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Kensington K64560US ComboSaver Portable Notebook Computer Lock
List Price: $28.95

Our Price: $19.95

You Save: $9.00 (31%)


Product Description

Protect your notebook from theft wherever you go. This easy-to-use combination lock has a low-profile design and self-coiling cable for easy travel to keep notebooks securely anchored.

  • Self-coiling cable extends from 3-in to 6-ft
  • Slim-profile lock attaches to 99% of notebooks with patented T-bar locking mechanism
  • Simple to set combination with easy view window and comfort grip dials
  • 10,000 personalized combination codes
  • SAFE-tested for greater security and peace of mind

Customer Reviews:

  • great
    helps me move around without having to lug around my laptop. safe, secure and well worth it. 'nuff said....more info
  • Works like a charm
    Good lock. Just found out about the Kensington security slot. Never knew what that port was in my laptop. This thing just pops in and secures it.

    With identity theft and all the rip offs going on, I care more about keeping the data safe than the laptop, and this does the job.
    ...more info
  • The Combo-Lock...Not
    I purchased this lock and quickly returned it. It "looks good on paper" but suffers from a poor design. The curly chain is too tight and is hard to work with. It is difficult to change the combination. Because of the lock's design and difficult operation, I managed to set a wrong combination rendering it useless.

    I wound up buying a PC Guardian Ezolution Ultra (thicker cable) which is much better. I think the standard model would suffice though....more info
  • A Must Have - just the BEST!
    Ok, I have to say, this product is the best! I have a new MacBook Pro and often bring it with me to the coffee shop. Before buying the ComboSaver I would bring my MacBook Pro with me whenever I left the table - - even if it was just for a minute (hey, you never know and it would only take a second for someone to walk away with my MacBook). Anyway, I wanted somedthing that was secure, easy to use and light weight enough to bring with me - - and I found everything I was looking for in the ComboSaver (including piece of mind). For what I spent on my Macbook not to mention everything that I have stored, it was money well spent! I would recommend this to EVERYONE! Like I said, it only takes a minute for someone to walk away with your laptop, I'm thrilled that mine is safe! ...more info
  • Love the lock
    I had heard that some of the older computer locks on the market had become easy to break through, so I purchased this new one for my daughter's laptop when she started taking it to school. The lock is easy to use, and apparently has overcome the problems with some earlier locks, because we did everything we could to test it, and could not get through. One of the best things about the new design is the coiled cable. It makes it much easier to store the lock between uses, she just sticks it in the bottom of her backpack. Laptop theft is a huge issue at school, and I am not interested in buying another one. And she's not interested in re-writing the term papers stored on her computer. So I'm constantly reminding her to keep her laptop locked. I may buy another one for myself, though I prefer the keyed locks to the combination version....more info