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Excalibur Electronic Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set
List Price: $220.00

Our Price: $92.99

You Save: $127.01 (58%)


Product Description

Enter the 21st century of computerized chess games with the ultimate chess opponent, the Talking Phantom. With automated chess pieces that the Phantom moves effortlessly across the board, the Phantom will provide the most unique chess playing experience in the world. Match wits with the Phantom or simply sit back and watch the Phantom play itself. Comes with an extensive list of features that can help beginners improve their game and challenge advance players as well, such as coaching, the ability to rate your game, and the capacity to communicate in three different languages. Built in Dual Chess clock display Sensory chess board Watch the Phantom move its own piece Auto Play lets the Phantom take both sides to play or finish a game Voice Vocabulary For added play dimension Voice in three languages - English, French, and Spanish Announces all moves in algebraic notation Hints and Coaching, including Are You Sure? Coach Mode Take back mistakes Selectable opening lines for play and learning Teach Mode for beginners Off Key Saves Game In Memory Adjustable Automatic Shutoff Adjustable LCD Contrast Includes built-in chess piece storage compartment. Requires 6 C batteries (not included), or AC adapter (included)

  • 136 Levels, with 120 for Play and 16 for Analysis
  • Tournament time control levels and Action Chess time control levels
  • Rates your chess skill
  • Ratable Game Indicator
  • Announces Mate In 5 moves

Customer Reviews:

  • This Guy is a Rip Off...
    This is a great toy, but you can get it at Sharper Image for 199.00. What a crook!...more info
  • Great Fun in a Chess Set
    This is amazing! My kids love it! It plays against you and moves the pieces. I set it up on the advanced level and it beat me. My kids like playing on the beginner level because now they can beat a computer. It is a little noisy.

    I would much rather pay a slightly higher price then fight the crowds and burn the gas. My time is valuable. I have purchased many products from ChessCentral and they always arrive quickly and in perfect condition. No crook here!

    Happy Holidays!...more info
  • good overall some settings are a little complicated
    I liked the set very much but setting the level of play is a little difficult and the pawns are a little flimsy. I do like it and would recommen d it...more info
  • Phantom Chess Set
    I thought this Chess set was going to be a simple game, but it was totally amazing how the pieces just move by itself. I would highly recommend this game to anyone from starter to pro. ...more info
  • This Chess Set is fun for young and old
    I purchased this Chess Set for an eighty-three year old friend, who loves to play chess, (and at one time defeated the top Chess Master in our State). He had an older electronic Chess game that would take up to two or three hours to compute counter moves. My friend thinks this Chess Set is marvelous, and can't stop telling everyone about it. I noticed that another reviewer said that the electro-magnets used to move the pieces bothered him, but we don't feel that it is so. The Set has many levels of play, and computes the counter moves very fast. We were very satisfied with the product, and the Amazon service was unbelievably fast. BTW, my friend saw this same Chess Set priced for $235.00 in a retail store in a local Mall. Not only is he enjoying his Chess Set, but at a HUGE savings....more info
  • Takes a little practice...
    We purchased this as a gift for our 7 year old son who loves to play chess. It works well, and it is a lot of fun for the kids to see it set itself up and move pieces. Pieces do move a bit slowly, but that's not an issue for us. It probably would be for a serious adult player. My only real criticism is that it would be nice if the pieces were magnetic, and a bit larger. They're small and just one jostle of the board, and you have no idea where the pieces are supposed to be. It's frustrated my son greatly, as he'll be trying to move a piece and will be told it's an illegal move (because the computer doesn't think there's a piece on that square, and my son thinks there is, but the piece is actually on the wrong square). It took us a while to figure out that this was the problem. We thought there was something wrong with the board, until I sat down and watched him play an entire game, and saw what happened. All-in-all, we're happy with the purchase, and my son (and the rest of us) enjoy playing....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I received this chess game as a gift and have played about 15 games on it to date. It is enjoyable to watch the pieces move by themselves.

    For playing a casual game, it is very challenging. There are many different levels to choose from (about 100 in total). I am by no means an advanced player (I can't think 7 moves ahead) but I am more advanced than the average beginner (my rating average on various websites is roughly 1800). That being said, I find the lower levels to be rather easy, but on the harder levels I get beaten soundly. Therefore, I would say the game overall is quite challenging. The computer also appears to strategically place its pieces on open ranks and files, rather than just attacking material (which many chess computers often do). For example, I recently offered a rook to the computer because I was about to put the computer into mate in 3 moves and the computer passed on the rook and instead defended against the threat.

    The only downside is the game is loud and pieces take a few seconds to move. If you're a "good" player, it's defintely very challenging. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the higher levels beat "advanced" players with ease. ...more info
  • An utter junk, A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT
    Forget all those ecstatic reviews, this is poorly made, cheap chinese junk. Its tiny pieces are of marginal quality plastic are barely distinguishable. I ordered it for my dad who loves chess but due to of his age can't really stare on a monitor and wanted something physical to move on the board.
    This junk didn't work right out of the box. It made some moves, started sporadically move pieces and ceased all activities in 15 minutes.

    a. If you buy this because you want play real pieces, don't do it because the chess set is miserable, the king (the tallest in the set) no even an inch tall. The quality is plain BAD.

    b. The set is a toy, not a chess player's tool. It is SssLLlllOOooowwWW in movement and stopped working in 15 minutes.

    c. Not reliable....more info
  • A good product in need of a few tweaks.
    This chess set fulfills for a reasonable amount a niche that has been needed for some time. The only major drawback to the performance of this excellent game device is that it does not have a pause control. If one wants to interrupt a game in which the computer is playing both sides, it cannot be done. I think appeal of the device could be enhanced also by enlarging the playing board and the chessmen. ...more info
  • Best Toy I Have Ever Had...
    This chess set has improved my chess game immensely I have had it for less than a month and I have been able to complete 25 of the 136 levels. It has enabled me to get ready for tournaments which is something that I have never done before. I have now been winning a little over half of the games that I have played against people of all ages.

    I have a couple of suggestions for the board. For example, there is a board set up option which is the neatest thing but it takes 10 minutes to complete. And lastly, after you put in a command on the board you can't undo it until after it has finished the command unless you turn it off completely.

    Besides those two minor things this is the best "toy" and "chess mentor" that I've ever had. Also, even though there are magnets in it, it doesn't affect your computer even at close distance. I have had a great time with this product and I have gotten my money's worth out of it ten times over. Just don't tell it where you are going to move because she will see the move and try to prevent it......

    Thank You very much for a great product and I hope others purchase this product to improve or maintain chess skills. ...more info
  • it stops moving its pieces
    some times when its moving its pieces the piece just stops moving but you can still hear its motor running but the piece isn't moving. this is my third one because i got another one fron another dealer and it locked up just like my first one from this dealer.i even ordered extra pieces right from excalibur in case i lose one, and they cost me about $25.00 i don't know what to do if this thing keeps doing this. now i already sent back 2 and i don't want want to be a pain in the butt, i just want what i paid for . one that works correctley. thank you very much for listening to me. ...more info
  • Da bomb! Totally!

    This is a fantastic chess set. It's the closest computer based system you can get to playing chess naturally. Because you simply move your pieces, and the computer moves its own, it's really just like playing a game of chess with another person. Compared to the usual cumbersome system of punching your moves in with a keypad, and then reading a screen and moving the piece for the computer, this allows you to concentrate on the game with your usual focus.

    Some reviewers may make an issue of the speed of the transport. In normal game play I don't find the speed annoying at all. There is a slight delay while the transport moves to the desired piece and then moves it. The speed is a major problem, however, when the game has to do a reset of any sort, like put all the pieces in place for a new game or clear the board for piece practice. Wherever the Phantom Force does not allow you to bypass these automatic resets and just do it manually instead the slowness will be a problem. I'm not sure how good it is at allowing you to manually reset. Having the Phantom Force reset the board is fun for showing people how cool it is. Other than that it's too slow and manually reseting the board is needed.

    Some reviewers also make an issue of the noise. Yes, it's slightly noisy, but I've not had any family members complain. It sounds like a dremel grinding tool on low speed. I don't find it annoying.

    On the good side....this game is simply waaaaaay cool. There's no other way to get an authentic playing experience. To move, you simply press down the piece you want to move, move the piece to the desired position, and then press down there. The touch sensitive playing surface registers the move with the computer and then "Chessica" (love that) makes her move. You can't get any easier than that. Various games have been made in the past that move the pieces. Some of these have featured an above board robotic arm. They've always been expensive and delicate/trouble prone, so they go out of production and the companies go bankrupt. This game is a recent entry into the market and until now an automatic chess game of this type has been unavailable for many years. Go for it!

    The game has many features, including adjustable skill level, practice mode (love it), hints, allow the computer to move for you, force the computer to move before it's finished thinking, talking, battle sound effects, and allow the computer to play both sides. I like the talking and battle sound effects, but they can be muted. The talking uses the same phonetic program used by computers since the IMSAI 8080 days (this talking was featured in the 1983 movie "Wargames"). The program existed in the Commodore 64 and was further made famous in the Commodore Amiga. It's incredible that a piece of software would exist that long. The battle sounds are fun. You get sword clashing, grunting when stabbed, thud when hitting the ground dead, drum cadence when royalty is marching, horse hooves galloping, and more.

    If you're worried about reliability...get real. This is a delicate machine. It won't work forever and it won't tolerate any abuse. It's a miracle that they are able to produce a robot at this price point, so don't expect Rolls Royce style robustness. If it works for several years you got your money's worth.

    In short, this is a fantastic piece of whiz-bang technology that really allows you practice your chess game and play naturally. It's a good price, so if it appeals to you just buy it.
    ...more info