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SanDisk Cruzer Micro 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ6-016G-A11, Retail Package)
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $27.96

You Save: $42.03 (60%)


Product Description

Cruzer Micro is an incredibly small, portable, and smart USB flash drive. The small, compact size fits easily on any keychain. The retractable USB connector design eliminates the need for caps and protects the connector.s, profiles, and more - everything you need for a familiar computing experience on any PC, wherever you go. Cruzer Micro allows you to easily carry and transfer key documents, pictures, music and video clips from one computer to another. The new retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your USB connector.


Customer Reviews:

  • Works just fine
    This is my first disc drive/ disc on key, and I've liked it so far.
    The cap-less situation is nice, except that it doesn't feel totally heavy duty, but hopefully that won't be an issue....more info
  • Excellent way to save and protect your data
    I purchased the cruz, san cruzer, 16 gb flash drive stick. It works as promoted and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely purchase from Amazon again. I like the ease in order, purchase and delivery....more info
  • Solid unit but too slow for Readyboost
    If you want fast, buy the 8Gb micro Cruzer. This 16gb drive is NOT fast. I have both, and bought the 16gb because I love the no-cap-to-lose, and I love the 8Gb speed. But the 16bg is so much slower that Vista reports that Readyboost cannot use it. (The 8 gb said "Vista Readyboost" on the package, and I assumed that naturally the 16 gb would be fine. It's not, and doesn't say it is on the package.) After Vista tested it, it stated that it was too slow to be used by Readyboost, then somehow marked the unit so that the option to use Readyboost no longer appears when I plug it in.

    The light on it is bright, as users have noted. But it depends on your bios and OS whether it flashes/strobes or just stays on bright. On my Vista Home Pro Dell Inspiron it's on solid, so it's not annoying. One workaround for this is to plug it into a rear USB port instead of the front or side - if you have that option available.

    If you want to use U3 on Vista, you may have to download a newer Vista-compatible version....more info
  • flash storage
    16 gigs takes care of the photos I had uploaded to this computer--now I feel I will be able to safeguard them from possible computer crashes!...more info
  • So disappointed
    So disappointed because when you go to insert it in a port, you are pushing it in, and it is "unretracting" while you're trying to push it in! If it is even a slightly snug fit to insert it in your usb ports, you'll have a TERRIBLE time getting it in! The slight lip on the white plastic is not nearly enough for counterpressure--who designed this?
    I'm going to stick with the drives with caps--1000 times less frustrating!
    I never do Reviews, but couldn't help but warn you all.
    ...more info
  • The light is RIDICULOUS.
    I went to plug this in for the first time and on comes this big, flashing/pulsing orange light. It seems to be an LED but it lights up the whole "slider" area, which is translucent. It's brighter than you'd think, and it's REALLY annoying. USB keys are generally used in visible ports, and my laptop's USB ports are along the sides so it's always flashing in my field of vision. Best yet, there is no way to disable it. None. You have to paint or tape over it, which will probably be ugly, marginally effective, and interfere with the operation of the slider. This is garbage!!! Either make the light unobtrusive or provide a way to disable it!

    I was upgrading from an older Cruzer that had a small, muted green light on the end that didn't bother me in the least. Now I've got this flashlight shining morse code in my eyes......more info
  • A bummer but not the products fault.
    I am a mac user and I got a thumb drive ages ago that finally died on me... it was a Sandisk Cruzer so when I found this one on Amazon and read through the listing it looked like a great buy. I was wrong, it was not compatible with my computer. I just gave it to my boyfriend and he seems pretty pleased with it. I have no problem with the product but I would just say make sure to do a little more research than I did before you buy this....more info
  • a great gadget
    I use it for my MACs. Great, reliable, fast little drive. Can't do without it. I have 2 GB, 4GB, and now 16 GB drives.
    Of cause 16 GB is my favorite....more info
  • Perfect for me except one thing....
    I think has been mentioned, but the very bright orange light on top of the drive makes it very annoying (!) And no, it it not the tiny LED style. It's more like a nightlight. I know this sounds like I am nitpicking, but it never turns off. It glows dim, then bright.

    I am a police officer and use this in a USB drive in my patrol car and work the night shift. I actually had to cover it up with a piece of electrical tape as there is no way to turn it off....more info
  • Mac users beware
    This product does not work out of the box with Mac OS X. I had to insert the device into a Windows machine and turned off the U3 service built into the device. After that, I can get OS X to recognize the device. There was no instruction to do this; I figure this out by browsing the web. The SanDisk support web site also does not have this information. Not very good product support.

    Otherwise, the price is good for the capacity one gets. ...more info
  • Reliable!
    Reliability is great, speed is good for the price $28, handled numerous files in the gb range. Case feels a bit flimsy and the slide out feature doesn't always lock, sometimes it need coaxing to lock. I figured this out after about two weeks.
    ...more info
  • SanDisk Flash Drive
    Fast shipment. Plugged it into my computer and download some files. It was fast and files were complete. Great Product!!...more info
  • Superior memory stick
    This stick is touted with 16 extra mgs, but it will really only take 15. lol
    This is a superior product....more info
  • Works well, software pre-installed not necessary
    It's fine, but the pre-installed software may not float everyone's boat. It's also very very fast....more info
  • Sandisk 16gb flash drive
    Used this to transport 6 video files, transfered from memory card to flash drive. Seems to work great! Easy to use. Nice flash drive, no probs...more info
  • Great and Quick storage
    Don't have the cash to shell out for an external hard drive but you do have the cash for a quick and speedy service that will allow you to store valuable data? Look no further, I just purchased this product and I stored some important documents and videos within.

    Plenty of space for documents/videos/music and I plan on doubling up because I have a rather big music folder. This thing works flawless for me, all you have to do is select "no" for the U3 software and the prompt will go away to install additional programs. It's no headache at all and if you want an easy way to store a small amount of data, this is the key.

    Take it from me, money is valuable and money would be well spent on this baby....more info
  • works like it should
    This product does exactly what it claims. I have not tried to put or launch a program from it so I cannot say how well that works, but I can say it works great for everything else. I wish the sliding mechanism was a little better designed because sometimes the USB retracts when you are trying to plug it in. Not a big deal, just a little annoying....more info
  • SanDisk Flash Drive
    This flash drive is a great way to share large videos and digital pictures. It makes for a great gift for power users....more info
  • works great
    The product works great. I use it for omni form files and to play music. I've had it for about a month now and I have no problems. Can't beat it. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Totally worth 26 dollars. I have yet to run out of space on it yet. It isn't the fastest storage device on the planet but...what do you expect from a thumb drive. I definately reccomend it to anyone who needs a new thumb drive. One draw back is the included U3 software, it was a pain to remove, but i don't use it, so i just went to the U3 site and they gave instructions on removal, no problems since....more info
  • I hate this flash drive...
    Where do I start....this thing has been a pain in the butt after the first 5 minutes of opening it. The U3 software is so annoying and not compatible on my laptop and there is only 14.7GB on it, not 16GB. I kept getting an error and I couldn't even access the device(I/O Device Error). So then I went to my other computer and I could get into the device but I couldn't open any files. So I removed the U3 after a bit and reformatted the drive so It was back to normal. It worked for like 10 minutes and it started doing the same thing over. So now I'm going to reformat the drive(so my files get erased) and send it back.

    And...[I did remove the U3, all my files still turned corrupt a few days after i removed it and I had to reformat it every time(clearing the drive)]

    Don't buy SanDisk... read the reviews online like I should have before I bought it.

    I'm going with the 16GB Sony Micro vault flashdrive... I have the 2GB and it works like a charm....more info
  • Works just right for me
    I bought this thumb drive to transfer items between my main computer and my netbook. I can store videos, documents, music, etc. on this drive for travel.
    I decided to try out the U3 software just to see how it works out. It is a nice little feature...brings up a "start" menu with all your programs that you can run from it. Easily "shuts down" the drive for removal. I just found that I didn't want to use any of the programs they have available (or pay for any of them for that matter). It was a breeze to remove (go through U3 settings and there is a selection for removing it). I did download the tool from the SanDisk website in case I change my mind and want to use it later.
    I've loaded this little guy up with videos and watched them on my netbook with no problems (I didn't notice any skipping or delays in the video)--makes it like a little portable DVD player. This little drive makes it easy for me to have a nice little library to travel with.
    The orange light is a little annoying. It is constantly blinking when the drive is being accessed. I do wish there were some way to disable the feature.
    All in all a good product. The orange light keeps it from getting 5 stars....more info
  • Very easy to use
    The product was easy to use; plug it in and it leads you through the entire process. The shopping experience on is always great, the delivery of the product was when they said it would be....more info
  • Satisfied with this product
    I bought this item with the hope of upgrade my current Usb (SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive) and it was worth it and I am not saying this just for having another 8 GB. Until know I just used my former UFD as a storage drive, I regret that because U3 its awesome :D...more info
  • Solid product
    The drive is reasonably fast and the software that comes with it is quite nice....more info
  • Incredibly, Amazingly, Unbelievably, Remarkably SLOW!
    Comparing transfer rates from my Cruzer Micro 4gb with my new 16gb, it's startling how much slower the latter is. It takes roughly 5 minutes to transfer 2 gigs to the 4gb drive, but a whopping 12 minutes to transfer the identical data to the 16gb drive! Here's another test: Moving 4.5gb from my hard drive to the Cruzer took 38 minutes! At that rate it'll take well over TWO HOURS to fill the 16gb (14.9gb formatted) drive! I mean, ARE YOU SERIOUS? You could easily burn a few DVDs in a fraction of the time.

    Of course, you can't really pocket a hand full of DVDs and carry them around with you, and that's the point of these little drives. They are small and portable. I'll be merciful and give the 16gb 2 stars because it's itty-bitty and has the retractable USB plug, but I'm seriously pissed that it's stupidly slow. Unless you have all the time in the world, stick with a couple of the 4gb models and AVOID the 16gb model like the plague. ...more info
  • Using Scan Disk for Quick Back-up
    For the money I can't imagine a better tool. I say this conditionally, dependent on retrieving the information in the "time of need". Works slick and would recommend to all....more info