Honeywell Vista ICM Internet Connection Module
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Put the Power of the Internet to Work for You. The internet connection module lets your security, heating and cooling, and lighting systems work together. The result is a safer, smarter, and more comfortable home. Whether you control your systems from an optional touch screen or use a laptop, PDA or PC, you'll be amazed at how it can improve your life. Security System Benefits: In the event of a fire, the system can send a signal to shut down HVAC airflow, which will help stop the spread of smoke. Lights can be programmed to flash during an alarm to alert responders. You can receive an email or text message when your child returns from school and disarms the system. Video Benefits: You can view your cameras remotely from any internet connection, and check on your home when you're away. Climate Control Benefits: With the ICM, you can adjust your home systems around your schedule, keeping more money in your pocket while conserving resources. Adjust your home's temperature from your office computer and return to a comfortable home! Lighting Control Benefits: No need to enter a dark home again. With a lighting control system, you can create lighting scenes from returning home to entertaining. You decide on the settings you want for any scenario, and the ICM will take care of the rest. With technology such a part of our daily lives, you can benefit from the ICM features that make your busy life more manageable. Specifications: * Hardware Compatible o Industry standard Ethernet hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points. CAT5/5E/6 Cable 100 meter max cable lengths from ICM to network router/switch. * Built-In Web Server Features o Supports standard TCP/IP protocols o Compatible with any web-browser based hardware PDA PC Laptop Macintosh TouchScreen computer * Hardware o 32-Bit Motorola ColdFire Processor 2MB Flash Memory 8MB RAM 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Addressable ECP port

  • The ICM has its own setup wizard that makes installation quick and easy. No installation software is required.
  • Enhanced Control for security systems and thermostats from a web browser on a PC, web tablet, wireless PDA, or laptop. In the event of a fire, the system can send a signal via the network to shut down HVAC airflow to help stop the spread of smoke.
  • Messaging: Users can receive notification of system events via text messaging cell phones or e-mail i.e.: notification via e-mail at work when your child disarms the security system after school
  • Cameras: Homeowners can view IP cameras and check on their homes from any Internet connection both at home and away (requires broadband and remote desktop software).