APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V
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Product Description

The Back-UPS ES offers affordable battery backup and surge protection for home computers. With enough power outlets to protect your entire system, built-in phone/fax/modem line (DSL compatible) protection and easy-to-install safe system shutdown software all make this power protection solution the best value for home and home office computers.

  • Output Power Capacity - 330 Watts / 550 VA
  • Max Configurable Power - 330 Watts / 550 VA
  • Nominal Output Voltage - 120V
  • Output Frequency (sync to mains) - 60 Hz
  • Waveform Type - Stepped approximation to a sine wave

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for Home
    I purchased this product with the express interest in using it to back-up my homes wireless router. There are a couple quirks with it though:
    1 For some reason, the particular product that I received had an extremely short battery connect cord. Which made it a slight nightmare to attach the battery. However, when I finally pushed hard enough, the battery connected and started to charge. I have not read of anyone having this kind of problem though, so I believe that I just received the odd-ball.
    2 For some reason, mine decides to randomly switch to battery power for about 3-4 seconds even when the power is not out. The software on the computer says: "AC Power Restored", but does not give a reason for the device switching the power. It does not interrupt the power to my router, but it does occasionally click when the relay switches to battery power.
    3 The computer software gives you an approximate amount of time that you have left on the battery. Oddly for me, it is about 40 minutes off. The software says that I have 24 minutes left, and when we had a blackout the other day it kept my router running for a little more than an hour. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, just strange.

    The device has solid construction, a fairly large capacity, and though has some strange quirks, works fine for me. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a UPS. The only reason it is not a 5 star product is how the battery connections were so hard for me to attach....more info
  • Intel based Mac's beware!!!
    I bought this item because I thought I read that it would be compatible with my Intel based Mac.

    Once I completed the install and then the software package, it then told me that the software part is NOT compatible. I contacted the company. Customer service was prompt and friendly but did advise that they do not have an update for Intel based or OS 10.5 software.

    However, the unit itself will still function just fine. It simply will not automatically prompt my computer to shut down in the even of a power outage.

    So all in all, for the money, I would still buy the unit. ...more info
  • Good UPS for the money
    I don't know how long the battery will last, and I didn't use the USB cable and the software, but it already got me through a power blip. I lost a hard drive a while back from a blip; so it's money well spent, in my opinion....more info
  • does the job for a good price
    it does the job very well. Comes with software and connects to the computer, it shuts down the computer automatically if you're not able to. You can check the status and history of all the times it has intervened due to high or low voltage or total loss of voltage. It tells you what the incoming voltage is and the source. This feature alerted me that the utility power coming into my home was too high and I had the power company fix it. It has lots of outlets for all the peripheral equipment with a total of eight, all are surge protected and four have battery backup. There are two transformer outlets one backed up & one not. The battery can be changed easily which my last UPS did not have. In fact my last UPS was purposely made to make it hard to change. My complaints are that the cables to the battery are too short. It came with the battery unhooked and when I hooked it up it was hard to do since the cable was so short. If they added even one more inch it would be much easier. It's also bigger than I thought so if you buy this you should plan on where to put it. One last complaint is that the high voltage from my utility caused the UPS to shut down my computer instead of going to battery back up until the voltage came back into the range I had it set to. I called their tech support. They responded that they would check into the possible causes and get back to me. They never did get back to me. I solved the problem by calling my power company and they came and fixed the high voltage problem. it has worked fine since then....more info
  • Good product, lousy documentation
    The APC backup is a good product. Documentation is quite sparse and misleading. Technical support via phone to help set it up was even worse than documentation. I advise you not to buy the product unless you have set one up before....more info
  • Great price, works fine
    Was easy to set up and seems to work fine; won't know for sure until we have our next power failure. The prices on these have fallen by half, making it much more affordable to have this protection....more info
  • Great unit for surge protection and power back-up
    I bought the APC Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 120V unit for my home office shortly after losing unsaved work due to a power outage in my neighborhood.

    Installation of the provided software was easy, and I find the software to be useful in terms of monitoring status during power outages.

    The setup was straight forward, requiring only that the wire from the provided battery to be attached to the rest of the unit.

    Since my initial purchase I have lost power twice without losing any data due the the power back up.

    I recommend this unit to anybody who works from a small home office, or frequently uses a computer at home....more info
  • Worth it's considerable weight in gold
    I live in Florida, which has more than its share of power events, so a UPS is absolutely necessary. Although the APC Back-UPS is heavy because of the battery, it has a good number of outlets well spaced and with the PowerChute software, lets me know when it has intervened and I can hear it clicking on and off when we get our power glitches. I can even be online in a storm and not have to worry. APC has a great product and they stand behind it with a great warranty. ...more info
  • A Nearly Perfect Backup UPS for Home Use
    I wanted a UPS back-up power system that would enable me to operate my PC (tower unit), 19 in monitor, all-in-one printer/fax/copier/scanner and router for a nominal 15 minutes following complete loss of power. The APS E8 meets the requirement for back-up outlets and back-up duration. The unit is relatively compact as the backed-up outlets are stacked over the 4 surge protected only outlets. The outlet functions are clearly marked. My only complaint is that the outlets should have been placed a little further apart to accomodate older equipment that uses plug mounted external transformers. Only 1 back-up & 1 surge protection only outlet are spaced sufficiently away from the others to accomodate such transformers. Otherwise, a transformer or similar oversized device with a plug will cover two outlets, reducing the utility of the box if those outlets are needed....more info
  • Happiness is a good UPS
    Recently we purchased a new APC ES 8 outlet 550VA back-up UPS for our home office computer. This is the second similar sized APC unit we have purchased. The first has provided over 4 years of flawless service to us here in North Carolina where storm power outages and surges are frequent. While neighbors complain of damage to their electronic equipment, we have had no problems, no damage and no lost data. Just the reasons you need a UPS. The only "disappointment" in the whole process was that buying a new (and updated) unit from Amazon was the same price as purchasing just a replacement battery from APC. So we are using the old one as just a heavy duty surge protector elsewhere in the house. Highly recommend this product. Software installs easily and has worked without error in our Windows XP system....more info
  • APC Backup
    Product arrived as promised and functioned as expected. I can use the 3 backup connections for my TV, DirecTV HD-DVR, and my TV. So far, no issues....more info
  • APC is a 'no brainer'
    Nice, small unit that can handle small power interruptions. I have always relied on APC products professionally and personally. I have never been disappointed....more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it. We have four in use in our home: one on each of our two computer systems, one on our entertainment system and one on our pellet stove. When we have power flucations from high desert winds this is a life saver for our electronics. I especially like it for our stove because its little brain gets scrambled when the power flickers on and off. It takes a while to get it reset and you get cold while you wait. Amazon gives you such a good price you can affort to get the units you need....more info
  • Is just as advertized
    This back-up product is well laid out and designed. I have two computers and a router connected to this UPS and no problems have occurred. The telephone line also runs through it. It has been installed for about one month. However, there have been no power interruptions to give it a test....more info
  • so far so good
    product performs as described. Initially I wanted under/overvoltage protection associated with more expensive models, but then I noticed many slightly more expensive computer power supplies already clean the power, so these standard battery backups are just the thing. Only $60!...more info