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Clear and Present Danger
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  • Stick to the story, Harisson Ford was awful!
    There is nothing to say except that It's one of the worst performances of Harisson ford. Fight Visuals are Awful too! you'll obviously recognize fastening and Intrupted picture record on fight scenes!
    but the story and screenplay are astonishingly brilliant. and these are the most important parts of each movie for me. so I can rate this movie as 4 Stars!...more info
  • Harrison Ford is the perfect Jack Ryan
    Clear & Present Danger is the third movie in the Jack Ryan film series, adapted from Tom Clancy's book of the same name which is the fifth in Clancy's series of Jack Ryan novels. C&PD was the second (and last) outing for Harrison Ford as Ryan. Ford is the best of the three actors who have played Jack Ryan on screen, outshining Alec Baldwin (The Hunt for Red October) and light years better than Ben Affleck (The Sum of All Fears). I would have loved to have seen Ford stick around to do TSOAF, or even one or two film adaptations of some of the later novels with Ryan in the White House (Executive Orders, anyone?). In addition to Harrison Ford, many other cast members stepped up with memorable performances in this film, including James Earl Jones as the terminally-ill Admiral James Greer, Donald Moffat as the President, Miguel Sandoval as Escobeda, Willem DaFoe as John Clark, Raymondo Cruz as Domingo "Ding" Chavez and Henry Czerny as Bob Ritter, to name just a few. Of the film adaptations, I rank C&PD just behind The Hunt for Red October. Clear & Present Danger is a well-written, well-directed film with a great cast, and a movie that I love watch over and over again....more info
  • Political Intrigue, Anyone?
    Is there anything that Harrison Ford can't do?

    Ford stars as Jack Ryan in a follow-up to the successful PATRIOT GAMES. This time out, he finds himself tightly wound into a plot involving the US's highest elected officer -- that's right, the President -- in a failed campaign of the secret drug war. The script is actually penned by Clancy (along with John Milius), and it has an air of authenticity lacking in the other Ryan thrillers: it's a real story set in real place with real villains and real consequences, which makes for a more layered thriller than GAMES or THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

    Excellent supporting performances are turned in by Anne Archer (Mrs. Jack Ryan), Willem Dafoe, and Henry Czerny....more info

  • Great Movie
    This is without a doubt the best installment in the Tom Clancy series, it is sad they didn't continue with Cardinal of the Kremlin, Sum of All Fears, Debt of Honor and other good Clancy books.

    Chavez and Clark are nothing like what Tom Clancy portrayed in his books. Chavez is a typical cocky soldier from the 10th Mt. Div. Clark is quiet but very like a field spook, you know with dead drops and all the other spy-stuff, not the guys that goes running around the jungle in Jeans. I think they shoould have developed the characters more, especially the soldiers like Ding Chavez and Oso and Captain Ramirez like in the book.

    The ambush in the alley was by far the best scene, with the RPGs and Kalishinikovs. If they had done more combat scenes I would have rated this a five star movie.

    All in all this is a great movie, and I thinjk everyone should see it. I watch it over and over again....more info

  • As good as it gets
    Harrison Ford gets appointed as CIA Deputy Director of Intelligence. His first assignment is to investigate the murder of one of the President's friends, a prominent U.S. businessman with secret ties to Colombian drug cartels. Enough said, An action packed movie with an excellent story behind it that keeps you stuck to your couch from start to finish wishing the movie was an hour longer. The quality of the DVD is excellent with DTS , so prepare yourself to some great sound effects. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • clear and present danger
    Quality is very good and the time that it took to receive this movie was perfect. This is a very good movie...more info
  • an explosive sequal to "PATRIOT GAMES"
    Harrison Ford the everyman man's man is back as Jack Ryan, the uncoruptable, loyal CIA agent based on the chracter created by novelist Tom Clancey. This time around Jack is acting CIA Director Who faces betrayal and trechery from his own goverment when trying to capture a Columbian Drug Lord responsble for murdering the U.S President's best friend & Family. Great action sequences especally when Jack & his men were trapped under fire during a terroist attack. CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER Is much more of drama with action blended in rather than it's predesscor PATRIOT GAMES(1992)was an all battle of cat & mouse between good and evil. I hope Ford one day will do another installment of the Jack Ryan trilogy because with Ford's acting style you know it won't turn into a James Bond routine. Even though when Jack Ryan was hanging onto the rails of the Heloicopter during the cliamatic finale it looked liked a scene cut out of a James Bond film. Nevethless a truly magnifcent performence from one of Hollywood's Best....more info
  • Amazing Movie!
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan is as good to me as Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. The scene in which Ryan's envoy is ambushed in Colombia by RPG's is one of my all time fav's. Great movie for any fan of the books.

    ...more info
  • Jack Ryan at his best!
    A really taught thriller with a detailed plot that twists all over. It was fun to watch this film again and marvel at how well-directed it is. A great script and Harrison Ford is awesome as Jack Ryan. The supporting cast, particularly Henry Czerny as the nasty CIA Operations Director, Robert Ritter, is also terrific.

    The High Def transfer looks great. I had read some complaints about it, but I saw no pixilation or artifacts. In fact, I was amazed at the detail, particularly noticeable in the stitching on clothes! I compared it to my DVD, which was grainy and couldn't compare at all.

    The True HD sound is really spectacular, highlighting the powerful and brassy James Horner score and a large array of explosions.

    If you're a fan of these films, it's definitely worth the buy. This film hasn't looked and sounded this good since it's original theatrical release!...more info
  • If you look at the movie seperately from the book...
    There are two problems with this movie (yes I gave it 5 stars)...1) Harrison Ford doesn't play Jack Ryan as well as Alec Baldwin did in "The Hunt For Red October" and if you read the books, you should know what I'm talking about...2) the movie only follows the first half of the book, one of my personal favorites. But once you think of the movie and book as being completely seperate, the movie is incredibly entertaining (I saw it twice in the theaters). I'm not going to give you a synopsis of the movie because several other people already have, but I will say that if you like action movies you should definately see this one!...more info
  • Presidents, Snipers, and Helicopters
    Be it as it is, the films adapted from Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series are really a good time to be had by sitting back and enjoying a bit of action and espionage. There really is not that much more to it.

    In this sequel to Patriot Games, Jack Ryan is caught up between the personal vendettas of the President of the United States and some Columbian drug lords. I have to give this movie a bit of credit for creating such a really banal President that seems atrocious even now that we've gotten used to Dubya and all that, and its enjoyable elements include a really neat sniper character, Willem Dafoe, and helicopters. It wouldn't be a Tom Clancy story without helicopters.

    Harrison Ford puts off his usual "Good family guy forced into a fight he doesn't want to have in the first place," and this time his good-boy role is taken to a kind of different level wherein it actually becomes his own problem, but it's not like he really has to expand as an actor or anything to pull it off. Same with Willem Dafoe, really.

    Sit down and give it a whirl, it's great with friends and some good fattening snacks.

    --PolarisDiB...more info
  • A Tom Clancy classic piece. One drawback in the series...
    Goods: I really did enjoy this movie. It was a wonderful piece.

    A man willing to sacrifice all that he had for what he knew was the right thing... that's a powerful statement.

    Even with the violence inherent in this movie, I believe it is a great movie for the kids to watch.

    Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer, James Earl Jones... all incredible talents. Loved it all.

    Bads: Ya know, after Star Wars, et. al., my belief is that Harrison Ford plays swashbucklers... add in Witness and other rough and tough movies, and you can't help but type cast this guy. It's hard to keep the continuity between the Hunt for Red October and the somewhat timid "Gee I can't do that since I'm not a field agent" and Han Solo... Alec Baldwin should have played this part to keep things believable.

    The romance between Anne and Harrison was explored only slightly... and even there, in Hunt for Red October, the wife was played by Gates McFadden (Yay Dr. Beverly Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation)... yet another faux pas in the film.

    Overall: It would easily be a five with the original characters from Hunt for Red October. Sorry, it's only a four.

    Still, I loved it, bought it, and you should too....more info

  • Needs Software Update
    When I received this Blue-ray disc, I was disappointed to see that I cannot play it on my 2-year old, top of the line, Sony DVD player until I go to Sony's website and install a firm-ware update on my DVD. I haven't had time to do it yet, so I don't even know if it's possible, but something to think about before you buy....more info
  • Clear and Present Danger
    It was an excellent movie with great acting. I would highly recomend it to any one who enjoys action/drama movies....more info
  • A smart action thriller
    This movie is based on a Tom Clancy novel and it is simply awesome. The plot and subplots are well thought through and the execution as a motion picture is extremely well done. The story is about drug lords in Colombia who are connected to the folks behind secret doors in Washington. By direct order of the President, CIA agent Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) has to solve the murders of a wealthy businessman and his family. The hunt takes Ryan back and forth between Washington and South America. More killings happen and the action becomes intense. Finally, there's a dangerous field operative (Willem Dafoe) who conducts covert operations for the U.S. government. The movie contains excellent cinematography, drama and action. We've watched it many times and it's always a delight as it is one of these rare breathtaking quality thrillers one will want to watch over and over again....more info
  • `Patriot Games, Part II'
    Harrison Ford returns as "Jack Ryan," star of the very well-done "Patriot Games," the film adaption off the best-selling Tom Clancy novels. Also returning are Anne Archer and James Earl Jones.

    THE BAD - This isn't as intense, especially in the first half hour, as "Patriot Games" and the ending was a little disappointing with a action-scene credibility problem. Once again - it's getting to be a tired Hollywood theme - top U.S. government officials, going all the way to the President, are corrupt people, liars not to be trusted.

    THE GOOD - It's nice to see Willem Dafoe finally play a good guy. The villains in here are deceptively interesting, actors such as Joaquim De Almeida, Harris Yulin and Henry Czerny and Miguel Sandoval - not big names but recognizable and good actors. The violence is not overdone in here and when the action does occur, the sound is terrific. The best action scene was shootout in the streets with snipers firing at cars below.

    OVERALL - The positives are far more than the negatives, making this a solid thriller....more info
    Many reviewers liken this film to Ronald Reagan's Iran Contra affair.I prefer to liken it to the mechanizations of the industrial military complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1960. In this movie, we have a none too bright president, declaring a revenge war on the Colombian drug cartel, with Harrison Ford carrying the ball for the ailing James Earl Jones. Ford assures Congress that no ground troops are to be introduced; yet that's exactly what happens when 2 CIA rivals secretly overtrump Ford, without his knowlege. After almost being killed on a fact finding mission, Ford returns first to Washington to get the story straight,then back to Colombia to help rescue as many covert soldiers as possible. Returning to the White House, the president insists that Ford"take the fall" for the administration. Ryan (Ford) refuses, and as the story ends, he's prepared to "blow the whistle" on the entire administration. A fair/good movie with suspense and plenty of action....more info
    There's just no polite way of saying this, so here goes. When Paramount DVD first issued "Clear and Present Danger" the transfer quality was...well...gosh darn awful. In fact it had to rank up there with the worst transfers I had ever seen. Now we get the new and improved, second "special" edition of this cloak and dagger thriller.
    Based on the novel by Tom Clancy, Harrison Ford is Jack Ryan, a professor and retired CIA agent who gets thrown back into the hopper when he accidentally becomes involved in a terrorist plot to assassinate one of England's Royals. The plot has heavily dated. It centers around a drug cartel and CIA agent, Jack Ryan's mission to infiltrate and stop the spread of massive drug trading into the U.S. Yeah - right!
    This latest transfer from Paramount Home Entertainment really isn't as much of an improvement as one would have hoped for. Almost gone are the excessive aliasing, shimmering and edge enhancement, abundantly present on the original DVD - but not entirely. Pixelization still plagues many of the outdoor scenes and long shots. But of more concern is the color balancing. At times flesh tones appear too pink or orange. Fine details are completely lost in the dark scenes while they occasionally appear digitally harsh during some of the day scenes. Overall the color scheme is muted, dull and muddy with a bland characteristic. Several scenes are also plagued by an opaque haze that weakens black and contrast levels. Film grain, nicks, chips and scratches are blatantly apparent throughout and, while they don't distract, they really don't add anything to the viewing experience either. The audio is presented in both 5.1 and DTS. Both versions are almost identical with the DTS bumping up the bass levels a notch. Still, at times voices seem to be centered too directly into the center speaker with little to no ambiance spread across the other channels. Some effects and screams crackle the sound field and are strident and grating on the ear.
    EXTRAS: We get a comprehensive documentary that covers all the bases and a theatrical trailer. This is Paramount doing its bare bones best and it's disappointing.
    BOTTOM LINE: Yes, this is the preferred DVD of this movie. But it's still not the way I'd prefer to watch it....more info
  • Always a Bankable Actor
    Harrison Ford turns in another strong star performance as CIA man Jack Ryan in "Clear and Present Danger". Suspenseful action drama where you're never really certain who's white hat and who's black hat--and that just about sums up America's foreign policy, anyway. Good support from Willem Dafoe, too....more info
  • Stop right now.
    Do NOT buy this movie. I wouldn't even recommend watching it, unless you've seen everything on the Weather Channel recently. It is nothing like the book, which was very good. So, after you finish reading my wonderful and informative review, go to the "Book" section, then buy this book, because it's actually worth your time.

    I suppose the reason why I'm so disappointed by this movie is (much like "Starship Troopers,") I thought so highly of the book that the movie would almost have to be a let-down.

    My problem with the film version of this book can be summed up thusly: Hollywood's Bob Ritter is a disloyal, Beltway-political sleaze who cuts off the commandos simply because it's easier than fighting for them. Clancy's Bob Ritter holds loyalty as the highest virtue. He made his name in the CIA by going against orders behind the Iron Curtain to effect the escape of one of his agents whose cover had been blown.

    I also feel compelled to correct some other erronious statements made by another reviewer. Benjamin Bratt was NOT the sniper. Bratt was the captain in charge of the team. One more thing: CAPITAL LETTERS SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR EMPHASIS ON SPECIFIC POINTS. THEY LOSE THEIR EFFECTIVNESS IF YOU TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS, LIKE I'M DOING NOW. It's much better if you use them to accentuate specific points, like how STUPID some Hollywood scriptwriters can be when they butcher my favorite books....more info

  • One of the best action movies ever...
    I first saw this movie at the theater in Fayetteville, North Carolina - home to Fort Bragg - when I was serving in the 82nd Airborne Division. The movie house was, of course, crowded with soldiers who LOVED this movie--based on the fact that they cheered, booed, and yelled "hooah!" throughout. The movie was action packed, but at the same time realistic to our experience. I now live in Colombia, and can relate to the film even more. This is a must see!...more info
  • BEST depiction of a small-unit Direct Action mission
    Clearly, this is Clancy's most realistic book/film because it was taken from current events and merged into a fictional story. When it was written, America had just abandoned the CONTRA freedom fighters by cutting off funding. The U.S. Government left men behind in Korea and Vietnam, so the depiction of a small Special Forces (SF) team being abandoned to their own devices is possible; its already happened during time of war. The point of the book/movie is to get public outrage over this so when our men become "shadow warriors" that in return for their loss of identity that the secret government keeps faith with them and sees to it that they return home. This is the rousing conclusion at the film's end when Ryan testifies before Congress demanding more oversight over special operations.

    The greatness of this film is that Jack Ryan's character IS willing to put it all on the line to rescue them in a thrilling climax. Before we get to this point, we see how a small unit of SF operators with a context of jungle cover/concealment (contrast this with McNab's Bravo Two-Zero's desert environment) can do a tremendous amount of damage with hand weapons and explosives. The need for a communications "lifeline" is paramount and how seemingly mundane places like a hotel room can be the nerve center for a field operation. The depiction of SF terminal guidance of a laser-guided munition is instructive. When the SF team is surrounded by superior numbers of inferior quality men, the result is still negative and provides a warning---reaction forces must be ready to pull men out of enemy areas and the new Air-Mech-Strike concept (See David Grange's book by the same name) offers a way to storm into such areas using tracked armored vehicles and extract the men then later on fly out by aircraft rather than trying to insert/extract them from rooftops just by vulnerable, unarmored helicopters (Blackhawk Down!).

    The RPG ambush of the rubber-tired armor bodied SUVs (Somalia, 1993) when the VIP is assassinated is also instructive as wheeled vehicles simply cannot be armored to the level that a tracked vehicle can be. The need for better VIP weaponry to include smokescreens, and fire supremacy-gaining heavy machine guns to defeat the urban ambush mitigates against the denial and non-chalance complacency so common because these would seem "too war like". The issue of OPSEC is covered well when the Secretary who is seduced by the drug lord operative gives away a piece of information that results in the VIP being targeted and killed.

    The musical score of this film is rousing and a triumph, I hope its available at info

  • Ryan, The Drug Cartels, And CIA Abuse
    The third installment in the cinematic series based on Tom Clancy's CIA analyst Jack Ryan, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is a long but engrossing political action thriller that once again puts Harrison Ford, the thinking man's action film actor, in the role of Ryan.

    This time around, Ford investigates the murder of a close friend of the President (Donald Moffatt) by Colombian drug cartel hitmen. When his mentor (James Earl Jones) falls ill due to pancreatic cancer, Ford is suddenly put in charge as deputy director of the CIA. He continues his investigation of the murders and ties them in with one particular drug cartel leader (Miguel Sandoval) with whom the murdered man had a little issue with ill-gotten money,....

    But what Ford doesn't know is that, on orders from the revenge-minded Moffatt, his second deputy (Henry Czerny) and the president's national security advisor (Harris Yulin) have ordered a rogue officer named Clark (Willem Dafoe) in with a covert military team to put a huge dent in the cartel's activities. Dafoe and his team are successful at what they do, but the cartels retaliate with deadly results on Ford's friends in the FBI during a visit to Bogota. And when Ford finds out about the operation, he finds himself going down to Colombia a second time to help spirit Dafoe and the covert team out of harm's way.

    Ably directed, once more, by Phillip Noyce (DEAD CALM; PATRIOT GAMES), CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER gives Ford another chance to prove his mettle in the action genre. The suspense and CIA intrigue are all laid out exceptionally well by Noyce and his first-rate cadre of screenwriters, Donald Stewart, Steven Zaillian, and John Milius. Jones is at his usual best as the now-dying Admiral Greer, and Anne Archer returns as Ford's wife.

    But a performance really worth noting here is Czerny's as the unconsciously corrupt CIA deputy director Robert Ritter. About as uncouth and conniving a heavy as there has ever been in the movies, his performance is absolutely chilling and believable. It makes the whole notion of our government going beyong reasonable bounds even more credible than it already is.

    Some will object to the film not pandering to Clancy's right-wing political points of view or his gung-ho pro-military stance, but that isn't necessarily what this movie is about. It does not condemn covert military action, but it does question the wisdom of sending men into a war zone where the risks are extreme, the reasons for such actions are vague at best, and there is no clear exit strategy. Such points are made extremely well in this film's action format; and for those reasons, it gets the highest marks....more info

  • Overblown dreck...
    This third installment of the Jack Ryan series gets too confused too quick and can't find a way out. It also contains way too much action for a movie that wants to be taken seriously. Harrison Ford is Jack Ryan again, and he's the worst to date. Alec Baldwin will forever be the best Ryan and Ford and Affleck will just have to deal with it. In this movie, it's Ryan vs. everybody from Columbians to the president of the United States himself in a plot so perplexing it's a wonder the movie ever gets off the ground. This is not that good of a movie and a poor follow-up to the cool "Patriot Games." I'm disappointed....more info
    The best of the John Ryan movies. Thrills chills and James Earl Jones. Oh, and Harrison Ford wasn't too bad....more info
  • Harrison Ford
    is the best Jack Ryan. This movie keeps you going and doesn't stop until you reach the credit lines....more info
  • BS
    It's bad to wage war on drug dealers in south America?!?!? I wish Tom Clancy would keep his libertarian beliefs to himself and do us all a big favor....more info