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Socks is one happy cat....He lives with a nice young couple called Brickers who play with him, pet him, feed him treats, and always have a warm lap for him to sit in. Then a new baby joins the family Suddenly, the Brickers are sharing their laps and love with Charles William, and Socks is getting into trouble. He runs from a phantom dog, wrestles with Nana's best wig, and fights Old Taylor the tomcat for his territory. But as Charles William grows, Socks discovers that he has a new friend and a new way to be a part of the family.

A purr-fectly hilarious portrait of life with a baby from a cat's point of view.

Customer Reviews:

  • Cat takes back seat to baby in this short, simple tale
    Mr. and Mrs. Bricker, a young, childless couple, choose to add a kitten, which they name Socks, to their family. With plenty of food and affection, the cat thrives. But then something terrible happens, Marilyn Bricker gives birth to a baby boy named Charles William. When baby makes four, all seems swell with the Cleaver-like family, but the kitty feels neglected. Charles William hogs his mother's lap and love, leaving the furry feline in the lurch. The only reprieve he gets is a visit from a cat-loving babysitter. But his mischievous nature lands him outdoors after some bad behavior involving Nana's wig. He gains back his place in everyone's hearts (and the house) after a bad experience with a local cat. Eventually, the two newest members of the Bricker family learn to live together in harmony. All's well that ends well, I suppose, in this simple story. But it's dated, as is obvious in the repeated use of "Mr. Bricker" and "Mrs. Bricker" to refer to the man and woman of the house. Cleary's Ralph and the Motorcycle books are better. Tales with good pet characters: Bad Kitty by Nic Bruel, Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by Lynne Jonell....more info
  • Reflects the times
    This charming book tells the story of a new baby in the family from a cat's point of view. I remembered it fondly from my own childhood, and thought it would be helpful to read to my oldest daughter from a sibling-rivalry perspective.

    Sadly, the book is a reflection of the times in which it was written, and the baby in it is exclusively formula-fed. Why Cleary got so much flak for mentioning spaying pets to prevent overpopulation, and none at all in this day and age for setting formula feeding on par with human milk, and presenting that to her young target audience as a harmless choice, I'll never understand....more info
  • Socks
    This book has been loved by three generations in our family. We now have a cat named Socks in the family, and we are introducing it to him. :-)...more info
  • I love Socks!
    The book Socks by Beverly Cleary is about a cat that is found in a box with
    kittens for sale. Socks was very different from the other cats. People stopped to
    look and buy the kittens, but no one bought Socks. Eventually a couple did and
    loved him from the moment they saw him. The Brickers took Socks to their new
    home which had a cozy fire, warm laps, and good food. One day Mr. and Mrs.
    Bricker left in a hurry and returned several days later. The first thing Socks
    noticed was the bundle in their hands. It was a baby! Unfortunately the baby
    took away all the attention from Socks. One night the Brickers were going out so
    they hired a babysitter. The babysitter played with Socks more than she did with
    the baby. The next day Nana came over and she was not very kind. All the baby
    wants to do is play with Socks, but Socks doesn't want to play with him. Will Socks and the baby ever play or be friendly to each other?
    Socks is a very enjoyable story. I think this book will make every one feel or remind you about something in your life. I would highly recommend Socks from anyone of eight years old.
    ...more info
  • socks
    emily kocian says that she really love the book and that she likes the auters othetr books...more info
  • I'm going to be nicer to my cat
    What a sweet story. Well written and from the perspective of the cat. Great for kids and not at all boring for an adult to read to a kid. This story made me want to be nicer to my own furball...more info
  • The runt of the bunch

    One time when I was younger my family wonted to get a kitten. When they went to

    the pet store but their was only one kitten left. I guess no one wonted her at all. So we

    Took he took her. In the book SOCKES by Beverly Cleary a couple who just came in to

    Town decided to get a kitten. When they went to the pet store their was only one little

    Runt left. He was always the runt of the bunch. Socks wasn't as pretty or well trained as

    the others but he was as sweet as any of them.

    Sock's was so happy in his new home. The copal pad so much attention to him and

    loved it. But then the copal had a baby. When that brought the baby home sock's had

    No one was paying attention to him. He felt left out. What do you think happened next?

    Well you're going to have to read the book to find out.
    ...more info
  • A charming cat's-eye point of view
    The ever-prolific Beverly Cleary crafts another gem with this cat's-eye view story about life in Portland, circa 1972. Socks is an orange tabby cat who is adopted by a young couple moving into their first house, a house that Socks is determined to be the master of. Of course, a cat's self-image and the realities of the world around them don't always coincide, and Socks is subjected to many hardships and indignities -- being given away at a shopping mall, having to put up with visiting relatives who aren't "cat people," being put on a diet and -- most tragically -- being locked outdoors. At the heart of the book is Socks having to make peace with an intruder in his domestic heaven: the young couple have a baby, and their much-beloved kitty cat has to adjust to no longer being the center of attention. In typically bittersweet fashion, Cleary gives an unsentimental look inside the life of a housecat, and provides younger readers with a funny story about sibling rivalry. Cat lovers will moan when poor Socks gets put outdoors, but purr aloud when things work out okay in the end. (ReadThatAgain children's book reviews)...more info
  • socks by beverly cleary
    Excellent book for your child's library. My son has read this over and over... Happy reading...more info
  • A cat's life
    Beverly Cleary tells the charming story of a cat whose position as the beloved center of the family is upset by the arrival of a new baby. Her refusal to anthropomorphize the cat added to my appreciation of this book immensely. The theme of pet jealousy was particularly relevant for me just now since my wife and I have four cats and we are also expecting our first child.

    I have an old edition and I agree with the reviewers who prefer the original illustrations by Beatrice Darwin. This is the first story I have read to my as-yet-unborn daughter. I look forward to reading it with her again one day....more info
  • I read this book as a child...
    I am in my mid 30s now, and it is still one of the most memorable books that I ever read as a kid. *smile* I grew up to be a big cat lover, and I accredit that to Socks!...more info
  • Socks
    Socks is about a cat that is adopted my a young couple. They love him and adore him, but when the couple gets pregnant, Socks loses attention. When Nanna comes for a visit, she does everything she can to get Socks out of the house and away from the baby. After Nanna leaves, eventually, Socks feels loved again, and as the baby gets older, Socks finds a friend in him.

    Socks the cat is a gray tabby cat with a white belly and white feet that look like socks. That happens to be why his name is Socks. He has some darker gray stripes. He can be very mischevious at times, but all and all, he is a very lovable cat.

    This book was okay, I liked it a little bit. It didn't seem like it had much of a plot and it wasn't very easy to get into. I might ecomend this book to friend, it just depended on what the friend was into, or liked. This book is good for someone who really likes animals like kittens and puppies, but for anyone else I don't recomend this book.
    ...more info
  • Socks is adorable!
    My (animal lover) 6 yr old daughter and I listened to Socks on tape in the car. We absolutely LOVED it! Beverly Cleary does an excellent job at portraying the story through the eyes and actions of a loveable cat. It's our favorite story by Cleary....more info
  • What a charming book !!!
    I have the old edition with the Beatrice Darwin illustrations-- they are lively, witty, engaging -- and awfully cute. They go well with this book, which is also all of the above.

    AND -- Ms. Cleary mentions Spaying and Neutering -- THANK YOU!!! Little kids are NOT too young to understand what happens to unwanted animals. And in this case, Socks suffered a fate much more benign than most unwanted animals.

    Babies and kitties DO get along, with parental supervision at all times of course.

    This book was a delightful read and I look forward to perusing more of Ms. Cleary's works!...more info
  • The Miserable Mill
    I think the Miserable Mill is a good book.It`s a good book because it`s funny. It is about how Violet, Klause, and Sunny have to work in a lumber mill till they come of age.Then Klause breaks his glasses and has to get nen ones,and when he gets new ones they hytotizes him.Count Olaf works there. ...more info