the "head" of the connector wasn't overly large. I have had issues in the past with huge cables that wouldn't fit in the slot or blocked adjacent slots (

    Overall, these are EXCELLENT cables that provide a PERFECT picture and cost WAY less then any local retailer. And they are 1.3b Cat2 certified, so your getting cables that can handle any 1080p TV. Simply put, if you need HDMI cables just buy these. ...more info
  • Excellent cables, excellent price
    These HDMI cables are well priced but also offer premium performance. There is no reason to pay more....more info
  • Great cable
    I knew as soon as I touched this cable that it is quality. I'm an electrician and have handled a lot of wire. You can tell by the touch when a cable is superior. Hooked it up and saw the difference immediately!
    Glad to know Mediabridge is around for when my friends or myself needs cables. Read cnet's reviews. Don't get ripped off by buying an $80. cable. ...more info
  • affordable and excellent cables
    after reading a zillion reviews on the differences between HDMI cables - the reviews on this thread helped the most.
    these cables are primarily affordable, so it makes you think "are they as good as the others?" YES THEY ARE.
    other brands overprice cables for marketing, brand security, trust, etc.
    these Mediabridge Ultra HDMI 1.3 version 2 cables are made of the same stuff and put out the same quality as the other cables.
    so I bought 3 of them, one for the PS3, one for the cable box, and one for laptop use.
    they are excellent. no issues connecting, setting up, etc.
    30 bucks for 3 cables versus 80 bucks for one that has a "name brand" on them.
    it was an easy choice for me....more info
  • Don't let the price fool you, these are high quality HDMI cables
    These cables are on par with the much more expensive HDMI cable that I purchased with my 52" LCD 120hz HDTV. I also purchased a different branded cable from Amazon for the same price and was disappointed that it was thinly insulated and rated at only 60hz. By contrast, the MediaBridge is well insulated and rated at 120hz. ...more info
  • Do the Homework - This is unbeatable value and quality
    I bought my first HDMI at the end of 2007 & since then the spec has been updated/improved. Bought this MediaBridge HDMI, and viewed it, switching between the $3 2007 cable. Using a Panasonic blu-ray & Yamaha receiver (which is quite good). The difference is visible, the MediaBridge is better. And its much better than paying $40-$100 for some other big brand. ...more info
    Mediabridge Ultra HDMI 1.3 version 2 cables are better than retail HDMI cables. Actually, retailers that stock similar cables by Cables Unlimited(Home Depot), RCA(Lowes), or those at Microcenter, are actually Worse for more money. Actually Cables Unlimited tries to hide that there cables are worse by wrapping them with an outer nylon mesh, and Microcenter just lies on the box about the cables qualities, while charging between $20 and $75 for a lesser cable; usually HDMI version 1.0. These are better, and cost just $9.99 each!...more info
  • Perfect cable, perfect price...
    As anyone should know, you DON'T need a monster cable for a digital signal. So far, I've bought two Metabridge cables so far. (one for HD top box, and one for ps3). I have to say, they're sturdy, and make everything look great...just like HDMI should. Both times I ordered from them, I received the cable within just a few days. Buy this cable, buy from them...there's nothing to regret. :-)...more info
  • Cables online
    Definitely research your cable needs when you are buying electronic on-line. You do not want to get a good deal on the electronics only to end up running down to Best Buy and then grossly over paying for the cables. Mark-ups on these items at brick and mortar stores is extremely high. Circuit Cities clearance prices were still higher than online pricing!...more info
  • Big upgrade for low cost
    I use this cable to connect a Roku box and an upconverting DVD player to an HDTV. Compared to the coaxial cables that came with them, this cable made a huge difference in picture quality for a really reasonable price. Dollar for dollar, it's the best thing I've done for my home entertainment system....more info