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Levi's Men's 501 Pre Shrunk Jean
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Product Description

Regular fit, straight leg and button fly are the original traits specific to this classic 5-pocket jean. Leg opening measures 16.25". Limit of 6 units of Levi's Original 501 Jeans per order.

  • 100% cotton denim
  • Fits below waist
  • Straight leg with 17.25'leg opening
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry
  • Imported

Customer Reviews:

  • Great looking - but too washed out and confusing sizes
    I have bought jeans from elctric kid before and the size was correct. But this particulare jeans - color New metal - was at least two sizes less in the waist. The legs half a size. It was also so washed out that beneat the back pockets there was kind of small balls of cotton all over.

    Since I live in Norway and order clothes ones in a while when friends are in the US and can bring it for me - I have not been in contact with Electric Kid about the problems. They would probably have solved it. So - the main issue - the size was surpringsly different....more info
  • Levis 501?
    When I buy the preshrunk from Amazon, they can be washed and dried to death at any temperature. They get better and better with each washing. Buying the shrink to fit is a risk. So I say stick to "Preshrunk" you cant go wrong. Its a shrinkage insurance policy. Go nutz all my hippie freak buds and me for a fun exchange of ideas......more info
  • all ok
    The sale was all ok.
    The saleman is very responsible.
    The product is very good...more info
  • no star needed
    I did not like the colour since I like the old fashion colour. I thought the one I received is old fashion pants and only colour is different. You send me three jeans same colour I am sure they were wrong order the real one I want or selected you had sent me apologies after 3 days not able to send out of stock. I am overseas so I could not complains or return because the shipping was too expensive until reached Riyadh. But this is a lesson not to buy by mail any more. The fabric like plastic and I do not think is Levis original brand because I never changed the brand and the 501 model for past 20 years. I wish I am in a good mood to take pictures for the (.......) you sent. What is surprising me is that, why did you send an email want me to rate this specific brand after all !!!!!...more info
  • Classic Levis 501 Jeans
    I bought a pair of these jeans from this seller a few weeks ago and am extremely happy. First off they are the only ones that offer some of the more rare finishes for this particular jean. For example the iconic rigid and new metal colors are extremely hard to find and they look extremely great. I picked a pair of both of these colors and got them for a great deal. And fast shipping too! These jeans are a must have for any classic levis 501 fan....more info
  • The BEST jJeans EVER!
    I am a tall woman (5'8"), and woman's jeans never fit right. However, I have worn men's Levi 501 button-fly for many years. They are the ONLY jeans that ALWAYS fit the same. They are long enough between crotch and waist, so you never feel uncomfortable. They look fantastic, but are as comfortable as your favorite jogging pants. No matter how tall or short you are, these are the best jeans you can buy; they last forever, and look and feel great from day one for years to come. ...more info
  • 501 easier to buy online
    While much of the negative commentary concerned Levi Strauss's move away from domestic manufacturing has focused on the button-fly 501s, the bigger problem I have seen is with the old 1970's standby, the 505, which has a zipper as opposed to button fly. The variability on sizing and sew quality with the 505s is an issue if you are going to buy them online or mail order. You really have to try them on to see how they fit. The 501 are much easier to buy online or by mail order because the sizing is much less critical on the waist, which is the so-called "anti-fit" waist, meaning there is no curve to the rise (the distance between the crotch and the top of the waist), because the original 501s were merely cut down bib overalls which were made to hang, rather than be fitted to the waist. The biggest problem I have noted on the 505's is the variability in size in the thigh area, meaning that some fit baggy and some seem rather tight, even though they are theoretically the same size of a label. Since the 501s are more forgiving as far as sizing, if you are buying online you might consider them instead of 505s, unless you don't want the button fly. ...more info