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Poetic Justice
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  • Just an awful movie!
    I am a big fan of Janet Jackson and Tupac's music. However, they are both awful in the boring movie! Tupac is a dog towards women and treats Jackson terribly but she is attracted to him. The two spend the day riding around in his mail truck (he is a mailman in this one) and you can virtually go to sleep and not really miss anything important.

    If you want to see Tupac, I suggest some of the action films he made. Jackson is definately not the cute little girl from Good Times in this film. Just an awful movie....more info
  • Umm...... O.K.
    I think the movie was good. I'm a big Tupac fan and I don't really care for Janet Jackson. It shows the events they encountered. For example, the picnic/bar-b-que scene. I believe Tupac could have had a better part, but he did try his best to make his character come to life. Janet played her roll alright, but it doesn't compare to Penny, the character she played on Goodtimes which was decades ago. Janet Jackson and the movie needs a little work. Some changes in detail and character development would have made this movie great....more info
  • great concept, crowded storytelling
    i love janet jackson, i really do; however, i will have to be objective here. i have read over and over that janet was mediocre at best and that tupac was brilliant... give me a break: tupac was not acting, he was playing himself, period. janet's acting (and life) experience are completely outside the role, and it's not surprising that her performance feels forced. regina king seemed natural, but again (just as with tupac), it's possible she was playing herself. she played the same sassy b*tch in this movie that she plays in every movie i've ever seen her in. chicago - i don't remember who this even is. i'm not black, and i didn't grow up in a ghetto; however, i did teach in an inner city high school for 2 years, and i will say that incompletion, frustration, rage, loss, apathy, triviality, and disinterest are all very genuinely portrayed here. this overwhelming, exasperating mess is exactly the kind of fruitless bickering and selfdestructive behavior i obsevered without interruption in most of my students. for that sense of authenticity alone i give this two stars; however, watching it reminded me of why i gave up being a high school teacher. i really cannot understand why ghetto culture has been elevated to such a position of glamour. in my experience no one who lives in it is happy, yet there's an inexplicable pride associated with having been a part of it. john singleton criticizes the very culture so many people embrace (or are forced into), and yet no one seems to have noticed that he's not glorifying it: he's disgusted by it....more info
  • Beautiful
    This movie is highly under-rated. It is a "love conquers all" story that is beautifully written. The film is a surprise which covers the break-up of a seemingly cute-and-cuddly couple Iesha and Chicago and the coming together of the mis-matched Lucky (2pac) and Justice (Janet Jackson). While many love stories are unrealistic, this story speaks the truth and includes many heart-breaks,deaths, arguments, and hurdles along the path to happiness. Additionally, this film speaks to the true talent of the late Tupac Shakur. Some of the background story lines (such as the focus on the salon owner, Jesse) are a bit lame, distracting, and a waste of time, but if you forget them and focus just on the 4 main characters you'll see how powerful this movie is....more info
    I bought this DVD on the pure basis that Tupac was in it, and 2 b honest I wasn't expecting much. But after the 1st time of watching it, it hits u. (It completly knocked me back.) Tupac was just the best actor, and now a great loss 2 the film industry as well as the music industry. Everything about the film is excellent. The acting, the storyline (although a little slow) and definitely the way it makes u feel after you've watched it. Now whenever I've 10 minutes spare I turn this movie on, Its the best I've ever seen....more info
  • Fans of 'hood' movies should already know that this is a little different from the others.
    I clearly see that Singleton had honorable intentions for this film. He stepped away from the easy ghetto flick and goes for something softer but yet deeper. The film is good but it wasn't that great due to it's flaws. When I was younger I thought it was great but now seeing it again I don't know what I was thinking. The overuse of swearing may be necessary and realistic but it is overdone here and spoils many scenes - he could have toned it down a bit and kept realism. Also the plot is very broken down - we have a trip that never seems to get dark but has too much in it for just one day surely? Also each stop is supposed to show us another aspect of `the black experience' other than the protagonist's ghetto existence. However this doesn't work as it makes the film feel aimless and episodic.

    The main failing is sadly, my girl Janet. Her infamous smile and corn-rows and floppy hats couldn't really save her, On the other hand it's not her fault - the poems are those of a more mature woman (Angelou - who plays Aunt June) and it just didn't fit her. The clearest example of this is watching her stare into space, rubbing her chest as she `writes' `Phenomenal Woman'. But also she is really poor - she doesn't have the range to make the character believable and the rest of this falls as a result. Continuing the musical theme Tupac is a talent sadly missed. He shines here and, although the swearing etc isn't hard for him he does the more emotional stuff much, much better than Jackson. I can't sing his praises enough - for me he made this watch able. Other musicians include Tone Loc and Q-Tip.....was this some sort of label push? Regina King is poor - her constant talking like a Jerry Springer guest etc is really tiresome and her `partner' Torry is just as bad - whose idea was it to have he constantly brushing his hair for no reason? Was it the only way we would get that he's vain?

    I will give credit to Singleton for trying. I especially liked the way he brings the `black urban experience' into contrast with the white idea of cities in movies in the first 5 minutes. We open with shots of a lit up and pretty cityscape of LA with Gerswin-esque music playing a la Woody Allen's Manhattan. However this image of how Allen views his city is revealed to be a movie in a drive through in Compton - this, he's saying, is the black reality. A very clever start I thought (hands up for Billy Zane and Lori Petty for agreeing to be in yet another bad movie - even if it's a fake one!)

    Other than that, I feel it was a brave step for Singleton. To me it's just another "Singleton Addition" that I can say that I own.
    ...more info
  • good

    a liked this film for one thing, it was very harted. and another thing i was in love' so there. but i was not inpress with jannet jackson,s ackting. but 2pac's was good as anyother film.
    the end....more info
  • Excellent Movie. Period.
    This money is great. It shows a woman healing from the pains of her boyfriend being killed my gangsters. Also Tupac Shakur plays in this movie and does a great job. You see a side of him that you wouldn't see anywhere else. Instead of the gangster routine, Tupac plays a postman that meets Justice one day and the story unfolds from there. Great movie :)...more info
  • Dis movie iz FAT!
    This movie is one of the best movies ever made...more info
  • Medicore Road Movie
    After watching this film for the fourth time since I bought it I have good feelings and bad feelings about the movie,
    The good feelings are that, it doesn't get any less entertaining nor exciting since I first watched it. Also there was a great cast to support the film, With Janet in the lead role she played well and at times made you forget she is a music superstar which Tupac had shown in this film,.
    Regina King played the part well and well as her boyfriend Chicago which made the scene amusing every time he was in it.

    The problems I felt was that, I could feel there was a message in the film not as obvious in Boyz in tha Hood, It was stuck between Janet's personal problems and Society in America. Maybe if John Singleton had tried to stick to one of the subjects it wouldn't have been a lost film. Also There were scenes were Tupac and Jabet try to have a personal moment where they try to share their hearts or pain which could have helped the film in an emotional level which felt like it was rushed for time in scenes or lines were just randomly thrown in to get the couple to like each other from hating each other.

    It was a film full of potential of a good road movie which could have dealt with personal problems and problems of the American society. Had it choose to concentrate on the one....more info

  • Not a bad video at all, just what I like.
    Just writing my own personal comments on how I felt about the video.Overall if was something to see, and most of the time it had my full attention the whole entire time....more info
  • Hilari Hunter & Anthony Rupert don't even have a clue
    Janet Jackson was great in this movie!! I have been a Janet fan for years and loved just about everything she has done.I can't believe that you can even say that this has probably killed her acting career. It's so obvious that you can't see talent.Janet did a great job for a singer converting over to the acting business unlike others.Janet Jackson is phenomenal and you are a fool if don't think so!! Janet will be back next year playing Lena Horne in her next movie role, you just wait. Check out Janet on February 1,2004 at the Superbowl because she will give you a performance like NEVER before. Please, as soon as Janet gets through ripping up the stage, you won't even know how to spell "football". Janet is the BOMB and so is this movie!! You are an idiot if you think different....more info
  • I thoght it was just alright it could been better.
    I thought that janet jackson part in the movie didn't really give a strong plot really at all. I felt that Tupac acting was better than Janet and the part with Regins King.If your bored at home it's worth watching if nothing else is on tv. Bring back the 90's feel . ...more info
  • What's coming off here?
    I never liked this movie, and it's not for the same reason that a lot of other people dislike it. People saw the previews to this movie back in '93 and saw Tupac's name and said, "Bet! Gang movie!" That's not what it was...but it wasn't a good movie either.

    The title of this movie is actually a play-on-words about Janet's character (she plays a poet named Justice). The plot is really all over the place. It ranges from Justice leaving college to become a hairdresser to her kicking ghetto flava to Lucky (Tupac Shakur), a postal worker she never liked in the first place. After a while Lucky invites Justice, her best friend Iesha (Regina King), and Iesha's man-of-the moment Chicago (Joe Torry) on an overnight delivery run. An overnight postal delivery run. That sounds like a great road trip, doesn't it?

    Chicago starts fighting (literally) with Iesha and Justice, which makes Lucky pull over and leave him stranded. When they finally reach the destination, Lucky is informed that tragedy strikes his family, and he ends up blaming Justice for it.

    I'm not gonna give this movie props just because it's a John Singleton movie. There were so many problems with it. First of all, why did Lucky blame Justice for his problems? Second, Justice seemed to be arguing with everyone in the movie, and none of the arguments had anything to do with anything (especially when she breaks up the fight between Iesha and Chicago). Speaking of that, a guy named Chicago? What was Singleton thinking?

    The most important question everyone should ask themselves is, Was Janet Jackson even convincing in her role as Justice? I sure don't think so, and neither does anyone else I know. In fact, I think this role may have killed her acting credibility for a while, because it was seven years between this film and her next real acting role for Nutty Professor II. In short, if Janet wants to keep a steady career, she should stay away from roles (and movies) like this....more info

  • Poetic Justice
    The Movie was great and I got it in no time and will refer you to a friend ...more info
  • I wish I could have given it 0 stars
    This is the one of the worst films I have ever seen, second only to "Showgirls". I cannot believe that it has averaged four stars! This was a waste of two hours of my life that I will never get back. Save your time and dont even rent it....more info
  • My little biased review
    I want to first off say that I am biased because I love Janet, so perhaps my review is curved in the movie's favor. At age 15, when I first saw this movie, I was very disappointed. I'd hyped myself up about it and yearned for something different. Now I am able to appreciate the movie for what it is -- for all of it's subtlies and deeper meanings. Indeed, I couldn't handle all the cursing and bickering in this film the first time I saw it - but I discovered later in life that many people's lives are just this tumultous and stress filled as the characters in Poetic Justice. With all the chaos and pain around them, the main characters were still desparately trying to carve out some sanity - they were trying to salvage whatever remaining innocence and hope that they had left. Yet both of this maintained a tough exterior - a facade to protect them from their hostile environment.

    John Singleton was a very young man when he wrote and directed this film and he had a lot on his mind. Poetic Justice offers reflections on family, community, finding meaning in life, letting go of pain, learning to trust, self reflection, friendships, relationships, superficial vs. real, the generational divide, morality, culture, pride, insecurity, inner peace, prejudice, grief, loss....I can go on and on. Even with Babyboy, Boyz in the Hood and other, it is evident that John has a tendancy to really try to say a great deal in his films - but he doesn't want his films to lose their mass appeal. They always have a deeper meaning if you take the time to look. In Justice, for example, I think John was trying to say a lot by having the Last Poets featured at that Afrocentric Festival with their poem "Niggas are afraid of revolution."

    Despite my curve rating, I can't give this film a higher rating because I think it could have been tighter - meanings could have been stronger and some superfluous scenes and shots could have been spared for a cleaner product. Nonetheless, I truly applaud this film for many reasons and appreciate it as a adult more than I could have ever appreciated it as a teen. ...more info
  • movie critic
    I believe it showed Tupac and Janet's acting abilities. It depicts the reality of life in the hood. Cons:Could have been a better ending, the whole movies is kind of predictable too. ...more info
  • The amazing Tupac
    Poetic justice was an o.k film but I love it because tupac was in it. He is so amazing and I hope he brings out more films. "I believe he's still alive" at least he is,in my heart....more info
  • No Need To Watch.
    What is the point of this film? To watch Janet Jackson wander about for 2 hours not really knowing what to do? Who invents this stuff? I only bothered to catch it because the soundtrack is actually great (if you're into good hip-hop), but as for the way. No stars. And Tupac is nothing special either....more info
  • tha best movie different site of 2pac
    I've rated this movie for 5 stars because this is my favorite movie.
    u can c the other site of 2pac in here.
    he hasn't the gangster image in this movie,he is sweet and nice and he is playing verry good.
    the story on itszelf is also verry good and u c the love that grows between two people (janet and 2pac)and that is verry beautiful.
    If u don't feel good and u watch this movie at the end of the movie u feel verry good.
    this is the best movie becouse tupac shows his nice site and that is something that people got to c becouse then u get a positive picture of 2pac and the movie is fantastic.
    if u r a 2pacfan then u must have this movie it is great....more info
  • Pathetic Junkstice!
    This movie was one of the worst wastes of film and time that I have ever seen.

    Back in 1993, it may have seen like a good idea to put then-pop princess Janet Jackson with rapper on the rise 2pac Shakur on a story loosely centered around South Central LA (one scene shows the devastation of the then-recent riots). Sadly, this film is a great mess of nothing, showing the fluke of "Boyz in the Hood's" success.

    First of all, Miss Jackson is no actress and much of the film doesn't even make sense. It is never clear why she is so sad and angry. Characters and situations come and go without rhyme or reason, no one in the film (unless you are among the cult of Tupac worshippers) is remotely sympathetic. Janet spouts Maya Angelou's (who appears in a cameo) poetry (trust me, no "Still I Rise" here-this sounds like stuff taken out of her trash can) and goes to Oakland from LA with a motley crew of ignorant, screaming, cursing characters. Incidentally, the Last Poets (the true fathers of rap) make a cameo, but we don't get to hear them!

    When I saw this at a theater in Columbia, SC upon its release, the teen and twentysomething audience booed, cursed, and loudly demanded their money back at the end. Wise kids. If you have the stomach to do so, you'll see why.

    "Poetic Justice?" Pathetic Junkstice is more like it.

    ...more info