Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Spartan
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Product Description

Compact pocket knife with 11 tools. Acid-resistant plastic and aluminum handle. 100% stainless steel components. Features blades, can and bottle openers, screwdrivers, wire stripper, corkscrew, and reamer. Includes tweezers, toothpick, and key ring.

  • 12 tools include: large/small knives, bottle/can openers, large/small screwdrivers, corkscrew
  • Stainless-steel tools; rust-proof aluminum alloy separators
  • Durable brass rivets and bushings hold knife layers together
  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, travelers; 3-1/2 inches long
  • Made in Switzerland since 1891; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrific all-around pocket knife
    I've been carrying and using these Swiss Army Spartans (or similar model) for about 35 years. Bought my first in Germany and couldn't get along without it now. Great quality and has just about everything you could want for daily use. It's small enough and light enough that it's comfortable to carry. Doesn't have all the useless "bell and whistles" that you'd probably only use if you were a 12 year-old Boy Scout. Only problem (mine, not the knife's) is that I tend to lose one about every 6-7 years... so I bought 2 this time so as to have a replacement for the next time it grows legs and walks away. Another great feature is the optional eyeglass screwdriver than can be purchased and fits neatly (via a threaded handle) into the corkscrew....more info
  • Stay simple
    Jack Leonard's story is mine too - I've carried this precise model knife since my parents brought me one from Europe in about 1964. I am probably on my 9th or 10th one. This knife is optimal - enough blades but not so many that you list as you walk. (And, yes, one blade sharp and the other abused.) I am re-ordering this model even though I'm carrying a backup model that is identical except for swapping out the corkscrew for a phillips screwdriver. That's not good enough - you can improvise the phillips but not a corkscrew!...more info
  • Best All Purpose Knife Ever
    I was given a Spartan Swiss Army Knife in 1996 and carried the knife with me everywhere for 12 years. I worked extensively overseas and used this knife on a regular basis and because of it's size, it was easily carried and unobtrusive. One of the most handy features to me was the corkscrew. I couldn't tell you how many times this little item saved the day. It was only until I recently lost the knife that I resorted to buying a replacement or would be still carrying it today. I had found other knives similar to the Spartan but with a philips screwdriver instead of a corkscrew and it just wasn't the same. This is a high quality product that will last for years, if you don't lose it first! A perfect all purpose knife....more info
  • The original and still the best
    I received this knife as a gift from a Swiss business associate back in 1998, and have carried it nearly every day since. I have to say that I am truly impressed with the amount of abuse this little tool can stand up to as it's been dropped countless times and overtorqued more often than I care to admit, but has never failed to spring back open ready for the next task.

    I can't tell you how many times a friend has brought a bottle of wine to a picnic or some remote location only to suddenly come to the panicked realization that he/she forgot the corkscrew. You wouldn't believe the gratitude as they hear the cork being removed by the unassuming little corkscrew on this knife.

    One small tip: sharpen the blades from time to time. A minute on a standard cutlery sharpening steel is all it takes to have these little blades ready for some serious work. ...more info
  • Not enough metal
    I received one of these knives as a Christmas gift. It was translucent blue, much like the future.

    It is a great knife if you don't ever find yourself in need of the handy scissors most other Swiss Army knives come with.

    However, I constantly find myself in need of tiny and almost-unusable scissors!

    As a result, I had to buy a second Spartan. When I need a scissors, I open the small blades on each knife and, like chopsticks, cut what I must cut. The small blades are a bit too large for my needs sometimes, but they get the job done well enough, I suppose....more info
  • Excellent social & travel companion
    As always, Swiss Army knife is well known for quality. No further discuss on this.

    This Spartan is similar to the Stinker, the different is instead of screw driver in Tinker, the Spartan has a Cork puller.

    I bought this Spartan for travel social engagement with relatives & friends. I don't use screw driver at wine table, I use the cork puller. It well worth to add a touch of social sharing.

    Just a note for a Tinker: If I happen need to do mechanic fixing something I need more than a #2 phillip screw driver. A Leatherman multi tool should me more appropriate....more info
  • Quality General Purpose Knife
    I carry at least one Swiss Army Knife with me every where I go (except a plane, of course). This 3 1/2 inch all-purpose tool is suitable for your pocket, glove compartment or tool box. This knife has dozens of uses for a do-it-yourselfer, a gardener or a camper.

    This little wonder has a large and small knife, a corkscrew, a punch, a can opener with a flat blade screwdrive on the end, a bottle opener with a flat blade screwdriver on the end and what purports to be a wire stripper on the side (I have never used that), a key ring, tweezers and a toothpick. This knife is water resistant and made of high quality components.

    I tend to use the knives on the pocket knife more than any other tools. After that I find that the combination of one of the knives and the tweezers are useful for splinters and thorns, and thus the tweezers often become the third most useful tool. I must admit that occasionally I use the toothpick, particularly when real toothpicks are not available.

    The smaller screwdriver blade is small enough that it can also fit into a Phillips head screw. I have even been able to use the flat blade on some small internal hex head screws. I have never used the corkscrew, and I have used the punch as an awl. The can opener blade has yet to be used on this knife as well.

    The difficulty with carrying tools is that they can fill your pocket very quickly. This small Swiss Army knife is small enough to fit into a purse or a pocket and yet large enough to be useful. While the larger Swiss Army knives have even more and larger tools and blades, they are also harder to carry. Of course this particular knife will not replace a tool box, but I find it amazing how many tasks I can accomplish with the simple tools available in this gem.
    ...more info
  • that's what i want
    everything is fine since I purchased this knife from it has most functions I daily use and not too much complicated. by the way the price is good....more info
  • spartan
    Good knife. A little bulky for the pocket. I always keep it in my pack whenever I leave the house....more info
  • An Old Friend Renewed
    I have carried a Spartan since I got one as an anniversary present in 1967. Some I have lost, a few I gave to friends, and one I vaporized a screwdriver blade by a stupid action I won't describe here.

    But none has ever given me trouble and I keep coming back to get one. The combination of two screwdrivers, a canopener, corkscrew and awl (plus two blades: I keep the small one very sharp for fine work and the larger one is used on routine jobs) is great and since they added a toothpick and tweezers I have found those helpful too.

    Once again I have mislaid my friend on a job, so it is time for my next Spartan....more info
  • Travel sak
    I have 5 saks, which made my friend joke with me ("But the point of those things is not to use one device?") I carry a tinkerer with me all the time, but for trips where opening a wine bottle will be more useful than opening a computer case the spartan is the choice. It is small, will not make a bulge on your pants, and has the most useful functions. It is so useful that I left it in my pocket going through security in the airport. Well, I bought another one now, and also a compact, which might become my daily sak....more info
  • The best everyday model of Swiss Army knives
    There was an occasion that I needed to buy a bunch of small gifts and I saw this general purpose pocket knife on sale for $11. I compared it with many other similar models of Swiss Army knives (Waiter, Tourist, etc), and decided to go with this one. It has just the essential tools that one needs for everyday use, not bulky. People usually get to use the knife blade more often than other tools, so it is good that this model has two knife blades. It has separate bottle/can openers, which is more easier to use. I chose corkscrew over Philip screwdriver because I knew that this particular group of people would prefer it for their purposes. I only wish it came with scissors, but those models with scissors usually have other tools that one doesn't use everyday and they are bulky to carry around. Spartan, the best everyday knife from Swiss Army, couldn't be happier with this choice....more info