Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Dreamy Motions Deluxe Cradle Swing - White
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Product Description

Sometimes your little one likes being held over your shoulder. Sometimes on your knee. Other times, she wants to be cradled in your arms as you rock her side-to-side or back-and-forth. But for the times you need to put baby down, heres a swing that cradles and swings, soothes and entertains her just the way she likes it! It surrounds her in plush, cozy fabrics and a canopy that cocoons her. The soothing continues with eight tunes and a side-to-side cradle motion, a lot like the way you rock her in your arms. When your little lamb is ready for play, the swinging changes to a back-and-forth motion (because babies love variety) and shes engaged with nature sound tracks and a mobile featuring a mirror, floating clouds and little lambs to entertain her. Includes six soothing swing speeds, little plush friend tethered right to the removable tray, and bead bar. Sturdy steel frame has legs that fold in for storage and portability. Requires 4 D batteries.

  • Swing features 3 seat positions
  • Allows side to side cradle motion and head to toe swinging motion
  • Large dome mirror and soft clouds with sweet lambs entertain baby from above
  • Music includes ten tunes and three nature sound effects
  • Swing has six speeds, volume control and folds for storage

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT!!!
    I haven't started using it... but right now I am very pleased with the purchase. It is where I found it cheaper... and believe me I have looked in many places......more info
  • Great reviews well deserved
    Great swing and probably the easiest piece of "furniture" I've ever put together. It took a leisurely 15 min to put together from box to functionality. We haven't used it because the baby is not here yet but it seems to be of high quality....more info
  • Nice product, worth buying it.
    Nice product, worth buying it. My baby loves to sit in it and goes to sleep...more info
  • Good but needs better harness
    Both my children love(d) this swing. The music is good and so are the nature sounds. It is pretty good looking too, and the seat can be removed and thrown in the laundry. I like how it swings both side to side or front to back. Its also easy for an adult to change the batteries, but my hard for a kid to open it. My only real complaint is that whenever the baby falls asleep, they end up flopping over to the side. Usually this wakes them up because they are uncomfortable. If there was a 5 point harness it would be better. Why does a high chair, which stays still, have a 5 point harness but a swing, that moves all over the place, only have a 3 point seat belt? One other complaint about this swing is that it looks really fun and is too tempting for an older child to sit in. I can't seem to keep my older son and his friends from trying to take a swing! I'm worried for their safety a bit, but that isn't the company's fault. Its just something you might consider, because the older kid can physically fit in the swing- its just not safe for them. ...more info
  • Wonderful for sleep
    We bought this swing when our baby was about 6 weeks old until then he would only sleep long stretches in our arms or a baby carrier. He is now 3.5 months old and from the first moment he tried the swing he preferred sleeing there to anywhere else. We don't even use the music features. He loves looking at the mobile and seems very cozy in the soft fabric. The only problem is he still will not sleep in his crib and likes to rock all night long (a 9-10 hour stretch at night before his first feeding). It is worth mentioning that our baby has an easy going temperment, did not have colic and is soothed quickly. Our first child did not like swings and was a fussier baby....more info
  • Excellent Product that has Exceeded Expectations!
    We are incredibly pleased with this swing. We purchased this swing because our newborn was having bouts of inconsolable crying, and we wanted to try whatever we could. This product has worked. It is well made, easy to put together, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. There are several settings for the sound, as well as a volume dial. Right now on Amazon this product is cheaper than the Fisher-Price Precious Planet swing which is not as nice of a product. Overall, we highly recommend this swing!...more info
  • My 2nd One!
    Love this product. It's my second one. The first one I purchased was the Lambs version. It's a great way to sooth baby. I had to get one for upstairs too. He falls asleep in it all the time. Although he seems to like the Lambs swing a little better for whatever reason. The cushioning seems a bit better than this one, but they're both great. This is a great product. I have no idea what we'd do w/o it! ...more info
  • Grumpy Babies: Resistance is futile!
    Superman had Kryptonite and my baby has swings. This one is really a peach. Its motions are completely irresistible to even the grumpiest sleep-avoider. The music is nice. The materials are very soft to the touch and the color scheme is not achingly ugly. My girl is 2.5 months old and large (15 pounds) but she fits in this thing perfectly just now. I put this swing together in 15 minutes. No lie. It's 4 screws and an allen key (supplied) and otherwise snaps together. You'll need a cross-head screwdriver for the battery compartment. It's that easy. I had been putting off getting a swing because they are expensive and I felt my girl would outgrow it very quickly but I was not getting anything done trying to keep her occupied and I cracked, ran out and bought this. She's been sleeping sweetly now for over an hour and went to sleep the instant she was placed in this device. Worth every dime....more info
  • Comfy and enjoyable for my baby
    Love the colors!!! they are perfect for my baby boy, he loves looking at the lambs and he smiles at them all the time....i love it and I know my baby love's it too. It's also very comfortable he loves to take afternoon naps in it!!! I really recommend it to new parents!!!...more info
  • Awesome swing!!!
    I got this for the new baby that's due in about 3 more months. I put my 15 month in it to try it out and she didn't like it, but then again she never liked swings. I just wanted to see if it would go ok and everything. It worked great and she weighs about 23 pounds. I put it on every setting and they all worked well. The only thing I didn't like, was that the motor was a little loud till the swing really got going. I fixed that by giving it a little push to get it moving faster. The colors are great for our new little girl. We'll be trying for a little boy in another 2 years or so, so I should've gotten a neutral color, but oh well. This will work great while we only have our 3 girls. ...more info