Aluratek AIRMM01 Internet Radio Alarm Clock with built-in WiFi (Black)
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Product Description

Aluratek's new Internet Radio Alarm Clock with Built in Wifi allows you to easily access more than 11,000 radio stations in over 150 countries around the world with no monthly fees. Yes, with no monthly fees! Simply turn the unit on and it will automatically connect to a wireless network and you have a world of entertainment available. You may also connect to a local Ethernet cable network if you prefer. You can search for music geographically by continent/country/state or by the more than 30 different available genres including a wealth of news and sports radio stations broadcast throughout the world. Once you find a favorite station whether is from your local country or while visiting other countries around the world simply add it to your favorites list for future easy access. This is the perfect solution for the home, office environment, college dorm or anywhere you want to listen to thousands of radio stations. Don't be limited to what you can tune in from your old AM/FM analog radio anymore! Free yourself to travel the world musically and have fun while doing it. You can also stream your music library from your local PC/media server if the 11,000+ radio station weren't enough. Welcome to the world of internet radio from Aluratek and let the fun begin.

  • Wireless connection w/ WiFi 802.11b & 802.11g to stream internet radio via built-in vTuner with no monthly cost
  • USB 2.0 connectivity with a USB flash drive
  • Ethernet connection to stream internet radio
  • FM Radio ; Great sound

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Amazing Amazing
    Easy to set up. Simple to operate. Huge selection of stations all around the world. Good quality sound. The unit is smaller than expected with no compromise in sound or functionality. Fits easily on my nightstand. We're enjoying the BBC World Service and LBC radio in London from here in Santa Monica. This is a wonderful product!...more info
  • Highly Recommended But Documentation Could Be Better
    I LOVE this radio and recommend that you buy it. As a longtime radio fan, this is a dream and will work well if you do a little legwork BUT if you want to get the most out of the unit you have to look out for a couple things:

    1. Update The is necessary to get it working with WPA security.

    2. Note that YOU CAN add stations directly to this radio (contrary to what most reviewers say) via a website at where you register your radio and get access to this feature. However, I can't blame other reviewers for not knowing it! For some reason, this key feature IS NOT included in the documentation! I only stumbled on this at one of the forum posts here at Amazon.

    I have not gotten into the media server function but as an internet radio this is absolutely amazing! I LOVE IT, its sound is perfectly good for unit of its type plus you can output it to better speakers if you wish.

    The remote is very nice. Do a little legwork and you'll love it too. ...more info
  • Comparatively good radio
    I got my Aluratek radio specifically to hear WBZ in Boston. But first I got a Sangean 20 and a Grace.

    All are very radios. However, the Sangean and Grace will not get WBZ, and the Alluratek will. I am finally happy!

    I suspect that the British (I think that is who makes the chips and station lists) for the Grace and Sangean just don't know about WBZ

    But all are fine radios. I think two of them will do FM
    radio (rather poorly) also.

    Hurrah for Alluratek! I can now get WBZ. Only complaint is that the light is very bright, although you can turn it off completely when the stations is locked in

    Jerry O'Dell
    ...more info
  • I read the reviews I bought and then I returned
    I love the idea behind the alarm clock. I would connect with different stations and they would work for a while and then stop. I would look at my signal stregnth and it would be all bars. Unable to get signal for an alarm clock doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy when you go to sleep. Even if it doesn't get a signal why doesn't switch over to alarm????

    Other reviews have stated this but the screen is bright. I cant stress that enough. Plus even if you turn the screen off (can't read the time) when your alarm clock does go off the screen comes back on.

    I returned this item.

    One other thing, a lot of bad reviews seem like pissed off people. Let me assure I am not. Amazon returns are super easy. I bought a radio, it didn't work, I returned it, and will use my money on something else....more info
  • Just as promissed, great unit, so far...
    I was tired of always having to have the Pc on in order to listen to the internet radio, so I decided to spend the $[...] bucks on it.

    I purchased this item from Amazon, in 3 days I received this item.
    This is my first unit to listen to music on the Internet( besides the Pc)

    I was expecting a large radio,but I was pleasantly surprised that was small.
    At first I could not get it connected to my wireless network.

    Luckily I read one review here at this site. You need to upgrade the firmware, otherwise you will get frustrated.
    I found out that you will have to download the firmware from Aluratek website, to your pc, unzip file, then you can send it to the flash drive and place it in the radio USB port,then follow the instructions for Firmware update.

    I purchased this unit for my wife to listen to European stations(the old country!)
    I was amazed that under the small country we we're looking for, had more radio stations than we expected including all the little ones.

    The remote control seems to work really good and the menus on the unit are very simple to operate.

    The speaker is good to listen in large room, but you can add external ones and crank up the volume...
    Upon turning on the unit, remembers the last station you were on and connects to it, its that easy

    We are extremely happy with the unit.

    I recommend this unit, specially for the price......more info
  • This is a Great product
    I have been looking around for an internet radio product for a while. This product was reasonably priced and came with all of the features I was looking for.

    Of course, most important feature was the ability to access the thousands of internet radio stations. I listen to alot of stations from overseas (brings back sweet memories). All of that without paying any monthly charges... I love it.

    When I open the box and turn on the product, it automatically started to scan for an internet connection. For someone like me, not very technically inclined, it was great. I was able to start listening to my favorite stations in minutes.

    This product is now my constant companion when I am in the kitchen working or in the living room relaxing or just anytime I need some music in the house. ...more info
  • Works great
    Had it up and working just a few minutes out of the box. Nice audio with the built in speaker, even better when connected to a quality stereo system. Perfect for my wife, who is from Europe, to listen to stations from her home country. Also fun for me, exploring stations from Mongolia and Africa and everywhere around the world.

    Only complaint: when you turn the radio off, when you turn it back on it starts on the main menu, you can't set it so it starts on the same station you were listening to before. So you can't leave it set to a favorite station. Only solution I've found: instead of turning radio off, leave the radio on with the volume turned down.

    Note: when I bought this radio, the price was just $99. Not sure if the new, higher price is permanent, but still a fair deal....more info
  • I love this wi-fi radio
    I'm kinda nervous about setting up electronic items but I merely glanced at the quick start. I actually tried to start it without reading any instructions... It was working within ten minutes of unpacking it. The stereo sound is really very good. Now I can listen to my favorite radio station, WMBI 90.1 Moody Radio from Chicago, even when it's not coming in clearly over the air. I love this product....more info
  • Great Radio
    Bought this radio to listen to AM stations I could no longer receive since I moved to VT. Setup was very easy. The sound is about average for a clock radio which is more that acceptable. Display is too bright if you need to see the time. The radio does remember the last station you had on, so all I have to do is turn it on and it goes right to my favorite station. Well designed and easy to use....more info
  • Aluratek internet clock radio review
    Reading about this radio brought excitement, but problems were experienced. Simple wireless intructions would not connect this radio to my router signal, although it seemed to initially recognize my router. Several trys at entering my password and resetting were attempted without positive result. The radio would "lock-up". Web site information was not helpful. The radio appeared to be defective and I regretfully returned it and was leery of trying another one. I then purchased a different brand and it set up easily and is working perfectly. By the way, the Aluratek is the first product that I have ever had to return to Amazon, and I would like to compliment Amazon on their excellent service and the efficient handling of my return. ...more info
  • Clever, and useful
    Think about the humble clock-radio. Everybody has one. They've scarcely changed in the last two decades. They have poor sound quality. Are usually in a bedroom where radio reception can be poor--and are usually given only a crummy wire antenna sticking out the back. With some, you can play a CD, just as CDs are being superseded by other digital music. Few can access the wealth of programming on satellite. Not a twenty-first century device.

    This device brings the clock-radio into the 21st Century. It connects to your Wi-fi at home, and delivers almost any radio station you want from around the world.

    NPR junkies can choose from a brace of stations, and the worldwide selection is superb--let me recommend Radio National and Directions in Groove from Australia, KQED and WNYC (the AM version; you'll get AM radio in hi-fi!), Deutsche Welle in English, Radio Netherlands, and of course, the BBC. Living in a non-English-speaking country, it's a real life-line for me.

    It solves an issue that has vexed me with conventional clock radios I've owned. Reception problems. With an internet radio, the signal is as strong as your home wi-fi.

    No need for an integrated CD. You can play music wirelessly from your computer or a USB stick.

    And for a small speaker, the sound is remarkably good. You can plug it into your hi-fi if you wish, for even better sound.

    It gets five stars, but not without a couple of glitches. The radio updates the station list automatically, but if a station changes its website in between software updates, you might miss out for a while. The menus are elaborate and can be a bit complex until you get used to them--and that includes the one you use simply to turn the alarm on. And the backlighted time displays ONLY when the radio is actually on; though I expect that glitch to be fixed in a software update. ...more info
  • Update the Firmware!

    I was initially unable to get this clock to connect to my WPA/WPA2 wireless network (D-link router).

    Clock *was* able to connect to one my neighbor's unsecured networks.

    I updated the firmware like so;

    * Download ZIP from Aluratek
    * Extract BIN file from ZIP to a USB flashdrive
    * Plug USB drive into the clock, yeah it has a port
    * Goto config screen, select F/W update


    WPA/WPA2 works great!

    The screen is very bright, but you can configure it to dim after 1,3,10 minutes.

    Time updates from internet via NTP; you only have to tell it the timezone you're in.

    DLNA support is touted but its not working for me yet from my Vista laptop, PS3 works fine so I think the share is configured correctly.

    Alarm can be set for specific days, great feature. I hate waking up early on weekends cause I forgot to disable the alarm.

    I give it five stars, its pretty raw. If I had not found the firmware update I would have returned it....more info
  • Almost a 5 star
    I agree with all the positive reviews here so I won't repeat what they have said. Let me add some things others have not mentioned and some criticisms at the end.


    1. You CAN add your own stations. The latest firmware allows you to add your stations from [...]. Once you add it in go to the favorite folder on the radio and there it is. This feature works without a hitch (I've added 10 new stations so far).

    2. I actually use this radio more for MP3's than Internet radio stations. I can connect over my network to my Maxtor Shared Storage drive and play my MP3's off of it (the Maxtor has a media server on it). This also works very well and no problems.


    I have two complaints.

    1. There is NO dim backlight setting. You get bright, brighter, and "Suntan mode" bright. All of these are too bright to get any sleep. You can turn the backlight off and you can set a timer to have it turn off within a minute. But I am used to an alarm clock where the backlight is very dim but readable at night. Not a show stopper.

    2. The remote. The remote works fine but if you LOSE it you will have lost your ability to connect to another network that requires a key (open wifi doesn't but home networks do normally). The network key can only be entered via remote. This isn't the end of the world but I advise you to keep the remote with the radio at all times.

    Besides those two complains (and they are small nitpicky complaints) I like this radio. It sounds good and works well so far.
    ...more info
  • Very stisdfied
    A little hard to get used to the controls and screens but once learned, it is easy to program. Had no trouble getting on the wifi once I found the wifi code. That could be a problem if you didn't save it. Great receiver for "news hounds."
    ...more info
  • Does the job it is supposed to do.
    I work in a research lab with lots of noise and interference from instruments we use, that kills the FM signal and we were dreaming for this little gadget. I am glad we finally got around through wifi....more info
  • Aluratek Internet Radio
    I bought the radio when the local Air America station went off the air and I wanted to be able to get it from another streaming source. I got the radio set up without much trouble - if your wireless router is password protected you do need to know the password. Once set Radio is easy to use and has good sound for a small radio....more info
  • Great Idea - spoiled by User Interface problems!
    I bought this as a gift for my Dad because his local stations don't have the music he likes best.

    Unfortunately, the menu system is so difficult to navigate and the time-out is so quick that we can't find what we want before having to start over!

    It takes at least 5 menus to pick a station - IF YOU ALREADY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!

    If you are just wanting to browse, you can easily spend 20-30 minutes working the menus and getting timed-out and going back to square one before you find anything remotely resembling a radio station.

    On the bright side it can only take 3 levels of menu to select a favorite once you've got one saved.

    If the manufacturer allowed changing of the menu time-out value it would certainly reduce the frustration, but the many menu levels would still hamper getting to choices quickly. Unfortunately the manufacturer claims the menu time-outs are part of the basic design and not changeable.

    Too Bad... (Oh, and don't even get me started talking about how difficult it is to set an alarm!)......more info
  • Complete dissapointment. Poor execution, bad experience
    I returned it for credit.

    I like NPR radio, and I like Internet Radio from my pc. I thought this clock radio would be terrific. It was not.

    The interface is terrible. To simply turn it on is a 30 second 15 step process.
    -Find Reading glasses, then find remote; with tiny unreadable buttons at 6am. (Despite 8 buttons on unit, basic functions require the remote).
    -Click internet radio, {wait for it to find signal}
    -Select Internet radio {wait for it to get station list}
    -Click 3 times to Scroll and Select 'favorite' list from menu
    -Click and scroll through the 8 stations I had loaded to find the alphabetically challenged and last on list- WYSO}
    -Wait for signal to be acquired and buffer {5-50 seconds}

    15 clicks, and 20-90 seconds before any sound comes out.

    Why can't I just press "ON" and go to last setting and station???

    The signal would all too often drop out for seconds or minutes at a time, or fail to find my router; yet with 5 bars on PC six feet away!

    The regular "FM" mode with wire antenna attached found, after a lengthy search, just 2 local stations. My 20 year old analog unit, on the same shelf competently pulls in 18.

    Finally, even when off, it emitted a constant low grade static noise.

    Save the trouble of returning yours, do not order one in the first place.

    ...more info
  • Couldn't be more pleased.
    In this day and age when products rarely live up to the hype, this internet radio is the cream of the crop. We've had it for about a month and we could not possibly be more pleased!! It was so easy to set up, even my husband could do it!!...more info
  • Amazing
    Just got it a day ago. Set up was a breeze. Within 20 minutes I was hooked. Spent several hours selecting favorite stations and listening to foreign ones. Fox, CNN, NPR, BBC, CBC, etc. along with news stations from around the country are there for us news junkies. Their oldies selection is really decent. There is no need for a short wave radio when foreign broadcasts come in loud and clear albeit in their native languages. The clock is really bright at night. It doesn't bother me however, if it poses a problem to someone just put a dark tint film over it to tone it down. The sound is surprisingly good coming from a tiny speaker. Plugging in noise cancelling Bose headphones reveals the audio is accented on the bass & the best audio comes with the equilizer on normal. Have not plugged it into a stereo system nor do I intend to, that was not the purpose of its purchase. It references all the audio files on my computer's hd which blows me away. The unit is 3 walls away and a good 50' from the router; there are no reception problems. Note, not every streaming radio station is on its list and one that is, kearth hd2 will not come in. Going to keep my fingers crossed when I try to contact tech support if they can help figure out why. It has frozen a few times but the off button in the back of the unit quickly resets it. This happened trying to access some odd listed station which I won't do again. I would give it a 5 if kearth hd2 came in and it didn't freeze. All in all, it's a neat unit.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful product
    I normally don't leave reviews for products but i found this product to be so good I had to leave 5 stars for it. What I like about it - its internet radio feature. Setting up wireless with my wireless router was a snap - simply enter SSID and WEP key and you are good to go. The internet radio saerch feature is truly simple - a child could navigate it. Navigation by country is superb. Once a good radio channel is found simply mark it as a favorite. The best part is that it is all free - no need for monthly fees. Other great pluses - you can catch FM radio over the air, there is a ethernet port if you have no wireless. The wireless reception is good, my router is at the other end of the house. All in all a wonderful product. I am buying one more for my father....more info
  • Great for the price
    I have had this for 3 weeks. So far it has worked a treat. The sound quality is fine for a bedside radio. I have bought a cheap pair of speakers that I have attached to the back when I want a little more sound.
    Quibbles are:
    * I agree with others about the light.
    * If it has a favourites option for radio stations I haven't found it & I wish it had one.
    * You do have to 'go around the houses' to undertake simple operations.
    Overall, if you are a bit of a radio geek I think this is a good option for the price....more info
  • Great Little Wi-Fi Appliance
    This internet radio alarm clock works exactly as expected. Sound quality is about on par with my old Sony alarm clock though it can't get nearly as loud. The internet radio aspect is what this little device is all about. Lots of built in stations. I was surprised to find numerous internet versions of my local stations as well as many familiar foriegn stations (great for this former exchange student). As for the alarm function I love the way it slowly turns up the volume when set on the radio alarm function (much less startling than my old Sony). I don't like the non-dimmable back light, but I can live with that. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone....more info
  • I LOVE IT!
    I saw a video review of this product on CNET. So, I decided to give it a try. The thought of being able to access thousands of radio stations, and NOT have to pay for a monthly fee, was too tempting.

    The product worked right out of the box. I turned it on and it started to look for access points that it can connect to. In about 20 seconds, it found my wireless AP. It connected to the AP with no problems.

    The user interface was very self-explanatory. I was able to start listening to radio stations around the country and the world in no time.

    I also found out that this product is able to connect to other computers on the network and play music from there. That is a pretty neat feature considering I have many many songs stored on my computer.

    Now my entire family can pick their favorite radio stations by genre or by location. I have family members from other parts of the world. This is especially sentimental for them.

    The quality of the music is fine. It does not replace the stereo system in your living room, of course. But it does have audio out, which could be connected to a better sound quality stereo/entertainment system.

    Over all, I am very satisfied with the product. ...more info
  • Poor interface, unreliable performance
    The interface for this product is truly dreadful. You can often get stuck i na mode without any escape other than powering off.
    The wireless connection never worked right. The only time it performed satisfactorily was when I had all security turned off. Once i password protected it, no trick could get the unit to receive the signal.
    Finally, it would not accept input from my iPod....more info
  • Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock with WIFI
    I love being able to tune in and listen to music or other entertainment from all of the different countries. It's does not do very well with FM stations in that after some period of time, it stops playing the FM station. It is slow to respond to the remote. It wasn't that difficult to setup and would be much easier if it had an interface to allow me to use my laptop to configure it. The price wasn't bad and all in all a pretty good radio. ...more info
  • Do not expect too much
    It does not have battery capabilty, so the portability is limited.
    Only one speaker with volume level very minimal.
    If you add your own URL it may or may not work. For me none of the added url worked, it keep showing connection bar in progress.
    Station Organizer capabilties are very limited and needs more conrtol for users.
    If you do not have preference over which Internet radio station you want to play then it is great. But if you already have favorite station and it is not in pre-selected list of the radio then it may or may not work.
    Not all internet radio station can be played. You can contact their customer support. I think they are very prompt and may be able to help.
    WiFi works great with/out keys. They implemented all the different ways of wireless connectivity but there are many function needs to improved as radio.
    Overall, it is good radio and will play internet radio station from its pre-selected list.
    ...more info
  • Love it
    Very happy with this radio. It's easy to set up and use. Can get incredible number of stations.
    Would recommend it....more info