CAMLOCKbox Moultrie Game Camera Security Box - New
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These are Cam Lockboxes for Moultrie cameras made of all steel construction. These boxes are compatible with Moultrie I40 and I60 as well as the M40 and M60 Game Cameras. As an avid hunter of the Wisconsin north woods I bought my first trail camera a few years ago. These were some of the best products to come out in a long time. Its truly amazing what a good quality trail camera will see. No scent, no noise, and there all the time. A good quality trail camera will catch nature in its most natural form and supply high quality pictures to allow you to see what has been seeing you. Since then I developed a company called CAMLOCKbox to bring forth high quality products at a very competitive price. CAMLOCK has developed security lock box enclosures that fit Moultrie cameras. These are laser cut and precision die bent for accuracy. All enclosures are lockable and cover the entire camera for added security. They have additional cutouts for the battery pack option (if your camera has that option) and serve as an excellent camera mount. They are all able to be lag bolted with plenty of clearance for large headed lag bolts. Lagbolts and Lock Not Included.