Actiontec GT724WGR Universally Compatible 4-port ADSL Wireless Gateway (Gray)
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Product Description

The GT724WGR Retail Wireless DSL Gateway is three products in one: a full rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch and wireless G router. Compatible with all major DSL service providers and preconfigured for simple setup. This product has been rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of compatibility and performance. Includes a double commercial-grade firewall and a variety of protections and encryptions.

  • Includes Wireless DSL Modem, User's Manual included on CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide, Ethernet Cable, Power Cord, and DSL Cable
  • Full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch and wireless G router
  • Compatible with all major DSL service providers
  • Rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of compatibility and performance
  • System Requirements - Ethernet or 802.11b or 802.11g wireless connection; MS Win 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS 9 or higher, Linux/BSD, Unix, TCP/IP network protocol installed, Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+

Customer Reviews:

  • Take note if Verizon DSL customer
    Good thing for Rick V's review below. Otherwise I would have returned this great router.

    If you are a Verizon DSL customer, it is possible that you can't connect immediately to the Verizon DSL service due to the WAN IP Lease expiration issue Rick described below. However, after disconnecting the old Westell modem and waiting for a few hours, the lease on the WAN IP had expired and the Verizon server had issued a new WAN IP to the new router. From that point on the auto-configuration worked like a charm. My advice:
    1) don't call Verizon customer service - they are clueless about this issue
    2) don't call Actiontec customer service - they told me that the router just does not work with Verizon
    3) disconnect your old modem the night before your new Actiontec shows up. That way you are ready to go immediately.

    Also, Rick V mentioned below that the router does not support WEP incryption, but only WAP incryption. That is actually not correct since the "Advanced Wireless Set-up Option" allows you to select what type of incryption you want.

    Now that that's out of the way I can summarize as follows:

    - Set up is really easy and fast (even for Verizon customers, if you follow my advice)
    - Range is great. My router is located on the first floor and I still have 54 speed on the second floor in the opposite corner of the house
    - documentation is good
    - configuration is very intuitive
    - just with any other g routers, you can get interference from 2.4 GHZ cordless phones. I would position router and receivers away from a phone basestation
    - I was able to reclaim some space on my desk due to the integrated nature (modem and router) of this product
    - the already great antenna can be replaced with one of your liking, if you feel inclined to do so (it is screwed on)
    - the router is a little bigger than many other routers, but standing up it does not really matter
    - it was easy to get to a life customer service person. However, they also did not know about the Verizon WAN IP lease issue

    Hence, I can highly recommended this modem/router. ...more info
  • buggy firmware
    When I first started using it, it worked as intended, if not a bit under featured in some areas, such as lack of ability to forward ports or assign dhcp reservations. Later, after I had made a few insignificant adjustments, it suddenly became unconnectable through the ethernet connection. Hold down the reset button, which should have reset everything to default according to the manual, had no effect. The only way that I was able to connect to it was through the wireless connection, and even then, after I tried to set it back up, it was unable to make a connection to the ISP server, whereas my old modem still would.

    As you can see, I found it's firmware (which was the latest version) way too buggy for me to consider giving it any higher than 1 star. I must have gotten a defective unit....more info
  • Pretty good router, until it died
    This thing set up really easily, it has good parental controls. Don't really have much to add to all the positive reviews for this router, which worked well for all of 19 days.

    And then one night the entire home network went down, all the LAN green lights started flickering like mad, but nothing worked, not the LAN, not the Internet connection. Resets, plug and unplug, nothing. Unable to even communicate with the modem anymore through the web browser.

    Quality control in electronics these days is nonexistant - the manufacturers essentially use you the consumer instead of their own burn-in testing. And so all electronics manufacturers generate complaints like this one. I usually don't post this sort of a complaint in the customer reviews. But this router had generated a lot of positive reviews with no previous complaints posted about a unit that went dead-before-its-time.

    OK, so now you know. My unit died a far too early death. You have been warned.

    Fortunately, like with all my Amazon purchases, I had kept the packaging. Love that Amazon 30-day return period, it's what keeps me coming back to this site for electronics purchases. So now Amazon gets to do the burn-in testing for these manufacturers.

    After some thought, I decided to get another one - the reviews for other modem-routers like the D-link DSL-2604B also seemed to indicate potential issues too, like running hot. If this second unit burns out too, then I'll know this router modem just can't handle regular doses of heavy Internet usage (my original Microsoft MN-100 router was like that)....more info
  • Easy setup & very good wireless range
    I had recently been using a Motorola 2210 DSL Modem/Wireless Belkin G+ Mimo router until I came across this product. After reading the positive reviews about this modem, I decided to give it a shot. I'm very satisfied with this modem since it seems to have an even longer wireless range and seems to run faster than my last DSL modem. Plus there's less wires and more desk space.

    Overall, great product to have! I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to save money instead of buying a separate modem and router. This has it all! (Just a side note, I live in the Southeastern region and have AT&T as my DSL provider. Works perfectly, and takes less than 10 minutes to setup.)...more info
  • Such High Hopes ... And Crashing Disappointment
    The installation was EASY. I connected to the internet in under 5 minutes.


    I tested my VPN (my biggest concern) - connected, no problem.

    I disconnected the VPN, then tried to print. Nothing happened, even though I was pointed to a network printer. That I could SEE on the router.

    I turned everything off, then on (when in doubt, reboot ... right?). Nothing. I uninstalled the printer. When I went to reinstall it, the network couldn't even *find* my printer.

    I figured it was a configuration setting on the modem/router - no worries, right? I read the manual. Went online. Nothing. I called tech support. They assured me in 10 different ways that it couldn't possibly be the modem/router. I asked to be connected to someone other than tier 1 support. I sat on hold for 40 minutes.

    I gave up on ActionTec.

    Paid HP $35 for the privilege of having them confirm that there was nothing wrong with the printer, and suggesting that it was probably a configuration setting on the modem/router.

    Happily, un-installation (of the modem/router) also only took a minute, and I am back online with my old set-up. I will find another way to solve the problem the new modem/router was supposed to fix. It will not involve anything from ActionTec. Ever.

    Don't buy this device unless your set-up is simple (a single computer) or you are able to support yourself. Completely. Because you will get no help online. In the manual. Or from the employees....more info
    Works perfectly without the mess of more boxes and wires. Great all-in-one. :)...more info
  • Great product & SErvice!
    This item is attractive and powerful. Don't listen to the bad hype about the combo router/modem, this item is GREAT! I did have some issues with setup but the problems were on my DSL provider's end and Actiontec service was still very helpful in fixing them. The item has been working wonderfully for a month now....more info
  • Installation with Qwest DSL with MSN
    My Actiontec GT701-WG Gateway quit working with my Linksys Wireless Printserver. I saw the reviews on the GT724-WGR and decided to try it. My initial attempt at installing it with Qwest DSL went awry but after a couple of emails with Actiontec, determined I must not have obtained the correct password from Qwest. Another call to Qwest confirmed that I had indeed been given the wrong password. When calling Qwest to obtain the correct user name and password, especially if replacing an Actiontec modem, be sure to emphasize you are replacing the old with the GT724WGR because the password will be different. The GT724WGR is working great, my printserver is connected wirelessly and my computer is running faster! If it lasts for a few years I'll be a very happy camper!...more info
  • ActionTec GT24WGR DSL modem/wireless router
    Bought this a month ago and works great. Easy setup, follow CD instructions and in a click you are online in 10 mins. You can choose your own security password too.
    Everything all in one. No need to call customer service. Highly recommended for evryone using DSL....more info
  • Best so Far
    Purchased one of these after my super old actiontec modem was acting up. This unit does it all for, wireless, modem and 4 port for my wired internet PCs. I have quest, a mac and a Windows PC. All connect and it does work great, had it for 30 days now....more info