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Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded
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In one of the biggest jumps ever recorded in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Rihanna's newest single "Take A Bow" rockets from #53 to #1 this week. "Take A Bow" also debuts at #1-bullet on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs Chart with a phenomenal first week of 266,696 scans. The song was written by fellow Def Jam artist Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate, the same team responsible for Rihanna's "Unfaithful" (of 2006), and "Hate That I Love You," her Top 10 duet with Ne-Yo released late last year. "Take A Bow" raises the curtain on the upcoming new CD U.S.release of Rihanna's GOOD GIRL GONE BAD: RELOADED. The new configuration arrives in stores on June 17th - the week after the album officially marks its historic 52nd week on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

The original 12-song CD version of GOOD GIRL GONE BAD - source of the non-stop string of hit singles that began with the MTV VMA and Grammy Award-winning global #1 hit "Umbrella" (featuring Jay-Z), then "Shut Up and Drive," "Hate That I Love You" (featur-ing Ne-Yo), and the current "Don't Stop the Music" - will now be augmented with three bonus tracks: 1) "Take A Bow"; 2) a cover version of Maroon 5's "If I Never See Your Face Again" (featur-ing Maroon 5); and 3) "Disturbia."

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD (released June 5, 2007) was the third album release in less than two years by multi-platinum MTV VMA, Grammy, and American Music Award winning artist - and CoverGirl spokesperson - Rihanna. It followed-up 2006's RIAA platinum A Girl Like Me, containing the back-to-back hits, "S.O.S." and "Unfaithful"; and her RIAA gold debut from 2005, Music Of the Sun, featuring the worldwide smash, "Pon De Replay."

UK pressing of the 2008 expanded edition of this hit album from the R&B sensation features one bonus track over the domestic edition: 'Cry'. The album, her third, is being re-released with four extra tracks including the new Maroon 5 collaboration on 'If I Never See Your Face Again' along with the brand new single 'Take a Bow'. Written by Ne-Yo and produced by Stargate, 'Take A Bow' is a contemporary R&B ballad with real class. The album itself includes the worldwide smash hit 'Umbrella' (featuring Jay-Z) plus collaborations with producer of the moment Timbaland and the new King Of R&B, Ne-Yo. Mercury.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bad CD
    The CD is un-playable. it's been rejected by my car player, laptop and home stereo...more info
  • Good Girl Gone... BETTER!
    When I heard that Rihanna was trying too make her new album like Brandy's 2004 album, Afrodisiac, I laughed. I thought "there is no way an artist like Rihanna could make an album as amazing as any album that Brandy made." Once I heard 'Good Girl Gone Bad' I completely changed my mind.

    I remember first hearing Rihanna when she came out in 2005 with her debut single "Pon de Replay" and it was a big hit. It was a great party track, but I was worried she might become a one-hit wonder. She disowned that title with 2006's "SOS" which very heavily samples Soft Cell's "Tainted Love", and "Unfaithful" which was a beautiful ballad about cheating. I liked these songs, but I was never a big fan of "A Girl Like Me" (her second album). In 2007, she came back with the HUGE SMASH "Umbrella," which turned out to be the lead single from her third studio album, "Good Girl Gone Bad."

    The first four songs on the CD are the dance tracks. Tracks three and four are two major highlights on the disc. #3, "Don't Stop the Music" was one of the many dance hits from this CD, while in "Breakin' Dishes," she tells off her man who stays out all night cheating. Rihanna tries rock in "Shut Up and Drive" and duets with Ne-Yo in "Hate that I Love You."

    Other highlights include the wonderful "Rehab" and "Question Existing." The three bonus tracks are "Disturbia" which has a great beat that you can dance to, "Take a Bow," a breakup song, and a remix of "If I Never See Your Face Again." which is a duet with Maroon 5, who originally did the song.

    Overall, this is a great CD that I suggest if you like pop or R&B music.

    1. Breakin' Dishes
    2. Disturbia
    3. Rehab
    4. Umbrella
    5. Don't Stop the Music ...more info
  • Good
    Good album don't regret my purchase. Breaking Dishes probably my favorite single on this album....more info
  • awesome!
    this is a great CD. i didnt know it was this good or i wud have bought it a long time ago :-). All the songs are good, except for maybe one but thats because i dont like slow songs so its really not the song itself i guess. but anyway, awesome CD!!...more info
  • luv it!
    I didn't think that I would like Rhianna this much but it seems that every cd that she makes keeps getting better! Keep it up Rhianna!...more info
  • Good Buy
    Wanted to get this CD because I like some of the songs I've been hearing. Glad I did....more info
  • Absolute best album from her
    Rihanna's previous albums were instantly won't forget this album because every track is HOT. Buy this, and you won't stop singing [or dancing!]...more info
  • Didn't hold my attention
    This was put out to be a wonder CD, but to be honest I am not a rap person but some of the tracks are worth the price...more info
  • it moves
    i'm older, but i loke her music! like the beat, like her voice, and like the arrangements....more info
  • Great!
    I really like this CD. Some songs are a little creepy, like Disturbia and Question Existing. I really like Breakin' Dishes and Shut up and Drive. I would reccomend this CD if you have listened to and liked Rihanna's music before....more info
  • The Downfall of Rihanna
    I have the original Good Girl Gone Bad album by Rihanna. It was a pretty OK album, I constantly listened to it when I first bought it a while back. But then I got pretty sick of the repetitiveness of it. Some tracks, such as Shut Up and Drive, Question Existing, Push Up On Me, and Lemme Get That are the only ones that I would've downloaded, had I not bought the album. The rest of the album is just corny and annoying after a while. Then, she turned around and reissued the album, just when everyone was getting tired of Good Girl Gone Bad and when its singles were dying out. The "Reloaded" version isn't anything special. It includes 3 new songs: Take a Bow, Disturbia, and If I Never See Your Face Again (with Maroon 5). Take a Bow is just like any other cheesy attempt at a pop ballad commonly heard on the radio. Disturbia is the same, I swear I've heard songs just like it before. And Maroon 5 with Rihanna on If I Never See Your Face Again is just like water and electricity, it doesn't mix. If you really want to get this album, be warned because I think it sounded better in the store than in my stereo....more info
  • Rihanna goes bad (not in a negative way)
    Rihanna was never the strongest singer. She never tried to be something she wasn't. She is a pop singer and sometimes an R&B singer. I didn't really listen to any of the songs from the original "Good Girl Gone Bad" but I decided to listen to it when she re-released it. I guess she wanted to release more singles so she gave us a 2nd helping of the 2007 album. The new songs are pretty good. Ne-Yo wrote her song (by himself this time) "Take A Bow" which could be a ripoff of Madonna's song "Take A Bow." it has similar lyrics and is a ballad. "Disturbia" is another great new song which seems to be about mental illness (Britney, anyone?). I like the new songs better than some of the songs on the original album, but I still find "Push Up On Me" to be addictive. Overall I'd say this is Rihanna's best album. She has a long way to go before making a perfect or classic album, but this definately helps her reputation more. I still give props to Rihanna for delivering fun singles that we can dance or sing along to....more info
  • Catchy and successful, if shrill at times
    Pop superstar Rihanna's third album, Good Girl Gone Bad, was without a doubt her biggest CD yet. And the re-release of it, with three extra tracks, has been even more successful. Of course, there is no mystery as to why. The answer can be summed up in one word: "Disturbia". This jumpy tune, and its catchy synth beat, are taking the nation by storm at the moment--but the rest of the album (including the songs from last year) cannot be overlooked in "Disturbia"'s wake.

    Overall this is a very solid pop/R&B album, with a mix of energetic dance tracks and wispy slow jams, and of course "Umbrella" which falls somewhere in between. "Question Existing" was one of her more emotional and interesting cuts, but it hasn't been released as a single yet, so not as many people can appreciate it. "Rehab" and the title track are the best ballads on the CD, along with "Take A Bow", which shot up to #1 on the charts early this past summer.

    Rihanna herself has a very high voice which is capable of a decent belt, even if it may be a bit whiny. What is important is that it is identifiable and stands out. She collaborates here with Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, and Maroon 5 and has two tracks produced by the legendary Timbaland. These songs are standouts, and considering that she's only 20, it's an impressive lineup to be working with.

    The album is far from perfect, mind you. There are a couple tracks ("Say It" and "Push Up On Me") that get pretty annoying and repetitive quickly and unfortunately they do bring the rest down a bit. There is also an excess of ballads all together, which becomes sluggish and boring even though the songs are good on their own.

    Now that Rihanna is truly a superstar thanks to getting a new image and releasing this, her biggest album yet, here's hoping that she'll continue with the success, and hopefully learn to shed some of the more irritating aspects along the way....more info
  • Better than expected.
    With the release of "Disturbia", I was very skeptical about purchasing this cd. After listening to "Breaking dishes", I am defiantly happy I finally got it. That song along is worth buying the cd for. She did a really nice job and it is very worth it. ...more info
  • Music CD
    The CD was mailed with a scratch on it so I can only give it 2 stars but the actual songs would definately be give a 4 or 5. ...more info