America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It
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The New York Times bestseller-now in paperback with a new introduction by the author! Someday soon, you might wake up to the call to prayer from a muezzin. Europeans already are. And liberals will still tell you that "diversity is our strength"-while Talibanic enforcers cruise Greenwich Village burning books and barber shops, the Supreme Court decides sharia law doesn't violate the "separation of church and state," and the Hollywood Left decides to give up on gay rights in favor of the much safer charms of polygamy. If you think this can't happen, you haven't been paying attention, as the hilarious, provocative, and brilliant Mark Steyn-the most popular conservative columnist in the English-speaking world-shows to devastating effect in this, his first and eagerly awaited new book on American and global politics. Steyn argues that, contra the liberal cultural relativists, America should proclaim the obvious: we do have a better government, religion, and culture than our enemies, and we should spread America's influence around the world-for our own sake as well as theirs.

Customer Reviews:

  • a hot topic for debate
    Why has Mark Steyn's book "America Alone" been labeled "alarmist" by his opponents? Look at the title: America Alone. Its meaning is obvious, but concerning what? When the Soviet Union fell, America was left standing as the sole super power in the world. But that is not the meaning of America Alone. However, do you remember what Nikita Kruschchev said? America would fall from within, without one shot fired. America would destroy herself through societal softness and the Soviets would walk in and take over.

    Steyn states that Muslims have adopted this concept of a country falling from within, beginning in Europe. Through immigration, Muslims are establishing themselves as a stronghold. Belgium, Sweden, England, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France are on their way to becoming majority Muslim and geo-political. In fact, he says, Eurotopia is fast becoming "Eurabia."

    Three events are rapidly leading to Eurabia:
    1. Demographic decline
    2. The unsustainability of the advanced Western social-democratic state
    3. Civilizational exhaustion

    Do you remember years ago forecasters urged population control? Europe heeded this warning and now faces two factors that will change it drastically: its population is aging and couples are not reproducing themselves. According to Steyn, these are the statistics of the population under the age of 15: Spain and Germany--14%, United Kingdom--18%, the United States--21%. On the other hand Saudi Arabia's 15 and under is 39%, Pakistan--40%, and Yemen--47%.

    Who is reproducing themselves: the US at 2.1 babies per couple, [...] at 7.46, Mali at 7.42, Somalia at 6.76, Afghanistan at 6.69, Ireland at 1.9, New Zealand at 2.11. There are Germany and Austria at 1.3, Russia and Italy at 1.2, and Spain at 1.1. Those with birthrates over 2 are Muslim; those under Caucasian Christian.

    With an aging population and declining birthrate and a swelling benefits package supplied by the government, who will pay for this social welfare? Answer: incoming immigrants with high birthrates.

    Therein, Steyn says, lies the problem. While people of Europe have abandoned their churches and religious beliefs, Islam immigrants bring with them "a religion, and an explicitly political one." In fact, if a European wants to marry a Muslim, he must convert, or as they call it, revert. Muslims believe that everyone is born Muslim--he/she must find that calling. And no one may leave the religion.

    How pervasive are Islam and Muslims in Europe? "Go to any children's store in Amsterdam or Marseilles or Vienna or Stockholm. Look at women in headscarves or full abaya. That's the future" (21).

    Remember the Kruschkrev comment? This is what Col. Gaddafi once said: "There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe--without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades" (36) Steyn gives example after example of how Islamists are taking over, first neighborhoods, then schools, then city governments, then the country.

    For example, in 2003, Abdurahman Alamoudi, helped devise a three-week course taught in California's public schools in which students adopted Muslim names, wore Islamic garb, memorized suras from the Koran, recited prayers and so on. Another place Islamists are targeting is the prison population in America, Australia, and Western Europe, seeking reverts. Where there is a religious void as in prisons and Europe, Muslims seek to fill the void with a rigorous religion.

    Steyn quotes Imam Zaid Shakit as wanting the United States to become Muslim; however, he sees it as a country with Muslim civil institutions, sharia, a complete way of life. As a country's population dies out and immigrants replace them, a nation's collective past also dies and is replaced with a new.

    In France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, riots over equal rights have disturbed traditional peace. Women feel safer walking neighborhoods in Muslim garb in order to be left alone by Muslim men. When Muslims take over, they take the land and distribute it to Muslims, creating reverts out of the native people. Because the United States doesn't take land, Muslims consider the US weak and defeatable. As Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong of Singapore said in 2004, " The central issue is America's credibility and wil to prevail" (176).

    Steyn concludes in outlining America's exceptional nature and how it can prevent Muslim reversion of an entire country. It is not too late! Reading this book can provide invaluable information necessary for action.

    In the process of reading this book, I met a military family just back from England. The wife verified everything Steyn says in this book. She says England is quickly becoming Muslim and that violence is becoming common. They were very glad to leave when they did.
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  • Excellent read!
    This book is a great eye-opener. It's entirely relevant to the time we all live in now. Until I bought this book, I was only familiar with Mark as a well informed and entertaining talk radio host. He is just as entertaining and thorough as an author, and he has taken a very serious subject and made an easy read of it....more info
  • An excellent book with an excellent narrator
    Steyn is witty and persuasive. Few political observers weave facts, humor and trenchant observation like Mark Steyn. Brian Emerson is the perfect narrator for this audio book, since he conveys Steyn's barely-concealed contempt for religious fanatics, European sloths and Paul Ehrlich....more info
  • Wake up America...

    If nothing else, the fact that it is actually being banned in Canada ought to at least pique your interest. ...more info
  • An informative, easy, but not always pleasant read
    Steyn's book is a straightforward analysis of the consequences of demographic change. Much of what he says is relatively obvious (it's inevitable that if one population fails even to breed at replacement rates, it will eventually be overtaken by another that breeds much more.) Steyn's book is notable chiefly for three reasons: a) despite the obvious truth of much of what he writes, the western media is generally in denial about it, b) his take on Islam will offend some readers, and c) he writes about sobering events with a wryly amusing tone.

    Although much of the info in the book is engagingly presented and important to know, I can't say that I "enjoyed" the read that much. It is enough to befoul one's mood and make one want to turn to more pleasant diversions (small wonder the western media likes to distract itself from these unpleasant realities.)

    World demographics don't lie. Europe is basically committing cultural-demographic suicide. Birth rates have plummeted well below replacement levels. Though one can argue about precise causes and effects, certain correlations are undeniable: the lower birth rates that accompany both swollen welfare states and a decline in religious faith.

    Thus far, the United States is not quite as far gone as western Europe; our government hasn't yet swollen to the size where it sucks up an equivalent proportion of our economy, and religious belief and the higher birth rates that accompany it are still higher here than in Europe (though of course nowhere near that of the Islamic world.)

    But Steyn's book should be taken as an important warning to the US; our current fiscal and cultural path has us headed in Europe's general direction, if much more slowly. We sorely need to grapple with the swelling size of federal elderly entitlements, the cost of supporting which are inversely correlated with birthrates worldwide.

    Steyn is actually pretty careful not to argue that the problematic consequences of Islam's rise in Europe are because of an objective inferiority of Islam -- rather, he portrays instead a problematic synergistic collision of a culture of many grievances, and a victimhood-exalting western media. According to Steyn, the combination is a volatile one....more info
  • America Alone - A must read
    I purchased two additional copies of the book to give to friends. It is a very timely, well-written book. Get one before it's banned! Canada is trying to prevent it's sale there. It is enlightening and frightening at the same time. Regardless of where you stand on the issues, this book will get a reaction from you.

    It's a time of change, take time to review Mark Steyn's perspective....more info
  • My first read of Mark Steyn's work
    Mr. Steyn's view points concerning the dangers of Islam are shared by a large number of my Indian national colleagues. India is a secular religious-tolerant country with a rising Muslim poplulation of over 130 million.

    It appears many in the educated Hindu, Jain and Sikh populations share Mr. Steyn's views of Islam as a 7th century religious and political system bent on enforcing its archaic dictums upon democratic societies. Two major concerns here are the birth rate of Muslim families substanially exceeding the birth rate of other groups, and the silent moderate Muslim majority's failure to publically denounce Islamic extremist atrocities. These are also Mr. Steyn's concerns on a global basis.

    Mr. Steyn provides compelling arguements concerning the exportation of Western Popular Culture being ineffective in combating the Islamic menance, but rather the exportation of the benefits of American culture concerning self-reliance and independence from what Mr. Steyn calls "Nanny Governments," as effective means to defeat Islamic radicals.

    From a literary point of view, Mr. Steyn is second to none in his ability to turn a phase. I found myself laughing out loud reading his verbiage about this serious and dark subject. Whether or not a reader agrees with Mr. Steyn's opinions, this book provides splendid and entertaining arguements which make an interesting and provocative read for all....more info
  • steyn alone
    the truth is this book will be obscured from you, you won't find it in many bookshops, you won't read the reviews in your newspaper, see the intellectual elite talking about it on tv, you won't even know it's out there unless like me you are inquiring enough to look at events from all angles and make your own mind up. i left europe 20 years ago because the writing was on the wall, now mr. steyn just paints the picture for everyone to read. europe is over, the caliphate is rising, the end of democracy, and america will play that symbolic and cyclic 'fiddle' unless it is prepared. mr. steyns book will prepare you.
    it's a must read along with melanie phillips 'londinistan.'...more info
  • Fraud, propaganda
    Steyn does not give his sources or statistics for obvious reasons : his statements on the actual birthrates of European Muslims are fabrications. The Muslim population in Europe is slightly more than 4% and its fertility rates are similar to the "native" Europeans at the second or third generation. Immigration in Europe was brought down to much more controlled rates in recent years. Real demographic data that completely invalidates Steyn's thesis can be found at Princeton (Religiousness and Fertility among European Muslims by CHARLES F. WESTOFF and TOMAS FREJKA), Brookings Institution (papers by Justin Vaisse e.g.) and European statistics bureaus. They are easily accessible....more info
  • Put Aside Your Knee-Jerk Politically Correct Reaction For A Moment And THINK
    Let's forget global warming for a second and give some thought to another rising threat: population explosion among followers of Islam, and the slow death of the infertile west. You know, I truly ache somewhere inside when I have to agree with a neo-con writer, but fair is fair, and Mark Steyn's got it right in America Alone, his frightening expose of the modern-day rise of Islam, especially anti-western radical Islamism, and what our future might very well resemble.

    Quite simply, my friends, our proclaimed enemies are outbreeding us. Even as you sit there reading this heartfelt review, waiting to decide whether to bolster my "helpful" count (please do) or wallop me with thumbs down vote, our nation and our very civilization---heir to the fruits of classical Greece, the Enlightenment, the shining beacon of tolerance, democracy and freedom---is in sure and certain danger of shortly being inundated by an Islamic population close to becoming the numerically dominant force on planet earth. As little as thirty years ago the developed world of the United States and Canada and our western European allies made up nearly a third of the global population, while the relatively contained and backward nations of the Islamic sphere of influence were collectively half that. Today as we sit sipping our mocha cappuccinos and Twittering about the latest plastic surgery scandals out of Hollywood, our percentage of the planet's population has declined to twenty-percent, and the total number of Moslems (I just like that term better, so sue me) has grown to surpass us. In other words, they already outnumber us and are rising with a bullet.

    While on page seven of America Alone we read that a rate of 2.1 live births per couple is needed to sustain a stable population, and the United States squeaks by with just that, in Europe the figure hovers at 1.38, in other words a sharp decline in the next generation, with Greece, Italy and Spain being particularly endangered. Meanwhile while our Islamic brethren and sisters in Afghanistan, home of the Taliban, have 6.69 live births per couple, and the median age in many Islamic nations, including the Palestinian regions which surround Israel, stands at just fifteen. Fifteen! Think about that figure for a second, okay? Yemen's population is forty-seven percent, or almost half, under age fifteen, while the "graying" of Europe is a documented and troubling phenomena. Is it any wonder then that Germany is currently debating adding an Islamic holiday to its national calendar, and that in five EU member states, Mohammad is now the leading name among boys born in this decade?

    While the EU strains to accommodate an influx of Moslems whose numbers resemble the current Mexican immigration into the United States, certain troubling facts come to light regarding the views of those Moslems who have settled in the heart of our western world. For example: page seventy of America Alone cites a London Times poll that tells us that nearly one in five British Moslems say that the "cause" of the July 2005 bombers was righteous. Elsewhere in the book we read of polls that inform us of great numbers of Moslems residing among us in the west who believe there was no connection between any Moslem and the September 11, 2001 mass murders in New York City, Washington DC, or among the heroes on a flight above Pennsylvania farmland.

    These people may live among us, folks, and our impulse to kindness may urge us to defend them and their ethnic peculiarities, but they are not like us, and the evidence suggests far too many of them wish us harm. Mark Steyn sums our options up when he states our choices are limited to: submitting to Islam, destroying Islam, or reforming Islam. Moslem nations are universally anti-feminist, anti-gay rights, anti-free speech, anti-choice, intolerant of religious dissent, and plagued with radical elements whose fondest wish is the destruction of you and me our children, parents, friends and neighbors.

    Mark Steyn---and aside from this book I really don't know who he is---does slide in bits of levity among the gloomy prognostications, such as his inclusion on page 139 of a little-reported newspaper article on an epidemic of paranoia among the Sudanese, who were lead to believe that if a Moslem man shakes the hand of an infidel (and yes, gang, they do still call us that, even in the twenty-first century) his penis will wither and fall off. Yep, you read it here. Shake hands/lose manhood. Enlightened bunch, aren't they?

    Then there's the little matter of how the name Mohammad seems poised to replace the infamous middle name "Wayne" as the one associated with the most crime. There is Mohammad Atta, who flew a jet into the World Trade Center. He is joined by John Allen Muhammad, the DC serial sniper. Let's not forget Mohamad Bouyeri, who stabbed a Dutch film director and distant relative of Vincent Van Gogh to death because he didn't like his movies. The Bali bombing mastermind was, you guessed it, Noordin Mohamed. He is joined in infamy by a twenty-one year-old British man of the Islamic faith, Asif Mohammed Hanif, who committed suicide in a Tel Aviv pub and took three others with him while injuring four-dozen more. And to end what could run on to a very long list indeed, what aficionado of Osama bin Laden's taped messages oversaw the blasts at two American embassies in East Africa....? Come on, any guesses? His name was Ali Mohamad.

    Still not worry you that Mohammad is the fastest-growing name of boys in Europe today?

    To be tolerant is a virtue in our culture. It's what we believe in. It's what we were taught was a great good, and so it is. But as America Alone reminds us, we live in a world surrounded by those who seek to harm us personally and bring our civilization to ruin. They seek to proliferate their own doctrines within an intolerant and brutal system which bears no resemblance to our own. If we cannot match Moslem cultures birth for birth, then let's look over some excellent suggestions Steyn offers in closing his book: petition the leaders of our government to support the rights of women within Islamic countries; to fight radicalism; to back economic and political reforms inside Islamic nations; to deny international legitimacy to Moslem nations which persecute non-Moslems; to cease bankrolling Arab dictatorships; and lastly to strike militarily against radical Islamists whenever opportunities arise.

    I know this has been a long review, perhaps the most lengthy one I've ever written, but America Alone motivated me to give it this coverage because outside Mark Steyn's book you're simply not hearing the message about the Islamic tidal wave gathering to inundate the west. Five stars.
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  • September 11, 2001 was not "the day everything changed," but the day that revealed how much had already changed. Mark Steyn
    Mark has converted what most of us have suspected since 9/11 into hard data. Bottom line, it's not about race and never has been. Race-baiting is the straw dog of the left and has been extremely effective. The real issue is culture. Culture is defined as an organized group of people who, for the most part, adhere to a set of behavioral traits (Democracy/Christianity) that unify them into a single mindset. When that group stops growing, it starts dying. This defines the west (read Europe) and its shrinking birth rate. With it, democracy and Christianity have been eroded to the point where they no longer dominate. When the climbing birth rate dies (the number of people who believe what you do), so does the culture. "Europe", he states, "has all but succumbed to the dull opiate of multiculturalism. In its drowsy numbness, it stirs but has no idea what to do and so does nothing." He then projects that numbness as the fate of America if we don't shake ourselves awake. It is the Middle East that is growing and along with it the intolerance of Islam and the sharia - Islamic law. Europe is already saturated with it and its moving west. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Which is why so many radical Muslim lobby groups are eager to criminalize vigilance." This book is a fabulous read full of hard numbers to back up hard assertions. It is an absolute "MUST READ" for anyone who is paying attention and doesn't buy into the multicultural nonsense of the liberal left....more info
  • Truly Exceptional
    This is an exceptionally written and argued book. The central theme, that demographics favor radical Islam, and that the challenge posed is existential and immediate, is a Steyn classic.

    You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Unintentionally funny
    Well, he's a funny writer, but this book is, way beyond the indended funniness, unintentionally funny. Take shopworn conservative dreams and dogmas, spice them up with fahionable (Islam-)hysteria and oversalt it with delusions of grandeur and hyperbolic patriotism - and this is what you get. Excites the taste buds, but leaves a stale aftertaste: does he really mean this seriously? I am afraid, for some part he does....more info
  • The most disturbing book I've read this year
    Mark Steyn is witty, snarky, rarely acidic, and always entertaining to read. However, America Alone is not entertainment. It's quite disturbing. From his description of Europe's swift demographic decline to his predictions of the rise of EUrabia due to the influx of Muslims to replace the dying cultures, he paints a pretty bleak picture of the future. Francis Fukuyama's "End of History" where liberal-democratic welfare states would be the Future of the World doesn't look like it's going to pan out as predicted.

    As Steyn notes near the end, the book isn't about Islam, or the decline of the West, or terrorism, or any of the simple, trite soundbites that have been attributed to it. It's an argument for WILL, for the West to grow a spine, to reacquire our civilizational confidence. Lord Kenneth Clark in his BBC series "Civilization: A Personal View" said (and I paraphrase) that one of the most important feature of a civilization, if not the most, was confidence. Confidence that it will still be around next year, that it is worthwhile planting crops now, so they could be harvested next season. Confidence that soldiers won't suddenly appear on the horizon and destroy your farm. Confidence that an apple seed planted in your backyard will provide fruit for your grandchildren. That if you paint a fresco, the wall its on will still be standing in a century. That if you write a book, the language you use will still be understood half a millennia in the future. And that if you hauled stone for the great cathedral which had been building since before your father was born, and which your baby son might live to see completed if, the good Lord willing, he lived to be an old man; your efforts would be valued by subsequent generations stretching forward toward some unimaginably distant futurity. And above all, the self-confidence that you are part of something grander than yourself, something with roots in the past, and a glorious future of achievement ahead of it.

    When the Romans lost that self confidence, when they began doubting their own purpose, they began to die.

    Europe is, as Steyn illustrates, dying now from the lack of confidence, leaving only the U.S. to stand against an ideology that wants all the world to live under its crushing weight.

    It's a book everyone should read....more info
  • A must-read -- then start having lots and lots of kids
    I hope Amazon will let me put in a few quotes from the book -- with a few observations from yours truly -- to get a flavor of it, and then go out and buy it. If you read anything this year, read this:

    p. xi-xii: "Brussels has a mayor, Freddy Thielemans, who presided over a ruling Socialist Party caucus of 17 other members. Here they are:

    1. Fatima Abid
    2. Mustafa Amrani
    3. Samira Attalbi
    4. Mohammed Boukantar
    5. Philippe Close
    6. Jean Baptiste de Cree
    7. Ahmed el Ktibi
    8. Julie Fiszman
    9. Faouzia Hariche
    10. Karine Lalieux
    11. Marie-Paule Mathias
    12. Yvan Mayeur
    13. Mounia Majbar
    14. Mohamed Ouria Ghli
    15. Mahfoudh Romdhani
    16. Sevket Temiz
    17. Freddy Thielemans
    18. Christian Van Der Linden

    "Ten out of eighteen members of the ruling caucus of Brussels are Muslim, right now. That's to say, the capital city of the European Union already has a Muslim-majority governing party."

    p. 16: "In most Muslim jurisdictions, there is simply no culture of inquiry."

    p. 94: "Four out of 5 converts in Europe to Islam are women."
    p. 67: "For many European females, it's a refuge from the slatternly image of post-feminist womanhood."
    p.16: "In their bizarre prioritization of 'a woman's right to choose,' feminists have helped ensure [by birth control and inciting women to work, resulting in far fewer children being born - PN] that European women will end their days in a culture that doesn't accord women the right to choose anything. Non-Muslim females in heavily Muslim neighborhoods in France now wear headscarves while out on the streets."

    p. 43: "Lincoln's allusion to the 'mystic chords of memory'...places the present in the context of history and eternal truths, and thereby binds us not just to the past but commits us to the future, too."

    p. 98 "Almost by definition, secularism cannot be a future: it's a present tense culture that over time disconnects a society from cross-generational purpose...No examples of sustained atheist civilizations exist. 'Atheist Humanism' - a kind of dehumanisim in which a present-tense culture amuses itself to extinction."

    p. 90: "...Britain is a jungle of declawed lions, its leadership divided between outright appeasers and dismal fatalists. And those who call for a Muslim Reformation in the spirit of the Christian Reformation ignore the obvious flaw in the analogy -- that Muslims have the advantage of knowing (unlike Luther and Calvin) where reform in Europe ultimately led: the banishment of God to the margins of society."

    p. 203: "...multiculturalism just involves feeling warm and fluffy about everyone, making bliss out of ignorance. If the guy's vibrant cultural tradition involves standing over you with a scimitar shouting "Allahu Akhbar!" well, you can't complain you're not getting your share of cultural diversity."

    From Steyn's intro to his 2008 edition:


    p. xvii: "Listening to American economists frame the illegal immigration question in purely economic terms, I'm reminded of the British and European political class a generation or two back. In the late '60s and early '70s when the anti-immigration working class of northern England fretted that they would lost their cities to the "Pakis," the sophisticates mocked them as paranoid racists. Racist they may well have been, but they weren't paranoid: In little more than a generation, Oldham and Blackburn and Batley went from mills to mosques. Yorkshire and Lancashire have adopted Mirpuri practice on arranged cousin marriage and can now boast among their native sons the July 7 Tube bombers.

    "...Those ignorant, grunting, knuckle-dragging English masses understood something that the technocrat experts either miss or glide smoothly over -- that there is something wrong and reductionist in seeing human beings only as economic entities. Fine, we need bus drivers, or auto workers, or seasonal fruit pickers, or whatever it is. But if the price of a cheap pool of laborers is the transformation of Yorkshire into something that would be unrecognizable to any Yorkshireman of the mid-twentieth century, then the smart set should at least be smart enough to address the larger cultural questions.

    "In 2008, in another of those non-alarmist, nothing-to-see here stories, a British gov't minister [Phil Willis - PN] tentatively raised the matter of severe birth defects among the children of Pakistani Muslims. Some 57 percent of Pakistani Britons are married to their first cousins, and this places their progeny at increased risk of certain health problems ["Research for BBC2's Newsnight in November 2005 showed British Pakistanis accounted for 3.4% of all births but have 30% of all British children with "recessive disorders". "The Birmingham Primary Care Trust has estimated that one in 10 children born to first-cousin marriages either dies in infancy or suffers serious disability as a result of recessive genetic disorders." PN] This is the only way a culturally relativist West can even raise some of these topics: Nothing against cousin marriage, old boy, but it places a bit of a strain on the old health care budget.

    "But this is being penny-wise and pound blase. What does it mean when 57 percent of Pakistani Britons are married to first cousins and 70 percent are married to relatives? At the very least, it tells you that this community is strongly resistant to traditional immigrant assimilation patterns. Even in New 80 percent of Pakistani families, the parents determine whom and when you marry....Of course, in any society, certain groups are self-segregating: the Amish, the Mennonites, and similar types [who themselves have well-known inbred recessive disorders]. But when that group is not merely a curiosity you point out as you're driving through Intercourse, Pennsyvania, but the principal source of population growth in all your major cities, the challenge posed by that self-segregation is of a diffrent order.

    "In northern England, Pakistanis aren't assimiliating with 'the host community;' the host community has assimilated with Pakistan. Again, if you had told a Yorkshireman in 1970 that by the early twenty-first century it would be entirely normal for half the kindergarten class to be the children of first cousins, he would have found it preposterous. But it happened."

    p. 197: "Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed told Lisbon's Publica magazine that a group of London Islamists were 'ready to launch a big operation' on British soil. 'We don't make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents,' he said, clarifying the ground rules. 'Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.' The cleric added that he expected to see the banner of Islam flying in Downing Street...'If they believe in democracy, who are they afraid of? Let Omar Bakri benefit from democracy!'

    "You think this sounds ridiculous? The Islamic crescent flying over 10 Downing Street? You'd be surprised how quickly the question of what flag should fly over gov't buildings can become an issue. In 2005, Anne Owers, Her Majesty's chief inspector of prisons, banned the flying of the English national flag in English prisons on the grounds that it shows the cross of St. George, which was used by the Crusaders and so is offensive to Muslims. The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency has also banned the English flag from its offices. So has Heathrow Airport."

    Steyn also writes a lot about demography, contrasting Islamic countries' very high birth rates with the West's low ones:

    p. 10: "Scroll way down to the bottom of the Hot One Hundred top breeders and you'll eventually find the United States, hovering just at replacement rate with 2.11 births per woman. New Zealand's just below; Ireland's at 1.9; Australia, 1.7. But Canada's fertility rate is down to 1.5, well below replacement rate; Germany and Austria are at 1.3, the brink of the death spiral; Russia and Italy are at 1.2; Spain, 1.1 -- about half replacement rate. So Spain's population is halving with every generation....[at a certain point] you're over the falls and there's no paddling back....Spain's gov't decided to replace the words "father" and "mother" on its birth certificates to "Progenitor A" and "Progenitor B." ...What's the point in renaming the team when you no longer play the game?"

    p. 11: "In 2004, the Bush-voting states had fertility rates 12 percent higher than Kerry-voting states."

    It's a very good book, and extremely funny. "Some light reading for the new Dark Ages" as Steyn signed one reader's copy, says this reader in an review!

    Steyn also fears social welfare programs which artificially separate the generations and enervate everyone:

    p. 48: "Modern social democratic states....enervate their citizens' wills by elevating secondary priorities over primary ones."

    p. xxxvi: "The state has gradually annexed all the responsibilities of's effectively severed its citizens from humanity's primal instincts, not the least, the survival instinct...These programs would be wrong even if Bill Gates wrote a check to cover them each month. They corrode the citizen's sense of self-reliance to a potentially fatal degree" -- "relieving the individual of the need to have private virtues."

    p. 43: "We've elevated the secondary impulses over the primary ones: national defense, self-reliance, family, and most basic of all, reproductive activity. If you don't 'go forth the multiply,' you can't afford all those secondary-impulse programs, like life-long welfare."

    p. 47: "...the citizen is little more than a junkie on the state narcotic."


    p. 91: Steyn's in a store in Vermont and hears a weary daughter tell her mother (who is surprised she's already opened her presents), "Mom, we always open our presents on the solstice!"

    Or a scene from the wedding of a "deeply spiritual" neighbor of his, a biker and a tatooist:

    "He and his bride were married in the middle of a field in a service filled with imprecations to Odin, Thor, and sundry other Norse gods. The congregation of bikers rolled their eyes, which may or may not be a traditional Norse mark of respect.

    "It is indeed the case that when men cease to believe in God, they'll believe in anything."

    ...more info
  • Mark Steyn is Pure Garbage.
    Here's my point....

    This book is altimately the expression of a narrow minded bigot who possess the same mantality as those pre-revolutionary and revolutionary America who believed SLAVERY is JUSTIFIED by the BIBLE, and therefore good. We all know now that all those who played part in this unforgivable crime in the name of Christ and white supremacy are a bunch of jackels.

    America, or any nation for that matter is far from perfect. America alone will lead to its own disctruction. IGNORANT RODENTS who believe that Judaio-Christian relegions are the only answer swim in their own filth. They need to wake up from their nightmare and accept the world for what it is.

    Waking up to the izan is a given right in the American constitution under freedome of religion.

    Don't waste your time reading this Garbage........more info
  • A magnificient masterpiece of future prediction
    This book is a marvelous masterpiece of future prediction. The author weaves important facts to show how the world is changing. He has many sayings in the book that would be very witty but for the fact that 'these truths may sound like jokes, but they are not funny'-- the facts are deadly serious, and with a much higher degree of accuracy than most people realize. He does have a bias against granola, as if it were a liberal icon,but the skill of integration is remarkable. Mark Steyn points out that 9/11/2001 was not "the day everything changed" but rather "the day that showed how much had all ready changed" [it sounds good sung to the chorus of "The Day the Music Died"]. The book points out three great factors that will shape history in the 21st century, and pose a real crisis for Western civilzation

    1. Demographic Decline [I call it the Population Neutron Bomb]-- the fact that so few babies are being born to natives of the developed world that its native population is going to fall off the cliff 2. Unsustainability of the welfare state-- the fact that the welfare state destroys a people's will to survive by eliminating responsibilities from adults and costs too much with an aging and cratering population 3. Civilizational exhaustion-- The modern social democratic countries have nothing to die for, and thus nothing to live for.

    He points out that Islam has youth and fairly solid population growth, global ambitions, and something to believe in -- theocratic conquest of the World. All of this is steadily advancing to fill the vacuum of meaninglessness and emptiness that plagues the West. He shares the truth about Islam being a theocratic, political religion at its core, but the book is more about us (the West) than about Islam.

    He correctly points out that the core of the problem is secular progressivism's multiculturalism, which has the goal "not to celebrate all cultures, but to deny [the West's] own"- and thus is the real suicide bomb. Mark Steyn points out that multiculturalism inhibits even moderate Muslims from assimilating with Western Culture. With a massive and growing need for immigrants to compensate for the falling native population (and the Muslim world the main source of them) this will result in the end of Europe as we know it -- Europe will become like Saudi Arabia (in laws, customs, etc. ) if changes are not made.

    Concerning the demographic facts, Mark Steyn is quite accurate-- Bangladesh is a country the slightly smaller than Iowa, but has 140 million Muslims - more people than Germany and France combined. Egypt's population is about twice that of California, but 99% lives in an area the size of Mass. and Conn. together. Yemen has a total farmland area the size of Conn. and Rhode Island, but has more people than New York and Conn., and its population will double in the next 20 years. If these people decide to colonize Europe, Europe will be changed.

    Concerning will, look at this excerpt from wikipedia about what the terrorists said about the bombings in Delhi India on 13 September 2008.

    The "Indian Mujahideen" sent an e-mail to all major TV channels, informing them of the blasts just after the first one occurred.[18] In the case of the bomb blasts in Jaipur, and Ahmedabad, e-mails were sent before the blasts.
    " Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more. Within 5 minutes from now... This time with the Message of Death, dreadfully terrorising you for your sins. And thus our promise will be fulfilled. Inshallah...Do whatever you want and stop us if you can[14]"

    Doesn't sound like they lack self-confidence, do they? And the book points out that the terrorists are the dumb ones, the more peaceful muslims have the more effective strategy.

    ...more info
  • A Must Read if you care about your future
    Mark Steyn tells it like it is. Western Europe is in decline; Canada is in decline; America is on the brink. There is nothing politically correct about Mark's discourse. It's a frank discussion about how the Islamist/Muslim world is in its ascendancy while we (the West) are in decline based largely on current demographics. It scared the heck out of me, and if I can do nothing else I can at least spread the word. We need to react before our way of life, our culture is no more.America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It ...more info
  • Serious work with an ironic twist, or two.
    I very highly recommend this book to all who care about the world we in the West will leave to our children and the generations to follow.

    This book gives a very good summary of the dilema facing Western Civilation. According to Mr. Steyn, we in the West have gotten into a bind because of our unwillingness to reproduce and our inability (or unwillingness)to defend our culture. Mr. Steyn is not so much critical of Islamic Culture as he is very pointed in drawing attention to the differences between Islam and Western Civilation. I am with Mr. Steyn in NOT opting for the nihilism of political correctness and seeing Western Civilation go down the drain of history.

    Most of Europe does not agree with Mr. Steyn. Steyn points-out that Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy heve all but surrendered their sovereignty to Radical Islam and a suicidal strain of political correctness. Unless major changes occur in the direction of events, the foundations of Western Civilation will no longer exist. This will happen within the lifetimes of our children.

    A point that Mr. Steyn makes repeatedly is that Islam by it's own definition, and according to is own holy texts is exclusionary. You are either part of the Umma (the body of Islamic believers), or your life is forfiet. There is no assimilation or accomodation. Islam devides the world in to regions - Dar al Islam, the "house of Islam" where Islam rules, and Dar al-Harb, the "House of War" where the non-Islamic world is to be subjegated by whatever means neccessary. Guess which part we live in...

    The title of Mr. Steyns book, "America Alone" is in part derived from the fact that among western nations, only the US has a birth rate at the bare minimum replacement rate of 2.1 live births per family. (I have 6 children, so some of the slackers are covered, but we need to get to work as a culture.)

    The Radical Islamic culture is one which practices the travisties of child marriage, virtual slavery of all women, the vocal call for the death of all Jews and Christians, so-called honor killings, murder by homicide bomber: All and all it is a putrid feast attended by only the most depraved souls. Radical Islam needs to be marginalized. If, as we are repeatedly told, this does not represent the "Vast Majority" of Muslims, then let the "Vast Majority" denounce the savagery and barbarity loudly and clearly. If they are unwilling to do so, then all more is the reason to read Steyn's book. Changeing Western culture and mores, as is happenning all-over the Western world, is not the solution.

    Mark Steyn has a biting sense of humor, but does not throw-around the kind of slime and vitriol I've seen aimed at him in some of the 1-star reviews on this page. Most of those reviewers have not read the book, or at any rate do not address the book. Just a lot rant and bile.

    One need look no further than the Canadian Human Rights Commissions for the sort of Islamofacist censorship aimed at silencing honest debate. Suits and complaints aimed at Steyn and other commentators have become all to common and are supported by the PC establishment within the Canadian Government. If this does not demonstrate the dangers that Steyn warns of in his book, then nothing will convince you. ...more info
  • You are better off reading the Book of Revelation
    Instead of the Red Scare (those damn pinko commies) we now have the Islamic threat. Read "The Concept of the Political" by Carl Schmidtt in order to understand the necessity of creating an existentially threatening 'other' for the sake of reinforcing national cohesion and identity. As some may know, Schmidtt was influential (especially in his critique of liberalism) in both National Socialist circles and in neo-conservative circles.
    This is a re-hashing of Huntington, only Steyn is even more alarmist and pessimistic (who could have thought it was possible) in his 'prophetic' (read sarcasm) judgments. If you want a real book on the decline of empire that has a historical perspective beyond the past 15 years, then read Kennedy's "The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers". ...more info
  • Must Read
    Steyn's America Alone is the most compelling book I have read in a year. In a seemless, witty, and unflinching analysis, Steyn makes the case for why the pending demographic shifts presented by the low birthrates of western Europeans, Japan, China, and Russia present the world with a staggering global power realignment since the countries dominated by Islam have birth rates far greater. Faced with the necessity of allowing immigrants who adhere to a religious identity that trumps any national one, and the paralysis brought on by political correctness in much of the western world, including the United States, Steyn argues forcefully that the balance of power will shift sharply to nation states not burdened with such trivialities as multicultural and hyper pseudo ethnic sensitivity that is emasculating the once proud and prosperous western world. All in all this is a fascinating and well written book.

    ...more info
  • witty
    Steyn paints a bleak picture of the future. A future in which radical Islam prevails in much of the western world. Is he being an alarmist? A scare monger? Xenophobic? He admits early on, that his work will be interpreted as such but he does present a case that should possibly scare western man. Of course he polemicizes incessantly but that doesn't change the cold facts of demographics: modern, secular, western humanity is reproducing as abysmal rates; Muslims are reproducing much more rapidly in European nations. Sheer population change in the next fifty years threatens the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe and beyond.

    It is easy to try to characterize Steyn as a painter with a broad brush but he is more cautious than some argue. He does question why so few Muslims disavow terrorists and so many silently encourage them. He does not go as far to say Islam is an evil religion at its core but does of course object to it being called a religion of peace. He is more prone to bash Europe's brand of socialism and blind multiculturalism which have led demographic catastrophe.

    His solution to radical Islam is that it must somehow be made moderate. And America must somehow create conditions such that reform can take place within the religion. He seems to advocate regime change in more unreasoned parts of the book. For instance one of America's goals should be to change Iran's regime but he doesn't explicate that thought at all. Steyn believes we must engage radical Islam and not be isolationist.

    The book is quite repetetive but still interesting. Also, Steyn has a wit about him that makes him a delight to read - even when you disagree with him....more info
  • America Alone Review
    Mark Steyn writes a series of compelling essays that are both frightening and enlightening. Why is America's way of life being slowly eroded away by liberal activists that hide behind the shield of liberty? Our way of life is being changed by immigrants who do not want to assert, but want to change our culture to fit their political and religious traditions. Steyn poses these questions and others and tries to suggest answers. And if the liberal left gets its way, the terrorists will win, and will invade our country through attrition and by turning our own laws against us. We turn and look the other way hoping they will become more like us - they will not. Europe is already feeling the squeeze from its immigrant Muslim population...will America be next? Books like this need to be written, understood, and discussed if we wish to preserve the American way of thinking and living. Europe has already lost. Don't let America give up personal liberty and freedom in return for political correctness. It is amazing how many smart Americans just don't get. There are no second chances; ethier we work to preserve our way of life, or we lose. It's that simple. America prides itself on being inclusive of other cultures but we should not destroy OUR culture to help others feel included. If they want to be Americans, they need to assimilate to ours culture. ...more info
  • Vivid Picture of the Future
    Mr. Steyn paints a vivid picture of the how islam has continued to push throughout the world and imposes their radical views and beliefs. Although at times the book is a bit hard to read due to his humerous interjections, it is well worth the read and gives views that few are giving yet many will soon come to realize. We do have a huge issue with islam. Every act of terrorism links back to this oppresive "religion". Buy the book!...more info
  • The best WAKE UP book I've read to date
    I am buying a lot more copies to give to everyone I know who cares about the future of America - I found it profoundly thought provoking and insightful, I plan to reread it again just so that I can more clearly articulate why I found it to be one of the most important books I have read in years. This will definitely cause a high spike in neurological activity- guarantee - you won't be bored!...more info
  • Steyn's America Alone
    Will educate the clueless and reinforce what the clued-in already know; namely, that there is an enemy out there--and here--and that we must stay vigilant, especially on the ballot....more info
  • Menace and Threat
    Menace and threat. That is what the resurgence of radical Islam is today, according to Mark Steyn author of America Alone: The End of the World as we Know it. It is a difficult read, even if you are inclined to agree with the thesis before picking this up. The facts come hard and heavy relentlessly building up into an unblinking and frank assessment of our current crisis and the future end to future history at the hands of a ruthless stone-age culture employing 21st century technology to aid in turning civilization into rivers of blood.

    Our blood. Our fate. Our children's living nightmare.

    In another life, Steyn would have made a crack intelligence analyst. I can imagine him laboring at some desk in the NSA or CIA surrounded by piles of documents and synthesizing everything there is into one thing and doing it with the sort of clarity that informs any consumer that what he has to say is true, even if you really do not want it to be.

    When I say "everything" I mean everything. Steyn's writing transports the reader across the the world to the deserts of the Middle East one minute, Broadway the next, then the Middle Ages, and finally to the Eurabian hegemony in our near future in the span of just a few sentences.

    Steyn spares no one in his lucid and piercing criticism of the events that led up to this perfect storm of the end of all things but it is apparent from the outset that he lays greater part of the blame on the political and ideological Left and, when he does level his sights on the Right, he mostly chides them for abandoning their principles and siding with the Left.

    This is the book's strongest point and its weakest. He marvelously defuses leftist obfuscation taking long-accepted absurdities such as American "Imperialism" and eviscerating them. He accurately points out how the hand-wringing and self-flagellating leftist ideals prepare the next generation for something stronger and more confident -- like say radical Islam. According to Steyn, Leftism is philosophical and cultural suicide as it is more concerned in wallowing in guilt over imagined new sins like being environmentally unfriendly or causing terrorists to bomb us in the first place. The Left and their greatest ideas and ideals are vain, blind, empty, and self-defeating and we cling to them at our own peril.

    But all this direct disemboweling of Leftism is exactly what would cause the Liberal reader to throw the book down in disgust before reaching the important conclusion and, considering how Steyn chooses to end the book on a more "positive" note, it betrays its purpose. Steyn imagines that we have three possible choices in the face of this threat: 1) Convert to Islam, 2) Destroy Islam, or 3) Reform Islam. The first two choices are right out, he says, discounting them (remarkably enough) for their lack of appeal. He posits our only course of action is to try to help reform Islam.

    It is not that I disagree with his suggestions (such as promoting women's rights in Islamist countries). On their face, they are all great ideas that no sane person would disagree with but there are two problems with this approach:
    1) His vitriol against the Left ensures that the very people who have been negligent in taking up the cause of criticizing Islam will not read what they need to read. It is not nor has it ever been a matter of question among conservatives that women's rights should be championed in Islamic countries around the world. The failure to raise pressure in international relations regarding these causes is a particular characteristic of Leftist mutli-culturalism -- something that Steyn points out repeatedly throughout the book. If this strategy is so important, then it is important enough to put on some fancy clothes and go a courtin' olde timey-style. Are we fighting for our very existence or not?
    2) The best recourse is not the third choice but the second: destroy Islam. But not just with guns or bombs. Islam can be put effectively off guard by the conversion of the West back to Authentic Christianity and saintly living. In one of Steyn's many slyly pro-Catholic (I do not know his actual religious leaning) statements midway through the book, he states the difficulty in getting Islam to reform lies in the fact that modern Islamic reformers have the benefit of knowing what Luther and Calvin did not: that reform led to the end of the authentic practice of Christianity and the marginalization of God in daily life across the West. In his own words, Steyn lays down the ultimate slapdown on those who believe the faith can be reformed.

    We should promote women's right and moderate Islam in the world because it is the right thing to do, but ultimately this threat will not be disabled until the disparate branches of Christianity reunify into a single trunk beneath the Bishop of Rome. Only then will we have the strength, organization, and holiness necessary to send this threat reeling backwards in fear and respect.

    In this respect, Steyn's expert analysis fails to yield the proper strategy and battlefield tactics....more info
  • America still alone.
    Steyn's seminal work is still as relevant today as when it first came out a couple of years ago. In the effort to understand the world today, it is required reading along side "The world is flat" and "Liberal Fascism". ...more info
  • The most entertaining yet terrifying book you'll ever read
    Read this book.

    Mark Steyn's analysis of current population trends and cultural shifts throughout the world doesn't leave a lot of room for optimism or hope, but he shares a warning that can't be ignored.

    Read this book.

    While Western Civilization makes like Nero fiddling, Steyn is the lowly citizen calling for the water brigades.

    Read this book.

    It speaks volumes about how far we've already sunk as civilization that Steyn is being charged with hate crimes in Canada just for publishing this book.

    Read it now while you still have the chance. You won't regret it....more info
  • America Alone extremely entertaining
    Mark Steyn's book should be read by all who care about America's future, expecially by those who know nothing about Islam. Very informative and provocative. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I hope world leaders have read this book, especially the liberal ones.
    Facts have a way of enlightening how we examine the past, and this book is written in a fascinating manner that weaves facts in between some very humorous passages, yet does not miss the point of warning the West and free market democracies everywhere that culture matters; population momentum is shifting in ways that will and are shrinking the world's centers of positive improvement for humans on this planet, and all you need to prove this point is to look at who is breeding and who isn't. ...more info
  • Fascinating Doomsday Prophecy
    I am utterly fascinated and bewildered by the information contained in this book. While I have no way of knowing if the statistics used are valid--I presume they are--this creates a feeling in me that I may have done the wrong thing in bringing 3 children into the world, which will clearly be a different place before they leave it. This book is humorous and enlightening and should be required reading for everyone in America, especially the attendees at the Democrat Convention. Of course, they wouldn't believe it. A goodly number would probably welcome Mr. Steyn's description of the world at the end of the century. God help them!...more info
  • Unlike statistics, hard numbers don't lie
    I don't recommend reading this book as a night time reader - it is too scary! Unlike most books that use statistics to justify their point, Mr. Steyn presents numbers from various nations and demographic subsets that are revealing for the future of Western Europe and America. When in brief conversations on airplanes, airports, restaurants, etc. (all anecdotal) the stories are backed up by real people's real experiences. Don't believe what the media tell you, backup your arguments with the facts. I would recommend a companion book to read by Thomas Sowell, Advanced Economics - Thinking Beyond Stage one.
    ...more info
  • Paranoid racist ranting
    This is a very frightening book . All the more so in that the author has easy accress to guns , which he champions throughout the book . This book will appeal to anybody who belongs to a local militia who think that the Federal Government , Canada , Europe , 1.5 Billion Muslims and basically anybody who is not a paranoid hate filled American sterotype are out to destroy their freedoms .
    It is so far to the right that it just dumps reason and goes with everybody is against us , so lets kill them . Solve the problem of insurgents crossing into Iraq from Syria by planting bombs in Syria there by teaching them a lesson .
    What is really frightening is that a lot of the hate is ' read between the lines ' . I don't think its a sinister ploy , but the only way he can get the book published without it becoming a hate crime .

    ...more info
  • Informative and entertaining
    Steyn's refreshing writing style makes this an informative as well as entertaining look at what many consider a serious problem. This book contains information and demographic data that you will probably never see reported by the mainstream media. ...more info
  • Best book yet about what we face in the west regarding Islam
    If you don't think Islam is a threat to the West, then just look at what is happening to Europe. The religion of Peace is anything but. I see bumper stickers that say Coexist, like we all need to just get along. Christians are not fighting with Jews. Hindus are not fight with Buddhists. Jews are not fighting with Hindus, etc. Islam is fighting with everyone, but we need to all "coexist"? Mark Steyn is brilliant in this book. It all comes down to birthrates and the Muslims are winning. There will be no Europe in 50 years as we know it. And if you think that is just fine, then you shouldn't worried about living under Sharia (Islamic) law. If you don't what that will mean to you, you need to read this book. ...more info
  • Canary in the global cultural coal mine...
    Mark Steyn is the latest canary in the global cultural coal mine. Sounding a politically incorrect but growing alarm not heard since fellow conservative Pat Buchanan's The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (St. Martin's Griffin, 2002) and Philip Longman's The Empty Cradle: How Falling Birthrates Threaten World Prosperity and What to Do About It (Basic Books, 2004), Steyn makes a convincing case that the much of the West is dying demographically and culturally while America is in danger of following suit. Steyn's America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It (Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2006) is a clarion call to arms for the United States to avoid Europe's fate, which is dying demographically through "lowest low" birth rates which has forced massive immigration, mostly Muslims with birth rates several times Europe's and whose cultural traditions and religion historically have not--and are not-- assimilating well.

    Steyn, a native Torontonian now living in New Hampshire, is a widely syndicated columnist, most prominently known for his "Happy Warrior" byline in National Review. His book has three parts:

    I. The Gelded Age. Demographics are working against the West (and in favor of Muslim immigrants):

    * Much of the planet will be uninhabited before it's uninhabitable environmentally--we are the dwindling resource, not the oil.
    * Japan is in a death spiral: in 2005, the country had more deaths than births.
    * European societies are hopelessly socialistic, "hooked on unaffordable levels of social programs which in the end will put those countries out of business." Take Greece, whose projected public liabilities in 2040 will rise to 25% of GDP--total societal collapse--versus 6.8% of GDP for the U.S.

    II. Arabian Night. Europe is ceding its cultural battlefield to the new immigrants (primarily Muslim):

    * Europe has marginalized religion, thus only the marginalized will have religion. France's Muslim ghettos display more cultural confidence than the Frenchmen themselves.
    * Islam is a political project. The jihad has no historical comparatives in the world's major religions, most of which adhere to separation of church and state.

    III. The New Dark Ages...And How to Lighten Up. America is the West's last line of defense against a new caliphate and potential or actual despots like Iran, unless it cedes the battlefield too.

    * The Soviets had the capability to launch nuclear war, but not the intent (thanks to Mutual Assured Destruction); Iran has the intent and is developing the capability.

    The author makes a valid and comprehensive diagnosis of the problem and offers a 10-point prescription, which is basically to encourage internal reform of Islam which must come within, but does include "end[ing] the Iranian regime." I would have liked to see his prescription developed at greater length.

    Steyn's book is a fascinating and provocative read with many "laugh out loud" passages, like: "By the time all those guys with the FREE TIBET bumper stickers get around to freeing Tibet, there will be no Tibet left to free."

    I am actively recommending this book to my friends and colleagues, and seeking out the many books that Mark Steyn has cited in his work for further study.

    ...more info
  • Profoundly Eye Opening... a must read for Americans
    Great book... witty remarks with a honest look at our future and Europe's future... We need more of Mark Steyn's approach of powerful assualt on the sugarcoated society of today... Read it for yourself... ...more info
  • The Real Population Bomb
    Mark Steyn, in his humorous and self-effacing way, points out the critical defect in advanced Socialist societies--they are anti-human. Somehow, all of the financial and social programs add up to depressed, non-productive, and non-reproductive old people looking to the political system to continue paying them their pensions.

    Well-shouted, but not loudly enough for the affected societies to hear....more info
  • Best Book in a Long Time
    Steyn's writing style is entertaining and riveting, but the best part of this book is the clear analysis of the impending disaster confronting the West. This book should be mandatory reading for all members of the House and Senate, as well as anyone in a policy-setting position affecting immigration, homeland security or intelligence. It may be too late for Europe, or even Canada, but if America wakes up, there's still time. This book explains why Islam in general, not just the extremists, is the enemy of everything good that our country stands for....more info
  • Everyone Should Read!
    This is an excellent book explained with humor. Every American should read it and at least every politician on Capitol Hill!...more info
  • Mark Steyn premises are wrong.
    Mark Steyn premises are wrong.
    He is not able to identify where the real problem lies.
    Here i will only post what i posted on this subject on 'The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement blog'. My this short comment will prove what is wrong with West and Europe:
    Ikram writes:
    "And Quran goes even further by decreeing to prevent unwanted children by banning indecencies, which Christian world protects as a right:"

    I think Holy Quran (HQ) goes beyond this. In HQ basis of belief are not based on irrational dogma as is the case with Christianity and other religions. As a result Islam continues to be effective in Muslim societies, and consequently works as force that checks indecencies in society. This has resulted in keeping institution of marriage intact in Muslim world. A quote from British newspaper Guardian (May 17, 2009) reflects end result of non-Muslim societies:
    "How Britain is coming to terms with growing old
    A dramatic `age quake' is shaking Britain as the country grows older - for the first time ever, the number of people over 65 exceeds those under 16."

    In my opinion for Caucasian race to survive and avoid being extinct, it has only one option: Accept Islam as its religion.

    ...more info
  • Great Book
    If you are interested in at least what part of the future will bring, read this book. I ordered 3 copies to pass around to friends who want to understand what is coming. It's based on fact BTW, not on speculation....more info
  • Disturbing
    This is a very easy read . It is disturbing and seems to be well researched in so far as I have been able (and willing) to verify. I believe this is a must read for every American. It is clear that this book is not irrational bashing of Islam and is generally accurate. No open minded thinking person can simply ignore the problems presented. Mark Steyn is as entertaining as he is provocative....more info
  • Explaining our weakness
    One of the more fascinating attempts at explaining the decline of the West is Mark Steyn's "America Alone." Though the main thrust of the book is the threat of Islam, Steyn examines numerous sources of decay in Western society, the upshot being that we are vulnerable to the threat only because of our weakness, confusion, and self-defeating behavior.

    Steyn offers the reader reams of evidence to back up his assertion that a "significant strain of Islam" (which today happens to be the overwhelmingly dominant one) is wreaking havoc across the planet. Everything from riots in the Parisian banlieue to the massacre of schoolchildren in Beslan to the Palestinian death cult is exposed in all its horror. It is virtually everywhere, and it is constant:

    "We switch on the news every evening and, though there are many trouble spots around the world, as a general rule it's easy to make an educated guess at one of the participants: Muslims vs. Jews in 'Palestine,' Muslims vs. Hindus in Kashmir, Muslims vs. Christians in Africa, Muslims vs. Buddhists in Thailand, Muslims vs. Russians in the Caucasus, Muslims vs. backpacking tourists in Bali, Muslims vs. Danish cartoonists in Scandinavia."

    Instead of confronting the threat, or even acknowledging it for what it is, Western elites drag their populations into an anesthetized state of denial. Discussion of the issue (if it exists at all) is filtered through the layers of the multiculturalist narrative, which leaves it sanitized and devoid of real content. Says Steyn:

    "Bomb us, and we agonize over the 'root causes.' Decapitate us, and our politicians rush to the nearest mosque to declare that 'Islam is a religion of peace.' Issue blood-curdling calls at Friday prayers to kill all the Jews and infidels, and we fret that it may cause a backlash against Muslims. Behead sodomites and mutilate female genitalia, and gay groups and feminist groups can't wait to march alongside you denouncing Bush and Blair. Murder a schoolful of children, and our scholars explain that to the 'vast majority' of Muslims 'jihad' is a harmless concept meaning 'healthy-lifestyle lo-fat granola bar'."

    As Steyn makes clear, the problem would never have gotten so out of hand were it not for the meltdown of intellect that has occurred among the "educated" portion of the Western world. The jihadis take full advantage of this breach, and they are aided and abetted at every turn by their "progressive" enablers.

    The West has lost its will to fight. We consistently defeat ourselves. The Islamists

    "know they can never win on the battlefield, but they figure there's an excellent chance they can drag things out until Western Civilization collapses on itself and Islam inherits by default. An army is only one weapon a civilization wields, and the weapon of last resort, too. But when you add up those elements of national power--military, judicial, diplomatic, economic, informational--it's hard not to conclude that (as was said of the British after the fall of Singapore) at least four of those five guns are pointing in the wrong direction. The point of the media is to speak truth to (domestic) power, the point of transnationalism is to constrain American power, the point of law is to upgrade the defendant--and the upshot of economic power in a time of plenty is that every time you gas up you're funding an enemy who's flusher than he's been since the fall of Constantinople. Meanwhile, we fight the symptoms--the terror plots--but not the cause: the ideology. The self-imposed constraints of this war--legalistic, multilateral, politically correct--are clearer every day."

    Steyn devotes quite a bit of ink to the issue of demography. The Muslim world, including the recent transplants into Europe, are benefiting from a high birthrate (the "upper reaches of the fertility hit parade") whereas the native populations--especially in Spain, Italy, and Greece--are falling far below replacement rate. The U.S. is chugging along at slightly above replacement level.

    This phenomenon is of vast historical significance:

    "In the fourteenth century, the Black Death wiped out a third of the Continent's population; in the twenty-first, a larger proportion will disappear--in effect, by choice. We are living through a rare moment: the self-extinction of the civilization which, for good or ill, shaped the age we live in."

    Steyn points out that in Europe, the Muslims are young; they are also energetic, confident, aggressive, and ready for sacrifice. The native populations are aging, and they are sluggish, guilt-ridden, fat, and dependent upon the welfare state. It does not take a sophisticated analyst to project scenarios one or two decades into the future. The picture is not pretty.

    America Alone is a good read. Steyn's wit lies in wait at every turn of the page, and his observations on a wide range of peripheral topics are thought-provoking, to say the least. Take, for example, this perceptive comment on anti-Americanism:

    "All dominant powers are hated--Britain was, and Rome--but they're usually hated for the right reasons. America is hated for every reason. The fanatical Muslims despise America because it's all lap-dancing and gay porn; the secular Europeans despise America because it's all born-again Christians hung up on abortion; the anti-Semites despise America because it's controlled by Jews. Too Jewish, too Christian, too godless, America is George Orwell's Room 101: whatever your bugbear you will find it therein, whatever you're against, America is the prime example of it."

    Which is followed by this marvelous segue:

    "That's one reason why [America's] disparagers have embraced environmentalism. If Washington were a conventional great power, the intellectual class would be arguing that the United States is a threat to France or India or Gabon or some such. But because it's so obviously not that kind of power, the world has had to concoct a thesis that the hyperpower is a threat not merely to this or that rinky-dink nation state but to the entire planet, if not the entire galaxy. 'We are,' warns Al Gore portentiously, 'altering the balance of energy between our planet and the rest of the universe.' ... You wouldn't happen to have the statistical evidence for that, would you?"

    If things continue on their course, predicts Steyn, we may find that

    "the world will be well on its way to a new Dark Ages. Now, as then, Europe has its do-nothing kings--les rois fain¨¦ants--thought these days we call them European commissioners and chancellors and prime ministers. Now, as then, we have a Great Plague--the virus of Islamism--and the great migrations--the continent-wide version of 'white flight' already under way in Holland, as the beleaguered Dutch leave their native land for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Now, as then, we must all bow before the 'edict of toleration'--as laws and customs are rearranged to abase themselves before the gods of boundless multicultural tolerance."

    A classic case of this abasement is detailed in the recently added introduction, "Soon to be Banned in Canada." When excerpts from the book were published by the news magazine Maclean's, the Canadian Islamic Congress filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The Muslim group objected to the "flagrant Islamophobia" contained in the book.

    The Canadian Human Rights Commission has established itself as an extra-judicial star chamber for the enforcement of politically-correct orthodoxy. These little Soviet-style kangaroo courts, staffed by bureaucrats and specializing in "hate speech," have cast serious doubt over the future of Canadian democracy.

    Discussing the complaint over his "flagrant Islamophobia," and the ensuing witch hunt, Steyn remarks:

    "The head of the Canadian Islamic Congress is a man called Mohamed Elmasry. In a TV interview in 2004, Dr. Elmasry said it was legitimate to kill any Israeli civilian, male or female, over the age of eighteen. He is, thus, an objective supporter of terrorism. Yet he's accusing me of 'hate speech,' and is apparently the new poster boy for liberal progressive 'human rights' in Canada.

    "And, in a nutshell, that paradox is what this book is about: What happens when a Western world so in thrall to platitudes about boundless 'tolerance' allows the forces of intolerance to carve it out from the inside? In seeking to stifle the arguments of America Alone, the Canadian Islamic Congress is making my point more eloquently than I ever could--that a significant strain of Islam is incompatible with the rough and tumble of a free society."

    Food for thought....more info
  • The Truth is Out There
    When I purchase and read the latest copy of The Western Standard, which is a Canadian conservative (yes, there is such a thing!) news magazine, the first article I always turn to is the column by Mark Steyn. For this reason, I purchased a copy of America Alone. As usual, Mr. Steyn brings to the readers attention the details that the politically correct mainstream media refuses to report. This book should be a compulsory read for all citizens of voting age in the Western democracies. Whether or not the book would open the eyes of a populace that has been fed a steady of diet of moral relativism/root cause/moral equivalance/multiculturalism by our self hating Leftist establishment would be interesting to find out.
    Alas, Europe is now very likely a lost cause. Steyn's anology of the neutron bomb is right on the money; Europe within a generation or two will still have it's historic buildings and landmarks, but there just won't be any people with enlightened Western Christian based values living there. They will have been replaced by Muslims living under Sharia Law. Once that has happened, it remains to be seen whether or not the United States can survive in a Muslim dominated world bent on the destruction of The Great Satan.
    The final irony is that Liberals who are so tolerant of everything will in the end find themselves living under the most intolerant religious political system ever devised.
    UPDATE: Since I last posted this review on the Canadian site, author Mark Steyn is being harrassed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, a "pseudo" court operating outside the Canadian legal system which goes out of it's way to muzzle free speech. Canada, wake up. Our freedoms are under attack because we are so obsessed with political correctness. ...more info
  • Informative and entertaining
    Steyn's refreshing writing style makes this an informative as well as entertaining look at what many consider a serious problem. This book contains information and demographic data that you will probably never see reported by the mainstream media. ...more info
  • An Eye Opener
    I intended to read this book for some time, but always had another one on the top of my stack to read. Better late than never.

    Having just finished this book, I must say that it is an eye opener in regards to the population and cultural changes that are occurring worldwide with little notice to it as we go through our daily life in the U.S. The message is clear, the issue is "Ok, now what?"

    This is an important read for any American citizen and even more so for Europian and Asian citizens (and Canada before they decide to formally ban it). ...more info
  • Every American citizen needs to read this book!
    This book is a call to arms for all Americans who wish to retain the real values that this country was founded upon. This country is too special, too unique to be allowed to waste away and melt into a European model that is clearly broken. All immigrants who come to this country MUST wish to become true Americans and ONLY American. We can no longer welcome all and allow them to shun the American way of life and begin to impose foreign laws on this government. This has been and always will be the greatest way of life that was ever created and it must not die. We can and will embrace many cultures as part of the fabric of America, but never to the exclusion of the ideals that make it great....more info
  • Banned In Canada
    Mark Steyn is one of the funniest, maybe THE funniest political writer of our time. Unfortunately, the subject matter of this book is not very funny. Demographically, the America I grew up in and love is going down the tubes. Slowly, but going nonetheless.

    I already knew that, but I didn't know how bad it was getting around the rest of the world. Statistics are statistics; they just are. We in the West are not reproducing. We are below replacement rates. It IS funny to hear folks complain about overpopulation when there is none, at least not here. Any overpopulation we have here is imported.

    The final point, that Muslims are reproducing far faster than the West, are immigrating to western countries, and will overtake the native populations in a generation or two, is why this book is banned in Canada....more info
  • An excellent book
    This book might very well be one of the best I ever read. It puts radical Islam in its place and details why the War on Terrorism is necessary against mad jihadists. It goes further to show how Islam, both radical and moderate, may very well undermine the democratic structure of the European governments they are quickly finding more power in. And so, America will be alone against radical Islamics that would love nothing more than to crush democracy, republicanism, and the American way. What is the West's response to this crisis? Well, multiculturalism dictates that we should respect their "values" while they piss all over ours. ...more info
  • A must read for anyone curious about the war against Fascist Islam.
    Mr. Steyn shows the thinking and tactics of how the Islamists plan on taking over and asserting power. Europe is dying and the English-speaking world, mainly the U.S., is the only thing preventing Islamist victory. The statistics are staggering and scary as hell....more info
  • America Ashamed!
    This "book" is a xenophobic and racist screed by a phobic and phony author. There are no citations or bibliography because the whole vitriolic fantasy is the product of a fevered, backward, partisan imagination. To tag this with the word "truth" is about as accurate as tagging George Bush with "wise." If you find this book as offensive as I do, try something with more heft and accuracy on the subject of population change--try Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel."
    Granted you have to use your brain to read that book. But the rewards are great.
    "America Alone" deserves no stars at all. ...more info
  • makes interesting points when not busy being racist
    Mark Steyn is Rush Limbaugh II.
    Everything in this book - fact or assertion - is riddled and biased with unadulterated, not-willing-to-see-sense conservativism. For example, Steyn will give you a believable 2 + 2 and then throw in an absurd, unsupported solution like 753. That's why it deserved even one was entertaining, if terribly politically incorrect, and made interesting points when it was not busy being racist.

    This piece of arrogance is reminiscent of Kipling's "White Man's Burden".
    (Which is probably why some of the reviewers are so fond of it. That was a bestseller in its time, as well.) It plays on Americans own arrogance, fear, and sense of self-importance.

    It basically groups the Whites and then Everyone Else. I was completely offended, even though I'm not Muslim. It is people like Steyn who have destroyed the public perception of Islam, even more than the jihadists, by putting all Muslims (and any non-Whites) in one group.

    *insert long-bottled up scream here*...more info
  • Every American should read this book
    America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, by Mark Steyn, is one of the most important books I've read in the last several years. I believe it should be read by all Americans and Europeans.

    Steyn looks at demography and discovers some chilling statistics - the birth rate of non-Muslim Europeans is well below replacement rates whereas the birth rates among Muslims, including European Muslims, far surpasses the replacement rate. In other words, the non-Muslim population of every European country, as well as many Asian countries, is aging and shrinking while the Muslim population is young and growing. This, in conjunction with the west's neutering of their own culture and mores, is rapidly leading to the Islamification of Europe. In fact, we see this more and more each day. Just a couple of weeks ago, Great Britain recognized Sharia courts and gave them the full authority of English law in some situations. That is only one of the symptoms. Steyn provides many more.

    The United States is the only western country that has a birthrate just at replacement rate and, so far, we have been less apt to abandon our culture. Steyn posits that Europe is already lost, it is only a matter of (short) time. The United States, therefore, will be the last bastion of liberty and western culture.

    Steyn's prose is very breezy and readable. He is always a joy to read and his arguments are easily understood. Don't let his writing style fool you into thinking that this is an unserious book, however. This is as serious as it gets....more info