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Death Magnetic
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One of the most influential bands in music, ranked eighth on the list of the biggest-selling groups in history, Metallica unveils its ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. The band's
first album in five years, Death Magnetic is also its first with renowned producer Rick Rubin (Danzig, Slayer, System Of A Down,
Slipknot), first with bassist Robert Trujillo, and first on Warner Bros. Heavy and thrashy, unafraid to embrace the band's past yet move
into the future.

Limited Edition UK pressing of Metallica's 2008 album housed inside a coffin box along with a EXTRA LARGE T-shirt. Death Magnetic is the iconic Metal band's 10th studio album overall. and was produced by Rick Rubin. Formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, Metallica has become one of the most influential and commercially successful Rock bands in history, having sold 100 million albums worldwide and playing to millions of fans the world over. They have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including seven Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, and multiple MTV Video Music Awards. In addition, their 1991 album, Metallica, which has sold 15 million copies in the United States alone, has been awarded the prestigious "Diamond Award" from the Recording Industry Association of America, given to those albums with U.S. sales of 10 million or more. Mercury Records.

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprised To See Me?
    After St. Anger I did not expect much at all from Metallica. It was kind of like when Van Halen made the irreversible down hill slide. It became comical to watch members come and go. With Jason being gone it had a similar feel to their last album. Fortunately I think such a fate has been avoided with this effort.

    The production values are back to what they should be. The songs are written well enough to enter the pantheon of Metallica-dome. Though it must be said this album cannot compare to "older" Metallica. I would take Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, or even ...And Justice For All over this any day. But at least this may persuade stations to play something besides Enter Sandman an extra thirty times per day.

    I am postive towards their different shifts in the musical spectrum. I feel if Load and Reload were self-edited and joined as one album it would have been a really good album. (Think Devil's Dance and The Outlaw Torn with such lame tracks like Ronnie thrown away instead). That is only to say I'm not an unreasonable Metallica fan. So for people with less extreme tastes on the subject this may help you make a decision.

    The album is good, not great. Worth owning, but know in advance there has been controversy with clipping issues. It's not your speakers blowing up; the effect was intentional and not decided upon by the band at all. Nevertheless it's still a good time....more info
  • Not what they used to be
    Sorry folks, I am a big fan of metallica but this album is by far the worst trash I have heard from them. In my hay days, Metallica was the avantgarde of metal rock. Every subsequent album represented a renewed rigor of how glorious metal rock can be. Today I heard everything the opposite of what i've experienced in the past.

    I feel as though Metallica is riding on their name and lost their passion for creativity. It especially struck a cord with me when I saw "the unforgiving III" on the album...really are you serious?...u can't come up with something new? so lets remix an old fan favorite and hope they'll bite...ahh NO, it sucks. If it was good, fine, but it's not.

    My review of this album is not solely based on the unforgiven song but the entire album. Every song contain lyrics and the instrumental work that is dull and lacking connection with yesterday's and today's fans.

    Thanks to technological innovation that they so despised, we can now listen to some of the music -in this case, crap- before our decision to purchase their music.

    Metallica, this is your wakeup call! Retire or be the rockstars that you are. Make us proud again.

    Your fan.

    Ironically, the magnetic coffen on your album cover seems to insinuate the direction of your music pun intended....more info
  • What a gigantic pile of crap!!!!!!!!!!!Stinky!!!!!!!!!!
    The production is DREADFUL. The songs, not even mediocre.
    Metallica still hasn't made a album worth buying since justice.
    If I hear one more article or review saying this is a return to the days of puppets i'm going to puke. does anyone agree let me know. if this was a different band they might have gotten two stars.But metallica has to be held to a higher standard so my ;one star in truth is zero stars.
    if you love the first four metallica albums I don't think you will like this....more info
  • Metallica - 'Death Magnetic' (Warner Bros.)
    Review no. 953. Whew! Cannot remember the last time I heard a new Metallica release this good. Much better that their previous effort 'St.Anger'. Ten solid modern-day (sort to speak) head-banging classics to fully take in here. Tunes I couldn't get enough of were "The End Of The Line", the heavy-hitting "Broken, Beat & Scarred", "The Judas Kiss" and the awesome "My Apocalypse". Saw Metallica this last fall with support band Down. All I have to say is that I was glad to hear the guys playing a number of these tunes off this latest CD. Keep up the good work....more info
  • Prep-Metal
    With Metallica probably being the biggest bunch of posers to walk the face of the Earth, they should start considering a tour with Hannah Montana, you know...considering they have the same fanbase....more info
  • WELCOME BACK !!!!!
    My title says what I think of this album, glad to have the old Metallica sound back.
    KILLER ALBUM...more info
  • Misses the mark again
    Lately, I've been feeling myself getting older. Not terribly old, mind you, but enough to understand a little bit of how it feels to be nostalgic for a younger, supposedly purer self. I mention this because it's the main thing I felt while listening to Death Magnetic. Nostalgia seems to be the sole purpose for this record, from its inception to its style and sound to its promotion, but that's not enough to make it a good album on the merits.

    Death Magnetic represents Metallica's second attempt to return to their 80s-vintage ferocity, and is far more successful than St. Anger. That's a pretty low bar to clear. At least some attention is paid here to the rudiments of musicianship, like proper tuning and staying in time. The songs are far more focused, and mostly seem to have been written by humans rather than Pro Tools. Kirk Hammett is allowed to have solos again, and does fine with them, though his playing is pretty repetitive.

    The biggest problem with the album is that this stuff sounds out of date now. Metallica gained a lot of its cred in the 80s on being a "thinking man's" metal band, but these days smart metal bands pack far more events into smaller spaces than Metallica does here. The songs seem long solely for the sake of being long (Suicide & Redemption, I'm looking at you), so they drag and the album as a whole doesn't hold attention. Only a few tracks - All Nightmare Long, Cyanide, and The Judas Kiss - seem to capture the concentrated force and eclectic invention of the best Metallica albums.

    Rick Rubin's production is pretty good except for one massive flaw - the album is mixed at an absurdly loud level, so loud that standard audio equipment will distort the sound overall. Rubin should know better - anyone with any knowledge of audio engineering at all should have known better, and it's a major blemish on the album. The lyrics are also lousy, relying too much on calculated "teen" angst and juvenile puns like the aforementioned All Nightmare Long.

    In the end, I can't recommend Death Magnetic. Once again, Metallica has missed the mark on recapturing their magic and made a mostly regressive album to boot. Aging is a drag, but not accepting it is counterproductive and undignified. It's OK to be 40, guys. Time to act like it. ...more info
  • Best metal album of the new millennium
    Look people, I've read a ton of these reviews and I really agree with parts of almost all of them. Rather than reiterating what's already been said, I will make it simple. Show me a better metal album which has come out this millennium, and I will go buy it. You can try to analyze it to death and compare it to previous works all you want. Metallica are not in their 20s anymore. The world is a much different place then it was when MOP came out. Death Magnetic fulfills the world's desperate need for relevant heavy metal today better than anything else out there. Sure the band has pulled some of their past work into these new songs. Did you expect the album to sound like ACDC or Metallica? Sure Metallica tried to fix the production quality issues from Anger without going all the way back to the perfectly overproduced sound of the 90s material. This is heavy metal people, not Mozart. It's not supposed to sound good on your 16 speaker Bose BMW car stereo. It's supposed to sound good on 20" speakers and live in concert, and I am sure it will. Quit listening to Metallica on headphones and go buy a real stereo people. As for the vocals, James has been tearing his vocal cords for decades to bring us the best heavy metal vocals known to man for over 25 years. Kill, Ride, and Puppets were great albums, but back then James was just a kid, and sounded like one too (go listen). In Death, he sounds like what he is today, a man who's voice is "broken, beaten, and scarred" but still capable of delivering better than anyone else in the business. As for the rest, does heavy metal music get any better than Death Magnetic? I won't even waste time going into detail. Anyone who loves the album knows what I am talking about. Those with complaints and those who feel this doesn't live up to work from the 80s, do me a favor. Pretend for a second you are looking for a new metal band and assume Death Magnetic is a new band's debut album. Listen to it loud on some big speakers (throw your ipod and headphones aside) and then tell me there's a better heavy metal album out there from this decade. Please, cause I will buy it tomorrow. Death Magnetic covers the entire spectrum of heavy metal, and in a single album defines the genre. Simply put, Death Magnetic rocks. Don't sweat the details, just turn up the volume, listen and enjoy. Who knows how many more Death Magnetics will be produced in our lifetime....more info
  • my loved it
    It was back order in the store so when I got it through Amazon he was thrilled...more info
  • Metallica Turns Back the Clock
    On Death Magnetic Metallica turns back the clock in terms of their sound and musical approach and it serves them well. Thankfully, gone are production oddities like the gargbage can drum sound of St. Anger. The first half of this disc is solid metallic thrash, but the band really hits it stride on the last five songs. The three song stretch of The Judas Kiss, Suicide & Redemption and My Apocalypse is the band's best in a long time, and is a flash of the band's brilliance in its prime. Crank it up and enjoy!...more info
  • Huh...
    "Death Magnetic" is my first album by Metallica. A lot of my friends have told me Metallica "is the balls," and others have said their albums sounds all alike, so I never bought any albums and bought more of my favs. When "Death Magnetic" came out I heard a chunk of "The Day That Never Comes" on the radio and I thought it sounded pretty cool and I had heard Metallica had a new sound on this new album so I thought I would give it a shot. I don't know if its how Metallica does it, but there is WAY too much distortion in their songs I absolutly hated the whole album. This is my opinion, but there really was no song all I could hear was BzZzZzZzZ and thats really annoying, and being a musician, its a little hard to play along when you can't hear all the instruments in the song. If thats how Metallica is, then ignore this review, but for just checking them out...this will be my first and last album by Metallica. ...more info
  • st. anger without d-tuning and tin drums?
    What can I say, it is much better than the last few albums. first track is the standout and all nightmare long video is outstanding - what the album lacks is that sonic-boom you got from the early albums (puppets) the drum track still sound tinny and the solos are un-inspired and lazy. Metallica were once great as was sabbath in its time , I don't understand why Hetfield & co. insist they don't want to remake master of puppets yet all the hardcore fans want it! they've forgotten how to thrash!! Releasing day that never comes is a BIG @#$%ing mistake worst song B-side from load (self-forfilling title) at best, fast part towards the end of the song is completly laughable, very spnal tap-esq except...and they continue with Broken,beat & scarred??? I wish somebody would fire Q-prime and get some sensable management (lars' dad -"I would delete it!") honesty is best! I can't say welcome back boys yet, but I hope they were taking notes when Lamb of God opened for them last year, felt like Ozzy in 86' when Metallica blew oz away every night. lastly NO MORE Documentaries Please!! that mosnter did more damage to this band than Al Queda does to women. I take it back, It was very endering to see James go see his little daughter's dance lesson, but on the other hand, Lars came off even a bigger douche-bag than ever!!...more info
  • Good album, poor audio quality
    I have no musical skills and do not have the trained ear of a musician or a sound technician. I just listen to music. Even my untrained ears can hear that there are problems with the audio quality of Death Magnetic. Lars Ulrich's drums and cymbals sound especially bad - almost like he is playing on a toy drum set or, even worse, like he is the guy beating on plastic buckets at a subway station. The drums and cymbals do not have the natural resonance and slow fade that they should have. They sound very flat. The sound overall is loud and clipped - lacking clarity of high and low tones.

    I have listened to Death Magnetic with headphones and in a couple of different stereos and on ipod, and the sound problems are apparent no matter what format or device I listen to the album on. Probably the best place to hear these songs will be live, in concert if they come to your town.

    If it was not for the poor audio quality, this would be one of my favorite Metallica albums. (My favorite is Master of Puppets.) Stylistically, the songs on this album seem to draw strong inspiration from all of Metallica's previous albums. They are perhaps too similar to previous songs, almost lacking originality. However, at least they are similar to many of Metallica's best songs, making very few tracks on this album tracks you would skip over. The album overall is heavier than their more recent offerings....more info
  • Hail the first REAL Metallica album in 20 years!!!
    I have loathed every Metallica album released since the Black album. I admittedly liked the "Black Album" but felt it was an overall turn for the worst from the same band that brought us masterpieces like "Master Of Puppets" and "...and Justice for All." I was proven right after the putrid "music" released from the 'Loads' to St. Anger (arguably the worst metal album ever recorded). I could have easily ignored "Death Magnetic" but thanks to my gullible nature, I picked it up.

    All I have to say is I am glad I got it. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater described it as "the first real Metallica album in 20 years." I wholeheartedly agree. It only loses a star with me for production issues. I don't know who decided on the compression rate used for the final release, but that person miscalculated badly. To remedy the problem, it is a good idea to adjust your levels for less midrange and more bass to even it out. If you have a good sound system, you will quickly know what I am talking about. If you have a less desirable may not matter.

    Death Magnetic sounds like the same band that Metallica once was with an update in sound. Sure, there are hints of the more recent releases from the band, but they have pulled off a helluva ride! Good job, guys. Can you do it again??? We shall see. ...more info
  • Quality Performance marred by poor production
    When I was 16 years old, trying to record my band, I ran some line level inputs into a microphone mixer. The result was an overly compressed, poor sounding signal, as I was overdriving the mic inputs with the line level, and the signal was "clipped." I considered this recording session a failure, and learned a valuable lesson about audio levels.

    I find it disturbing that sound engineers these days are intentionally recording music to sound compressed and distorted using brick wall limiting that literally chops off waveforms over a certain level, and then the overall level is maximized on the CD during mastering.

    The sound of this album is akin to the volume knob on a stereo being turned up too loud, beyond the ability of the amplifier. The trouble is, when you turn the music down, it still has this same distortion.

    This is a shame, because this album represents the best performances we have heard from Metallica in years. If I could give separate ratings for performance and recording I would give five stars for performance, however the clipping on this album bothers me so much, I can't really enjoy it. The loudness war continues....more info
  • Good but recycled
    Death Magnetic is far better than the St Anger and Load sessions Although Load has some good stuff, it was not Metallica metal music. With Death Magnetic there is a bit of a return to pre-Bob Rock days. The album here is much harder and faster than we have heard from Hetfield and boys for over a decade. I like this work, but I keep feeling like this is a forced effort and something is missing specifically the musical epics and themes are missing here. There are a lot of solid riffs here and jam sessions with decent lyrics, but this doesnt sound like a band with creative musical abilities that gave us Creeping Death, One or even Enter Sandman. I like that they tried to go back and give us a new instrumental piece with "Suicide and Redemption", but again, there seems to be a missing element here where the music used seemed to make sense together. We can hear recycled music efforts of Master of Puppets, Battery, One, Dyers Eve and the For Whom the Bell Tolls. ...more info
  • Surprisingly good.
    Okay, enough with the negative Metallica reviews, let's right something positive they have accomplished.

    Ever since the Black Album, Metallica had been on a decline. Apparently selling out, they cut their hair and released Load and Reload, which was mediocre at best. Then in 2000, Lars sued Napster, making people think that they just wanted money and nothing else. Then in 2003, lo and behold, they release their worst album ever, St. Anger. Gone are the fast thrash metal sounds and guitar solos, hello nu-metal.

    So five years later, many people were surprised at this album, which, in my opinion, is their best one since ...And Justice For All. Their fast, loud tempos are back, as well as the fast guitar solos. And the drums actually sound good, unlike the trashcan drums of St. Anger. Also returning, not since ...And Justice for All, is an instrumental, which is their longest yet, clocking in at almost ten minutes.

    The songs on this album are enjoyable, and I think there is not a dull one on here. Some of my favorites include The End of the Line, All Nightmare Long, Cyanide, and The Unforgiven III, but all the other tracks are great as well.

    So even if you are still squeamish about St. Anger, check this album out. Let's just hope the band continues in this direction. ...more info
  • Returns to roots without being stale or repetitive
    First I should say that I started liking Metallica at the Black album then "discovered" their origins and liked them even more going backward. My other favorites are Master of Puppets and And Justice For All. I am not an overly-dedicated fan - I like what I actually like, and I was bored by most of what came after Black and nauseated by Saint Anger. Death Magnetic for me is about as cool as these three favorites, but clearly different. The other thing that draws me to DM is the fact that so much music right now seems to be in a stale, boring rut and this is a healthy slap in the face of all that.

    Now that I have read some complaints and explanations about compression, I suppose I 'd say I notice that too and it does detract from "what could have been". I don't think it a glaring, horrible thing though. I would have said, otherwise, that the main thing missing from this album is some of the softer, acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar interludes that used to provide for a creative tension with the heavier shred in songs like One and M of P. Personally, one production improvement I like is that it seemed occasionally on older Metallica the drums were too loud, and this album is not like that.

    Anyhow, the point of new music is not to nearly-remake an old song as a new song, which would be lame, or to over-use any formula. This is new Metallica that seems to draw on old passions and style preferences while interpreting some modern influences well. It takes "measured" risks into new territory with essentially none of those risks turning into the disaster that I think Saint Anger was. The modest level of risk may have sacrificed some exciting reward that we didn't get, but overall the result is really good. I also appreciate the return to guitar-leadership and the use of "non-4-4 time" and complex and dramatic rythm guitar riffing and the tight interplay of drum and guitar parts.

    There are quite a few long-lived bands that I liked for only a portion of their careers and then found myself wishing they'd get out of a commercial rut and return to what once made them different. Some bands have tried that, seemingly in desperation, and produced something lame that almost dilutes my appreciation of their older stuff. And I like some new bands, so it's not about being stuck in the past. It's just about how difficult it is to continue being interesting and innovative over decades. Metallica is the only band I can think of lately that really pulled this off. For folks who like the other Metallica that I like most, mostly heavy but not only the heaviest shred, untamed but still well thought out, innovative without being too obscure... you'll like DM. ...more info
  • Music - YES Sound - NO
    This will undoubtedly be just a drop in the ocean of reviews of this album, but here goes.
    The songs are the best batch they've come up with in a long time. The guys just sound like they're going for it. They sound hungry. I won't throw out any "And Justice For All comparisons, because this doesn't have the dry, tightly structured feel of that. This is much more like "Master of Puppets".
    Now on to the real issue. I've been reading everywhere about the issues people have with the sound of the CD. I hadn't checked the album out yet, so I figured I'd dive in. I have pretty good ears - can you hear the high pitch coming out of a TV even if there's no sound? - so I will simplify the audio argument. I don't speak in + or - dBs and I won't talk about waveforms and clipping (though it is a very simple concept). For people who don't know what to listen for - like that *%@# idiot Jim from "That Metal Show" - this is for you. Cue up "My Apocalypse". Flattened guitars for thirty seconds and then Lars comes in with the double time (at 0:31). And everything turns to mud. It's like the guitars are eating the drums or vice versa. REALLY LISTEN to his drums. You can hear the snare hits sure, but what about the high and low end? They are almost completely gone. Your mind is telling you that he's killing that kick drum, but you can hardly hear it. It's got a sound like someone thwacking a rubber eraser on a school desk. The same with the cymbals. You sense they're being hit, but it barely registers as an actual sound.
    Now, does this affect the enjoyment of the music? I think so. I had a headache after listening deeply to "My Apocalypse" at medium volume on headphones, and I often listen to Sunn O))) and Boris at 2/3 volume with no problems.
    I have now acquired the Guitar Hero 3 versions of the album. Thank God for torrents (ha ha Lars). The sound is much more balanced. The guitars don't jump out at you like the album mix does, but the music has a better overall feel. You can hear the cymbal hits, the bass is more present. Though the bass drum still sounds a bit odd (that must've been the way it came through originally). You'll have to turn this up a bit more than the release version to enjoy it, but it sounds better loud than that one does. The GH 3 mix actually sounds a lot more like an album Rick Rubin would produce. "Reign In Blood" and the first Danzig album come to mind.
    So if you can get a hold of both versions of the songs, I think you'll find this mix much easier on your cranium. Kudos to Metallica for making this kicka$$ music. It's just too bad the controversy over the distorted mix detracts from the fact that this is a GREAT ALBUM!...more info
  • It's About Time!
    Even though I actually did like St. Anger, I definitely felt it paled in comparison to Master of Puppets and And Justice For All. It was good to hear a really, really solid Metallica album in "Death Magnetic". I like that they shied away from the Nu-Metal sound and went back to their "classic" style. The guitars are definitely thicker than their traditional sound but stylistically, it's pretty classic Metallica.

    My favorite song on the album is "Broken, Beaten & Scarred". I love the riff on that one. And the solo section is killer as well. Oh yes, I must mention that they've gone back to putting changes in the songs. So you get the classic thrash of old Metallica that we all love them for. I really like "The Day That Never Comes". That one's slower but has a great solo and thrash section as well.

    I could go on listing songs but the point is that this album is back to the thrash style and if you like old Metallica, you will like this album. It's better than anything else they did after "And Justice For All". Look, nothing's going to top their early stuff... they're in their 50s for Christ's sake! But for a bunch of 50 year olds, they can really kick some serious metal jams!...more info
  • Back for the better
    Metallica had a lot riding on this album - there was tremendous pressure on them to come up with a good record what with all the expectation on them.
    To their credit, they have delivered a better product than the previous 'St. Anger' album. This album has gone back to their roots and tapped into them heavily. Great licks and the return of Kirk's solos go with the well-produced sound.
    This is highly recommended for Metallica fans, and for the masses of rock fans as well. ...more info
    No doubt about it, the band's best work since Puppets! The "new addition" of Trujillo on bass linked with Hammett (sheer artistry on lead guitar!), Ulrich (back-bone jarring work on the kit!) and Hetfield (vocals, are the best he's sounded in years) make this a true classic! Better buy a backup copy 'cause you're gonna wear the first one out! ...more info