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Fly Away Home
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  • Excellent movie on all accounts
    Fly away home is a great family movie or a great movie for someone looking for an uplifting and edifying story. The story is about a young girl who cares for baby duckings and teaches them to fly. I wish there were more movies like this one. ...more info
    What makes FLY AWAY HOME such a wonderful family film is that it doesn't rely on sentimental or maudlin tearjerking scenes to deliver its powerful message. Rather it asks the audience to join in the flight of these remarkable geese and the determination/courage of a young girl and her father to ensure that these sixteen birds migrate properly. Based on true events, the film benefits from the wise direction of Carroll Ballard (Never Cry Wolf, Black Stallion) and the remarkable cinematography of Caleb Deschanel. Jeff Daniels is very good as the inventor father who is reunited with his estranged daughter (a wonderful Anna Paquin) after her mother is killed in an automobile accident in New Zealand. A sense of down-to-earthiness is provided by Terry Kinney as Daniels' humorous brother who assists in the cause and Emmy winner Dana Delaney as Daniels' current significant other. Without any devastating crises or manipulation, FLY AWAY HOME tells a true story of wonderment and is a marvelous family film....more info
  • A great family movie: two wings up!
    Thirteen-year-old Amy (Anna Paquin) is reunited with her father Tom (Jeff Daniels) in Canada after her mother's death. One day she discovers a nest of abandoned gooose eggs and starts to raise the birds when they hatch. The hatchlings need to migrate south for the winter, but have no adult birds to guide them. Luckily Tom is mechanically skilled and loves to tinker with things like gliders. Father and daughter train the birds to follow them in ultralights, and lead their winter migration, breaking more aviation rules and regulations than I could count.

    This is a great family movie (except for a bit of language) for those who like nature, animals, or girl power. It's one of the few films with a direct reference to the Bernoulli principle. The flying scenes really make you feel like you're along for the ride. Two wings up. ...more info
  • The Girl With The Geese
    Movie Title: Fly Away Home
    Produced By: Carol Baum
    Length: 1:50
    Rated: pg
    Released Date: 1996

    The Girl With The Geese

    Come on geese! Have you ever seen the movie Fly Away Home? Well if you have you know it's a very good movie and great for a friend and family movie. On the other hand, if you haven't seen this movie it's about a girl named Amy who has found geese eggs and is keeping them for a pet! When the geese hatch and get older Amy and her dad try to help them fly south for the winter!

    I think that you should see this movie because it's very realistic! When the characters cry or laugh you will to. For example when the little girl Amy was very upset because her mom had died and she had go live with her dad, I was upset too. This movie makes you feel like you are there in every setting that the characters are in.

    Another reason why I think you should see this movie is because it is a very good movie. The movie is so good I watch it about five times a month. If I watch that much then you can at least watch it once. Now go to blockbuster or some movie place and get it.

    My last reason why you should see this movie is because of the characters. My favorite part about the movie is the characters. The characters are such good actors! They are so good in the movie I would believe it if they said that they didn't read or memorize a script. The characters in this movie make it stand out.

    This movie has so many emotions, like I said earlier it's a great friend and family movie. Since this is such a great friend family movie you really should get it because it's hard to find movies like that now days. Also as I said earlier the movie has awesome characters that make the movie stand out. This movie is so good it will brighten your day, but the movie has sad parts that will want to make you cry your eyes out. Other than the fact that the movie has sad parts, it's really cool.
    ...more info
  • Family freindly movie
    I knew about this movie for a long time. We had a copy on VHS when our sons were small. Now that we have granddaughters, I wanted a replacement.
    Jeff Daniels is known for comedy, but he takes on a serious role and does an excellent job! Dana Delaney and Anna Paquin are also very good. This movie shows what can be done if you really want to. Anna finds some eggs in a construction site, takes them home and hatches a flock of geese and trouble.
    A very touching story for everyone!
    Rod Larimore...more info
  • love this movie
    This is a great, heartwarming story - great for kids who are too old for most animated movie but too young for PG 13. The whole family will enjoy this movie!...more info
  • For dads and daughters
    This is an absolutely wonderful movie about an excitingly surreal kind of real-world issue-- that of a father and daughter developing a shared dream of doing something good for nature. It is especially redeeming for the notion of a parent, long separated from his now-teenaged daughter, learning to expect adult-like responsibilities from her and finding that she can meet them as expected. He doesn't baby her-- the aeronautics lessons alone are enough to end that phase of her life. This relationship really makes it a 'role-model' film.

    Then there is that delightful in-joke about Anna Paquin's nose-ring-- she'd found a FAKE one in a shop whilst filming and wore it onto the set, thinking everyone would make a stink over it... and no one did. They deliberately ignored it, both on the set and in the story line. So the filming proceeded and thus the audience gets let in on her joke... or gets to ignore it; either way it makes her character seem human and natural. This kind of understated, sly cleverness has become a hallmark of Miss Paquin's acting. It's no wonder why she won an Academy Award at age 11-- and delivered an ad-libbed speech for it into the bargain.

    Stories and characters like this are too good to pass by. (And based on a true story!) See this one with your kids soon....more info

  • Wholesome, Modern, Joyous
    In "Short Cuts," Robert Altman suggested, correctly perhaps, that the culture at large is coarse when it comes to caring for the young and innocent. All the more reason, then, to welcome a film like this one, which champions nature, nurtur(ing), and family--however constructed. It's the old hero's journey carried out on the fresh wings of a girl. Fly away home....more info
  • A Family Movie of a Different Feather
    I absolutely loved Fly Away Home. I know some people may think I'm being overly generous by giving this movie a five star rating, but the movie is just so heart-warming and original that it deserves all the praise it can get. This movie is a great family movie. It has elements of childish wistfulness and it incorporates the beauty of nature into a story about courage and love. Also, aside from the general plot, the cinematography is exquisite. The nature scenes look like they've been plucked right out of National Geographic. Also, the underlying theme song about flying away is strikingly emotional. Thumbs up!!!...more info
  • One of my best 100 movies of all time
    Honest, simple and marvellous directing. All acting even geeses ;-) are very down to earth, cinematography is marvellous, every shot and music is wonderful. Also, it is a movie with great moral about what really matters at the end.

    I am a movie fan and not the easy one, believe me this movie is one of my 100 best movies all the time with others such as Sling Blade, Leolo, Space Odysee 2001, Blade Runner, Shawshank Redemption, Innocence, African Queen, Amarcord ...........more info
  • A very nice movie with some silly elements
    A very nice movie overall. Thirteen year old Amy looses her mother, and has to live with her estranged dad who is well, strange- He spends his time flying ultralight airplanes and making odd sculptures and inventions. She copes by raising geese, who have also lost their mother (due to evil developers). The geese think Amy is her mother and follow her everywhere. The problem is that geese generally migrate south every winter, but there is no one to show Amy's geese the way- until Amy, her dad, and family hatch this brilliant scheme to show them the way south by leading them on an ultralight airplane.

    The movie works quite well until the actual migration. We get to see Amy's complex reaction to loosing her mother, and how raising the geese helps her adjust to her wacky father and family, and her new life. But the movie changes tone and becomes rather silly and unrealistic during the flight scenes, pulling tricks of a Disney movie to get cheap thrills: they land on an air force base with no consequences, they suddenly find themselves flying in the middle of Baltimore city due to fog. There are the one-dimensional villains (the evil developers), and the random, `family moments' which in this case are awkward, ill-placed conversations between father and daughter about loss and the importance of family.

    With all that said, the migration scenes are still very, very nice (but could have been truly spectacular without the silliness mentioned above) because the real stars are the geese themselves (who are extraordinarily charming and graceful) and the fantastic scenery.

    It is worth it to watch some of the additional material. But note, you will find that the REAL story is quite different from the story told in the movie. The actual story is not about a young girl and her father bonding over geese, but a serious scientific venture to save endangered birds such as certain crane species....more info
  • Fly Away Home
    A really great and moving story for all ages. We loved it....more info
  • Must see movie!!
    I love owning the DVD of this movie! I taped it from a TV showing and it was adequate, but the quality of the DVD is excellent and the added features give the viewing pleasure an added dimension. I highly recommend this movie....more info
  • A Beatiful Movie
    I just love this movie. It is a simple story yet it was done so well, that I'd call this a beautiful movie. Anna Paquin gives a superb performance (think the Piano, not X-Men), and so does Jeff Daniels. Jeff Daniels??? I mean, when I hear Jeff Daniels, I think "Dumb and Dumber". But actually, he gives a very credible performance in this movie as the estranged father. And the cinematography, you just have to see it. Absolutely beautiful. When you get to the last 30 miles of Amy's (Anna's character) last flight, stop munching popcorn for a moment, turn up the volume so that Mary Carpenter's song fills the room, then enjoy this wonderful sequence. You'd have goosebumps (if not tears) watching this young girl flying with the geese, while an emotion-evoking song is sung in the background. It's like magic. It's like, you would just want to get out and buy an ultralight and head for skies. and fly with the geese and birds of all kinds. and live there for the rest of your life. Well, maybe not for the rest of your life, but ... you get the idea. Well back to the movie... I believe this movie will go down as one of the all-time family favorites. Watch this with your kids, and it may get them interested in, and have respect for nature and wildlife (as oppose to living a wild life). Also I'm pretty certain, after watching this movie, a lot of viewers will find themselves high in up in the skies, dreaming of flight...

    ... and oh yeah, get the special edition. It has the widescreen version (to enjoy the full benefits of the cinematography). Plus you get a special feature about the true experiments that were the inspiration for this movie....more info

  • Fly Away Home
    I received this movie for Christmas. I've seen it several times and just love it! The DVD was in excellent condition!!!...more info
  • A young girl and her dad help young geese fly south for the winter
    Grant, the story of "Fly Away Home" is fairly predictable, in that we know full well that young Amy Alden (Anna Paquin) is going to persuade her father, Thomas (Jeff Daniels), to come up with a way of teaching a flock of adopted goslings how to fly and get them to a winter refuge in North Carolina. But predictability is not always a deterrent to a film being enjoyable or even inspirational, and you have to pity someone who cannot enjoy watching a bunch of baby geese running after Anna Paquin, convinced that she is there mother and therefore responsible for imprinting on them what they need to learn to survive. Besides, for what is ostensibly a children's film this one opens with a rather shocking scene, where we see a fatal car accident during the open credits while listening to a gentle melody. If there is anything that indicates this is more than your usual predictable children's film, this would be it.

    If there is a flaw in "Fly Away Home" it is that the relationship between daughter and father takes a back seat to the story of the geese, so that the pathos that exists there is almost lost in the flapping of wings (but there is a nice moment and a good line when the father tells his daughter why he know what she can do it). They two have been estranged by distance (he returned to Canada while his wife and daughter lived in New Zealand), and living together is not improving things. He is an eccentric artist and inventor who cannot figure out how to connect with a living human being until the geese that come between them bring them together.

    Fortunately, dad is spared the role of being the villain, because there are land developers at both ends of the flight and a wild life officer who knows what the rulebook says about domesticated geese. But those are just minor hurdles to the idea of flying 600-miles in four days in an ultra-light plane for Amy to lead her geese to their promised (wet) land. Yes, the idea that the clock is ticking and that bulldozers are ready to roll in North Carolina is all a bit much, but then there are moments, like when the ultra-lights and geese fly through the skyscrapers of Baltimore than just about take your breath away.

    I was not aware until after I watched the film that director Carroll Ballard and cinematographer Caleb Deschanel had previously collaborated on "The Black Stallion," but that certainly makes sense because both films are perfectly willing to let pictures exist without dialogue. The other commonality is that "Fly Away Home" is another film that adults can enjoy just as much as the kiddies....more info
  • A high-flying family movie
    In "Fly Away Home," a young girl named Amy (Anna Paquin), has to go live with her dad (Jeff Daniels) in Canada after her mom dies. She doesn't remember her dad or where he lives that well, so she's real lonely. That is, until she raises some geese. Like you might expect, these geese think Amy is their mom and they become VERY spoiled :-) . But that's not bad. The bad part is that winter is coming up and the geese have to somehow find out how to migrate to the South.

    If you like family movies at all, I recommend getting "Fly Away Home." It's a good movie that has a great story to go along with it. It's not only about becoming friends with animals, it's a story about growing up and learning to adapt to new people and a new place to live. "Fly Away Home" also has good cinematography and the acting isn't bad either. Get this high-flyer before it flies away!...more info

  • how often are kid's movies not cheesy?
    this movie is so beautifully crafted & acted.
    visually it is stunning, the storyline itself is touching, warm, sad & funny & the atmosphere is one of gentle sensitivity,
    the geese are so comical, & you gradually gain affection for them throughout the film, as you become familiar with them.

    there's so many elements to this film that go in it's favour, family movie, cute & comical animals, breathtaking scenery, great acting, atmosphere, amusing, sensitive & touching.
    I watched this film myself & enjoyed it & then recommended it to my young niece, who of course absolutely adores it.
    it's the kind of movie you would always go back to, as you could never tire of it.
    unfortunately, it's hard to get hold of a copy over here in the good ol' uk!...more info

  • Touching, but HORRIBLE cover
    I'm not sure what possessed me to buy this film, apart from the fact we just got it in work, and I thought why not? Anna Paquin is really nice, and Jeff Daniels is an alright actor, although I haven't seen him too much in films, apart from Dumb & Dumber & Speed obviously!

    What a touching film! I loved it, and got quite teary throughout. Anna Paquin, although shockingly young (but she still looks the same!), is showing herself to be a really good actress, even from such a young age, even more so in the brilliant X-Men films. Even my Dad couldn't believe how she still looked the exact same - old before her years I think. The storyline is that she loses her mother in a car crash in New Zealand, and her dad (played by a very shaggy Jeff Daniels) is in Canada, but comes to get her, and bring her back 'home'. She hasn't seen her dad in 10 years, and he is a bit of a loner himself, but a good environmentalist. After trees get knocked down just outside their home, Amy finds some geese eggs, and takes them home to take care of them. As soon as the geese are born, they latch onto Amy as their mother, and she teaches them everything, even defending them against an evil bad guy cop, who wants to prevent them from flying, and clip their wings. But as they migrate south for the winter, the whole film then revolves around teaching them to fly. A very difficult job, but is successful. And what a genius way of doing it! How anyone could kill these lovely animals is shocking, and it's amazing how throughout the film you watch them grow, and Amy and her dad's relationship grow & evolve.

    There are a few shocking moments in the film, some that will bring a tear to your eye, but there are some hilarious moments as well, including Jeff Daniels character bursting in on his daughter in the shower, after she starts screaming. (He's an inventor, and has invented some strange kind of shower gel tap thing.) The look of horror on both their faces was hilarious, and had you in fits, as her dad's character just stands there.

    There are a few strange scenes as well, particularly of the scene of Anna Paquin either getting her nose pierced, or having a clip on put in. It doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the film, and is obviously part of a storyline that was ultimately cut, but that was left in.

    It's such a sweet storyline, and not totally aimed at kids, meaning adults can not feel embarrassed watching a 'kids' movie. I love being an adult (ha) and still being able to watch kids movie, or movies I watched as a kid, and being able to understand and enjoy them better as an adult. You have to see this movie once in your lifetime, perfect for relaxing to, and just enjoying a couple of hours of 'me' time. The movie flies by quickly, and you won't regret watching it....more info
  • great geese action
    story of teenage girl raising orphan geese and flying to show them the way south. Very interesting and entertaining. Great for kids and adults. ...more info
  • Great and breathtaking
    This movie was breathtaking. My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time. It is about a girl who finds a nest of goose eggs that have been abandoned by the mother because of the bussiness machines ripping their way through the wildlife filled forest and scaring away anything that lives there. This movie shows a great relationship between her and her adopted goslings. When fall comes there is one problem, the geese have to fly south but there is no one to lead them there, without anyone the geese will get lost and probably die, so the girl and her father build an airplane like machine and she and her airborne babies fly south, supported by the cheers of most people in America hearing the about the great mission on the news, this is a must-have and must-see I'm telling you!!!!...more info
  • NOT For Young Children
    I saw this movie for the first time, and I found out that it is very VERY violent. And I laughed at some good parts, but the scene where Amy hits the wildlife keeper on the head with a frying pan for trying to cut the baby geese's wing IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO SEE.
    I think that this movie should be taken off the market, but this type of film has no place in the lives of young children. ...more info
  • This is one you don't want to miss
    In the world of DVD, it is quite fashionable to talk about "must-have" DVDs, mostly because of the disks' technological superiority. But the Special Edition DVD of Fly Away Home is a disk that does genuinely belong in every movie lover's collection. The disk is full of extras and is beautifully rendered, but it is the film itself that makes this DVD a true must-have. Fly Away Home tells the kind of story that could oh-so-easily become sentimental or melodramatic. "Young teenage girl loses her mother in a car accident and goes to live with her estranged father. They learn to connect to each other, and to their own hearts, by teaching a flock of orphaned wild geese to fly." But make no mistake: this film is a first-rate family classic. It's the kind of movie that you cannot stop watching. The acting is honest and understated; the cinematography is superb (just about every single shot in this film could be put up on the wall, that's how beautiful the pictures are); the music is spot-on, moving from romantic to quirky moods with grace and ease; and Carroll Ballard's direction is just perfection, simply because you never notice it: he lets the story tell itself in images, in all its simplicity and beauty -- only at the end do you stop to realize that, oh yes, someone must have directed this film. And then there's the geese, the real stars of the film. Every time you see them take to the sky in this film's gloriously beautiful sequences, following Amy in her flying machine, they tell us the simplest and most profound of thuths: that this world is beautiful, and that we must not let it go to waste. In an age when movies seem to be mostly about machines, explosions and violence, Fly Away Home comes as an eloquent reminder of what really matters: that we take good care of the people that we love, and that we must never lose the courage to dream....more info
  • Excellent movie
    This movie depicts the relationship of a father and his daughter and how they find a common ground despite the sad circumstances of their reunion.
    The geese provide the common ground, of course.
    The flying scenes and the photography of the Canadian countryside are excellent. ...more info
  • Heartwarming, entertaining family film !
    Excellent family film, with comedy and excitement mixed with emotion. The music score of Mark Isham really captures the feelings and moods of the story. Great cinematography...more info



    ...more info
  • A Rare gentleness and Beauty, inspires the heart and spirit
    This film is so magnificent and beautiful, I don't know where to start. Fly Away Home is filled with love, hope, and paints a picture of utter simplicity--if you open your heart to care about all living things, It gives your life a purpose and direction--miracles happen. with love, all things are possible, and this is a true and inspiring story of the power of love and a dream. This story has really touched me, and my mom too. The Father-Daughter connection is so beautiful, I know that that honesty and a gift.The father is so loving, and he really loves his daughter--together, they fly away home, and do the impossible: Flying with the 13 geese to a safe habitat. What I like best is that this is a true story--I think that the message of living in the passion of life, trying with all your heart, and believing in your dream, wearing your heart on your sleeve--is truly timeless. anything is possible with love, and only love can accomplish what some see as impossible. The connection between the girl and her dad, and how much she wants to see them fly home--Inspiring, uplifting, and gave me a lot of hope, to dare to dream. ...more info