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Jamie Foxx: Straight from the Foxxhole
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  • If you love Eddie Murphy, you'll love Jamie Foxx
    I can almost guarantee that those people who were "disappointed" with Jamie Foxx's performance in "I Might Need Security", absolutely hate Eddie Murphy's stand-up routines as well (I'm sorry this is meant for the reviewers who disliked Foxx's use of profanity, because Mr. Murphy's mouth isn't exactly clean, either). Yes, I agree that Eddie Murphy's routines are more relatable to and despite being made back in the 80s, had jokes way ahead of its time. Eddie has some great impressions, but Jamie had his share also (Sure, it might not have been Mr. T or Bill Cosby, but Shaq? Prince? And who could forget P. Diddy?) I guess Jamie Foxx's jokes are a little more "ghetto" (e.g., his incessant use of the word, "playa"), which may expalain why his stand-up routine might not appeal across a greater age span as Eddie's might. If you don't mind profanity and GHETTO raunchy humor, you will love Jamie's performance in "I Might Need Security".

    (By the way, Jamie Foxx is an excellent singer! Some of the special features included on the DVD are definitely worth checking out.)...more info

  • Funny! Funny! Funny!
    Jamie Foxx is my new hero of comedy. He's material is great, but, he uses his full energy (body, facial expressions,props) to tell the most hilarious story! I've seen it three times this week. This DVD is definitely a must have!...more info
  • You have to really, really like Jamie Foxx to enjoy this
    I think Jamie Foxx is funny and all, but he can't really hold your attention for a whole show. I couldn't even remember half of the stuff he said. The only part I vaguely remember is when he was talking about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Also, I disagree with the reviewer that said you'd like Jamie if you like Eddie Murphy. No disrespect toward Jamie, but how can you match Eddie's relatable stories and dead-on impressions? Watch this special only if nothing else is on.

    Anthony Rupert...more info

  • Not funny
    Jamie Foxx is very talented AS AN ACTOR, but he does not even hold a candle to the top comedians.

    If you watched this and thought it was funny, then do yourself a favor and see more stand-up comedians. Foxx's routine gets put to shame by the big names in the industry.

    If you are just a Jamie Foxx fan and want to see him perform, then by all means by this DVD. But if you are searching for a quality comedic routine that you can laugh at, look elsewhere....more info
  • Racist Jokes Unfunny
    Let's face it; some of the jokes are funny. The one about Mike Tyson been like someone else's bulldog let loose in the room was really funny. I also found the bit about Bill Clinton and Osama Bin Laden also funny. However, Jamie dwells too much on the fart joke. How can you tell a fart joke for 6 minutes? After 2 min it becomes worn and so "unfunny". Why does he repeat himself so much with that line, "I am not saying she's a crackhead, just a bit crackish"? It sounds very rehearsed after the second time. If it were only for these errors I would have found the jokes altogether acceptable.

    What I found completely unacceptable were the racist jokes that he made against Arabs. I am black myself but found some of the jokes about Islam and Arabs to be in bad taste. Jamie could not even get an Arab accent right. C'mon, guys the accent Jamie pulled was an Indian accent and not an Arab accent.

    I kept asking myself, "what would black people do if a white comedian (say Robin Williams) makes the same crude jokes about black people?" Would it be acceptable?". I think not. I am sure the black press would slaughter Robin if he did. I wish to call a spade a spade. Nonsensical, crude racist jobs against any ethnic group (black, white, Asian and yes Arabs) are not funny. They degrade and demean. For not even managing to get an Arabic accent, Jamie deserves 2 stars from me. ...more info
  • Not Funny
    I was very disappointed with this show. Having read the reviews I decided to buy the dvd, now I feel cheated. The jokes are weak, his inaccurate depiction of Africa and his off-the-mark African accent were more annoying than amusing. Jamie was crude, disgusting and even more disappointingly, not funny at all. He will look back at this and feel acknowlege that it wasn't his best performance. He had such good material to base his jokes on but he flopped quite badly. I do not recommend this dvd at all....more info
  • Good
    I enjoyed this dvd and I always enjoy hearing Jamie sing....more info
  • Boring DVD!
    I do not own this DVD,but I did watch this on HBO,and I was not impressed.The part about Jennifer Lopez is very stupid.Also,his routine about Africa is very boring.If you want to hear a good routine about Africa,watch Richard Pryor's "Live On The Sunset Strip.That routine and movie is hilarious.The worst thing about this DVD is that almost all of the jokes are all about security issues.I don't mind jokes like this,but these tend to get old fast.If you want to hear some good security jokes,watch either of Chris Rock's DVD's.He is the greatest comedian ever.So whatever you do,steer clear of either Jamie Foxx DVD.He is not funny....more info
  • Hilarious
    I've always been a fan of Jamie Foxx and I appreciate a good comic when I see one. Not only does Foxx have amazing material, but the absolute hilarity of his antics make this DVD a definite buy....more info
  • not impressed
    Jamie foxx needs a little help here. Although some things were funny, His mouth was filthy....more info
  • Jamie Foxx - I think I Might Need security
    Jamie is the bomb. There is none funnier than him and no matter how many times I watch it, the jokes are still fresh and funnier than before. Love him,love him, love him. A definite must have....more info
    LOL..this is hands down the best stand-up since Martin Lawrence You so Crazy. I LOVE THIS STAND UP...For anybody who has not seen this is crazy. He is sooooo funny on this dvd. I never seen my wife laugh so hard in my life. Every skit was good and very well put together. I loved it. I own it now so I can watch it over and over and still laugh at it. So anybody that gives this stand up less than 5 stars is Crackish.....One...more info