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Garmin StreetPilot c330 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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  • Garmin StreetPilot c330
    So far, so good. Does everything as advertised. Updated maps from Garmin is easy on the PC IF you don't mind the price. Would recommend....more info
  • Can't be fooled....
    I have never owned a GPS so I thougth I'd start with a factory refurbished one so I could learn more about them without a larger investment in a new one. Living in a rural area for the past 8 years and learning many back roads I decided to see if the StreetPilot c330 knew its stuff. I tried many times to confuse it with turning right instead of left, as instructed, intentionally trying get it to give me a wrong turn or two. This never happened and it recalculated my course quickly and got me going in the right direction and to my destination. It knows all the dead-end roads in my area and even a road that is about 300 yards long named township road A.... I found out that many local people who use this road didn't know its name.

    I don't know yet if I'll update the maps because the road information seems to be accurate and current. The only thing I noticed is that some of the info on resturants, gas stations, and logging is outdated due to closings and/or new construction and ownership changes.

    Best $80 I've spent on an electronic gaget.... easy to use, program, and very intuitive. Being retired I will make good use of the StreetPilot in my travels.
    ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c330
    I was sceptical of refurbished products but this one works great. I plan to take a trip north this summer and wanted a GPS device. I don't have a great need for one so this is just right for the price. It is very easy to program and the recall of favorites is very easy to use. It is very accurate and responsive....more info
  • Great GPS for the money
    The Garmin Street Pilot C330 is a discontinued GPS due to the advent of Garmin's Nuvi line of products, which is kinda too bad because this is a great little unit. Unlike other GPS units I have owned, it is completely intuitive to use. You can get this GPS for 70-80 dollars so don't go paying 200 for it. Even though it is discontinued, the new map updates that Garmin issues are compatible with it. I haven't bothered doing it yet because I haven't seen a need for it yet. But when I do decide I need it, the reconditioned unit I have plus the map update would still cost less than a brand new unit. This unit when it was new cost something like 300 bucks.

    My favorite feature is the page where it displays a little speedometer with a digital speed readout (it's accurate, too) along with the following information in nice readable boxes below it: Average Moving Speed, Average Trip Speed, Maximum Speed (the fastest you have driven), Moving Time, Stopped Time. The driving prompts can still be heard while you are on this page. The page also displays a trip odometer along with a counting down odometer (miles left til your destination). This page gives a luxuray car feel to your trip.

    The voice will tell you where to turn in plenty of time and tells what side of the road it is on (it was wrong once, but no big deal), but won't read out the street name. That to me was no big deal because the next street name is prominently displayed at the top of the navigation page in green and white, looking just like a highway sign.

    The windshield mount is aa little piece of genius. It holds well and it's extremely easy remove the unit from it in case you're parked in a bad area or overnight at a motel or something.

    Bottom line is this is an awesome GPS for the price and much easier to use than most others out there. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Ancient maps, clunky form factory
    This is a unit made in 2005. The maps are from 2006 and Garmin charges an arm an a leg for map updates, way more than its competitors. There is no free map update, you have to pay $70 which is like doubling your purchase price.

    The unit it kind of bulky. Definitely won't fit in your pocket.

    I ended up returning the unit, unfortunately, Amazon made me pay for the return shipping :(...more info
  • Pay $70 (!!) to update outdated map
    The device contains an out of date map. The device will prompt you to update the map. When you register online, you will be charged 69.99 to install the update. I recommend the Magellan....more info
  • awesome
    this product is awesome works great battery lasts a long time. husband uses it for transporting inmates and he has never gotten bad directions or lost so its also been safe =) great price great product!...more info
  • A Great Deal!
    I wish I had known they sold these refurbished before. It worked great and made a terrific gift at a fantastic price....more info
  • great buy
    Great buy GPS. The garmin c330 is very fast at aquiring signals. Gives excellant display and shows upcoming streets. easy to install and quick removal....more info
  • Awesome and couldnt beat the price!
    Bought for a Christmas gift, and he uses it to go every where. Would buy again....more info
  • Garmin c330 (refurbished) GPS
    Works very well. Price was great. Product (refurbished) and packaging looked brand new. Included suction cup mounting works good for attaching to windshield but will not securely attach to dash. Quick release allows removing gps from windshield but leaving mounting and power cable. Also allows 30 seconds to switch to internal battery after turning car off. Very satisfied with one minor complaint-when using touchscreen to enter addresses etc it is very easy to enter incorrectly....more info
  • Inexpensive and functional
    After having vehicles w/factory navigation units for the last 6 years, I was concerned that buying a portable unit would be a waste of money, even if inexpensive. I went with Garmin based on consumer feedback. I got a refurb unit and, so far, it works great. The LCD is small but readable. The voice-guidance is effective and it's intuitive to input addresses or search destinations. It takes longer than I'd prefer to find satellite reception after it's turned on. But seriously, for $80 it's a solid value and serves it's purpose with aplomb....more info
  • Buyer Beware
    I bought the Streetpilot c330 from CompUSA in January, 2009. At $69 sounded like a great buy. The unit is easy to use, good overall quality. The first hint of trouble started when the unit could not pinpoint my home address. I found out that the unit has outdated 2005 maps, very old for cities like Orlando, Florida. I contacted Garmin's customer support. I was told that Garmin decided not to extend its new maps guarantee to an older product. The new map warranty is only good on new products! Why would new product need new maps? How convenient! Refurbish the old junk, sell it cheap, and sell the duped customer an expensive set of maps. Of course when you buy the unit they will tell you it's as good as new! ...more info
  • Refurbished vs. New
    The Garmin c330 is a great product for the price. Often a refurbished item is better than new because the factory goes over it completely to ensure quality. I recently bought two for Christmas but needed to return one because of a malfunction. It was replaced immediately when the item became available. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • Power Cord Failure
    GPS showed up fine at the house and on time, but the Power Cord that came with the unit has a short in it and doesnt power the unit up. Will either have to buy a new power cord for the unit, or find a way to replace this one through exchange. Overall not happy with the purchase....more info
  • Easiest Way To Find Your Way
    This Garmin GPS may not have all the bells and whistles that other units have but what it does have is simplicity and accuracy. I used to own the Navigon GPS but it was simply overwhelming with all the information (not really needed) it presented. When I tried this unit it is the one I have decided to stay with and use. It is accurate, dependable and easy to program destinations and then reroute/detour during actual navigation. You will not beat this unit in the big cities. It knows where it is all of the time except maybe in a long tunnel but even then when you emerge from the tunnel it picks right back up and puts you on your way. Buy this one if you want a simple, accurate and easy to program GPS system....more info
  • Sol & Max review the Garmin StreetPilot C330 GPS unit
    The GPS unit is wonderful. It helps my wife every day, can be easily moved to my car, is easy to use, and is very well made. As areas undergo population increases and development, new streets and roads are built. Garmin sells update software to download to the GPS unit to bring it up to date. Only slight drawback is that it tells you to turn right or left and in what distance, but doesn't tell the name of the road or street you're turning onto. It does, however, give that information, in print, at the top of the screen. We are happy to have such an amazing piece of satellite and microchip technology to make life easier....more info
  • Excellent refurbished product
    I purchased the Garmin refurbished product - albeit with some reservations. I am pleased to report that it functions flawlessly (as all my previous Garmin products do). It is well worth the investment. Amazon order placement, shipping and communications were, as always, without problems. ...more info
  • EXCELENTE!!!!!
  • Not bad for "old" tech, but map upgrade options poor
    We were told the c330 was a simplified version of our c340, that is only lacked traffic alert capability. WRONG! It was not eligible for the free upgrades like we were told and the maps are more than 6 years old for Mississippi. first trip out, it took me an hour out of my way. The road it should have taken me to had been completed over 5 years ago. Same with my neighborhood, but worse; a short cut home has been done about 10 years and it was not on the maps.

    Adding insult to injury, you can upgrade maps, but limited memory means you can only install a small portion and leads me to believe future upgrades will not be accepted. We feel deceived since we did our "due diligence" in researching and even talking to Garmin in advance.

    Save you money for a more current model....more info
  • good product
    I have found product to be just as advertised. It would be helpful to know the maps need to be updated....more info
  • garmin GPS streetpilot c300
    Got my purchase on time and it was what was advertised. Excellent. Very happy with GARMIN GPS STREETPILOT c300.Thank you much!...more info
  • Great first-time GPS
    I purchased this for my daughter as a first-time GPS system. She loves it. We also purchased a Nuvi for us and they are pretty comparable. This GPS is a little bulky, though, and the Nuvi seemed to offer more options. If the size of this is not a big issue, this is a great little GPS. We ran the nuvi and this at the same time and got pretty much the same results. ...more info
  • garmin review
    very nice product.. definatly helps getting around in unknown areas.. I would recomind it to anyone who travels very much... ...more info
  • Great Product and Great Price!!!
    I have now purchased ( 5 ) of the C330 Street Pilot for myself and family members. We all love them and have had no problems to report. For the price you can't beat it and recommend it if your looking for a cheap GPS that is easy to use. ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c330
    This product was shipped promptly and arrived safely. It has been very satisfactory and quite useful. ...more info
  • Garmin Review
    Awesome product, bought it as a gift for a car geek and he loved every last bit of it! Would definately recommend!...more info