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Set in a near future, this flight combat action game inspired by the best-selling Tom Clancy videogame franchises imagines a world where a private military force has cumulated such power that it attacks the USA. Thrust into the cockpits of incredibly powerful and technologically advanced jet fighters, gamers will benefit from hi-tech piloting assistance, providing comfort, security and enhanced perception. As players gain skills and confidence, they will be able to shed the assistance. But before choosing performance over security, they'll have to weigh the risks carefully. Dogfight over realistic modern landscapes that have endured years of post-war trauma

Tom Clancy's HAWX for PC puts you behind the throttle, in the fighter pilot's seat. As a member of the elite HAWX squadron, you'll find yourself manning cutting-edge aircraft, training on all the newest weapons, and carrying out dangerous top-secret missions set against the backdrop of a chaotic future, where private military companies (PMCs) are constantly putting your skills to the test and forcing you to defend your reputation as one of the top military pilots on Earth.

Fly alone or work with other pilots. View larger.

Let E.R.S. help you demonstrate your skills. View larger.

Experience photo-realistic environments. View larger.

Perform tricky maneuvers to try and escape brutal dogfights alive. View larger.

Take on secretive, black-op missions all over the world. View larger.
Shifting International Dynamics: The Hazards of PMC Warfare
Set between Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Tom Clancy's EndWar from the popular Ghost series, Tom Clancy's HAWX takes place in a world where warfare is constantly evolving--a time when state-sponsored militaries lack the funds and personnel to modernize their forces and elite, private mercenary groups have grown in size and scope to pick up the slack.

The Reykjavik Accords of 2012 defined the role of these PMCs in combat, and they made it fully legal for these groups to purchase from the international armaments market, leading to a shift in the structure of global military power. Over time, you'll do battle on the front lines of both sides as this shift reveals high-stakes arms threats and a terrifying glimpse of the future.

HAWX: The Elite, High Altitude Warfare eXperimental Squadron
You'll begin the game as former U.S. Air Force Pilot David Crinshaw, assigned to provide air support for the well-known Ghost Recon team. You and your fellow HAWX pilots are some of the most highly-trained specialists in the world. Based out of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, you're tasked with everything from testing secret and experimental aircraft weapon systems to carrying out combat and recon missions, training other top pilots, and attempting to capture enemy technologies.

With the rise of the PMCs, your unique skills in higher demand than ever before. And with 49 playable planes available in game, plus additional planes available to some pilots through pre-order bonuses or VIP memberships, there's no shortage of sleek, fast, deadly aircraft at your disposal as you put your skills to use.

An Iconic, Enhanced Reality System to Help You Deliver Results
When you're in the midst of a firefight, E.R.S. in-game technology can help anyone survive, if you know how to take advantage of it. Featuring incoming missile detection, an anti-crash system, damage assessment, a tactical map, and weapons trajectory control, E.R.S. even allows you to issue orders to your squadron and other units, much like the iconic Cross-Com system in other Tom Clancy games. When you're getting started, you can ease into the rigors of flight and gain confidence by using a special assistance mode that offers support through the E.R.S. This mode can be switched off at any time, deactivating safety features and allowing you to perform advanced maneuvers.

Cutting-Edge Realism and Innovative Multi-Player Modes
Whether you're in a classic F15 Fighting Falcon or a new-generation Gripen, the controls and flight graphics are designed to keep you on your toes. And the game's photo-realistic environments have been created using detailed satellite data. When you pull back on the throttle to jet all over the world, you'll experience this authentic world from a variety of viewpoints.

Game play options aren't limited either, with the campaign featuring solo and multiplayer options with seamless jump in/jump out functionality, and a PVP mode where players can challenge each other to dog-fights for bragging rights, earning experience points and cash, and unlocking additional weapons.

  • Become a member of the elite HAWX squadron and command more than 50 iconic in-game planes
  • Explore real locations all over the world with photo-realistic environments created using high-end satellite data
  • Use the PVP mode to engage other players in brutal dogfights for bragging rights and in-game rewards
  • Experience the extended campaign as a solo flier or in multiplayer mode with smooth jump in/jump out functionality
  • Let unique E.R.S. technology guide you in evading incoming missiles, avoiding crashes, and controlling weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • moderately fun
    Not very impressed with the graphics. Clunky compared to some of the other games I've played....more info
  • HAWX ! !
    HAWX is the best combination of game/flight simulator I have found. The variety of air craft and realistic handling characteristics makes this game a "must have"; with an advanced control system....more info
  • Cool for single player flight FPS
    I can't stand SIMs, and this is great for FPS + flight combat. Its a bit slower action than I'm used to in Unreal Tournament 2004 and Star Wars Battlefront II, but a very engaging (pun intended) time for single player. Multiplayer online is a bit lame. Too much time flying in circles chasing the guy who is chasing you, and god help anyone going up against someone with the best weapons and planes. The more XP you get, the more weapons and planes, and some are just plain unfair. Don't even bother going online until you play all the Campaign maps. Would be a good deal at $30. I paid $46....more info
  • Tom Clancy's HAWX
    Very good game. Top of the line graphics put this at the top of the air combat simulation games out there. Totally would recommend this. ...more info
  • Wing Commander meets Rogue Squadron
    With the Tom Clancy trademark attached to this game one should fairly think that this was going to have some level of realism - that's why I bought it, thinking that it would offer some of the realism that this symbol entailed. To be fair Tom Clancy games (and novels for that matter) have never been the epitome of realism, however there is usually enough contact with reality for the game to have some level of believability. Not true for HAWX. Though there is an attempt to link this game in to the Ghost recon series this game never really gets past being a kids game. There are about three buttons to push, hundreds of missiles, and a game that is reminiscent of "Wing commander meets Rogue Squadron". Now I loved Rogue Squadron but that was a star wars game not a flight sim. That HAWX is a kids game is fine in itself, not everyone wants to play a complex flight simulator, and an arcade sci-fi space shooter is a fine concept in itself. Given that this game is not a simulation and has nothing to do with flying then it would be in error to review it as a flight sim, but rather as a sci-fi space shooter such as Wing Commander, Rogue Squadron and perhaps some of the prop driven WWII games that have come out recently. Even though it has Clancy's name on it this can only be fairly reviewed a s space shootemup and that's what I'll judge it on. The closest game to this is Wing Commander and given that both Wing Commander and Rouge Squadron are better games in the genre than HAWX, then it is hard to recommend this one, or suggest that HAWX has added much to this game type.
    Stability: No crashes or technical problems encountered other than SLI. On release it did not work too well on SLI however this is not too much of a drama as maxed out at 1680x1050 on a single GPU it ran at about 150FPS. Smooth and problem free from my experience. The game is simple and uses a simple engine that we be stress free for all but the oldest computers. Joystick support was impressive, it handled both the XBOX360 controller and my Saitek X45 no problem.
    Graphics: The GPS data rendering the earth is actually pretty effective, however for the most part the graphics are pretty underwhelming. If you are used to impressive cockpits, detailed textures for the skinned aircraft and realistic mechanical animations then you won't find that here. Cockpits are relatively low resolution and the aircraft skins themselves are the weak point. There are some good animations such as missile trails and the like, but given how much time you spend looking at the aircraft itself or the cockpit graphic this can only be considered underwhelming, best described as workman-like, passable but none-the-less workman-like.
    Sound: Sound is also relatively workman-like. Nothing special, for the aircraft sounds and the voice acting is the usual cheesy GI Joe type military characters, who you would expect to see on a childrens cartoon. Ok, if you are in to that kind of thing, but a different approach to Ghost Recon and other Tom Clancy titles.
    Gameplay & Story: The story is typical Clancy, an over the top techno romp that has little do with reality and since it is broken up in the missions so much, there is no reason to follow it. I finished the game in about 4 hours and cannot tell you what the story was about. It wasn't interesting and didn't matter in the gameplay much in the sameway that this is almost always true in Clancy games. The game was really fun for about an hour and then it becomes repetitive and simplistic. Even on the hardest level the game is stupendously easy, you are basically an invincible flying space-tank with more firepower than the 3rd Airforce. Levels are more or less the same and lack anything particularly challenging to do. Fly here and press a couple of buttons, move over there and press a couple of buttons and so on. The game might be good for kids who are just getting into gaming but otherwise there is not much to challenge a teenager or adult who isn't so challenged in the dexterity department.
    Replayability: By making progress in the game you can earn up to 50 new aircraft to fly, most of which resemble modern jet fighters but also include the odd extra-terrestrial vehicle. This would seem to add a bit of depth and replayability except that they all move (I almost said fly) the same with only minor and inconsequential differences. In lasted a few days on my harddrive before making way for better offerings.
    Verdict: A weak offering that promised much more. Difficult to recommend as there are better prop-driven WWII games similar to this that are better than this available. This is a dumbed down Clancy offering that should appeal to those who like explosions or only play for 15 minutes a day. I hope they don't do this to the whole Clancy franchise as I couldn't bear a (more) dumbed down Rainbow Six.
    Better than: Doing homework
    Worse than: Wing Commander
    ...more info
  • great game A++++
    the only thing i wish you could do in this game is land, take off and bail out. but other than that this game is wonderful and very fun. for any one who likes to fly modern military planes, this is a must buy game. its fun, challenging, and the graphics and sound are great. there's over 50 planes to choose from. you can do a mission or you can free fly. the free fly has nothing to shoot at, but you can practice your flying skills. in the free flight you can choose any of the missions in the game and fly which ever plane you want. another nice feature in the game is even in the mission you can choose which plane you want and which armaments you want....more info
    After Prince of Persia and EndWar, this is the third major Ubisoft retail release to come out protected not by any intrusive yet ineffective DRM scheme but simply by gamers' honor. And, on top of that, it is a very good game.

    There hasn't been a similar game released for some time now: simplified arcade-like action with easy controls, breath-taking cinematics and impressive graphics - that will run in full even in mid-range PC systems. My advice: as with any flight combat game, using a joystick will make things so much more enjoyable and intuitive.

    If you are more of an authenticity buff (and still have tons of free time to spare) I would advise going with a combat AddOn for Flight Simulator or a good old Jane's title. You will find no realistic cockpit and detailed controls in H.A.W.X. So, is this flight combat game dummied down? Well, yes. But I promise you: you will have FUN like never before!

    Hammerheading over cityscapes and coming in from the Sun over the desert has never been more easy to master. The electronic aids and bare-minimum controls will let you enjoy the fights and start mastering them early on.

    This is a 4star game but I decided to give it full marks just because the Canadians at UBISOFT keep walking the narrow path towards a DRM-free future. It cannot be easy to take such bold decisions during such a tight economy. They deserve our support.

    RECOMMENDED! ...more info
  • Best Jet Fighter Game (for PC) Since Top Gun: Fire At Will
    Plain and simple, this is by far the best present day fighter jet game on the market (for the PC)--almost as good as Spectrum Holobyte's Top Gun: Fire At Will. That is because you start all of your missions in the air, you can't take off from an aircraft carrier or an air force base.

    There are 3 difficulty settings, Normal, Hard, and Elite, and I have found a challenge on even the Hard level--you kind of learn different ways of approach each time you try a mission.

    The jets all look like the real thing, and there are a wide variety to choose from for each mission. Speaking of missions, this game is jam packed with them, everything from protecting the Space Shuttle before it's launch to releasing the city of Chicago from enemy control (from the air).

    Don't wait any longer, buy this game!...more info
  • So-So arcade game.
    This is a pretty game, lots of action, lots of things to blow up, makes a lot of noise and seems to be a game aimed at kids. It is not in any way a flight sim except that it happens to take place in airplanes. And thats where any similarity to a flight sim ends.

    The planes fly like they are on rails, there is no inertia whatsoever. Engines accelerate the planes with vertical climbs not making much difference to speed. You can jerk a high AOA turn and the speed stays pretty much constant. You can go inverted and pull loop a few thousand feet off the ground~ and make it. There is no speed compression, you can turn as sharp as you want at any speed. You can target enemy aircraft and ground targets about 2-3 seconds apart and fire on them from high off angles and speed at close range and still hit.

    Not much of a sim, but fun as a game. EZ entry for people with no knowledge of flight sims or desire to learn all the stuff that goes with it. Its a console game adapted to a PC platform~ nuff said....more info
  • Great Arcade Style Fighter Game!
    I have to say that I continue to be impressed with this game as I play it more. I may have under appreciated the graphics, I find that the use of the satellite imagery to be a great thing and probably much cheaper than having designers start from scratch in a fictional world like Ace Combat series.

    I think the Cape Canaveral map is cool but while playing I was reminded of an Ace Combat 4 map of basically the same thing, the Magellan Straits, Caribbean, Afghanistan, Middle East(Probably Arabia), Central African, and all of the 17 maps are really great. Another thing is that in the first mission, Juarez, Mexico, you support the Ghosts in the earlier GRAW games which is a nice tie in and I'm pretty sure you support the Rainbow Team from Rainbow Six Vegas in the Nevada map. Other noteworthy planes are the YF-23 that lost out to the F-22, the XA-20 Razorback which I've never seen anywhere else, X-29 demostrator, Harrier, EA-6B Prowler, Mig-21, A12 Wing, and other curiosities.

    Something I wish was included was fully destructible environments, your missiles splash in the water but don't effect buildings or trees. Another thing that would be great would be add-on maps or a map editor in which we could use google earth imagery or some kind of expansion packs for helos, gunships or even prop planes. All in all I have to update my rating to an 8.5, since I'm a non-console player I can't compare it to the latest Ace Combat but I'm sure it more than holds it's own against it.

    Yeah this is a fun game that reminds me very much of the Ace Combat series for consoles of which I have not played since I became a PC only gamer. It's not a sim by any means but if you want that get the Microsoft flight sim or any of the other ones available on PC. I have to disagree with IGN's review of 6.7, the author clearly misses a lot of the details, such as the ability to release flares when an enemy has you locked, the changeable paint schemes and others, and has an animosity towards this game that is not called for, for me this game is between a 7.5 to 8.5 depending on how much you like the arcade modern jet combat game. I would say for me it's an 8 and that's 4/5 stars here.

    The novelty of this game is really what is cool. I'm not much of a sim player and outside of that ,at least for PC gamers, there's not much in the way of cool jet fighter games. Who wouldn't want to fly one of these technological masterpieces but not have to worry about all the details that the real guys do? Not to mention the real-world locations, which is not offered in the Ace Combat series. My review is from a single player offline only POV and not really using any of the bots you can command, as it didn't really make much of a difference but I have to say I have not played this game to the end yet.

    Well it's a pretty minimal story, and thanks for that I don't really follow that much in a game like this or racing games either. I still remember the silly and embarrassing Ace Combat 4 story although I did like the art style involved. This has just an ex-air force pilot(YOU) switching to a private security company that has no loyalties other than money and when it takes a contract to attack your country you rebel. That's all I'll get into as you can get a summary from the official reviews elsewhere. It takes place in 2014, standard Tom Clancy near future time setting.

    Well like I said this is an arcade game, meaning you can do about anything with your jet and as long as it doesn't hit the ground you will not be punished for it with things like flameouts or losing control. The combat is non-realistic as well, when you are under attack you can use flares and wildly maneuver your plane in any which way and it always works. Also it's a little too easy on normal difficulty, I had no trouble killing Su-27's, Apaches and various ground targets in the older FA-18 Hornet; I would expect and Su-27 to be a bigger challenge.

    Also there is no need to worry about fuel as it's not even on your HUD as well as you being armed with nearly 200 missiles for every mission, even AceCombat5 had limitations that made the game a bit more strategic and challenging. Missiles can't be instantly fired in succession there's a bit of a waiting period after firing 2 to fire more. Your cannon/machinegun is unlimited as well but can't be used continuously as it get's hot and is a primarily burst weapon. The cluster bombs are awesome as well as the conventional large ground bombs with the usual HUD visualizations of trajectory and spread area.

    That said it is kind of interesting to turn off the "assistance(HUD Forward View)" with left-ctrl and switch to a side view of the plane you are flying instead of the assisted normal swingman view, it's a little weird and I have not tried any missions with it on. There are no landing sequences to worry about either.

    Another thing is if you hold down the missile fire button the camera will switch to the missiles view which is pretty cool. There's also something called the ERS which takes you step by step to an enemy kill, it makes it way too easy and really should be used for training purposes only.

    I had no problems with the installation on Windows XP and the game picked up my Logitech Rumblepad 2 when I went into the controls settings and specified the joystick. The default settings were fine for my joypad. I have a midrange system and had no trouble getting 1680x1050 with all high. I'm using Q6600@2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM, 8800GT512.

    These were standard to good, I would say nothing mind blowing but nothing too bad either. The jets all look like their real world counterparts and the real world cities look accurate since they are supposedly based on real satellite images, although they are limited in area. I wasn't hugely impressed with the Los Angeles area, being a resident of LA, I didn't see the Hollywood sign or other things other than the main downtown section. Also the Southern Nevada part is OK I suppose, mainly empty desert and what I assume to be Lake Mead, I used to live in S. Nevada and didn't really see much that was recognizable, I don't remember there being a Hoover Dam but I could be wrong.

    The maps that stood out were Chicago, DC, Tokyo, and Rio. There's about 17 maps. The stars are really the planes as they should be.
    I liked the water on the screen effect you get when going through rain. The explosions are standard this generation to look at but the explosions from the ground battles are pretty neat if nothing special. The way to really get a good view of the plane and surroundings, if not really all that conducive to play, is to use the assistance off setting using left-control. In summary the graphics are good this generation, that's not really a problem though since it's just cool to have a game like this finally for PC gamers.

    Pretty standard, everything sounds right from what I know. I turn off/down the music since I don't thing most fighter pilots are allowed that sort of thing in combat anyways and I don't need it to give me a better gaming experience as this is only a game. Some may like the drama enhancement you get from it but I'm not one of them. The explosions are pretty nice, you would of course never hear them like that in a jet but it's a game!

    One thing you should go and get from a third party is a plane and mission unlocker. There are massive amounts of real world planes here and I want access to them immediately, like the SR-71 Blackbird, F-117 Nighthawk, F16, F15,F14,all the migs, Mirage, Typhoon, A10 Warthog, F35 Joint Strike FIghter, F4, older 60's planes, awesome new looking Russian planes, experimental planes, F22 Raptor, next next generation USA planes, Jaguar, F-111, and probably others I've missed. As well as different loadouts of missiles for each planes specialties like precision bombs, ground target bombs, cluster bombs, air to air bombs or a mix of them particular to each plane and it's capabilities. I would guess there are at least 50 planes here not counting the variants of the same plane. My favorites include the F-15 Active, F-117, A10, SR-71, etc.

    There are no helos,prop planes, gunships or heavy bombers here, this is all jets, but you do take down Apaches and other helos in missions. The planes also have at least one more selectable paint job, like the F-117 Nighthawk has the standard Stealth Black and also has the Camo pattern for daytime missions. Also there are multiple variants of each jet like the standard F16 and the upgraded F16c which I believe is the non-export USA edition or exported to close allies only as well as variants with different selectable paint jobs.

    All of this stuff is unlockable only after finishing in the different difficulty settings or getting better ratings after missions or some online only stuff but who wants to do all that, search for the Hawx unlock on google and have a blast right away!

    I recommend this to anyone who likes arcade flying games and doesn't want too much of a challenge. This game is great if you like jets in general and want the chance to fly them in a game with a wide variety. It's not a must have game, unless you are a lover of modern jets, but if you are looking for more variety in your game collection get this one. Of course this is not a fifty dollar game by any means so get it used when the prices come down, I'd say new in the forty dollar range. I'd say if you have the latest Burnout PC game or miss/enjoy the Ace Combat console series and seek a breather from the FPS's, RPG's, MMOG's and other dominant game types, this would fit nicely into your collection....more info
  • Finally a fun Action Air Combat shoot'em up for PC's
    Finally we have a decent, and really a fun Air action combat game for PC's. I have been waiting for such a title since the days of the orginal Crimson Sky. After the first PC based Crimson Sky all its sequels were console based and the famous modern day Ace Combat series was also released exclusively for consoles. Now we finally have a modern day PC version of these Air action combat games to look forward too in HAWX and the game delivers. I hope like the Ace Combat series HAWX will thrive and spawn sequels.

    The game is pure ardelanin inducing FUN. It's fast, furious and frantic in its aerial gameplay. The missions so far have been top gun movie style air combat, air-to-ground assualts, air-to-sea action and usually culminates in a combination of all these in the finale of the mission. The sattelite imagery used in this game cleary adds to the realistic looks of this game. Sometime when flying over different cities it almost feels like I was looking out of a plane in real life. The fighther planes are rendered in great details as well as the realistic standard and special effects used in the fights are almost movie like. I also expirienced no fps or lag issues at all in any of the sharp turns, steep climbs or dives and fast bombing runs. All of this combines to give almost a movie like dog-fight expirience.

    This game is kind of cross between a single player game and an rpg game. You actually level or gain levels in this game just like a rpg. As you destory enemey targets you gain xp which total to subsquent increase in your levels. The more level you gains the more fighter planes gets unlocked. As you can see I am a RPG fan too so being able to level in a single player game and gaining new capabilities in my view broadens the gaming expirience of the game than to just completing one mission after another. There is a element of what awaits me at the next level (like an rpg) which gives an added incentive to play the game. Hopefully one day an MMORPG might be made out of these kind of Aerial Air Combat games by a reputable company wich will be a dream come true for me.

    They are tons of modern day such as F-18's, F-16's, F-15's as well as fifth generation fighter planes like Euro-typhoon, F-22, F-35 etc. and sixth generation protype planes available to play over your flying career with this game. Each of these planes not only offer marked differences in performance but some planes offers a more varied kind of weapons payload which sometime makes a critical difference in destroying multiple targets at one go in a dogfight or be able to carpet bomb an enemy using cluster bombs in addition to normal guided bombs etc. For example I was stuck at a mission for some time with the recomended plane (A-5) which is a ground bomber and had very limited air-to-air. However the mission had massive ground forces to fight as well as constant fighter planes and helos coming to dog-fight and th A-5 was slow to manevour overall especially in dog-fights plus only could handle one target at a time that I was just not able to hold back the enemy forces. Only after gaining few levels I was able to unlock F-111-E which is a lot more manevourable, balanced ground attack as well as decent air-to-air with multiple aerial target acquisition capability that I was able to use to progress beyond that mission. So the ability to know and be able to choose from different planes might make huge difference in progressing or being stuck with a mission. Thats kind of realistic in my view.

    This being said the game as you may have ascertained is an arcade stlyle action air combat game and not a simulator. It's designed for people who like to get in the midst of all the action without the need to master a 500 page manual before one can even take off the ground let alone deal with the mind-numbing realistic aspects of flying. I mean that aspect is good for players who like realistic simulators and they have lots of games to look forward too but quality PC based Air combat games for PC's are far and few inbetween. This game adds to this genre and will satisfy PC based arcade style air combat action fans. Some of have commented where is Tom Clancy in this game since its not ultra-realistic simulator. Well once you get going in your campaign you will see Tom Clancy touches there. The mission are written, setup and unfolds in a very Tom Clancy way.

    The game also has a Team Deathmatch multiplayer mode for upto 8 players for about 14 or so maps. I havent yet tried my mettle against other players but in time i will and update my review but the thought of having these kinds of ardenalin rushing air combat with other players in my view will only increase the value and fun factor of this game.

    I liked the game and hopefully others will too. Highly recomended.
    ...more info
  • about time
    heres Hawx PC in a nut shell- granted i haven't finished it yet

    1. this is an arcade style, "after burner" jump in and shoot em down "game" -not a sim by any means, console junkies who consume the Ace Combat series will be thrilled.

    2. the graphics are amazing, the sound is even better, its the first graphically up to date flight game for the PC that's been released in a LONG TIME,

    3. playing this with the x360 controller will be boring,using a keyboard-even worse, so use a flight stick to get the maximum value from the game as its more engaging..

    4. its fun to play, learning curve is short,difficulty in game can be adjusted, the manual is a whopping 12 pages, tons of planes......more info