Harman Kardon HK 3490 2 x 120W Stereo Receiver
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Product Description

The HK 3490 was born to make beautiful music and, like all specialists, it's very good at what it does. It features high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplification, a signature Harman Kardon technology that delivers all the subtlety of an original musical performance, whether reproduced from vinyl or your MP3 player of choice. But even specialists enjoy a change of pace from time to time. So the HK 3490 also features four high-quality composite video inputs, and convenient front-panel inputs for video games and portable audio players.

At 120 watts per channel, this powerful HK 3490 stereo receiver combines all of an audiophile's must-haves (high performance phono preamp, preouts/main-in jacks, high-current amplification) with an array of multichannel extras (digital-audio inputs, video switching, dual subwoofer outputs and Dolby Virtual Speaker technology). Add the optional Bridge II docking station, and the HK 3490 will connect as elegantly to your newfangled iPod as it does to your time-honored turntable. The HK 3490 isn't a snob about where the music comes from, as long as it sounds great when it reaches its final destination: your ears. Connects to the optional Harman Kardon-engineered The Bridge II docking station for iPod playback, control and charging Stereo preamp outputs allow the use of an external power amplifier Two digital audio inputs (one coaxial and one digital) Convenient front-panel audio/video input for use with video games or portable players One high-quality phono input for connection of record players with an MM cartridge Two analog recording outputs (tape and video) FM stereo/FM/AM tuner with RDS, auto preset, direct-access tuning and 30 presets Two-line dot-matrix display for clear visibility Dimmer reduces the brightness of the information screen, or switches it off completely

  • Affordable stereo receiver with Remote A/B switching
  • Compatible with the Bridge II docking station for iPod playback, control, and charging
  • Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker surround modes
  • Dual subwoofer output, with trigger for direct connection to powered subwoofers
  • XM Tuner Ready

Customer Reviews:

  • Sweet Stereo Receiver
    I purchased the HK 3490 to replace a 20+ year old receiver in a system used exclusively for listening to music. I'm very satisfied with this purchase, it has all of the features I was looking for, sounds great, and also looks very nice. This is a great value for the money in my opinion. The XM-ready capability was very easy to set up with an XM antenna I purchased at the same time. The HK remote control is rather large, but not an issue for me as I have replaced all my remotes with a Logitech Harmony One, which works fine with this unit. ...more info
  • Excellent Stereo Receiver
    I just got this a few days ago. I did extensive research on the best price point to quality stereo receivers out there. In fact, overkill on the research. I primarily wanted a stereo system for music listening only. It came down to this receiver and the Onkyo TX 8555. After asking a few people who know audio equipment a lot better then I do, I decided on the HK mainly because of the 20 extra watts per channel. But I bet the Onkyo is excellent as well. One of my reference people said the Onkyo might be a little weaker in the mid-range. I don't know if that's true. The 2 are almost identical in features and specs, but the HK also offers a little more flexibility plus the extra watts. I matched the HK up to a pair of KEF iQ3s that need good wattage per channel to get the most out of them. I primarily listen to acoustic music: jazz, blues and rock. The rock of course is not acoustic. I think this combo would also work well for classical music.

    Overall as well as in each individual respect, the sound quality is excellent. It's smooth, clear and filled out across the spectrum. No fake extra bass and no edginess on the highs either and mid range completely covered. I hear many things that previously eluded me with my old Sony component system. You can also hear well at low and mid-range decibel. No need to blast or rock the room for me. I have not tried it at higher decibel.

    I also offers a pretty good assortment additional features which for me are superfluous, though I do expect to use it with the HK special iPod dock.

    There are surprisingly, few reviews on the internet for this HK, when you compare it to the plethora of Yamaha, Onkyo and Sony reviews, etc. For the [...] bucks I paid for the HK 3490 via Amazon I'd say its' a great deal. I have no audiophile experience per se, but I do play tenor saxophone so I have a trained ear and I know my jazz and blues. I know good sound when I hear it. There are no doubt better receivers out there for a lot more money but the value here makes this a winner in the low to mid- priced class. I'm very pleased with this great piece of stereo equipment.
    ...more info
  • The HK 3490
    I bought this receiver last week and all I can say is WOW.I paired it up with a set of Sony SS-B3000 speakers.The Bass is tight and the highs are crisp and clear.The High performance phono input was a big plus not to mention the dual sub woofer outputs.I would recommend this receiver highly. ...more info
  • extremely pleased
    I must say that I am surprised and pleased at the amount of punch that this receiver delivers.The only problem for me is that I will now have to purchase better speakers to manage all this power,but hey I'm not complaining.The price of less than $300.00 is more than value for money.
    ...more info
  • Met all expectations
    Recommended by my son, the HK3490 2x120W has met all expectations. Having the video link capacity has been very helpful....more info
  • Harman Kardon used to be synonymous with quality
    My first Harman Kardon was purchased in the early seventies. I ordered this recevier expecting the same high quality merchandise and was sadly disappointed. I tried two of the same item and they were both defective. More trouble than they were worth. No more Harman Kardon for me. Made in China. If I could have chosen "no stars" I would have....more info
  • HK 3490 Stereo Receiver
    Great sound, excellent value. I'm using it with Bose 901 speakers and the combination produces great results. Highly recommend this product...more info
  • Great Sound but not user friendly
    I love the sound of this receiver. It is bigger than most other receivers, but it fit my enclosure just fine. The remote is not programmable, so if you don't have Harmon Kardon components, you're out of luck. Other things on this receiver just don't make sense. The volume control goes from -80 decibels to +10?! I'm not really sure what a negative decibel is. There is one optical input, but to switch to that, you have to press the tape monitor button, then another button. They couldn't just put another button on the reciever for the optical input? None of the inputs are renamable, so you're stuck with the display reading CD, VIDEO1, VIDEO2, VIDEO3,and so on. What you need three video inputs on a STEREO receiver for is beyond me.This is not a surround sound receiver. (Actually there are four video inputs, including one on the front which is also labeled VIDEO3, and you have to do the same innovative switching technique to access that.) So I have to remember if Video 2 is my Ipod or my minidisc or something else. Anyway, if you don't want to do too much with the receiver, it sounds great, although it's a little weird. I can just see the designers tittering over their little jokes....more info
  • Great Receiver for Music and Bose 901 Lovers
    My 30-year old receiver died so I needed a new one to support my Bose 901 speakers and audio system, including a turntable. I couldn't find a quality 2-channel audio receiver in the stores. The stores carry 5.1 surround sound receivers that have capabilities I do not need or want to pay for (HDMI) or they have cheap 2-channel receivers. My Bose 901s added another hitch....I needed pre-amp in/out. I shopped online then researched available receivers. I was not familiar with H-K products but remembered they were known for quality audio 30 years ago. The H-K website was very helpful and provided the information I needed so I settled on this one. It arrived quickly, was a breeze to set up, and accepted all my components. Hooking up the Bose system was a breeze. The sound is incredible....my Bose 901s have never sounded better. The receiver came with a cable that allows me to plug in my IPOD (front or back). The display is quite modern and the remote is very user friendly. My only complaint is the FM antenna connection. I love that I just plug it in rather than connect stranded wire, but the connection is a little loose. Reception is great as long as it doesn't wiggle loose. If you move the unit, just check to see if it is still plugged in. It does have the red/white/yellow connectors if you want good 2-channel audio with your TV. The instructions are clear enough but you really don't need them at all. The only thing you need to know is the common audio level is in a negative range on the display. ...more info
  • Great Stereo and great Amazon customer service
    When I bought this stereo it arrived within 3 days, but it had a defect on the display. Both Harman Kardon and espically Amazon's customer service were excellent. I had a new stereo within a few days and even though it was inconvent to ship the defective one back, Amazon helped make the process go very smooth.

    The stereo itself sounds great and I'm very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of research before I bought one and for my needs (which is mainly music and some movies) it is just what I wanted.

    There are only 2 things about the stereo that I'm not satisfied with. I wish the labels for the buttons on the reciever when lite up so I could see them. The second thing is the large non-universal remote. Exactly what I don't need is another remote and on top of that a remote so large.

    Overall I would definitly recommend this stereo, it sounds great and is well made....more info