Hauppauge 1192 WinTV HVR-1950 External USB HDTV Tuner/Video Recorder
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Watch, pause and record TV on your PC or laptop, in window or full screenWatch ATSC HD digital TV, up to 1080i formatWatch clear QAM digital cable TV up to 1080i formatNTSC analog cable TV, 125 channel cable-ready tunerRecord ATSC digital TV or clear QAM digital cable TV in the original digital qualityRecording analog cable TV with the on-board MPEG-2 encoder, which allows your PC to run at full speed while recordingDolby-TV stereo decoderIR Blaster to control satellite and cable TV set top boxesSchedule TV recordings with WinTV-scheduler software

With the Hauppauge 1192 WinTV HVR-1950 External USB HDTV Tuner/Video Recorder, you can turn your PC into a virtual television and personal video recorder, or PVR. By simply plugging this video recorder into one of your computer's USB ports, you can watch, pause and record live HDTV or cable TV directly on your computer.

The Hauppauge 1192 WinTV HVR-1950 External USB HDTV Tuner/Video Recorder offers:
  • USB 2.0 port for easy connection to computer.
  • Support for NTSC analog cable, over the air TV, ATSC Digital over the air HDTV, and Clear QAM digital cable TV.
  • On-board MPEG-2 encoder that allows your PC to run at full speed while recording.

The WinTV application offers an elegant interface to watch TV in a window or full screen. View larger.

Watch, pause and record live HDTV or cable TV directly on your computer with the Hauppauge HVR-1950. View larger.
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Plug this video recorder into one of your computer's USB ports, and turn your PC into a virtual television and PVR. View larger.
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Watch Analog, Cable and Digital TV on your PC
The WinTV HVR-1950 Tuner/Video Recorder lets you watch NTSC analog cable, over the air TV, ATSC digital over the air HDTV, and Clear QAM Digital Cable TV directly on your computer, either in a window or on full screen. Why miss your favorite sitcom or the deciding playoff game just because you have work to do?

This unique tuner supports NTSC analog cable, over the air TV, ATSC Digital over the air HDTV, and Clear QAM digital cable TV. NTSC is the analog cable TV standard, and ATSC is the over-the-air digital HDTV standard for North America and typically requires an antenna for reception. Clear QAM digital cable allows you to watch unencrypted HDTV stations from your cable TV provider without a set-top box.

The tuner also features a built-in 125 channel cable-ready TV tuner, allowing you to watch Analog TV and Clear QAM Digital TV by connecting to your cable box. For analog cable TV reception, you need an analog cable TV connection. If you have a digital cable set-top box or a satellite box, the WinTV-HVR-1950 can connect via either Composite or S-Video inputs. For ATSC over-the-air digital TV reception, a high-gain antenna is recommended. (To check the ATSC TV broadcasts in your area, go to TitanTV.com and enter your postal code. Note: depending on the strength of your antenna, you might not be able to receive all broadcasts listed at TitanTV.)

Schedule and Record your Favorite Show
With the on-board MPEG-2 encoder, which allows your PC to run at full speed while recording, the WinTV-HVR-1950 lets you record analog cable TV while allowing your PC to operate at full speed while recording, so you won't sacrifice any performance.

Digital TV programs are recorded in their original video quality, so 1080i programs are recorded at 1080i, and so on. With WinTV-Scheduler software installed, you can also turn your PC into a virtual PVR and schedule and record your TV shows automatically.

Analog TV recordings typically consume 1.5 GB of disk space per hour using Hauppauge's SoftPVR for Windows XP and Media Center. High-definition TV recordings typically consume 5 GB of disk space per hour.

Other features include a Dolby-TV stereo decoder for Dolby-quality audio, and a remote control that lets you control satellite and TV set top boxes for the ultimate in convenience. The WinTV-HVR-1950 is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Media Center.

What's in the Box
WinTV-HVR-1950 USB 2.0 External Box, USB cable, Hauppauge Remote Control (with batteries), IR blaster cable, WinTV installation and utilities software CD-ROM, Ulead DVD Movie Factory Software on CD, and quick installation guide.

  • USB HDTV Tuner/Video Recorder lets you turn your PC into a virtual television and personal video recorder
  • USB 2.0 port for easy connection to computer
  • Supports NTSC analog cable, over the air TV, ATSC Digital over the air HDTV, and Clear QAM digital cable TV; watch TV in window or full screen
  • On-board MPEG-2 encoder allows PC to run at full speed while recording analog cable TV directly to hard drive
  • Included remote control controls satellite and TV set top boxes

Customer Reviews:

  • Reduced System Requirements if you have an XvMC capable video card.
    If you have an XvMC capable video card, you will be able to watch hi-def videos with a slower CPU as the PVRUSB2 & HVR-1950 export a MPEG2 stream. On my 2x750 P3 box with 1G RAM, I've seen CPU resources drop as much as >70% by simply ensuring the video is being played using the XvMC feature of my (NVidia) video card. (But, I had to convert Microsoft's test high definition wmv's to mpeg2 format... so it may seem I can play hi-def @ 30% max CPU, the video stream might have been compressed during the transcoding.)

    For example, I was unable to play 1080 hi-def prior to transcoding to MPEG2. After transcoding, CPU rates is no more then 30% and playable. The other catch, I'm not playing a stream from the HVR-1950 yet, as I'm planning to buy on within the next few weeks.

    Some things you may need to know:

    - You usually need the proprietary drivers for this feature.

    - The XvMC feature for accelerated MPEG2 playing might be dropped with the newer video cards.

    - XvMC works under MythTV. (But has the side effect of having a greyed instead of color on screen menu.)

    - You can test if your system supports XvMC by grabbing standard and high definition video from the Internet. (Microsoft has published many high definition videos in multiple resolutions.)

    (The purpose of this review is to advise people of the XvMC feature and the lack of mention within the HVR-1950's required system requirement postings. MPEG2 - XvMC - video acceleration.)

    2009.05.29: Just got my HVR-1950 yesterday and plugged it into my Linux box (after pre-installing the firmwares as instructed by the pvrusb2 Linux website) and it works as I planned with XvMC. CPU usage for live stream playing is around 28-68% on one CPU. Since I'm SMP, it's not a huge issue with resources. Recording is, of course, extremely minimal cpu usage ... if any. So if you wanted to use this device on a MythTV box as a PVR, just recording & no live stream playing with a slower CPU, you'll be just fine!

    (Hauppauge should be a little more specific with their h/w CPU specifications concerning "recording only" and optional video cards with MPEG2 acceleration (XvMC)).

    Funny, my hvr-1950 remote works on my Linux box too, with the exception of radio -- still needs to be fixed/enabled in the driver. The IR rx/tx on this HVR-1950 is extremely more sensitive then the old PVRUSB2 device. Wonderful!

    I chose this box over the competitor HDHomeRun because I figured USB would be more dependable then network broadcasting. Besides, I didn't want the extra traffic on my network. And, the pvrusb2 Linux driver has a very stable past history for 3-4 years with the developer....more info
  • Nice h/w, lousy s/w - as usual
    I've had several Hauppage devices over the years and have always found the software to be absolutely lousy. It has never been based on any kind of Windows programming standard, so everything from setup to the user interface is strange and even dated - right to the point of what looks like a 16-bit setup routine in the latest version.
    The hardware appears to be top rate. But the software always lets me down.
    If there is one saving grace here it's that you can use WIndows Media Center to watch and record movies, instead of the that of Hauppage....more info
  • Very satisfied.
    Does exactly what I wanted it to. Using a 2.4 ghz SFF IBM 8303 w/1gb memory and 80 gb harddrive running XP. Installation was a snap and I simply downloaded the the latest software from their web site. The whole thing is connected to my Samsung 47" LCD. I currently have the unit hooked up to cable. Recording quality is better that I expected as I also have a WinTV 150 in another PC, and the quality from the 1950 is much better. System resource usage holds at about 30% when recording. WinTV app is OK but I will be looking for something better. If you are looking for software Wikipedia has a good comparison guide.

    [...]...more info
  • Does well under windows, but for MythTV, need patience
    This unit runs well under windows w/ Media Center. I have a Dlink DSM512 and hate it. I purchased a ITX Motherboard (7"x7"x3") installed, with a intel dual core 2 1.80Ghz CPU, 1 GB Ram, and Slimline DVD. (Nice for STB's),
    (http://www.cappuccinopc.com/pandora-965-dr.asp). Comes all together, and I picked it up with a 320GB drive for under $400. I dropped this Hauppauge tuner on the USB, and loaded windows XP, and MS Media center. Runs fine.
    But what I want is a PVR that gives me Music, Photos, Video, youtube, News, Weather, Streaming.... like free MythTV for Linux. (There is a mythtv for each distribution). I installed the actual MythTV, which is pretty manual.
    A better way is to install mythbuntu 8.10. This is a simple download, burn the CD, install, configure a few things and you are running. However to watch TV you need to have a bit of patience and you will need to install the pvrusb2 driver, and extract the firmware from the windows drivers that the pvrusb2 driver looks for so it can decode the mpeg2 video stream. I will give you some links. If you follow Mark's instructions carefully, you will have a full working mythtv implementation in about an hour. (I basically installed this because I went from DirectTV to FIOS TV, and my PVR on DirectTV could record about 50 hours of Hi-Def. The Fios PVR can't get in more than 18-20 Hours Max, and both the FIos PVR and DIrectTV PVR have a 160GB Drive... In this way, yea, I have to say FIOS sucks compared to DirectTV, but the bundle is saving me $1200 a year.). So I now only record the Hi-Def Broadcast channels (OTA, Over the Air) series on my new mini-PVR. The ATSC OTA content is about 6.5-7MB/Hour. So if you do the math you can get nearly 40 hours on there. So Fox, NBC, ABC, series go on the MythTV PVR, and things I like on Discovery, or TLC, I record on the FIOS PVR. So to get you started you need: www.mythbuntu.com, and you should download the latest windows drivers for the HVR-1950 as you will need them. Getting the mythtv installed is pretty easy. TO compile the driver and get it installed is not too bad either. (here is the link for the PVRUSB2 driver and instructions: http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2/pvrusb2.html ). Mile Isely (The author of the driver and all around guru) describes how to extract the firmware from the windows files since the pvrusb2 driver needs this firmware to decode the mpeg2 video. This is the hard part, but he wrote a perl script to make it easy, and he has great instructions. But it is not for the non-technical I must admit. Here is the driver setup link (http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2/setup.html). Here is also a decent overview of the process from mythtv (http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Hauppauge_WinTV-PVR-USB2).

    Once you get it working, you will love the extra features and power of the MythTV PVR. You can add your own content through the on screen interface, You can even use your phone, read RSS feeds, latest news. Nice.

    I did see some complaints that you can't record one and watch another.
    That is because the HVR-1950 only has one tuner. For those that say "I will get two!), the other limiting factor is the USB2.0 Bus. If you run two simultaneously you exceed the USB 2.0 bus capacity. :(

    The Hauppauge HVR-1950 is a nice Tuner when you can't drop a card in the PC......more info
  • Good for what it does
    This is a good add-on for those of you who want to watch TV on your PC. It hooks up easily to the PC and cable (from the wall or through a cable box). It also has video capture for digitizing your old VCRs. However, its IR Blaster is not compatible with Microsoft MCE, so if you want to use a service like Orb to see your TV on a device such as an iPhone and want to control a cable box, you will need an additional IR Blaster. If you don't need to control a cable box via Orb, however, this product is all you need....more info
  • Good tuner but install instructions a little unclear.
    Installed mine on Vista machine and it works great. Good picture quality and the remote is nice.

    The included instructions didn't seem to match up with the actual installation steps, so it made it a bit tricky to get it up and running. Took about an hour to get it all set up, so not too bad, but if you're not an experienced PC user it might get frustrating.

    ...more info
  • Win TV HVR 1950 Not for Windows Vista 64 bit
    Extremely disappointed with this product. I purchased specifically for HDTV and remote control. Win TV will not load on windows vista 64 bit and remote control will therefore not work! Tuner will work on media center however picture is far from high def. Picture is fuzzy, choppy, and horrible for many stations using cable connection and I am running it on a brand new Dell XPS 730X with premium video cards. Wish I had not purchased this product....more info
  • Excellent Tuner
    So far the Hauppauge 1950 tuner has been great. I'm running it on a Vista Home Premium (64bit) laptop (HP Pavilion Centrino Core 2 T5800 processor) - performance and function has been excellent in Windows Media Center. I tried the WinTV app but prefer Windows Media Center.

    Pros: quality of product, performance and function (Windows Media Center)
    Cons: none so far ...more info
  • Works great with windows media player
    I was able to easily hook my cable to my computer with this unit. The driver and WinTV software would not install on my windows vista 64. Therefore the remote control is useless. However, Windows Media Center recognized the tuner, downloaded my cable's program guide and set up easily to play and pause live TV and record programs. ...more info
  • Media Center Finally Works? 14 Months Later!
    I purchased a Dell XPS "Red" One desk top system in March 2008. Right from the beginning, the Media Center TV would not work properly. I either got a snowy or grainy picture or was unable pickup the TV tuner card. I worked with Dell who told me after numerous efforts that I was not getting enough power to tuner card. So I purchased an amplifier and got slight improvements. After numerous efforts with Dell, I was told to contact Microsoft as it could be a Media center problem caused by SP1 update to Vista Ultimate. They sent me a new copy of Vista Ultimate and I cleaned installed. You can guess, the Media center could not find the card. In November 2008, after numerous efforts by Dell to correct, they sent a technician with a new TV tuner card. Guess what....still did not find the the TV tuner when booted up. I just gave up. Three weeks ago I did a clean install again with the hope of correcting the problem. The Media Center found the TV tuner card but I still got a red grainy picture. Contacted my Cable company and they came out to check the cable. They replaced the cable from the wall to the splitter and then the two cables from the splitter leading to the modem and the PC. Guess what...still a bad picture. He then brought in a TV and connected the from the cable from the PC to TV and got a perfect picture. I was frustrated. He then recommended I get a USB TV Tuner and check it to see of there was a problem with the tuner and mother board. I was going to get back with Dell but chose to search out on amazon.com and came up with this unit....the Hauppauge 1192 WinTV HVR-1950 External USB HDTV Tuner/Video Recorder. Why, if my Media center was bad or I had a bad PC lemon and Media Center did not worked, at least I could use WinTV to watch TV etc. I connected it as instructed, a very simple procedure. Loaded the drivers etc and booted up. To my amazement, it was recognized and loaded. Before I was going to load WinTv, I decided to check out the Media Center. Again to my amazement, the media Center recognized and picked up the USB Tuner....I completed all procedures and click on live TV. I was astonished as I got a crystal clear picture and my channels appeared in digital like clarity. I almost went through the ceiling with glee and joy. Everything is working perfectly for the first time in over 14 months. Yes I will contact Dell and inform them of what has happened. But I will not get rid of my Hauppauge no matter what. Do I need to go into the technical aspects of this unit, I do not think I have too. It works great. Do I need to load WinTV, I do not think I need to at this time. I will be connecting a wireless router and extender and adapter and connect to my large screen, and Blue Ray system to my PC and now use Media Center in my Living room as I always wanted. This USB Tuner sure beats PCI tuner cards (my tuner card is in my monitor). I highly recommend this unit over any other. I hope that by telling you my troubles that I had which were reconciled by the Hauppauge 1950 is a help to you. If it worked for me, it just might work for you and get you up and running like it did me. I am highly satisfied and over-joyed with the results. I think this just might be the best way to go....USB TV Tuner....more info