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Touchmaster 2
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Product Description

Midway's Touchmaster 2 returns with a collection of 20 addictive and fun games from five different genres: Cards, Action, Strategy, Picture, and Puzzle. With this many options to choose from, there is certain to be a game for every player. The Nintendo DS delivers all the Touchmaster 2 games to palm of your hand -- you can play a quick round to beat your high-score, or roll up your sleeves and finds some real competition against other players. No matter how you choose to play, Touchmaster 2 delivers hours of gaming fun that is perfect for gamers of any level.

You can play wirelessly against your friends. View larger.
Midway made a name for the Touchmaster franchise in bars, restaurants, and arcades across the country, and they're excited to bring their highly interactive mini-games to the Nintendo DS. Touchmaster 2 includes all-new games, including a few exciting twists on some familiar classics such as Mahki, Poker, and Solitaire. Here's the whole list ...

TouchMaster 2: Five Genres, 20 Games
  • Poker Slide
  • View Finder
  • Spellwinder
  • Scavenger
  • What Is It?
  • Rampage Empire
  • Bowling
  • Speed Demon
  • Super Mahki
  • Picture Slide
  • Beaned!
  • Catacombs
  • Prismatix
  • Combo 11
  • Dice King
  • Speed Solitaire
  • Carpet
  • Catwalk Caper
  • Triples
  • Billiards
Instant Battles, Multiplayer, and the Ultimate Touchmaster
Nintendo DS and Touchmaster 2 opens fun, new possibilities in cooperative game play. With the Touchmaster 2 Download Play mode you can actually "beam" your favorite Touchmaster 2 game to friends for instant battles on your Nintendo DS. And if multiplayer action is your game of choice, Nintendo DS has you covered -- you can play with friends using local wireless Ad-Hoc play or simply pass your DS from player to player and battle it out for the best scores.

Are you ready to put your nose to the grindstone and really master Touchmaster 2? If so, you'll be eager to build up your Wizard Points and collect all 60 platinum trophies so you can become the Ultimate Touchmaster.

With 20 minigames in all, you won't run out of games anytime soon.

  • Touchmaster 2 for the Nintendo DS returns with a collection of 20 addictive and fun games from five different genres
  • Genres include: Cards, Action, Strategy, Picture, and Puzzle
  • Includes all new games, including a few exciting twists on some familiar classics such as Mahki, Poker, and Solitaire
  • With Download Play mode you can "beam" your favorite game to friends for instant battles on your Nintendo DS
  • Build up your Wizard Points and collect all 60 platinum trophies to become the Ultimate Touchmaster

Customer Reviews:

  • Will I play most of the games... probably not....
    When deciding on purchasing this game, consider that this is a bundle of many types of games, then decide if it wouldn't be better to find a game that is completely themed towards a strategy you like...

    For example; In Touchmaster2 there is a game where you find things. If this appeals to you then I suggest MillionHeir. If you like racing games, then I suggest buying a total racing game. If you like card games, then buy Clubhouse Games.

    Because there are so many different games, it seems like not a lot of programming effort went into any one game, thus some of the screens and game styles are mediocre, compared to their competitive solo themed game counterparts that are on the market...

    It is fun, but you may find you wasted money when you only really play one or two of the games........more info
  • Its okay
    I was greatly anticipating the release of Touchmaster 2. However, I admit to being a little disappointed. The only really great game I play over and over again is Dice King. The others are just okay...nothing special....more info
  • TouchMaster 2
    This was a dissapointment. #1 was much better. I would not have bought this one if I could have tried it first. ...more info
  • fun
    i have one and two of touchmaster and i like them both. they both have addictive games. ...more info
  • not an improvement
    The first Touchmaster is such a good variety of games I was really hoping for more choices with Touchmaster 2. I am disappointed. There are more games but poorly explained. I am not sure how to play some of the games and there is no real help function to explain how to play the games.I even had my friend try the games because she is a whiz at videos...she was not impressed either. So I would say save your money....more info
  • Touchmaster 2 a huge disappointment and waste of money
    I loved Touchmaster 1, and was glad to pay the hot-off-the-press premium for purchasing a sequel. However, it is not even a shadow of the first product. The games are not intuitive to learn, plus the online instructions are very minimal/cryptic and even the paper flyer is not helpful in learning them. When you finish a game you don't immediately see how you did compared to previous times playing. You seem to make a mistake, an apparent misunderstanding of the rules, but there is no way to see what is going on. Further, the games are not creative or nearly as addictive and pleasureable as Touchmaster 1, which was superb. What a complete rip-off....more info
  • Ok
    I like the first TouchMaster better, but that is just personal opinion. I play the first one more than I play the second one....more info
  • Lots of fun
    I'll admit, it really took some getting used to. It wasn't the "typical" touch-screen games I was used to. But once I played them and got used to them, it was a lot of fun. Very challenging, something for everyone!...more info
  • game review
    I love the game it's a lot of fun to play. I got the product in a very timely manner and in very good condition. I would definitely buy from this seller again....more info
  • disappointed
    I LOVED the original touchmaster and looked forward to this sequel. it is horrible. the games are not fun and difficult to manage. the word games and picture games, which I usually love were major disappointments. I enjoy the occasional mindless, easy to play, quick game and i did not find any in touchamster. There were plenty in the original. If you don't have the original, buy that one. It is a lot of fun and worth the price....more info
  • TouchMaster2
    I'm pleased to add this game to my collection as it is hours of fun I never get sick of playing it and it has many games so it never gets boring....more info
  • touchmaster 2
    This is really great, some new tricky games. Only wish they had included Peak 3, standard solitaire and mahjong that are in version one so I didn't have to switch cards to revisit the old favorites. Otherwise, superb for all ages!
    Some are not intuitive, like Catwalk Caper, but there's enough to be lotsa fun!...more info
  • 2 decent games out of 19?! What a bummer!!
    Like the other reviewers, I was excited to get Touchmaster 2. There aren't many DS cartridges geared to adults the way Touchmaster 1 was and even a year after buying TM1, it is still one of my most played games so I bought TM 2 without a second thought. Big Mistake.

    It has 19 games and a more sophisticated navigation menu but TM2 seems like it is trying to appeal to kids AND adults and it does neither. The avatar selection at the beginning is pointless, the games that incorporate animation are rudimentary and simplistic and the word-related puzzles seem aimed at 3rd graders. The only games I regularly play are Dice King and Prismatics but even they are frustrating.

    In Dice King, it is almost impossible (and not in a "fun" impossible way) to get 5 of a kind (since you are forced to complete all the other groupings first) and while I like Prismatics, it (and Dice King) take too long to play to be any fun. Plus the high score, bonus round and (some other version) of play are unintuitive. Why can't you shoot for the top score AND the most bonus rounds?

    I still haven't figured out what the stupid trophy score is all about. I got 19 out of 27 pretty much every time whether I won big or played a single round. WHATever. I'll probably keep the game just because the two games I mentioned are kind of cool but I wish I could transfer them to TM1 and keep all my favorites in one place. Over all, a bummer!...more info
  • a stinker!
    Not much detail to add to others' reviews. Just an "I agree." Save your $. mb...more info
  • not as good as Touchmaster 1
    I don't like it as much as the Touchmaster 1, but it has a different selection of games to play that are almost as good. Overall, I would recommend it to buy if you are looking for different games to play all in one DS game. ...more info
  • Ttouchmaster 2 is awesome
    This is a great game. You can play a lot of the games against another player. It has some really cool search games. Like hidden pictures, looking at two pictures and finding whats wrong, ect. Bowling is real fun. It has numerous games that young and old can play....more info
  • love it!
    I love this game for my DS! I play it all the time. I love the Dice King and the Super Maki. The games where you have to look and find the difference in the pictures and the I SPY game are very hard to see what you are looking for as the screens on the DS are so small. I cannot see the differences and have to guess. ...more info