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Playskool Adventure Squad - Police
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Product Description

This incredible helmet delivers interactive role play in a whole new and innovative way. Slip on the helmet, and your preschooler is instantly in charge of the road and on the run. Use the handlebar unit to control lights and sounds. The helmet also includes a microphone so your child can hear himself as he races around. Provides hours of imaginative, role-play fun. Requires two "AA" and three "AAA" batteries, included. Measures 9.75"L x 9.75"W.

The Playskool Helmet Heroes Police Officer lets children 3 and up feel like they're a real police officer, triggering their imagination and excitement, and inspiring them to go on fun, crime-fighting adventures. With an officer's helmet and a motorcycle-styled handlebar that lights up and plays music and sound, this toy will bring role playing to a new level.

Children will love playing a police officer with this set.View larger.
Working Microphone Amplifies Your Voice
The adjustable helmet has a flip-up visor and microphone that gives it a dose of authenticity. In addition, the microphone actually works, and will amplify your child's voice. Children will love stopping lawbreakers in their tracks by saying things such as "Stop and put your hands up!"

With 30 different mission sequences, children will be entertained for a long time. View larger.
Handlebar has Built-in Mission Sequences
The motorcycle handle bar lets children take control and zoom off on the latest chase. The details on the face include a speedometer, odometer, gauges, and more. Various buttons activate and control the flashing light patterns, siren, horn, and revving sounds. The handlebar includes 30 different mission sequences, so children won't be running out of things to do.

Built-in Music and Action Phrases
When out on a mission, children will love making the handlebar play mission-inspired music and say action phrases such as "Search and rescue in progress!" and "Set up a road block!"

The helmet requires three AAA batteries (included) and the handlebar controller requires two AA batteries (included) for operation.

What's in the Box
Helmet, handlebar controller, 3 x AAA batteries, 2 x AA batteries, instructions.

  • Role-playing helmet and handlebar controller puts kids in ˇ°hot pursuitˇ± like a real police officer while encouraging get-up-and-go activity!
  • Interactive play inspired by 30 different mission phrases, music and light sequences!
  • Electronic lights, siren and patrol sounds
  • Helmet visor flips up and down, and helmet is adjustable
  • Helmet comes with handlebar controller, 3 fun cut-out accessories and instructions.

Customer Reviews:

  • Did not work
    I bought 3 of these for our grandsons so that when they got together on Christmas Day they could play the same game. Sadly, not one of them worked. The helmut's lights worked, but even after changing batteries the handheld control did not work and it was the part that controlled the helmut's microphone. All in all a very disappointing Christmas morning. Had to send them back. ...more info
  • Lots of fun - once you learn to use it!
    We didn't realize that the helmet and handle bars were connected by a censor in the helmet (very high tech!:-)... At first we thought the handle bars didn't work, but once the helmet is on w/ batteries in and switched on and yellow button in front pushed --- and the handle bars are in line with the censor.... ITS A AWESOME TOY! My son AND HUSBAND love it! ...more info
  • Helmet Heroes Rock
    Bought for my almost 5 nephew who spent the greater part of Christmas Day playing with it despite getting a Nintendo DS. It was a huge hit as every member of our family was arrested for something that day!...more info
  • Good fun, even for a girl
    My almost-5-year-old daughter got this for Christmas. She loves it. It comes with two citation "tickets" and a 55 mph speed limit sign, which are nice touches, tee hee. But I love that it's relatively gender neutral and helps her use her imagination. I have no real complaints about this toy. I rated only 4 out of 5 stars because the helmet doesn't seem to fit my daughter's head that well--I wonder if they could dream up some sort of foam insert to use when the child's head is a little smaller than the helmet? It would be nice if something like this were included in the box. But really, overall it's a nice toy....more info
  • Fun for the whole family! :)
    We got this for our 3 year old son, and we have all enjoyed playing with it! :) The microphone works really well. This toy leaves a lot to the imagination and creative play too. It takes a few trys to get the right angle for the remote handle to work with the helmet, but over all we are very happy with this toy....more info
  • Read all the reviews and choose carefully
    I have both Helmet Heroes for my 4-year-old. The concept behind these toys is great, but the function and instructions/directions are horrible.

    It would be nice if these came with real instructions on how to use the features. Like many consumers I had to get online to figure out how to use the microphone. It would be nice if the button was labeled. Even after figuring it out, it seems like it doesn't work if you have pressed certain button combinations prior to trying the microphone. To even project the voice the microphone practically has to be in my kid's mouth.

    The volume on these is LOUD. A volume control would be nice. I feel like I'm going to go deaf being in the same room. I plan to tape of the speaker holes for a slight mute.

    These are heavy. My son would rather put the helmet on his bed and use the controllers to activate the lights and sound. When he does wear it on his head, the adjustments are not suitable to stabilize on a small child's head.

    Of the two versions, the police helmet seems to be the most enjoyable and easy to interact with. The lights and sounds scenarios on the police helmet are more interactive. The race car helmet seems to start over every 30 seconds and just does the same thing. Maybe there is more to it, but I don't have instructions.

    If your kid has any imagination they will probably enjoy this a little. As the purchaser, I am disappointed in how it was advertised and how it performs.

    Despite my disappointments, I would still recommend the police helmet. I would NOT recommend the race car helmet.
    ...more info
  • Fun, but a little small
    My nephew really liked this toy, but the adjustable strap on the helmet was very small in comparison to the helmet size, so it was too small for him to use. He kept playing with it, but it also kept falling off. Don't buy for anyone over 3 years for this reason....more info
  • he loves it!
    My two year old loves to wear hats and so this product was perfect for him. The lights and sounds are fun, but the micro-phone is almost non existant. He doesnt know the difference so he is having a blast. ...more info
  • Hey kids lets go play in the street
    Really? Tells kids to " Set up a road block!" Who is the genius who came up with this? So what happens when some kid goes out and sets up a road block. When you make a toy for kids who have to hold their parents hand to cross the street maybe this is not the best idea. ...more info