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Mirror's Edge
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Product Description

Imagine a world where communication channels are highly monitored and the movement of human traffic is closely watched. Mirror's Edge introduces you to Faith, a "runner" in this world. When Faith's sister gets framed for a murder she did not commit, Faith finds herself on the edge of the city, on the wrong side of the law. Mirror's Edge delivers you straight into the shoes of this modern day heroine as she traverses the vertigo-inducing cityscape, engaging in intense combat, fast-paced chases and challenging puzzles. With a never-before-seen sense of movement and perspective, you are drawn into Faith's world.

  • Heroes Emerge - A young woman without a home until she is taken in and trained by the Runners.
  • Your incredible gifts allow you to swiftly navigate the city while eluding those who would try to stop you.
  • Go Vertigo - Heights create vertigo, movements flow naturally, collisions are felt realistically, and muscles and tendons strain as you chase and are chased throughout the city.
  • Slip off the Edge - Perform amazing acrobatic moves from below street level, through buildings, and up to the dizzying heights of hyper real skyscrapers as you face off against your enemies or run for your life.
  • Unrivaled Immersion - An exciting mix of chase, intense combat, strategy and puzzles draw you into a world like never before.

Customer Reviews:

  • SecuROM DRM? Surprise!
    None of the reviews I've seen for this game mentioned the SecuROM DRM. Thanks for the warning....more info
  • Great Visuals, Fun to Play
    This really is a game that stands out for its unique visual presentation. The graphics really make you feel like you are in the characters shoes. I really enjoy sitting down to play, and I found the story in the game to be interesting enough to make me want to come back and play again and again. I haven't completed it yet, so I can't say anything about the length or replay, but the time trial mode is challenging enough where I think you could play for a while without getting bored.

    Technically speaking, the game runs and looks great with all settings maxed out on an Nvidia 8800 and c2d quad core, running on Vista. I would recommend this game. I took off one star because I am against the DRM that is used in this product, even though it hasn't affected me (yet)....more info
  • Looks like an ok game but didn't work.
    I bought the game loaded it up went through all the hoops and hurdles. It would load up then crash. Could not get the game to play. I have 8800GT quad-core 4gb ram. I can play Crysis, COD4, Dead Space and anything else out there but this one would not play. EA's support is useless. So I guess I have an expensive coaster like all the rest of EA's Securom rent a games....more info
  • To expensive
    I am a 15 year old pc gamer and hares my review.
    This game was a little bit disappointing. I knew it wasn't going to have multilayer and decided to get it any ways expecting a awesome single player... I was wrong.

    Graphics- The graphics ware pretty disappointing and the moddling for guns and other items ware not very good. Nvidia Physics is the only physics this game has and all it does is simulate little things like cloth, and glass, So no True physics. I was trying not to compare this to Crysis Evan tho that game is over 2 years old so I'll try F.E.A.R. F.E.A.R has Physics for most objects and graphics almost as good as this game and that was made in 2005. I could run this game on my Althon x2 2.1GHz and a 9800gt @ 1680x1050, 4xaa, max settings, Nvidia Physics turned on.

    Story- This game is pretty much a play once and never play again game. I got about 4 or 5 hours of game play and story wasn't to exiting, Just jumping around being told what to do acaginelly running into some bad guys which reminds me. You can't choose your path through the game. Most of the time there is only one way to get an objective done and the world isn't as open as I thought it would be. The Video's in between the chapters had some pretty lame animation with voice acting, like a comic book.
    In F.E.A.R you could also slide on the ground and kick some one to death or jump in the air and kick them, so thats not new. I was surprised on how little attacks you can do. Some AI can do all kinds of cool spin kicks and malee attacks with their weapons but all you can do is punch, Slide Nut kick, Jump from a higher surface and slam a guy down attack, and you can mix it up by jumping of wall and than attacking or something. You can pick up guns but they slow you down. I don't understand why you can't just slip a pistol or an uzi in your back pocket.
    The one reason I really like the game is because its a little different then most other fps and the simulation for arm, body, and the way the camera shakes is greater than any other game. Some of the environments ware pretty cool that and had me feeling like I was really there.

    This game was pretty cool but I don't think it deserves more than 3 stars because of the price, Maybe if it drops to 30$ like Crysis Warhead was when it first came out it would be worth it but I payed slightly over 50$ hare.

    I would like to say I have bought 4 games using DRM now and I have never had any problems with them Evan with reinstalling numerous times and installing on my other computer too. Please ignore the other reviews about DRM as most of them are wrong. If you want to find some real info on DRM than search around, Just don't find your info on that hare. Some people take it in as you only get 3 installs and than you can't play your game any more but thats not true....more info
  • Fresh Idea that Wasn't Great on Consoles but Rocks the PC
    Mouse & keyboard, plus the enhanced visuals available on the PC, make this game a must buy. Very different from the traditional FPS, ME lets you feel like that guy in the beginning of Casino Royale; it's a parkour tour-de-force.

    Highly Recommended....more info
  • Good game
    pros:This is a good fast paced game with a fairly smooth control system, good graphics, some good PhisX on water, cloth and tarps, an okay story and interesting game play.

    cons: The PhisX is still a quite a ways from realistic, you have to update the game to fix some PhisX problems or the game will crash constantly(it works fine once it is upated),I didn't have any problems with the anti theft program but you do have let the game connect to the internet before it will let you play it and the only game pad this game will work with is a Xbox 360 controller but the keyboard and mouse work just as well or better for most of the game.

    * Windows Vista Home Premium 32 and 64bit
    * EVGA Nvidia nForce 680i SLI 775 A1 Version
    * Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.40GHz
    * Corsair Dominator 4GB PC2-8500 DDR2
    * 2(SLI) EVGA Nividia GeForce 880 GTS Superclocked
    * Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty with 64MB of X-RAM
    * 640GB Western Digital 7,000 RPM storage Hard Drive
    * 2 Western Digital Raptor X 150GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drives in Raid 0 Array
    ...more info
  • Infected with Securom DRM
    Be aware that this game is a rental, and you don't get to own it. You can install it on your computer 3 times ONLY. Additionally, the game needs to be authenticated over the internet after each of those installs. It will not run until you do so.

    Also. the game WILL stop working entirely on your 4th install.

    Since this is rentware, it should be priced as such ([...] would be appropriate). But if you are OK with shelling out [...] for a limited rental, then by all means go for it....more info
  • Not 5 star game but had to try to balance things out and give a REAL REVIEW
    A pretty slick game and fairly fun to play with it's puzzle nature of how to get from place to place along an urban rooftop setting. There is no real combat, it's a climbing jumping mostly. You can fight the bad guys but it's not recommended as you are outnumbered most of the time, smarter to run. This is mostly an art game like Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Portal and others are so you have to like non-mainstream games to like this once you get past the awe of the slick and unique graphics.

    This is not a 5 star game but the whole judging a game simply because of virusware for anti-piracy reasons is getting a little old on every PC game review. Look at Tomb Raider:Underworld it's a top shelf game that was reasonably priced with no securom but of course didn't sell as expected so the company is laying people off and cutting it's projections so even if you leave out the virusware and have a fair price and a game that needed no patches out of the box there will be piracy taking profits.

    So a little sanity is needed from these goobers who give the WHOLE game a 1 star for just one aspect of the game, not even the gameplay aspect is included. All these guys need to get a class action lawsuit instead of flame on Amazon.

    Most non-pirates don't care about securom and like 98% of the time you won't get drive problems or the like on your PC from securom. Reviews need to be informative about the whole product and try to be as complete as possible not a rant from someone who never even played the game!

    I think the graphics are awesome but at the same time they are fairly simple and static so it's very easy to get fooled into thinking this game graphically is on par with Crysis, GTA, Bioshock or Deadspace when it's really just run of the mill. You can get the best looking graphics if it's just a 360 degree render that doesn't have any complex movement and this is really what this game does as well as being mostly white in color with red objects as hints to the next objective. This kind of reminds me of a Google earth render of a city with everything being mostly white.

    I've played a couple levels and found it fun, not sure it would have much replay value though since once you figure it out the first time there's not much reason to do it again so it's pretty linear in nature.

    The controls are pretty easy to pick up using things like shift, space and tab to get things done. The audio is pretty run of the mill as well and a problem is that it's set way too high on startup and you can't get real-time change in game, even if you turn it down it does not take effect until next startup. Also you can't save where you want, it autosaves at predetermined checkpoints which can be annoying because if you fall you'll have to do the same bit of real estate over and over just to get where you left off.

    I didn't have any issues with running it but there is a first patch out there if you need it, I think for a Physx problem some people were having. I'm at all high on 1680x1050 and the game started up at this level so it's good at detecting and adjusting to your systems specs. I'm running a q6600, 8800GT512, 4GB, XPSP3.

    Other than that I really can't think of much else to say, it's uniqueness is it's strength more than anything, it's a pretty simple game and is an enjoyable experience....more info
  • Awesome, innovative action platformer, P.S. SecuROM *IS NOT A VIRUS* people!
    OK, first off I have to write a little to talk about the other reviews. Many mis-informed, unknowledgable consumers have heard rumors of SecuROM being a virus/malware/harmful to your computer/all manner of nonsense. It is not. All it does is handle online activation just like Windows XP or Vista, and/or a CD check to verify it's an authentic disc in the drive with some propietary methods.

    Several years back a couple of versions had small bugs (though nothing really worse than any other program can have) that could cause crashes without a patch. The spin machine of pirates has gone on since then, growing more and more hyperbolic with further outrageous claims continuing to spiral out of control. The truth is that SecuROM does NOT harm your computer and is no different than any other program.

    Now, what does SecuROM do for Mirror's Edge? It does include a disc check so you have to have the disc in the drive to play, as well as online activation. It comes with five activations, and any time you properly uninstall the game you get one of those back to your game on the servers. IF you had your computer hypothetically die five times and couldn't ever uninstall the game properly, you can still call Electronic Arts, the game's publisher, and explain to them that you need more activations, which per their discretion would be credited to you.

    ************Anyway, onto the gameplay:

    This game plays a lot like Psychonauts for the PC did... you have very fast-moving platforming, in a first-person perspective, along with puzzles and split-second decisions on where to move to get through a level. While the game is relatively easy and short overall, it is an incredible game while it lasts and has excellent graphics (I use a GTX 285 video card, while it's not Crysis-level it isn't a slouch either).

    There are a few frustrating boss fights involving the not-so-fleshed-out combat mechanics, including opponents who can move like you do, which can be frustrating, but well worth pushing through to continue this fun game. Overall, it's a polished PC port that is done exactly as I'm sure we all wish console to PC ports were done: revamped some for the PC, better graphics, controls tailored to the PC, performs well, and is just plain fun.

    **********ONE FINAL NOTE**********
    People, please stop posting things you don't know about, having not purchased the game, done your research, or even knowing how software protections work. You're doing the Amazon and gaming community as a whole an immense disservice....more info
  • Wow, what cry babies, this is a great game
    The whole secure Rom thing had to be done because people kept pirating PC games. This is the answer for now, although i think Steam is the way to go.

    Now for the review. All this game is... is just running, and more free running. Have you seen Casino Royal, the 21 bond movie? if you have, do you remember when Bond was chasing the man with the back pack? how he jumped from crane to crane, from roof top to roof top. THATS WHAT THIS GAME IS.

    You are running from Point A to Point B, as fast as you can, with a bunch of cool acrobatics. THATS ALL THEIR IS TO THE GAME!!!

    But i love it, becasue that is what i wanted, a free running game with great jumping and platforming elements, with the occasional puzzle.

    Their are some very short gun sequences, but you dont have to use a gun, the gun controls are not call of duty, Because this is a running game.

    You can use the XBox 360 controller just like you could in Dead Space, but unlike Dead Space for the PC, Mirror's Edge PC controls are ACTUALLY GOOOD.

    What really impressed me was the Phys X physics in this game, such as banners flocking it the wind, cloth animation, ITS just so ridiculously Beautiful!

    Over all this game is fantastic for what it is, the levels and the acrobatic stunt are a suck a blast. This is a great, innovative break from the same old, same old.(shooters and so on)

    As far as THe secure rom Crying, i have it from Crysis Warhead, and its not a problem at all. It wont break your computer, it wont ruin anything, its just preventing these pirates(who are the once crying about this) from pirating the game.

    As far as it goes ABOUT Reseling this game.

    You CAN sell it and it will work on other peoples computer.

    I sold my spores to a friend of mine, and it worked on his computer.
    So the guy bellow me talking about things that Secure Rom does to your computer is just repeating what other people said, and those people are clueless.

    I just cant believe Amazon is putting up with this circus.

    This game is great and worth a play!...more info
  • Great Game- Ignore other SecuRom based Reviews!!!
    DICE is a great developer and has done a great job with this game. They shouldn't suffer because of their EA overlords. Buy this PC game, you won't regret it. If you have issues with SecuRom that is completely understandeable. But this game easily makes up for the idiocy that is DRM. Seriously, why make SecuRom destroy the fun you will have jumping from rooftop to rooftop on your PC? ...more info
  • Very good game with a few issues
    Yes, it has SecuROM, but I've installed and played 3 games with SecuROM and never had any trouble with any of them. There is a three installation limit, but I can't imagine I'd ever need to install it more than twice (on my two computers). Some people might have a legitimate need for more installations, but I imagine the complaining is coming from people who can't copy it for all their friends.

    Furthermore, I don't think that the software's DRM is enough to warrant the one-star reviews given by other reviewers. That's like saying that a restaurant is terrible because the windows aren't clean. Surely the content should be the biggest factor.

    That said, Mirror's Edge is an interesting game with interesting gameplay. The lack of HUD and surprisingly intuitive controls make for a game that is more immersive than any other I've seen in a long time. The story and character development leave a little to be desired, and it's not a very long game, but it's still a fun game and a good departure from the status quo.

    There are a few bugs that I've noticed, and these (not SecuROM) represent the games biggest flaws. Ambient noise is much much too loud, making it difficult to hear the dialogue, and the in-game audio controls do absolutely nothing to help. The PhysX engine allows for some very realistic renderings, but at a severe cost: the game slows considerably. Since it's a game all about speed an momentum, a little lag is very noticeable and is detrimental enough that I chose to disable the advanced graphics options. It seems that the game was under-tested and flaws like this really hurt what would otherwise be an incredible game.

    Overall: a good game. If you're concerned about SecuROM, don't get it. But don't listen to the one-star reviewers that don't even mention the game's content....more info
  • Amazing game experience!!! DON'T go by the reviewers rating it down on account of DRM
    The DRM has nothing to do with how good this game is as a "game". I wish amazon would actually flag those reviews and not include them in the aggregate.

    Playing this game was the most fun I've had in a long time. The feeling of momentum while running and performing stunts is incredible. The graphics are very original and beautiful. Even though the visuals are stylized the feeling of immersion has to be experienced to be believed. They did some really really good work on the ambient sounds and sound effects like Faith's breathing depending on how tired she was, the wind sounds while running, the various sounds of each material she is running on top of, the traffic noise etc. etc. etc. The sound aided the immersion factor of this game a lot and its hard to notice until you think about it.

    Don't try to finish the game without using a gun. That is for the hardcore 2nd or 3rd attempt for an achievement. It was designed so that you have to use hand-to-hand combat on the first cop followed with using his gun on the rest of them, then running and repeating. I finished the game without any frustrating moments and I'm not particularly skilled at FPS games.

    I love the game!!!!...more info
  • Beautiful and fun game with no endurance
    I'll start by saying, I'm not including anything about the SecureROM thing. As much as I hate the reasoning behind it, it hasn't caused me any harm so far so consider it off the table with this review.

    Mirror's Edge puts you in the trendy running shoes of a Runner, Faith, who gets sucked into a plot to (essentially) overthrown the government of a city in the not-so-distant future. The Runners are couriers that transport packages from point to point using Parkour (sometimes referred to as Freerunning though there is often debate about the similarities). Parkour is about getting between two points in the most efficient way possible. So, say you're on the rooftop of a building. A sane human would take the elevator down and take another elevator (or stairs) up to the other rooftop to get there. A Parkour runner would find a way (on the fly) to leap to the building.

    The game makes it easy for you to get used to this idea by providing you with hints on Easy and Normal difficulties (Hard needs to be unlocked by finishing the game in one of the other difficulties and removes those hints). Also, the maps tend to be laid out in a way that makes it pretty intuitive to figure out where you need to go, though at times you're left scratching your head trying to figure out exactly how to get to that little air duct four stories up. There's another hint function that points you in the direction you're supposed to go but of course that doesn't tell you much about how to get there. To make matters worse, you're often being chased by police or Blues as they're referred to, especially as the game progresses.

    The look and feel of the game is beautiful (to me at least). From the menu with it's abstract view of the city and great music to the sites and sounds of the cityscape (even the end sequence has a great panning view of the nighttime city). The city is often painted in brilliant colors which breaks sections of the map up.

    Combat is generally avoided but there are times when you have no choice but to fight. This is one of the lowpoints of the game. Not so much because of the combat itself, if you pull off a disarm, it's beautiful. But, because disarming is a Dragon's Lair type of game. You have a very small window during which you have to hit the disarm key at the right time to enable the action...and the time you do it isn't the most intuitive if you'd played shooters. As you get to the later parts of the game, the enemies you go up against get much harder to the point where if you don't have the disarm timing thing down right, you might as well just run and take your chances. It even seems like this was intentional at places because at one stage of a map, I was up against two "easier" cops with guns that enabled me to shoot the "untouchable" cops. Only way to survive that one. Ultimately, it seems like they could've made this a lot better and more fun (given how much time you spend on rooftops I'm surprised there isn't a mechanic that lets you grab and toss people off).

    Another issue was the PhysX support. It causes hard freezes (I have a Quad Core 2.4Ghz box with a 8800 GT which should've handled it just fine). A patch came out just recently to address PhysX freezes but that didn't seem to change anything. Once disabled, the game runs fine (you can still notice a quick freeze during the same sequences that froze under PhysX...and they're not even areas where there should be a lot of physics being used).

    Yet another issue (though minor) I had was with some of the game mechanics. Towards the end of the game, you're required to turn a lot of valve wheels (your opponents can just spin the damned things, you've got to slowly turn them) and you will often find you've really only got a single path to an objective. Not unusual for a game but a game about "free" running, it seems silly that they couldn't have designed the maps to offer a few options rather than one or two.

    The last issue, though, is the clincher. And is the reason I dinged the score for this game. I was able to run through the entire game on Normal difficulty in six hours. The game offers a type of multiplayer which is really you running against other people's ghosts which isn't really much of a multiplayer so overall replayability is severly limited. If this game were sold for $20, I'd be fine with it but at full price ($50), it's ridiculous. And it sucks too since I really want to be able to play more of this game.

    All in all, if you're an FPS type who wants to have fun trying something new, this game is definitely for you...if it's discounted to the $30's. Also, if you're not an FPS type and wanted to try something, it's definitely worth trying (at $30-35) especially given the fact that you don't have to tote guns (and in a way are penalized for using guns for any long period of time). ...more info
  • Virus included with purchase of game
    This game contains the VIRUS that is SecuROM. Once installed it can NOT be removed by the user and requires that you either download and run the SecuROM virus removal utility or completely reformat your hard drive and reinstall your entire operating system.

    Is this game worth it? It's up to you to decide....more info
  • Never has game angered me so much...
    I almost smashed my keyboard and mouse in frustration from trying to play this crap heap.You never get a moment of rest, you play the same part over and over because you keep dying. It's the most frustrating game in the world. I was considering chopping my nuts off to be more fun than playing this game. Seriously, strawberry red face throughout the time I played. I got out of the sewers, kept getting killed by shotgun guys, and am in the middle of uninstalling the game right now. F*** MIRROR'S EDGE!...more info
  • It was fun, for 5 minutes
    It was fun for about 5 minutes, then you realize the game lacks depth or story or character. It gets repetitive really fast. I wouldn't recommend this game unless you just want to experience something new (not necessarily good)....more info