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Cowon 16 GB Portable Multimedia Player (Black)
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $155.74

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Product Description

The iAudio D2 16GB Video, Photo and MP3 Portable Player can play music up to 104 hours and movie up to 20 hours. It is an ultra-stylish and feature filled miniature PMP. Its 2.5" LCD touchscreen produces an ultra-sharp picture that's perfect for viewing movies and pictures and its small size makes it more convenient for the road than larger portable media devices. The D2 has a built-in FM tuner as well as support for MP3, WMA, OGG WAV, APE and FLAC Codecs.

Take your media everywhere with the versatile Cowon D2-16BL 16 GB Portable Media Player. Features include a 2.5-inch LCD touchscreen, wide video and audio file format support, audio recording via internal microphone or line-in jack, FM radio, clock/alarm, TV output, and more--all in an ultra-portable package.

Take your media everywhere. View larger.

The D2 supports SD, MMC, and MMC-plus flash memory via the built-in SD card slot, so you'll never run out of memory. View larger.

The stylus doubles as a stand for extended viewing.

Compact Size. Jumbo View.
The D2's touch-sensitive, 16-million color 24-bit 2.5-inch LCD screen maximizes your viewing experience. Enjoy finer details and richer colors from your movies and images. Also, sharing memories with your loved ones has never been easier. Watch it, read it, and view it on your big screen TV or high-resolution monitor using the TV output.

Touch screen interface.
Use the D2's stylus touchpen for navigating your player's contents. It also doubles as a kickstand for extended viewing. The "Virtual Click" overlay navigation function lets you enjoy the convenience of navigating through the other contents in your player while watching video. Detailed information, such as file size, pixel, and format, can be viewed while browsing through files. The direct searching feature allows you to move instantly to the position you've clicked on from the progress bar while you're playing music or movies.

Format Freedom
Don't limit yourself. In addition to 320 x 240 30fps (frames per second) QVGA videos, the D2 will play MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, and WAV file formats. ID3 support lets you browse your files by artists, genres, and albums. Use the screen to view lyrics while listening to your favorite tunes. Enhance your experience with customizable EQ, bass boost, and stereo effects. The MP Enhance feature compensates for sound quality lost in compression. Cowon's JetAudio VX software is used to create high-compression files for quality playback on Cowon D2, and use Jetshell to play and manage your multimedia library

Plenty of Room
In addition to the on-board 16 GB of storage, the D2 supports SD, MMC, and MMC-plus flash memory via the built-in SD card slot, so you'll never run out of memory. Transfer files freely from/to other digital devices, such as digital camera, PDA, and more.

Hours of Power
The D2's rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of video, and up to 52 hours of music on a single charge. Wherever you go, free yourself from worrying about interruption of your music. The D2 can be charged via USB cable or standard wall adapter.

Recording Features
The built-in microphone optimized for voice recording can be used to easily record meetings and lectures. Line-in recording capability allows recording of sound output from CDP, MD, TV, and other playback devices. Use the clock to schedule recording of FM radio.

Tools of the Trade
Cowon's JetAudio VX software is used to create high-compression files for quality playback on Cowon D2. Jetshell is capable of playing and managing of various multimedia allowing seamless integration of multimedia library.

Take Your Data, Too
Cowon D2 is automatically recognized as a removable disk when you connect it to your PC via the USB cable. USB 2.0 supports transmission of maximum 40 Mbps speed.

What's in the Box
Cowon D2-16BL 16 GB Portable Multimedia Player (Black), stylus, earphones, USB cable, AC adapter, QuickGuide, installation CD.

  • Video and audio player with FM tuner, voice recorder, and text and photo viewer
  • 2.5-inch, 24-bit QVGA (320 x 240) touchscreen LCD with 16 million colors
  • Up to 52 hours of music playback (10 hours of video) on one charge
  • 16 GB built-in memory; SD/SDHC card memory expansion
  • DRM-protected content support (PlaysForSure, etc.)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product, does so many things.
    I really love this product, I am using it mostly for the MP3 player function, but it does a ton of other stuff. I never used a touch screen before, but it was easy to use and I like it better than buttons now. I got it as a replacement for a hard drive based mp3 player that was over 5 years old. What a difference! It also plays video and has an FM radio. It also has a resume function (in settings) you can turn on, which picks up where you left off when it's turned back on (really nice feature for podcasts). You can look at text files, it has a calculator, and a little drawing program. It has an SD card slot which I haven't used yet, but will be very useful later when it gets more filled up. I use it at work - I pop it in the drawer, put in the earbud, and listen to it all day. Just playing music, I could go almost all week on a single charge. It charges thru the USB port but also comes with an AC adapter that charges twice as fast. I record alot of FM radio shows, and was AMAZED that it clearly picked up the stations I listen to (I live WAY OUT in the country). It also can record line-in from a stereo, but be sure to get the line-in adapter cable for that. It uses the same input for the line-in and AC adapter, which is a very small slot, smaller than the mini USB slot it uses for the computer cable connection. Also check out the reviews on youtube, they have a bunch of really detailed ones there....more info
  • Cowon rules if features are your thing
    The Cowon D2 is a fine PMP. It plays far more file types than the majority of players. It has a radio--you can record radio programs and even schedule ahead of time to record. That's quite handy when you have it. I think the navigation is very easy once you know the player, but can seem complicated next to an iPod. But the iPod is so simple to navigate because it is a simple player; it doesn't come close to the features or ability to customize like Cowon players. There are small issues with this device (radio reception is not as good as my Cowon X5L, and the file system needs some refinement) but it excels in so many areas that it's a great player over all. I love Cowon's steadfast support for OGG and will always look to them first when I am in the market for a new player. I am happy with this purchase [but do wish Cowon would make a hard drive-based player that's not focused on video play back]....more info
  • Simply the best mp3 player there is
    There's not a better mp3 player on the market. It has great sound, long battery life and will easily drive my high-end headphones without any extra boost to amplification.

    Some people have complained of database corruption, but that problem has been solved with the latest firmware, readily available online and no trouble to update, if you you don't get the latest firmware when you buy it. My Cowon has 16gb onboard, and I have a 32gb SDHC card, plus two 16gb cards for extra storage. (The only limit on a single card is 4000 files and folders per card.) That is a huge amount of music, and I can listen for days without having to recharge.

    I can't comment about video because I only use it for mp3s of classical music. I am very happy with my purchase and can recommend it without hesitation.
    ...more info
  • interface needs polish
    The battery life, screen quality, sound quality, storage capacity are all great.
    The user interface is awkward and for on-the-go usage the fonts are small. I
    usually have to stop walking, fumble through four or five menus, and finally
    queue up whatever I want to listen to.
    I have also had issues with the player forgetting the names of tracks, which is
    usually cured by a reboot or two, but still...
    It would be nice if it had a 'hibernate' mode, too -- it generally takes 5-10
    seconds for it to turn on and get to the point where it will play music....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    I just received my Cowon D2 MP3 player this afternoon. So far, I am very happy about my purchase.

    Other people had good comments about the player and I mostly agree, but I just wanted to add some things that I considered useful.

    Initially I hesitated to buy the product because it had bad reviews about its bad FM radio, but reception is excellent for the two stations that I listen to. I actually purchased another radio player just to listen to the radio, but I can safely return it to the seller now. I have to warn though that some (only a couple, actually) of the stations did have some minor sound issues, which is none of my worries. You can actually record what you hear from the radio as well, which might be useful if you want to record interesting bits of a radio broadcast (like title of the radio clip so you can download it from the internet or something).

    Another feature that I am really excited about is D2's voice recording capabilities. I am a student and am planning to record some of my lectures this semester. I tried recording my own voice this afternoon and the recorder works really well. I am really pleased with recording function.

    It's also cool that it can automatically display multiple languages. The MP3 player that I had before displayed boxes or other symbols whenever there was asian language. I did not have to do anything to D2 and it displays different languages--Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

    I don't like or dislike the pen thing that came with D2. Most of the time I can navigate the screen without it, but is is needed when I want to use the notepad function or want to play a music clip from the place I like or something like that.

    I still have not explored all the good things about D2, but I am really happy about what I got so far.

    ...more info
  • Very good media player
    The good:
    -All materials are very scratch resistant. No case or screen protector and after several months, not a mark. The whole thing looks like new.
    -Nice overall size. With a touch screen you don't need any extra room for controls.
    The screen is big enough for TV shows; I just wouldn't watch Lawrence of Arabia on it.
    -Battery life is just phenomenal. Even with video. This is something I always look for in a portable device.
    -Video quality is very good, although probably not hard to accomplish with a screen this small. You do have to process video through their Jet Audio/video application but it is easy and goes pretty fast.
    -Plays lossless (flac) music format.
    -16 gigs is a good size for me; no hard drive, so very durable.
    -Used standard connecter for charging and data transfer. I hate portable devices like this (and phones) with proprietary connectors.

    The bad (or at least not good)
    -Takes a while to get used to the touch screen and to hit what you want to hit. Part of having a small size though.
    -Text on screen is tiny. Very difficult to read unless you put it up to your face. There is a lot of information on the screen, when all I really want is the song name, artist, album, and duration. People have developed custom "skins" to correct this and I will try to figure out how to use one of them.
    -Bookmarks hard to access/use. Also, you can't update an existing bookmark and are forced to make a new one each time. They accumulate and you have to clean them up quite often if you are listening to an audiobook or a large music library.
    ...more info
  • Elegant, high-tech paperweight
    Really - once you accept the impossibility of loading media files onto this thing, it disappoints only in being too small for a doorstop.

    I was delayed in this realization by my silly expectation of using the D2 to play MP3 and AVI files. I had ignored all the warnings here and on other websites about D2 "database corruption". I figured they were isolated defects or simply people who are technically challenged. The D2 has been out for at least 18 months... surely Cowon would have all the major bugs out(?)

    But I DO know what I'm doing, and in the first several weeks of ownership I have spent FAR more time loading files than listening to them. I have updated the firmware, cleaned and changed ID3 tags, cleared memory, reloaded in small chunks, forced countless database rebuilds by language change and moving files in and out of the System folder, used the Panasonic formatter, flattened folder trees, etc etc.

    The symptom is always the same: after some change the D2 forgets all or many of the folders already loaded and previously working. And then it starts locking up whenever an SD card is accessed.

    I've tried every fix out there because, like most owners, I really wanted the D2 to work. It's a beautiful piece of engineering with terrific features. I am so sorry that Cowon has left this unfinished. If the D2 just had a way to force an absolutely total database rebuild, I could live with it. But mine has to go back.

    My advice is to stay away. Nobody needs these hassles. Find a player that just works. Maybe a Cowon, but their support on the D2 shows that they really don't care after the sale, and the newer O2 has gotten terrible reviews....more info
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Cowon
    I recently owned the Cowon Iaudio7 and when that one went missing there was no doubt where I was going to go for my next player.

    The first reason is simply because this player has the exact same audio hardware and effectors as the iaudio7 which frankly delivers the best sound from any portable player I've ever heard. The main difference is that the amp in the D2 is stronger which unfortunately can cause some bass roll off in the extremely low ranges, but that can usually be tweaked out via effectors. For those debating this product just think of it as the "Audiophile's player." The D2 like the Iaudio7 also plays ogg, flac and other formats that allow for ridiculous audio quality.

    Videos look good on the screen and conversion isn't all that difficult with 3GP (profiles can be found online easily.) The bitrates it supports for videos aren't going to wow visually though. Over a certain bitrate they get choppy or go black entirely, leading you to reencode to a so-so looking video.

    The player itself isn't pretty like a touch or iphone, the trend follows into the device's interface as well but if you're reading this review I assume you're not here for pretty (hence the review title.) The player is quick and responsive, and the touch screen is accurate enough to not hinder usability. While there's a notable improvement in the interface design compared to previous Cowon products it's still pretty basic. You can change the background image, and if you upgrade the player with the Korean version of the firmware you'll be able to insert user created flash files to use as the menu for the actual music section, and install custom icons for the main menu.

    One of my favorite features of the D2 is the external SDHC slot which has been tested and proven to work with the newer 32gb cards. The D2 doesn't need any extra junkware to transfer files, just plug in, drag and drop. It will show its internal and external memory as separate drives which is oh so nice.

    Another great point is the battery life. On one charge I usually get about 45 hours of music and 8 for video. It's frankly amazing how Cowon gets that much time out of their players. The D2 will charge from the wall with the included charger (which oddly enough came with a European attachment out of the box) or via USB. USB takes about twice as long (up to 7 hours) for a full charge however.

    The Good:
    -Good screen
    -EXCELLENT audio
    -Up to 32gb external storage
    -Amazing battery life
    -Excellent customization (with Korean firmware)

    The Bad:
    -So-so video quality
    -Lack of customization in default firmware
    -Bass roll off at low frequencies

    The Cowon:
    -Not the most visually appealing player
    -Basic interface
    -In hold mode volume buttons can be used for previous/next

    Final thoughts: This player is perfect for those who buy their own headphones. You'd be wasting your time with regular in ear headphones. Personally I use Sennheiser PX-100's on the go and HD220's at home. While it won't drive super high end headphones it will power more than most....more info
  • Cowon D2 is the King of PMP and MP3 Players
    Buy it. I know you can't see it or touch it in a store before you purchase, but THAT WON'T MATTER ! The screen is great, pushing buttons to get through menus is a pain in the arse on other players, but on the D2 it's fast, intuitive, and similar to using a touchscreen PDA, yet better. The sound is by far the BEST I have listened to, and I like it loud. Previous players were Apple shuffles, 2 Nanos, and a Sansa E280, all of which were lower volume players with lousy eq's, and crappy firmware that locked up. The Cowon is amped for the audiophile AND the guy who wants it loud and I do for when I am riding the motorcycle. The D2 drives the volume in the headphones well enough for me to hear just fine at 45 mph on the bike. The others were drowned out at that speed. 16 GB ? Killer... over 2500 songs on mine and I plugged in a $20 4GB card for storing photos and stuff. It's rugged and the firmware has not been at all quirky and I've had it over a month. Just buy it...if I'm wrong send it back, so what if you can't touch it first, trust Amazon ! info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I absolutely love this media player. It has everything I could have asked for and more. I upgraded from a Creative Zen 20GB, and although I downgraded my space, the features it offers make up for it! The integrated flash player is a bonus, as I was able to add several mini-games (found on forums) that I could play. The video feature played videos extremely nice with no problems (after converting correctly), the sound enhancements for music were excellent (it even has a play speed feature, which can slow a song down if need be). The text viewer/writer, calculators, and pictures all work great. I hope this player will last many years to come, because this will definitely be one that I use on a daily basis! ...more info
  • Oh So Satisfying...Especially After An iPod!
    Before this little technological angel, I'd owned a Video iPod ever since it first came out on market. I thought the iPod was genius with its video capabilities. Well, after 3 long years of strenuous use, I upgraded to this Cowon D2 16 GB PMP, and it was really REALLy an upgrade.

    First, I never thought my iPod sucked when it came to audio, but now I do after hearing my music through Cowon. The equalizer is fairly limited to Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, etc. but its jewel is really the bass enhancers, 3D surround option, stereo enhance and MP enhance. The sound is just amazing compared to my iPod, and I'm completely ready to use my iPod as a backup's backup external hard drive now.

    Second, the physical aspects are quite enjoyable. The touchscreen is a huge plus for me, but that's just for me. I hear it is annoying to some people, but I love the thought of having more physical interaction with dealing with my files. Maneuverability is great, and the color is brilliant. The speed of the Cowon is a whole lot faster than the video iPod when both have the same amount of space taken. I haven't tried movie files yet, but I don't think I will able to, concerning I have a Mac. I can also put up my own wallpapers for the player. I have a very brilliant purple sunset wallpaper for my Cowon, and I love staring at it, the picture quality is so great.

    There is a great case called JAVOSkin that sells for $9.99, or that plus a screenprotector for $16.97 in total. I've just ordered them, and I haven't received them yet, but all the reviews are fantastic. Usually, cases for mp3/PMP players go for more that 10 bucks, so that was a huge plus for my scarce pocketchange.

    This PMP was a little tinier than I expected, but for a small chick like me, it ended up being the perfect size. It's lighter than a video iPod, a lot smaller, a little thicker, but entirely more masterful.
    Also, I bought an extra 16GB SDHC card to go with it. In total, I spent $250 for the Cowon D2 16GB PMP, the 16GB SDHC card, the JAVOSKin case and the JAVOSkin screen protector. I say that was a WHOLE lot better than spending the same on an Apple product, although I do have to add that I happen to be an Apple fan....more info
  • A pleasant surprise
    The Cowon D2 16G is a pleasant surprise, not without some small negatives, depending on what is important to you in a music/video player.

    To put my review in proper context: I use the player mostly in one place, so I am not concerned with "mobility" issues such as being able to control the player by touch while walking, running, etc. My priorities are quality audio and stable firmware. Video and other functionality is secondary. I have been using the player for about 2 months.

    Unlike the new S9, which costs about 33% more, everything you need to charge and begin using the D2 is included in the box.

    The size of the player is to me ideal. I feared it would be too small but it fits nicely in the palm of the hand - too large to misplace easily, not too large to just keep in a pocket. The feel is relatively substantial, not cheap or "plastic." A stylus is included for the touch screen but it's been easy to just use my finger. The screen wipes clean easily when necessary.

    No freezes, reboots, or other firmware malfunctions have occurred.

    Sound quality is, as advertised, extremely good. I use Bose noise-cancelling headphones nearly all the time, even when the noise cancellation is not required, because I enjoy the sound quality. With the Cowon, I have noticed increased detail in much of the music I've played so far as compared with prior devices I have used and am enjoying the music much more. Music clarity and enjoyment is great at what I would consider low volume, though I have noticed no deterioration in quality when I've pushed the player to much higher volumes. The flexibility to adjust the sound using EQ, BBE, and some other tweaks is a great addition and allows one great flexibility to match one's individual listening preference. In short the audio quality and features are worth the price of this player.

    The video quality is outstanding and the screen is surprisingly easy to watch, but there does not seem to be too much in the way of Cowon-ready legal video available. The included desktop software will allow conversion of video files you do have to a format playable on the D2 and is very easy to use.

    The interface is a little clunky and one has to learn it by trial and error as there is no real helpful manual (there are a couple of forum sites available where you can find tips). This is a negative, small for me but possibly more meaningful to others. Navigation is not too difficult but frankly was easier on a prior player I had used which was several years old. There are also some weird quirks that I have not solved. Ex, 1) a random album that plays in the correct order on other players will not play in the same correct order on the D2. 2) Songs that seem on my desktop or other players to be properly identified by song title may be listed as only "Track xx" ("xx" = a number) on the D2. Upon playing the song the proper info, album art, etc. is visible. 3) The player won't play an album such as "Dark Side of the Moon" where tracks blend into each other without a space between the tracks (my prior player could handle that easily). 4) If you have navigated to a track you don't seem to be able to get detail on that track without playing it. 5) No ability to set up playlists other than the Dynamic Playlist (DPL) on the player (that's one playlist). The DPL function works fine but many people might miss the ability to set up their own multiple playlists.

    The desktop SW, except for video file conversion, is not useful to me.

    A final plus is that the device is easily recognized as an external storage device by my PC. This allows drag and drop functionality through Windows Explorer. This also allows perhaps a way around the playlist issue by allowing one to create a folder of songs which can then be selected on the player.

    I recommend a protective cover. I purchased the form-fitting leather cover for around $20 from Cowon (JetAudio). I am a fan of these types of cases for electronic devices and it offers excellent protection and access to all features.

    I would buy this player again as it delivered what I had hoped for - great audio quality and (despite the minor issues I noted) fairly trouble-free use. At $160-$170 on Amazon it's a great value....more info
  • Not for audio books, at least not yet
    I bought this as an update to the Cowon D2 8gb I currently own. I listen almost entirely to audiobooks, half from Audible, half as mp3 files from groups such as librivox. Unfortunately, the firmware for this player (version 2.54, if memory serves) does not display the titles of Audible files in the music list. Neither does 2.57, the most recent firmware from the Cowon website. I installed 2.51, the version running on my 8gb player, and it does display the titles of Audible files -- but unfortunately, it only recognizes 8gb of space, rendering this 16gb player a rather poor upgrade.

    If you listen to audio books, my advice remains the same: get the 8gb version and install version 2.51 of the Cowon firmware....more info
  • BEWARE! Package from JetAudio without the player!
    I ordered from Jet Audio because it was a few dollars cheaper than other vendors, including directly from Amazon. The package arrived, and I was excited...until I opened it and discovered that no player was present. I am still waiting for a refund. It's been over a month now. I am about ready to have my credit card company take over that process....more info
  • Best I ever purchased!
    I did tons of research before purchasing this unit in August 2008 and based upon the reviews and comparisons I read my choice was easy. I have been using it hard since then and I am TOTALLY satisfied.

    1. Sound Quality: You must be tired hearing it by now but the sound quality on this thing is awesome. There are almost infinite options for tweeking it just to your liking. I have also purchased a 60GB Toshiba Gigabeat and a 16GB Creative Zen and this beats them both.

    2. Earbuds: I don't know if I got the last good pair of COWON earbuds but I actually like the ones that came supplied with the unit. They give better sound reproduction than my Sennheiser MX500s that I bought when I had my Gigabeat.

    3. Battery Life: Great. Probably best-in-class.

    4. Reliability: Great. Has never skipped a beat. My Gigabeat had stopped working within months of purchase.

    5. Touch screen User Interface: After a very short learning curve it becomes second nature & intuitive.

    6. Screen: Photo reproduction is great and pictures can be manipulated via the touch screen and can be set as your wallpaper.

    7. Screen: Video playback is quite good for a screen this size.

    This Unit goes with me on my runs. A few miles 3 times a week. I also use the Sony Mdr-As20J Active Style Headphones with Soft Loop Hangers (Black)
    and the Cowon D2 JAVOSkin - Soft Low-Profile Case (Black)and together, these 3 represent the best piece of excercise equipment I ever bought!

    ...more info
  • OH SO Disappointed!
    I purchased the 16 D2 along with a 16 gig SDHC card. I thought that would give me 32 gigs. It didn't. The player didn't recognize the card, and I tried everything!

    The player is advertised "Podcast Ready," but my player sure wasn't! Another oddity about the player was that when I connected it to my computer, it had a folder titled, "Audible" but when I turned the player on, that folder along with whatever files I placed in there were nowhere to be found.

    Even worse, the videos that I saved on the D2, after converting with the provided Jet Media software, were very poor quality. The voices never matched the lips. That just drove me bonkers!

    This player is in a class all by itself for sure. It was a perfect size player with a nice screen, a touch screen interface, and little extras that really made me want it to work. For example, you can draw on the screen like a palm pilot and save the drawings or notes. But if it doesn't work for the main reason of purchase, (audio & video) then it's not worth the money.

    I have three other Cowon iAudio mp3 players that I adore, which lead me to purchase this one. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be a huge disappointment :( ...more info
  • Sounds great, and very attractive, too!
    The sound is amazing, and it's very slick to look at. I chose it based on reviews that rate this player best in audio (after creative zen which seems to break easily), and I just love it. It's very cute and compact, and all my gadget-geek friends are ready to fling their new iPods out the window when they see it. It's awsome. I love that it mounts on the computer like a regular hard drive, making file management very easy. Also comes with a great utility for compressing audio to loseless formats. (Recommend AviDemux for the video, though.) Has a handy stylus pen that doubles as a kick-stand for the player, which is a nice touch. Has an equalizer utility, and other audio settings, also has a text reader and notepad with you can draw or write on. Radio sounds fantastic, too. I recommend the Cowon leather case to protect it, because it closes right over the screen with a magnetic catch, and also get the D2 JAVOScreen 2 Ultra Clear screen protector. Also recommend Sennheiser cx500 earphones....more info
  • Cowon PMP
    I just love learning how to use the PMP. Now I am able to download music and books. Also, I have a subscription to podcasts. My grandson, Turner, likes to watch the slideshow while I record talks. He is 5 years old. The pictures a super clear and it is fun to listen to music while watching.
    ...more info
  • Awesome sound, questionable menu
    Love the sounds coming out of this thing! best MP3 player i have ever listed to, for sure. If you want to use a subscription service like Rhapsody, you have to change the default settings for USB connection on the D2, to MTP, then it works fine and you play on the go music.
    After using Creative and Sandisk's menus, this thing is a nightmare to navigate, especially while driving, or otherwise occupied - extremely non intuitive, definitely have to study the manual to figure it out, and I am a pc pro. Thats my only complaint - oops except for the stupid triangle stylus that cannot be stored anywhere - why not put a standard stylus with a holder???, otherwise I love it - great screen, nice small overall size (body), and loud with a great EQ....more info
  • Cowon D2 multimedia
    Great player, with lots posibilities. I use it mainly for music but because I travel (USA-EUROPE) a lot and I use it also to watch TV series. Small screen but very good resolution. You have to convert downloaded tv program but that is very easy to do with the included software. Battery life is indeed long. So no worries when traveling. With an extra 16 Gb card I have 32 Gb available enough for my music collection and a lot of TV series episodes.
    Great value. ...more info
  • Completely Satisfied
    This product is not over-rated! I found it to be precisely as advertised. The quality of construction is excellent and the utilization of soft-keys on the screen and hard-keys on the top of this unit is a good balance. Picture quality is excellent. Sound quality is excellent. It is a good picture and text viewer and the output of video and audio with the accessory adapter cables is good. You will not be disappointed with this media player. If you want ultimate portability and battery life, this is the unit to get....more info
  • caution
    The D2 sounds fantastic and is very solid-the touch screen is a problem for playing tracks it is too small and hard to read unless one is stationary. I returned it for a refund because it would not play tracks in the proper order i.e. 1,2,3,... it would only play in alpha mode. It took me three days to get through to Cowon tech support and I spent almost two hours in two sessions typing to the support staff. The whole matter could have been dealt with in 15 minutes by phone but OH NO we have to sit and type-must be a geek thing but it sure as hell isn't an efficient way to deliver service. Cowon suggested that my existing mp3 files were not properly tagged however they work just fine on an iPod and two different iRiver players. Bottom line I spent over twenty hours trying different tagging programs to get the files to play in order on the D2 and finally said the hell with it and sent it back. I will miss the sound but Cowon needs to create firmware that can handle various id tags-right now it is a geek's toy. Buy with caution and buy where you can return it....more info