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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Upgrade
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $89.95

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Product Description

Adobe Lightroom V2 Upgrade for Windows and Mac. Lightroom provides an efficient way to import, select, develop, and showcase large volumes of digital images.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 software is essential for today's digital photography workflow. Now you can quickly import, process, manage, and showcase your images--from one shot to an entire shoot. Quickly batch process, convert, and apply metadata to your photos on import. Easily make selections with multiple viewing and comparison options. Adjust and enhance color, exposure, and tonal curves nondestructively on more than 190 camera raw file formats, as well as JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files. Every change you make to an image is automatically tracked, so you can return to any state with a single click. With Lightroom 2, you spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2, designed for photographers, features an elegant, uncluttered interface that puts just the tools you need at your fingertips.

Enjoy more flexible, accurate enhancements by targeting a specific area for dodging and burning.

Sort and filter large volumes of photos using powerful metadata filters to quickly find just the photo you want.

Enjoy robust support for more than 190 camera raw file formats, and experiment with confidence. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won't alter the original data, whether you're working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file.

Enjoy tight integration with Adobe Photoshop software for streamlined use of Smart Objects, panorama stitching, high dynamic range (HDR) functionality, multiple layer workflow, and more.

Work with a tool focused on photographers' needs
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 is designed expressly for both amateur and professional photographers. From its elegant, uncluttered interface to its carefully tailored tools and features, Lightroom helps you process photographs faster, giving you more time to shoot. With the new and enhanced features in Lightroom 2, you canfind the photos you want faster, make more accurate adjustments, and easily present your work in more ways than ever before.

Accelerate your workflow
Lightroom is a nimble tool that moves you efficiently through every step of your workflow, from image capture to client presentation. Use flexible tools and features to manage the processing of large volumes of photographs. Customize a wide range of importing, renaming, and metadata stamping functions to suit your needs. Keep track of the changes you've made to images, including alternate versions, easily and automatically with the History panel. And when you're ready to present your work to clients, easily assemble and output high-quality printed contact sheets, online web galleries, and slide shows, or upload your photos to popular online photo-sharing sites.

Use it your way
Lightroom is adaptable and compatible with the way you work, most of the hardware you use, and open standards, so you're less likely to be limited by proprietary systems and formats. Lightroom runs on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Work with more than 190 camera raw file formats, as well as JPEG, TIFF, and PSD files. Convert your images to the universal DNG format without loss of image quality. Store your photographs in the Lightroom Library--even if they're located on offline media. Using Lightroom for developing images, together with Adobe Photoshop for retouching, digital photographers now have the essential photography software toolkit. Take advantage of robust metadata support and advanced keywording capabilities help you tag and find the photographs you need quickly and easily. From developing images to presenting them, Lightroom together with Photoshop provides digital photographers with the essential photography software toolkit.

Who's It For?

Professional photographers
Photographers who shoot large volumes of images in every specialty, from fashion and fine art to portraiture and photojournalism.

Advanced amateur photographers
Photographers who don't earn a living from their images but have a deep passion for photography; take large numbers of photos, typically with a digital SLR camera; and value professional tools and results.

University and community college instructors who are shooters themselves and who teach the best tools and practices to the next generation of photographers.

The top reasons to buy Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Enhance specific areas of a photo
Enjoy more flexible, accurate enhancements by targeting a specific area for dodging and burning.

Quickly find any photo
Sort and filter large volumes of photos using powerful metadata filters to quickly find just the photo you want.

Automatically import and process your way
Import and process large volumes of photos according to your customized settings. Rename files, organize them into folders, add metadata, and convert file formats for an entire shoot simultaneously.

Native 64-bit architecture
Utilize the advanced memory-handling capabilities on the latest Mac OS and Windows systems.

Work smoothly with Adobe Photoshop software (sold separately)
Enjoy tight integration with Adobe Photoshop software for streamlined use of Smart Objects, panorama stitching, high dynamic range (HDR) functionality, multiple layer workflow, and more. See your edits automatically updated in Lightroom.

Multiple monitor support
Add a second monitor and enjoy more room to work. Support for multiple monitors allows you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently.

Be productive quickly
Ease your learning curve with task-oriented modules that speed you through typical workflow tasks by placing just the tools you need at your fingertips.

Edit nondestructively
Enjoy robust support for more than 190 camera raw file formats, and experiment with confidence. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won't alter the original data, whether you're working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file.

Easily show off your photos online
Create dynamic web galleries based on Adobe Flash technology without programming. In a few clicks, you can assemble and upload an interactive gallery to your website. Or easily upload your images to popular photo-sharing sites directly from Lightroom.

  • Enhance specific areas of a photo, or precisely adjust overall color, exposure, and tonal range nondestructively
  • Automatically import, rename, and sort your entire shoot; find your photos quickly with powerful yet flexible sorting, selecting, and organizational tools
  • Present your work in dynamic slide shows, interactive web galleries, and a variety of flexible print templates; easily upload your photos to popular online photo-sharing sites
  • Configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently thanks to support for multiple monitors
  • Every change you make to an image is automatically tracked, so you can return to any state with a single click

Customer Reviews:

  • more than an incremental step
    If you like Photoshop, you should definitely be using Lightroom. It's picked up a few features like red eye fix, spot removal and adjustment brush (this feature alone is worth the upgrade) that make your workflow almost all Lightroom. I don't do high-end art photography or graphics,which calls for more Photoshop, so Lightroom is superb for 98.5% of what I need to do. I have used all versions of Photoshop Elements, CS3 and all versions of Lightroom. IF, I were starting out afresh, I doubt I would need to venture beyond Lightroom....more info
  • lightroom
    It is good software ,however it does not go far enough.As a prepress professional I would like to see a ruler in the develop module,also there is no provision to "dim" your photo it's all scale to fit which I believe simply resamples thereby losing quality.I now go directly to photoshop dim to size I want then return to Lightroom to
    continue. I need to have specific sizes so I don't spend a fortune at a framing shop buying custom matts and or frames.For example 8 x 12 frames can be bought premade inexpensively 13 x 19 can't.Or put an 8x12 photo in 11x14 frame.Staying with traditional sizes to save money.I also don't like to crop, as a photographer you should compose using the entire format if possible for maximun quality....more info
  • Yawn
    I guess I just don't get it, I don't see why you need this if you use CS3 or CS4 with Bridge. It's just a different workflow. I actually find the fact that edits made in lightroom dictate certain options not being available in CS4 (mainly save as JPEG comes to mind) very annoying. I have pretty much ditched this thing and use CS4 and Bridge together. I know I must be missing something because alot of photographers swear by this tool....more info
  • Not dramatic,
    but efficient. The changes enhance the experience of dealing with the large volume of images the digital photographer produces. I'm still learning, but count me as sold....more info
  • Well worth the upgrade price
    Lightroom 2 is a great upgrade from Lightroom 1. With many of the new features it has, you will find that your trips into Photoshop will become less & less frequent.

    The print module is now excellent, with it's new improved output sharpening feature.

    It is well worth the price of the upgrade....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought Lightroom mainly to help me organize pictures and to touch pictures up before printing and framing. LR did not let me down in those respects. LR is very flexible, providing the functionality for you, but allowing you to customize it to fit your own work flow.

    I organized over 8000 photos that had no organization prior to this in only a few hours time. LR automatically sorted the photos for me into the folder arrangement I wanted. So, those few hours were spent tagging the 8000 photos with people, subjects and locations. LR made the process very easy.

    From a photo touch-up perspective, LR's capabilities are unparalleled. Non-destructive edits, local edits and tweaks for every last thing you could want to tweak in a photo, make it easy for amateurs to get great looking photos....more info
    The equipment I use is a Professional SLR with several prime lenses. I shoot citiscapes,landscapes,wildlife. So I don't need complex laying tools to interchange faces and bodies as are provided in full photshop CS4. The spotting/redeye/cropping/hue/saturation/tone curve/brush/graduated filter tools in LR2 are more than enough. In LR2 these are presented as easy to use sliders on the same screen with your raw camera image, so you can quickly make any adjustments and get on with showing them. All adjustments are stored as 'orders to do later' with your raw image, and they are not applied until you export from LR to print, DVD, HDTV. They remain in the LR2 library as well and you can go back anytime, reset a former adjustment, and do it over differently, change to black and white or whatever. No pixels are ever lost.

    LR2 is logical, easy, lossless, and fairly cheap. If you need more exotic tools, add CS4, as LR2 provides for moving images into CS4 for additional work while keeping the original raw image in the LR2 library unchanged. The LR2 book by Martin Evening is so far the best book I've found for how to use the software....more info
  • digital darkrooms terrible twos
    Lightroom is an incredibly useful and comprehensive tool for the digital photographer, and is to all extents and purposes a 5 star application, i found the move from version 1 to 2 though was not as well thought-out as is the norm in a photoshop upgrade. Several of the changes in this version, i found irritating and it has taken me sometime to migrate fully from version 1, there is not really a pressing reason to move to version 2. Loss of the middle mouse buttons functionality to move sliders when developing is still enough to make me return to Lightroom 1.
    The new features are far from breathtaking, and some of the changes are outright annoying and ill thought-out, but this is still a super powerful and very impressive piece of software which will bring new life to any photographers collection.
    The Graduated filter is really the only new feature of note, and personally i find the other new targeted adjustment tools of little worth, but it does potentially free up the lightroom user from having to use photoshop at all, which is no bad thing for many digital photographers.
    Lightroom is at heart a super powerful tool for organizing and managing big or small collections of digital images, and allowing the photographer to creatively edit images in a completely non-destructive fashion, and although the true power can be unleashed when working with camera RAW files, its also a great tool for anyone working with libraries of jpegs.
    Lightrooms printing and web capabilities are extensive, and for any photographer wanting a quick and easy way to create amazing professional web portfolios using flash or html, it could not be easier, likewise the slideshow option is a quick and easy solution for professional looking results.
    Lightroom 2 although a slightly shaky upgrade from version 1, offers professional photographers a complete workflow tool, and for all other digital photographers an amazingly powerful and relatively easy to use digital darkroom....more info
  • Great program just got much more powerful
    This is a great improvement over lightroom 1 which I used since it originally came out. It is great for organizing, categorizing and doing almost all of the needed adjustments. So far I have not needed to purchase Photoshop, but I do use this in conjunction with Capture NX2 which I also think is extremely good and a great upgrade from the first version. When importing Nikon images you do get better results if you import them using Nikon own software, especially if you shoot raw images. They start off much sharper and needing less processing. But after that I like using lightroom for various editing tasks to supplement what is available in NX2...more info
  • Improved Lightroom
    Lightroom is a great tool for photographers. Easy to install and use. Unlike Lightroom 1.0, Lightroom 2.0 do not include any manuals so buy a book if you want assistance. ...more info
  • Great Improvement
    I have had LR 1 since its inception and must say didn't really want to upgrade, but the new features are well worth the upgrade price, don't know if I would have bought the entire product though......more info
  • A worthy upgrade
    The localized edit tool was enough to make me upgrade. Additionally support for newer cameras and lenses also came in handy. The UI is still a bit quirky (especially for Windows users) but one can get used to it....more info
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Upgrade
    So far I really enjoy using this program. I was currently using only the program that came with my camera (Digital Photo Professional) from Canon. I feel I have much more control using Lightroom 2. Looking forward to finding a good tutorial book or tape on Lightroom 2 to help me further my skills and to help me take advantage of the complete program....more info
  • Great Upgrade!
    Adobe Lightroom 2 is a great upgrade. Don't even think about hesitating to get this product if you have version 1!...more info
    The upgrade to Lightroom 2 has made Lightroom 1 much more user friendly. It is well worth the price. Shipment was prompt and it arrived according to schedule. ...more info
  • It's an upgrade!
    I have a registered, working version on LR1 on my XP system, and went to install this product (LR2). Unfortunately, I don't have my LR1 keycode - I usually write the keys when I first open the box (both on the cd and a master list of my keycodes that I keep in a cd case with the written-on cd) but I have accumulated a ton of them and misplaced LR1. It's probably around and I'll be able to fully register once it turns up, but bear in mind when you buy this that you'll need your original LR1 keycode to enter along with the one they send with LR2. One nice feature is that you can use it with full features for 30 days while you look for it! Other than the problem that I can't locate my key, it's a great program - powerful, easy to use functions for basic picture tweaking. One complaint: the file management system is a somewhat proprietary with "Libraries" instead of folders and keeps all your changes to the original "Nondestructively" (so you can undo without losing quality.) In both versions, I've found that outputting the finished product is the least intuitive part of the process, and not unlike misplacing my keycode, I've gotten confused as to how my changes were saved (or in my case, lost forever) when I had to re-install. (RTM:) ...more info
  • Buy before Photoshop - you may never need Photoshop
    If you are a digital photographer, you shoot in raw, and you don't have Aperture, this is the software for you. Since I started using Lightroom, I rarely use Photoshop. Lightroom will save you time in processing raw images and you won't have to go through the Photoshop learning curve. Legend is that this is the product that the original authors of Photoshop developed especially for digital photographers....more info