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Empire: Total War introduces a host of revolutionary new features, including true 3D naval combat. For the first time in the Total War series, you will be able to intuitively command single ships or vast fleets upon seascapes rich with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your eventual glorious success or ignominious defeat. After pummeling your enemy with cannon fire, close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board, taking control of your men as they fight hand-to-hand on the decks of these wooden behemoths. In addition, Empire: Total War will see further enhancements to the Total War series' signature 3D battles and turn-based campaign map. Real-time battles will pose new challenges with the addition of cannon and musket, challenging players to master new formations and tactics as a result of the increasing role of gunpowder within warfare. And the Campaign Map for many, the heart of Total War introduces a variety of new and upgraded elements, including new systems for Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage with agents; a refined and streamlined UI; improved Advisors; and a vastly extended scope, taking in the riches of India, the turbulence of Europe and, for the first time, the untapped potential of the United States of America.

Call the shots in epic battles all over the world and expand your realm of influence throughout the tumultuous eighteenth century with Empire: Total War for your PC. Set against the bold intellectual landscape of the Enlightenment, this extension of the Total War franchise brings you out of the middle ages and into a realm where guns, gunpowder, and naval warfare have a dramatic influence on the face of combat.

Realistic landscapes and weather add drama to your campaigns. View larger.

Dynamic, 3D naval warfare expands the combat zone. View larger.

For the first time, North America is open as a field of battle. View larger.

Ships boast destructible sails. View larger.

Historic Factions, Expanded Horizons, and an Updated Campaign Map
Total War's detailed, turn-based battle system has received some serious upgrades that will have an impact on both seasoned commanders and newly minted combatants. The UI has been streamlined, and the systems for handling trade and diplomacy have been updated. You have improved advisors at your disposal, and realistic espionage techniques can be carried out using agents.

Empire puts a variety of major political factions into your hands, including France, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, the United Provinces in northern Europe, Prussia, the Ottoman Empire, and Russia. Detailed strategic elements come into play, whether you're fighting in the heart of Europe, warding off Mamluk horsemen in the middle east, or working to capture the wealth of India. Beyond all this, for the first time in Total War history, the continent of North America is an open field of play that portrays the unique strategic problems encountered by the founding fathers during the revolutionary war.

Dynamic 3D Naval Battles and Forces of Nature
Total War's signature 3D battle scenes are paired with a new graphics engine and improved technology, allowing war and conquest to take on an even more realistic feel. Advanced landscape and flora systems add both realism and depth to the world stage, while dynamic weather consistently threatens to throw a wrench in your attack plans.

Whether you're coordinating platoon firing or supporting a defensive square formation, the musket and the cannon take center stage as newly developed implements of war. And they're not just for use on land. Real-time naval battle set on dramatic seascapes help shape the balance of power and determine the scope of your Empire, and they're rendered in the same impressive 3D as battles on land. You may find yourself directing a vast fleet through intricate maneuvers, controlling the helm of a single tall ship, or grappling to the enemy's boat and dictating the course of hand-to-hand combat on deck.

New Multiplayer Action
Additional updates to the Total War model include a multiplayer component that provides player rankings for competitive commanders, leagues and ladders, and a selection of entirely new modes of game play.

  • New Real-time 3D Naval Warfare. Players control single ships or vast fleets with fully destructible sails as well as cannon and musket action, boarding raids and more. This is the complete naval combat experience.
  • All-new Game Engine. With a newly created Windows XP-compatible DirectX 9 graphics engine, players will experience real-time seascapes, dynamic weather and a new advanced landscape and flora system.
  • Episodic Campaign. Improves accessibility to the game by gradually introducing advanced features over time.
  • Massive Scope. Over 30 in-game factions encompass all of the World's major powers including the United States of America.and dodge pursuers using the stylus.
  • Brand New Multiplayer Modes. Players vie for a place at the top of the rankings and join leagues and ladders for even more gameplay challenges.

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Buy
    I have 3 main complaints. First you are required to have steam. Second navies are very glitchy in both campaign map and battles. Third this game has now corrupted my windows install. It totally froze up during one of its glitches with navies and I had to force shut down and now I can only get the blue screen of death. Don't waste your money on this game....more info
  • Whatever For?
    Why in the world did they feel it necessary to require a 3rd-party online gateway to be able to play this game?

    WARNING! Not only will you be required to log online to play this OFFline game, but the login site is some hokey third party that installs snooping software that is marginally difficult to remove.

    If you don't want some third party snoops checking out your system, your personal details and offline habits, don't buy this game! The third party installation of their monitoring software is required to play this game and the Special Forces expansion.

    Why Sega felt it necessary to piggyback their game on the back of some invasive system snooping from some unknown yokel company is beyond me.

    Waste of time, waste of money....more info
  • Concise Opinion: So Close.
    It's been said a dozen times: released too early, too many bugs, the campaign map interface becomes an unbearable pain as you expand (you spend a lot of each turn hunting for hammer symbols hidden under/behind other graphics) ... but it looks pretty amazing if your PC can handle it.

    Quick points that, historically semi-accurate or not, make the game somewhat less fun than previous Total War offerings:

    1. With very little variation, each nation is fairly identical. Only the starting locations offer genuine strategic replayability. Out of the playable nations, only a few have obviously different units (and therefore some alternative tactical options) available, while most nations are virtually clones. We're talking different colors and the same models, here.

    2. Naval warfare on smaller scales is excellent and beautiful. Large scale naval engagements are best left to the auto-resolve feature.

    3. "Path is blocked." Get used to that little gem. Friendly / allied forces will block you at every turn in crowded areas, especially in crowded sea lanes where a single row boat can block your entire armada unless you declare war and sink it. Good way to ensure you can't have allies.

    4. Forced to use Steam.

    On the other hand, I imagine mods can "save" the game. Several are already out -- the Total War modding enthusiasts are a pretty talented and motivated bunch. If a few more bugs are quashed, this will easily become a genuine classic. Play the demo first!...more info
  • For Queen and Country
    A number of the reviews here on Amazon have been absolutely dead-on that there are major flaws to this game. Notoriously, it doesn't run on a number of systems that meet the requirements, is a bit buggy (especially unpatched), and uses the online Steam console as a prerequisite. The AI can be obtuse and makes some laughable mistakes, the naval combat descends into a massive and confusing cluster, and there is often more information than a gamer can take in at once.

    But let's be fair: a lot of the criticism of this game has been based around some strange reasoning. There are a number of valid complaints with the game and with the Steam console that it requires, and I would advise making sure that you can successfully run Steam on your computer before you purchase this game. While this can be annoying, a number of the reviews that drag the game's overall score down were written by those who have not even played the game yet but who suffered from Steam- or requirements-related problems. It is understandable that technical problems would lead many to rate Empire poorly, and I understand how widespread these issues are compared to past Total War games, but for the general populous that can run this game, I would heartily recommend it.

    The campaign map is bigger and better, with fewer regions but more detail contained within them. Armies are fewer due to their huge expenses, but they are more vital now; and the agents who roam around assassinating or learning information are now streamlined and easier to use, with diplomats thankfully gone and the ability to talk to any nation at any time implemented. Managing your empire may be a little overwhelming at first, but there is a fantastic tutorial campaign that helped with all my questions (and rumors of this game's overcomplexity generally originate with those who didn't pay much attention to or skipped this campaign).

    Land combat is vastly different, with range-arcs and fire drills now being the main consideration for deployment and employment of your troops. There are still tons of melee clashes, but this is the era of the musket and cannon, and the game reflects this appropriately. The battles are spectacular and visually delicious.

    Naval combat is confusing at first, and once there are a dozen ships on each side it can get hectic; since it is unlikely that most players will have any knowledge of how a naval battle worked in the 1700s, it makes sense that most of us are going to struggle with this at first. Once you are used to broadsides and wind and formations, however, it comes together and they are just as playable as the land conflicts -- getting to that point will take some patience, though.

    There are problems, and they are being addressed. The post-release patches have fixed most of the bugs that I encountered, and the braindead AI seems to mostly disappear on the Very Hard setting, which doesn't smash you by taking your money or making enemy armies invincible, but by putting brains into their vacuous heads: in other words, it's hard for the reason an RTS should be hard. If you can run Steam (and don't mind doing so; I find Steam to be a great service, though opinions are steeply divided on that) and can play the demo smoothly, I would recommend this game....more info
  • STEAMed - Online Requirement Ruins Game
    As a Total War fan I have avidly purchased all the games released to date, but all of my excitement for these games has paled in comparison to that for Empire. Since 2007 I have been eagerly and impatiently awaiting the arrival of Empire: Total War because the wars of the 18th century are my favorite period of history, especially the War of Independence. For those of you who are new to the Total War series, these games are the perfect combination of a campaign game (e.g. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization) overtop a real-time battle game. The turn-based campaign game requires you to think about the global military, diplomatic, economic, civic, theological, and technological picture, while the battle game is the logical result of the movement of pieces on the campaign map. Unlike many real-time strategy games (e.g. Age of Empires III) where the units fight using herd mentality, avoid using anything resembling tactics, and have no discipline whatsoever, the units in the Total War series actually use the tactics of the period.

    So, why did I rate this product so poorly? The answer is Steam, a digital distribution and rights management program that requires users who purchased a valid, fully sealed, brand-new copy of the game from a local retail store or game shop to be online, download a new copy from the internet or constantly be checked (i.e. spied) on to make sure that you are not a pirate. I paid good money to purchase a game that was supposed to be SINGLE player as well as multiplayer. Even with the Steam Offline option, you still have to connect to the internet, update all your files for every game you want to play, and then hope that Steam grants you offline access to your game. This is ridiculous! For a game that is not exclusively a MMOG and that has single player mode there is no reason for a legitimate consumer to be required to access the internet. Thanks Sega and Creative Assembly, you have made a game I cannot play! I have since returned your product and have used my money to purchase games from other companies.
    ...more info
  • Micromanagement-fest
    The best thing about Medieval 2: Total War was the playability. I don't mean bugs or compatibility, I mean you could actually spend your time playing the game. There was enough detail to make you feel like you were in charge of everything, without forcing you to crawl through endless screens and endless detail. You could actually sit down and play. Not this game though. They copied ideas from Sid Meier's Civilization series that made Civ one of the best games ever, but made this game bad. Then they copied even more ideas from Europa Universalis and only succeeded in making this game worse. Everything they took away when they converted from Medieval to Empire harmed the game. Everything they added harmed the game some more. Roll all that up and give it a really klunky interface, and there you have it: Europa Total Civ. Plenty of eye candy, no nourishment. Do yourself a favor, buy anything from the Civilization series or the Europa Universalis series, buy Rome:TW or Medieval2:TW, but do not buy this stinker. ...more info
  • Don't Bother
    Bought the game, as I have most of the Total War series. Thankfully, it was DVDs from a store. Tried to install and got a "Failed to Run Installation Script" from the get-go. After that garbage GTA4, I was really hoping that Empire would work. It doesn't.

    I don't like Steam, I don't like Games for Windows Live. I sure as Hades don't want them.

    So, as a good consumer, I'm not going to bother finding a solution for installing Total War and will just return it to the store for my money back. Don't need to buy any more Total War games and will stay far far far away from anything with Steam on it.

    The idea of having to re-legitimize my game every time that I want to play is beyond insulting. I feel misled and cheated that this is not clearly stated on the box.
    ...more info
  • awesome battles, but the campaign could be more detailed
    so i bought E:TW as soon as it came out, i was so excited i could barely contain myself, and i feel as if i was rightfully excited. this game is really cutting edge. the graphics are pristine, and the warfare is one of a kind. i also love the diversity in the battles, never before in ANY total war game (and i have them all) have i been able to be an admiral. and that's truly revolutionary.

    now as awesome as the game IS, i feel it can be improved:

    the campaign isn't really in that much depth, after you achieve victory, you don't unlock any other nations. for example, say i beat the game with France, and now i want to beat it with a minor nation like, Genoa, in E:TW none of the minor nations are unlocked after you win with a major nation, i feel that that can get kind of boring after a while. And why is it that G.B has the best units in the game? shouldn't other world powers have more? and with all this interactivity with steam, what if i bought this game and don't have internet access, i would be out fifty bucks, isn't that kind of lowering the pool of customers?

    minus a few quirks, E:TW is an awesome play and i highly recommend it, to anyone who has internet access that it =] ...more info
  • Good in idea, poor in practice
    I have been an avid supporter of the Total War series, especially Medieval II Total War. When I heard of the new release by CA I was greatly excited. After running, or trying to run it, on my computer I cannot help but express my dissatisfaction.

    My PC is a pretty good computer. It could run Medieval II total war on full settings without much lagging. Yet the comp could not even begin to digest the material presented by Empire.

    New graphic engine and what not ..
    I believe that they should have just stuck with the old one.

    A poor buy if I must say - unless you have a supercomputer....more info
  • good, could be better
    Good game overall, graphics could be better; sometimes the men appear like cardboard cut outs without faces, clothes, etc. Game keeps freezing up on me around turn 160, don't know why but it is frustrating. They should have taken more time to develop....more info
  • Empire: Total Fail
    This game is not finished, appears to be unpolished and untested. Released too early, too many bugs and game ending crashes. Seems more like a beta version than a finished game. Don't let the recent patches fool you, they do not fix a fraction of all the things broken in this game.

    Do not buy! Maybe in 6 months, when CA gets around to finishing ...er i mean fixing the game with patches.

    Shame on Sega and shame on CA for releasing this trash.

    ...more info
  • Uninstallable, unplayable and unenjoyable.
    I have been a loyal follower of the Total War series since Shogun. I purchased Rome: Total War, the expansions and I repeated the purchasing with the following game as well. When this game was announced in 2007 I was extremely excited.

    That excitement faded today. I purchased Empire: Total War in a hard-disk format from Fred Meyer in Medford, Oregon for 44 bucks. Upon checking my system requirements, which were more than the minimums, as I normally check with ALL PC games, I purchased it. In VERY small print the games box does say:
    "Requires internet connection and free Steam account to activate". This is a outright deception. Folks, it FORCES Steam down your throat, with absolutely NO OPTION to opt out and manually activate the game and download the patches outside of the Steam system.
    Now, some gamers already have Steam from playing the Half Life games, but I have chosen to NOT play those games because of Steam. I purchased Empire: Total War thinking I had the option to opt out of Steam as in the previous title. I was wrong. Steam is required, and you must accept it if you want to play the game.
    The install is flawed, excessively long and Steam obsessively tries to download the game from Steam, even though you HAVE the hard copies of the game. You can try to circumvent the process but Steam then claims "Steam servers are too busy to handle your request", excuse me? I just threw down over 40 dollars of my hard earned money, and you say you're too busy?

    After waiting for *7 hours* for the game to install and patch, I was greeted with a buggy, flawed and corrupted install. The game was unplayable and crashed hard to the desk top several times. After suspecting a bad install, I uninstalled the game and elected to wait on another 7 hour install. I was wrong, now the flipping game WONT INSTALL AT ALL.

    Folks, spend your money on something other than this TRASH. If you have purchased it via Amazon, send it back. DONT INSTALL IT, DONT ACTIVATE IT, you wont be able to sell it or let ANYONE ELSE PLAY IT.

    Let my lost money be a warning, dont buy this game. ...more info
  • Don't buy unless you can load Steam first
    I bought it it without knowing that you had to have Steam which I had never heard of and had no reason to believe that it would not work on my three day old high end notebook. Steam's horrible support website said that it may not work with newer NVIDIA graphics cards. I am think that must have angered a lot of people because it was taken down a day later. To make things worse there is no real help at CA's website. If you want a laugh just go to the Total War site and click the "Need help with the installation or use of Empire: Total War? CLICK HERE" Button just below the Support tab on the right hand side. I have all the other total war titles and have loved them all which makes this debacle that much more difficult to take. I really feel like I got screwed over....more info
  • Why?
    I started with TotalWar back with Shogun, did Medevil 1, Rome, and the new Medevil. I look forward to the new TotalWar Game every few years and I always buy a new computer at that time just to play the game. I did this for Shogun, Rome and recently for Medevil. This should tell you that I am a rabid fan.

    I have been looking forward to Empire TotalWar for a few years. As much or more than I was waiting for Rome. BUT..........I hate to say this, and I can't believe I am going to write this, DO NOT BUY this game!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is terrible. The worst part is, I do not have internet except at work. I do not want it at home. But if you do not have internet, you cannot play this game! You cannot even start the game. I like TotalWar game as I can take it with me anywhere, and play it on my laptop at my leisure. On a plane, train, or other. To download the damn game took me 9 hours!

    Creative Assembly what the heck is wrong with you? Do not realize that a large portion of your audience is not the online gaming type? Many of us are old fashioned wargammer types that just want to buy the game and never see you again? I am 39 and not at all unfamiliar with technology but this is terrible.

    The next issue....the bugs! The AI is terrible! How hard is it to beat an opponent that shoots its cannons into the backs of its own troops, or in a seige fires cannons to knock down its own walls? The thing that makes a game boring is when it is easy to win.

    Creative Assembly, I am sad to say, but my 6+ year relationship, and automatic loyalty with you, to where I would buy every new TW game you release has now ended. It is sad, as I was hoping you would follow up this effort with a TW based on the Victorian Age. But I have no confidence you can pull off any new endeavors and that I won't have wasted $[...] on a game that will not work.

    What is wrong with you? How can you destroy such a loyal fan base?

    Richard ...more info
  • what is everybody's problem
    I don't get it, I put in my little dvd, at first my drive didn't recognize it, but my drives have been acting up lately, so i very simply explore the drive and click the little steam set up wait a few minutes for it to get started put in my key and away i go no problem. Though i did have steam before hand so maybe that had something to do with it, though at first i put the code in and got the message that it was wrong, then i realized i had mistaken an I for a 1 fixed it and now the game is working just fine. So seriously either someone is selling pirated copies or these people just aren't computer literate. So yeah I highly reccomend this game, tons of fun, best rts ever. (ps sorry for typos)...more info
  • Solid strategy title
    Like the other games in the Total War Series, you shouldn't bother with it unless your PC is pushing new hardware. This game is a requirements monster compared to other strategy titles, but it shows. Thousands of troops fight thousands of troops, with smoke and artillery pieces flying everywhere. If you're not into "strategy" titles that require you to build a base and spend 90% of the time gathering resources and building troops for 90 seconds of fighting at the end, this is your title. It takes an empire building model and combines it with realistic combat. You can have reinforcements and things like morale have an effect. Calvary can shatter a thin line, artillery can demolish an unprepared enemy, and techniques like flanking actually work. Naval battles are hard. The control scheme takes getting used to, but they're an interesting feature and well implemented.

    There is a high learning curve to the game--especially if you haven't played a Total War title. It takes several matches to get used to the vast scope, especially when dealing with massive amounts of troops.

    In terms of bugs and stability, I've logged about 25 hours in the game and haven't had any fullblown crashes. The worst thing I've had is audio-glitches, where my adviser's speech volume suddenly decreases to the point where it is barely audible through the music. Some people have experienced crashes. My hardware is less than 10 months old and was bleeding edge when I build the rig. I'm well over the Recommended requirements, so that might have something to do with the stability. Like I said earlier, the TW series has always been taxing on systems, so don't expect to run this game smoothly on your laptop.

    That being said, the developer has been good about getting patches pushed out of the door. As of today, there are already 4 title updates that have fixed a variety of problems reported. This is good, since I've had games that just ignored/abandoned problems after release.

    As for Steam, the anti-DRM idiots are taking their crusade too far with the massive one-star reviews. Yes, the game requires Steam. I really don't see the problem. There is an offline mode, Steam doesn't spy on you, and you're not limited with installs (or how many machines you can install it on). One-starring reviews is a great tool to get something that's a legitimate problem (SecuROM or Starforce). Steam is NOT a legitimate problem (nor is Stardock's Impulse platform). Using a 1-star bomb on games that don't deserve it (E:TW, Dawn of War 2) is stupid and makes it weaker for when its actually needed. Ever hear of the Boy Who Cried Wolf? Same concept.
    ...more info
  • Installing from the DVD
    Please make sure you read and understand every part of the installation process before attempting to try this yourself.

    1. First of all make sure you are connected to the internet.

    2. Insert DVD 1 into your drive, it will either automatically run the DVD or you will have to do it manually dependant on what your system setup is.

    3. The first program to install itself on your system will be the much needed STEAM which allows you to get important game updates and access the multiplayer functions (but also is the major problem when trying to install the game from the DVD's) and is needed to run the game in offline mode as well.

    4. Once this has installed, choose a username and password and enter your email address, once this process is done you should be able to access the STEAM control panel. Left click Games on the title menu at the top, left click Activate a product on steam, now enter the code which is on the back of the game manual this will activate the game, for people who have special forces codes do not enter that code here. May not need to do this bit as it asks for your serial number in the registration process.

    Edit: Some people were confused what i meant by the STEAM control panel, its what appears whenever your run the STEAM program which was installed on your computer.

    5. Now the Empire: Total War game will appear under the My Games tab, it may or may not of started to download the game off the Steam server, if it is downloading click the stop download then close the STEAM program completely (Left click File then Exit) You may need to go into the Task Manager and stop Steam.exe in the process list.

    6. Now create a shortcut on your desktop by right mouse click>>>new>>>shortcut, now a box will appear for you to enter some text.

    7. Copy and paste the following into the box:

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install e:

    press next, name the shortcut press ok.

    (please note the e: should be the drive letter of where your installation dvd is inserted, this is dependant on how your system is set up)

    For example if your DVD drive is d, then the only amendment to the above code would be:

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install d:

    Edit: People were having problems with the copy and paste of "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install e: getting file not found errors when trying to create the shortcut, it was how the text on this page was formatted which was affecting the copy and paste, i have corrected it now sorry about that.

    8. Double Click the shortcut you just created and the STEAM program will appear and indicate that the game is being installed from DVD 1, after everything is installed from DVD 1 you will be asked to insert DVD 2, do this then press ok to continue the install.

    The installation process from the DVD's should take between 40 minutes and 60 minutes dependant on your system speed.

    Edit: Reports say for some people the DVD install can take over 2 hours, 15 gigabytes is a massive amount of data to install!!!

    9. Once installation has completed steam will download a patch for the game which may take a further two hours dependant on internet connection speed and also how busy the STEAM server is, once everything is downloaded a box will appear and you will see a tick box to run the game, run the game to make sure everything is installed ok and running.

    Edit: Steam have just released the first Empire: Total War game patch, and also an update to the STEAM program itself, so i suspect that these will automatically download via STEAM and the download will take much longer than usually, especially so if you are using a slow internet connection.

    10. Exit the game and run the STEAM program again, once the STEAM control panel appears click the My games tab, you should now see the Empire: Total War with the 100%-Ready next to it.

    11. Now right mouse click on Empire: Total War a submenu will appear left click on Create desktop shortcut, this will create a nice little shortcut for the game on your desktop.

    12. The next step is for people who wish to play the single player game without being connected to the internet, for online multi-player just double-click the Empire:Total War shortcut you just created.

    13. Make sure you are not connected to the internet, double-click the Empire: Total War shortcut you just created a Connection Error box will appear from the STEAM program, you will see a choice box `Start in Offline Mode' click this and now the game will start without you having to be connected to the internet, so you can enjoy the single player mode....more info
  • It Could Be such a Great Game.
    ...So I sent my fleet over the ocean directly from Europe to challange mighty Britain. I deployed considerable army in Pennsylvania and seized Philadelphia. However, war wasn't over. I had to prepare for powerful British retribution. I repelled first siege and the second and more of them were coming. I needed reinforcements. I knew I had to move my fleet in order to provide additional soldiers. So I used my ships, and in that moment... game crashed. I restarted Empire - Total war and tried to use them again - game crashed. I finally tried to use my another fleet in that region and... game crashed.
    So I lost the great war that could rewrite the history and lost my will to try it again in the future. SEGA Save the Queen! ...more info
  • Waiting for a patch
    I am able to play this game offline if I start it without my internet connection already going. Steam is irrelevant in this scenario.

    I am able to play up until the year 1743 and start getting crashes. I just load a year or two before the crash year and hope for the best.

    The game looks good, but I need it to stop crashing. I'll just check in once a month or so until the patches get the game to work correctly....more info
  • Empire Total War - A Total Disappointment!
    I waited in anticipation of the release of this game; and praised Rome Total War which I still love playing to this day. However, Empire Total War was a huge disappointment. First of all, if the game comes in a box for my PC; then why on Earth is it set-up for a multi-player platform where you have to sign-up for a Steam Account? Secondly, I NEVER got to play the game at all because I experienced virtual memory crashes stating that my computer did not have enough memory to run the game; and crashes before the game could launch. I also had to search the internet and message boards for patches and remedies to fix it MYSELF. This is a product which was, in my opinion; rushed to market in haste; and released much too soon!! This game should have had all the bugs worked out prior to release; and was for me a huge waste of my time and my money! ...more info
  • Unplayable mess.
    I have been buying these games since the shogun Total war game. I wish they would revisit that era. This game, aside from the ridiculous "steam" scam and all of the technical glitches, just doesn't measure up to the others. This era is not fun to play; guys standing there shooting doesn't leave you much to do. The sea battles are ponderous and dull; they actually detract from the game. The camera controls stink and the graphics really are not anything to write home about. All and all a boring game with too many glitches, too high system requirements - even on my quad core. Whoever thought steam was a good idea should be fired, I get angry every time I turn on my computer and see it come up. I might not buy the next game these guys put out, I never thought I'd be writing that!...more info
  • Maybe in about six months patches and mods will make this game enjoyable
    ...until then, keep your money in your wallet.

    Yes, Steam is a pain, and yes, the countless bugs and crashes to desktop are a pain. I expected so much more in those respects from people who should be experts on such issues by now.

    However, my main gripe is that in terms of strategy many features of Rome TW that I hoped would be improved upon have not been. The AI is still about as dynamic and unpredictable as a garden gnome. Battles are still fought within imaginary red lines that soldiers can't cross unless they are routing. The AI still behaves as if battles have a magical time-limit, even when you turn the time-limit off.

    Yes, there are now sea battles. And yes, there is technological research (though the notion that research can be directed with precision towards specific discoveries is absurd - this is a new absurdity to Total War but a very old one in the strategy genre). Yes, there are plenty of other new things, but they generally do not affect fundamental gameplay compared with Rome TW.

    Maybe it is my own fault for hoping too much but I feel that Creative Arts have flogged an old horse once too often - whichever location and time the next total war title takes us, I hope it also takes us to new levels of immersion and realism.

    Empire Total War feels no more immersive or realistic than Rome Total War, despite the five years between them. To choose between the two I think it comes down to which period of history you are more a fan of.

    Oh, and one last thing... the very first thing I want in an Empire Total War patch or mod is the ability to turn off this ridiculous finish-all-turns-before-you-win nonsense. It is the most incomprehensibly stupid feature to have iuncluded in the game - how could the testers of the game possibly have enjoyed pressing the 'end turn' button 50 times (with several minutes wait as the computer chugs through all the opposition moves) prior to receiving the satisfaction of the victory movie???

    ...more info
  • Bugged up to the point of unplayable.
    Bugged up to the point of unplayable. And it is clear after reading several HUNDRED posts at the Total War fan site that this game was never finished in development much less Beta tested. I am just afraid that it may never be done and will end up like Medieval II: never really finished and several major features left in the air.

    I have been thinking about this now for a few weeks and at first I thought, well these guys just do not have the resources and money to finish building the game and must wait until after they have sold a few tens of thousands of copies before they have the cash to pay to get the job done. But now I think that they have moved on to other things and will finish a few of the most severe problems and just let the game go. I don;t know if this influence of almost criminal fraud comes from the Saga people or from some 'new' management ...but in my state ( California, USA ) a vendor who knowingly sells defective product is considered a criminal. If they don't like the game, as they seem to almost have a hatred for the game's fans, or at least contempt, perhaps they will sell off the engine to some of the folks that I see spending hundreds of hours doing the great mods. At least with the mod chaps, you know their hearts are in the right place.

    Again the more I think about this issue, the darker my understanding of those behind this sad fiasco becomes. And what a great and sad waist of the best, most beautiful engine in the RTS world...by far.

    If I didn't love it, I would just chuck it in the trash and consider it a lesson well-learned about the SEGA brand. I do intend to write cojent reviews to Amazon, Game Spot, and every other sire where I can post to let as many people know about this as I can.

    BTW I have thought for a week or so that I would not even post this comment. But the longer I wait for them to get it right and the deeper I think about what has transpired, the angrier I get. I am rather forgiving about PC gaming and have watched it develop for some twenty years. It is more difficult than platform game design because of the variance in PC power and configuration. But this matter and issue is far beyond the pale....more info
  • Buggy and forced ending
    Others have mentioned the freezing of the game and buggy load screens when you enter combat; however, my main objection to the game is the forced ending in a certain year (different year with different game choices). If you don't accomplish the goals by the certain year, then hours of play is wasted as the campaign fails. I end up stopping games that don't start perfectly as continuing would lead to failure.

    A simple toggle to remove this feature would fix the problem.

    This follows a similar game feature in Total War: Medieval War where you have to take Rome when you have an exact number of provinces or you fail the game.

    The options for gameplay should be increased in a game that takes this many hours to play. I'll be selling Empire here on Amazon just like I sold Medieval for frustrating endings to the game. Rome still remains the best of the series....more info
  • Very poor purchase - wish we had not bought it
    My son and I like to play Rome Total War against each other, and Medeival Total War - both great games, replayable favorites of ours. So we were very excited when this new Total war came out! Boy it looks great!

    You register through steam so you have to buy a different game FOR EACH PC - no more buying one and doing multiplayer in the same house, like we are used to. You cannot sell this to anyone else, nor at the used book store, where we sometimes buy games. When you register you send the code in to Steam, which remembers it. If you try to install it anywhere else it says no, this code was already used.

    I am all for copyright protection but the idea of having to buy multiple copies for mutliplayer goes against inductry standard, and is very expensive. To pull that off the game has to be unique and just amazing.

    It isn't.

    It didn't work. It hung downloading. Steam wasn't always avalailable, and the only reason you need Steam for single player is for their copyright protection. When we finally got it to play it crashed. When we tried to start it again, it refused. We uninstalled and reinstalled and it took hours. What a timesink, waste of time, frustrating experience.

    This game is unplayable. I am returning it today, very disappointed. In the future with the Total War games I will read reviews before buying....more info
  • Ouch, what a burn...
    I am going to summarize some key points and warnings to buyers:

    1) Make sure STEAM will run on your PC first. Expect 0 support from CA or Sega.

    Note: The only non-steam versions of the game are pirated versions (which speaks very poorly for CA)

    2) The AI in non-functional. It can't even use naval transports (well documented on the games offical forums).

    Suggestion: There is a Darthmod unoffical patch (mod) that fixes a large number of AI problems (not the naval transport sadly).

    3) The game crashes constantly (well documented on the games offical forums).

    4) The first offical patch introduced a large number of crash bugs, so weigh the risk of downloading it carefully. If E:TW runs on your machine without major crashes issues think twice before "updating".

    Suggestion: Wait 6-12 months to buy this game.

    I have been a pretty hard core gamer for almost a decade now. This reminds me of the original farcry release (at least farcry was trying a lot of ground breaking graphics card use, so when we bought early we knew it would be rough). Just enjoy M:TW II for a bit longer. This is a scam if I have ever seen one....more info
  • excellent stratagy game
    if you are a hard core stratagy gamer then this is the game for you. it is a lot more challanging then any of the other tottal wars....more info
  • A giant step back from rome: total war
    This could've been a really cool game, but horrible, unresponsive, constrained camera controls and unit controls, combined with a constrained camera in strategic mode, make this game painful to play. Don't get me started on the realistic sea battles... Ugh. Realistic -- yes... Fun -- no.

    Combine that with play balance that leaves you with enormous numbers of units that make the problems far more exposed, and the game is really a bear.

    And there's lots of little flaws. For example -- I know that cannons were innacurate and slow in the revolutionary war period... But that doesn't mean you couldn't make them good gameplay elements that felt satisfying to use and slightly defied this property within the context of the game.

    I really, really want to like it. I loved Rome: Total War. But I just couldn't get past the fact the basic gameplay wasn't fun. And its BASIC stuff -- camera tuning, control responsiveness, unit counts. Come on guys! You can make awesome games, what happened?

    Creative assembly has been really hit or miss. Rome was a great game. Medieval was so so. The original total war, set in Japan, was pretty solid. This is by far the worst of the series and for simple, easy to fix reasons. I'm really saddened. ...more info
  • Disgusted soldier out of money and time
  • empire toally beta
    This game will be amazing when the bugs are all fixed. But sadly there are so many crashes it is unplayable. These crashes become much more frequent as the campaign progresses. Now that I have spent 3 weeks playing India and just invaded Britain, the crashes occur on every other battle land or sea.
    I have a cutting edge computer that breezes through Crysis and Medieval 2. Do yourself a favor and wait until this game is fixed. Just for the record I have bought and loved every total war release since rome and like many others am disappointed with this half finished effort. To be clear it is unplayable as in it will crash on every other turn, go play rome or m2 until they are done using their paying customers as beta testers....more info
  • Lots of fun (when it works)
    Yes it is true that there alot of bugs. But if you have a big video card and lots of ram the graphics on the battelfield are stunning and your inner Napolean can streatch its legs.

    The bugs are mainly in the campagin map so when things fail it is CTD during the startagy section. The Sea battels are cool too you can zoom in and see the captin on the boat and the variois sailors and firing the cannons is cool too.

    I would say buy it and play it while the updates start coming in the guys who wrote it are delivering updates (automagicaly) about one evry week so they will get on top of it eventually.

    Hazah Hazah Hazah...more info
  • Steaming over Steam
    I bought a complete hard copy of this game but in order to play it I have to connect to STEAM even if I want to ONLY play offline. NOTE: from the STEAM website, "Please note that you must connect to the Steam Network and test each of the games you would like to use in Offline Mode at least once to set up your account and configure Offline Mode on your machine." I DON'T WANT AN ACCOUNT WITH YOU! I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO BE FORCED TO CONFIGURE MY 'OFFLINE MODE' WITH YOU! Get it?! I've got lousy internet and cannot do all this you ask! I've played this series since it began but I will not tolerate this. Heck, I can't even connect because the "Steam servers are busy..." There is nothing I can do to get my money back but be certain that it's the last of my money you will see. So, now I'll shop for this and future Total War games at Skull & Cross Bones for I know that version is NOT STEAMED. You know, even Microsoft doesn't force this upon you. Yes, you have to authenticate but it's fast, simple and only once, so much so that I can do it over a simple dialup modem. ...more info
  • Game is not as bad as people say
    This game is awesome. Yeah sometimes the minor bugs can piss you off, but the online battles are great. I would recommend this game to anyone with a good comp and a love for the TW series. This game comes close to topping Rome, and will as new patches are released. (The naval battles r not that fun to play but r cool to watch)...more info
  • Worst Total War Series ever!
    So I've been playing this game since it was first released. I played all of the Total War games and I have to say, this game is very disappointing. First, its very buggy, even with all the latest patches applied. When I select my ships, the game crashes to desktop almost all the time.

    Second, it takes forever to get to your turn (about 30 minutes wait after you ended your turn). I have a pretty decent CPU (AMD Athlon Dual Core 5000+ 2.6 Ghz) and a decent graphic card (Nvidia 9500GT) and 4GB of RAM. There's just way too many nations and the freaking Ottoman Empire (which is the longest wait of all AI controlled nations) has like over 100 boats in the sea and god knows how many land units it has.

    Third, why the hell do they have STEAM client for? STEAM needs to be loaded first before you can load this game. TOTALLY RETARDED!

    Forth, not many unique units between nations. Other total war games have variety of units, but not this one.

    I would not recommend you to buy this game, unless you want to deal with all this headaches and waste of time by waiting and waiting until its your turn....more info
  • Incredible Game...still a little buggy though.
    This game is great so far, but still a little buggy. I have Core i7920, Vista 64bit, 12GB or Ram, and ATI's new 4870 x2 w/2GB or GDDR3. The only problem I'm noticing is that whenever I began a battle, and it finishes loading the game is locked on the load screen but I can hear the battle going on in the background. The only way for me to fix this is I have to bring up the options menu, go to the video section, and either check or uncheck something which causes the game to reload and the battle scene is good to go. I have to do this everytime I start a battle. Its no big deal really because once I do that, the games good to go. Just one extra click I have to do and wait a few more seconds for load time.
    I just hope they find a way to fix this soon. But I won't knock any stars off for that because I already heard that it was having issues with ATI cards. Hopefully an update will be released soon. I've always been an Nvidia user, but at the time, ATI had the market down with their 4870 x2....more info