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HP Photosmart C4580 All-in-One Printer
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Product Description

Conveniently print photos and documents with built-in wireless connectivity, plus easily scan and copy. The Photosmart C4580 All-in-One gives you the freedom to print wirelessly, while ensuring that you get incredible results. It offers speedy black and white printing up to 30 pages per minute as well as reliability you can count on. True-to-the-original reprints from original photos using HP Photosmart Essential Software Photo printing without a computer using the 1.5 color display and memory card slots Automatic paper sensor for optimal results on different media types Print a 4x6 lab-quality photo in as fast as 25 seconds Black print speed - Up to 30-ppm (draft-quality mode) Color print speed - Up to 23-ppm (draft-quality mode) Black print resolution - Up to 1200 rendered dpi Color print resolution - Up to 1200 x 2400 optimized dpi color Borderless printing - Up to 8.5x14 Memory cards supported - Secure Digital/ MultimediaCard, High Capacity Secure Digital (HCSD), and xD-Picture Card Copy scaling - 50 to 400% Copy speed - Black Up to 30-cpm and Color Up to 23-ppm Scan resolution - Optical Up to 1200 dpi optical, Hardware Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi and Bit depth/Grayscale levels 48-bit/256 Document scan size - 8.5x11.7 (21.6x29.7cm) Paper handling - One 1000-sheet input tray, one 50-sheet output tray System Requirements - Mac OS X v10.4, v10.5, PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 or Intel Core Processor, 256MB RAM, 500MB free space, Windows XP, Vista, Intel Pentium II, Celeron, or compatible processor, Internet Explorer 6 or later, CD drive, and USB port Dimensions - Height 6.38 x Width 17.09 x Depth 11.42 (16.2x43.4x29.0cm) Weight - 11.16 pounds (5.06 kg)

Customer Reviews:

  • No sweat!
    Bought this printer through a different avenue. Price was good for an HP printer and being wireless. Didn't read any reviews, was an impulse bye. Put the Diver/software setup disk in and away i went. Not only is my desktop lan lined to the Linksys router it is also encrypted. Also have two other laptops in the house. When all was said and done all I had to do was manually install the drivers onto the other computers because Vista didn't recognize it. As for any negative review about a sleep concern, I leave the printer off so that the heads will park and not dry out all my ink....more info
  • HP Photosmart C45880 All-in-one Printer
    So far so good. I read the reviews on this printer and there were alot of complaints about this printer and had second thoughts about buying the printer. I have been using the printer for a couple of months and love it. Being able to set in my den and print in another room is great. I have had the printer to go to sleep as I read in the reviews but just turning the printer off and back on solves the problem. This is a great printer for the money....more info
  • Skip This One
    A friend recently asked me set up her HP Photosmart C4850 on her wireless network. The results:

    The printer never could find the wireless router, even after reconfiguring the router and attempting to set up the printer using its IP address.

    Next we attempted to connect the printer via USB. Again no joy. What should have been a straightforward USB set up went wrong as the USB connection repeatedly failed. After checking the computer's USB connections and the USB cable,

    Back to Best Buy (my friend had received the printer from a relative as a gift) to exchange the printer for another, same model. Result: exactly the same problems.

    After spending time online trying to solve the problem, it became obvious that HP has produced a clunker (someone purporting to be an HP wireless engineer admitted that the C4580 has problems and needs a firmware update). Another forum contributer on Apple's UK website says that he is using his HP to store paper and as a place to rest his tea cup!

    So, back to Best Buy, this time to exchange the HP for a Canon MX700. The Canon installed as expected. Having literally handled both machines, it is clear to me that the Canon's build quality is much better than that of the HP. The Canon instructions were much better than those from HP, well written with good illustrations. (Aside: Best Buy was as gracious as Amazon regarding returns and exchanges.)

    Note: The Canon is not wireless capable but is networkable. My friend did not need either feature though she did want the all-in-one features of the MX700....more info
  • Wonderful Printer Once You Update the Firmware
    As of early 2009, this printer was shipping with a bug in the firmware that would allow it to go into sleep mode such that it could only be awakened by unplugging it and plugging it in. Fortunately, HP has an easy to install patch. Unfortunately, the patch can only be installed by running it on a PC connected to the network. If you have only MAC's and can't borrow a PC to install the update, you'll have to wait for HP to release a MAC version.

    Additionally, a knowledgable HP employee (speaking unofficially on HPs support forum) recommends that you set the IP address for the printer as static to avoid another possible issue, but I never had any problems with automatic address assignment from my router.

    Now, onto the review. The device works very well as a printer, copier and scanner. The software works well, but takes a while to install, and a few minutes to initialize when booting my XP machine. I have it running on several Vista laptops too, but haven't heard complaints about initialization times from family members. I haven't scanned many documents, but that seemed to work fine.

    The wireless network feature is nice, allowing me to put the printer anywhere in my house. Installation automatically figured out my security settings, and had no problems connecting. Note that you have to temporarily connect the device to a computer via USB during installation. There is no wired ethernet network capability, but I haven't missed it. You *can* connect the printer directly to a PC via USB, but then you lose network printing capability (it becomes a local printer).

    I have not used the memory card reader feature, but it may be useful to someone that prints a lot of photos.

    One minor gripe is that HP shipped the thing with small ink cartridges, and the black ran out pretty quickly. BTW: HP offers a special "photo color" cartridge that can replace the black one, but I didn't try it, as I mostly print documents.

    All-in-all, I really like this printer now that the sleep problem has been solved.

    ...more info
  • HP Printer
    Arrived as promised; new and on time. It installed easily and works great. That is what is expected of any HP printer....more info
  • Great features for the price but beware!
    The HP Photosmart C4580 printer is wonderfully feature-packed for its price but I cannot over look it flaws.

    Let me first start with the good...
    This printer is currently the best bang for the buck. The big features are: wireless printing, a scanner/copier, and a built-in memory stick reader. If you own a laptop that you're constantly bringing around, the wireless printing is very nice... just one less thing you have to plug in. Its probably also good if you have multiple computers. I'm not sure if I'll ever use the scanner/copier but it can't hurt and it doesn't raise the price too much. Its also a relatively small printer (at least compared to my old one) and has a very easy to use screen to change options. You can also use after-market products to refill the printer cartridges yourself making them much cheaper.

    However the printer has three major flaws...
    My biggest headache with the printer was its setup. The installer crashed on me every time I tried installing drivers and I spent three very long hours on the phone getting it fixed. [Tech-note: I was using Internet Explorer 8 Beta which is incompatible with the HP printing software]. Unlike most other India-based tech support I've dealt with before, HP support had minimal automated phone submenus, the staff were knowlegeable, and I wasn't transferred too many times.

    Secondly, if you use the wireless feature the printer will hang. This is a product defect and HP hasn't gotten around to fixing it. However there is a relatively simple work-around for this defect if you're tech-savvy. Search around the internet for "HP Photosmart C4580 Screen Turns Off" to find the fix.

    Finally, I had major rebate issues. Amazon advertises a rebate for this product, but beware! The rebate is not for the printer itself. The rebate requires you to buy a laptop or PC along with the printer.

    So despite the fancy features on this printer you should be very careful with it cause there are some flaws and it may not be the bargain it sounds....more info
  • Running out of printer manufacturers that I trust
    So, after my latest Epson printer, which made me swear off getting an Epson ever again, I decided to dap my toe in the world of HP. The 4580 is the result, a printer we got for free (after rebates) from a computer purchase.

    The printer has been nothing but a headache. When it works, it works, I'll grant it that. But...

    1. If you leave it on for more than a day or two, it crashes. You have to restart it.

    2. It doesn't recognize high capacity cartridges (real HP ones at that), and has been telling me I'm low on ink for about 100 pages now.

    3. Out of nowhere, the printer starts to print out page after page of gibberish. You have to be on top of this printer and listen while it's printing, because if you don't, you may suddenly realize it's printed 30 pages of 3-4 lines of complete gibberish, wasting ink and pages. Then you have to troubleshoot it, again and again.

    4. Yesterday I wanted to wirelessly scan something to email to a friend. When I fired up HP's scanning software, it told me it couldn't find a printer. I deleted the printer and re-selected it. The scanning software found the printer, but the OCR software was terrible and made a mess of things. All of that took about an hour to fix. Today, when I went to print something, it won't print!

    This thing is junk. How can companies sell garbage like this? ...more info
  • HP Printer
    Arrived as promised; new and on time. It installed easily and works great. That is what is expected of any HP printer....more info
  • Hate this printer
    This printer does print a pretty picture but it's horrid if you ever want to print anything else. I've wasted so much paper, envelopes & labels just trying to mail some letters. It doesn't pull the paper in correctly and cuts off part of the document. Even envelopes have half finished addresses. Don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Works Wonderfully Wireless with my MAC
    I love this printer for the price and the wireless capability! I would definitely recommend to others - for those that have had problems...why would you not just return for product replacement or get another printer. There are Lexus in the world that are lemons too! I do suggest downloading the drivers directly from the HP website rather than install from the CD - this way you are sure to get the most updated version and any patches that may have been added. I also love the paper tray - simple - not clumsy like the other trays that some of the higher priced hp photo printers have. Positively a Perfect Printer at a great Price!...more info
  • hp photosmart c4500
    HP Photosmart C4500, when are we going to learn, " jack of all trades..master of none" nice looking piece of
    junk though. struggled for 3 months, could get it working beautifully then two days later nothing worked...
    nothing! I called and was told it was normal to unplug it to turn it off...dumped and reloaded the software
    many times , always the same result........gave it to the trashman, HP nevermore. Phil...more info
  • Nice quality, great value
    After having read numerous complaints about this device going to sleep and never waking up, I made sure to immediately install it using the fairly public workaround of giving it a dedicated IP address. It has never used DHCP and it has never failed. Would it fail to wake up if I used DHCP? Probably so, but since I'm not using it that way, it's not a problem.

    I'm ecstatic that the Windows driver can be downloaded and installed alone - without all of the extra overhead fluff that many consumer printers scatter around your system. When I'm not printing, there aren't 10,000 printer related processes running in the background like there were with my old Lexmark.

    So far I've only used the included inks and the photo quality, at least to an untrained eye, is much better than I would have expected from a device at this price. I don't know if the 6 ink option produces better photos than the default 4 color output right out of the box, but again, to my untrained eyes, the photo output looks great from the CMYK cartridges which were included. I'm not likely to ever buy the photo cartridge.

    My setup: HP c4580 connected wirelessly to a ZoneAlarm z100g. I've printed with Windows XP SP3 (32), and Vista SP1 (x64) which are also connected to the zonealarm z100g's wifi network....more info
  • Excellent Printer
    Not only was this printer easy to install but it works great too.

    I am able to use my Windows Vista computer as well as my Ubuntu Linux system with this printer for scanning and printing remotly. I dont understand why people have problems with connecting remotly. The instructions are very clear and the installion from the CD configures everything for you.

    I am VERY satisfied with this purchase and recommend it 500% to other users looking for an affortable wirless scanner and printing unit.

    Though my only con with this printer is that it comes in white. I would of preferred it in grey or black :)...more info
  • Best HP Printer I have used
    I had a C6280 printer that was a little bit bigger than this printer and it worked well. I decided I wanted to upgrade to a newer model. I love the wireless this printer uses. You just connect it with your wireless reception and it automatically adds to your network so you can use it. There is no more need for the ethernet cable from your printer to your router like my last model. I had a little trouble finding out how this worked at first, but you just have to connect to the HPSetup wireless connection and put in the CD software the printer comes with. It is very easy. This has a great scanner and memory card functionality also. Definately buy this one if your looking for a cheap all in one that works great for everything, even Photos!...more info
  • Horrible waste of money
    I have had nothing but problems with this printer. First, it won't even pull one paper at a time. It pulls several sheets and I have to go through my prints to make sure I don't have blank pages. Second, forget printing address labels or business cards on this thing. It never lines up right and it starts printing on a different spot every time- and always over the fold lines. Third, it won't scan a full page. I have just spent about 2 hours trying to scan 3 contracts. I have two finally done. But the last one is a lost cause. The software that it comes with will not let me "finish" the scan. The program locks up and I have to restart my computer and the printer. Fourth, I can't even use the wireless feature. Once it goes to sleep, it won't start back up again, and I have to plug it in. So much for wireless. This thing is a waste of money. I'm seriously thinking about going Office Space on it....more info
  • Great printer!
    I got the printer for Christmas 2008, so I never read the reviews here as I would normally do before I purchase something like this, and I'm so glad I didn't! I just came to Amazon to order refills, and I'm shocked by the bad reviews! I DID have trouble getting the wireless to work with my PC (big shock) but HP's help was fantastic - the guy I spoke to was super friendly and hilarious, but besides that he didn't get off the phone with me until the printer was working perfectly, and I would say that took about half an hour tops. Also I am using this printer simultaneously with my PC AND my Mac. The Mac wireless setup was instantaneous and flawless (no shock. Why do I have a PC, again?) In either case, the printer works great and gives beautiful prints. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone, I'm totally happy with it. I have had none of the issues that I'm reading about in this thread....more info
  • Buyer Beware Defective
    bought the C4580 all-in-one HP printer after mostly positive reviews, wifi and small size was perfect for out of the way printing. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!!!! Once unit goes to sleep mode, will no longer print. Must manually unplug power and reinstall to network -- why even have the printer at that point? HP troubleshoot was worthless. Finally found a gazillion similar frustrated reviews at Apple Store [...], sure wish had read these reviews before waisting [...]...more info
  • OK if you don't want to print wirelessly
    The print quality is Ok, the copy quality is OK, though a bit slow. I haven't tried the scanning yet.

    The most infuriating thing about this product is that if the printer is turned on for more than an hour or so you cannot print wirelessly without powering the printer off and back on again.

    Overall, this makes a somewhat sub-par free printer (with my mac purchase). If you want to print to it without having to carry your laptop in or having a machine connected via USB, look for a different product....more info
  • Not sure why there are so many bad reviews...
    This printer has been bashed by reviewers here on amazon and I am glad that I didn't look at these reviews before I purchased this printer or I may not have bought it at all. I will admit that the software installation was a big time hassle (I installed it on 3 computers in my home), but aside from that, this printer works great. I have installed all the updates as they become available and everything seems to be working great. Even if the printer is in sleep mode and I want to print something, it will respond right away and print. As I mentioned, I have this printer connected to 3 computers, 2 of which are laptops. It's nice to be in the other room working on something and be able to just print from there. It's too bad everyone seems to be having problems with this printer because it really is a great printer....more info
  • good buy
    This HP printer is effortless to set up and use.My only negative comment would be that the color print was blurry at first but seems fine now. I like the easily read window on the front. Would recommend this copier....more info
  • Don't But It! - only one star because I can't rate zero or negative!
    I bought this with my Macbook using ATT UVERSE router. I could not get this thing to work reliably. The wireless is useless, and when I connected it via USB to my computer it kept falling asleep and wouldn't wake up unless I rebooted it. Called both Apple and HP and HP admitted to me that they have a problem with it that they are 'working hard to resolve'. That's was about 9 months ago. So I called them back and they said they know about the issue and are 'working hard to resolve it'.
    So I gave them my resolution call script to use for free:
    1. Take the computer back wherever you bought it.
    2. Buy a Cannon Printer.
    3. Hook up the Canon printer and watch it do everything that the HP printer claims to do but can't.

    ...more info
  • Sleep Mode Unresponsive Update on HP Website
    This all in one printer has worked great except for the "sleep mode leading to the printer being unresponsive unless you unplug it and plug it back in" problem others have mentioned. HP now has a firmware upgrade on their website dated March 2009 specifically for this problem called "Critical Update to Prevent an Unresponsive State." It appears this update eliminates sleep mode as my printer hasn't gone to sleep for the last few days. In exchange for using a little more energy you get a printer that always works for your network etc. I have the printer set up wirelessly on a network via Vista, but apparently the updates from the HP website sometimes need you to plug in the USB cord. Hope this helps those in need, as I feel your frustration for a product that should work out of the box....more info
  • Will never buy a HP again
    Looked like a great buy for the money, but it was awful. Defective from the moment I took it out of the box.

    The ink tray would not come across to be loaded. The manual said if it did not, to turn off the power, then back on to try again. I did this many times, I ended up having to move the tray across with my finger. After loading the ink, and closing the tray, it did not recognize the SUPPLIED cartridges, had to reset power to fix that.

    The paper feeder "jammed," and no matter how much I press the "OK" button to tell the machine there is no longer paper there, it still says "Paper Jam." Even after pulling the power from the machine as the HP website suggested, it still thinks there is a paper jam.

    I am returning this printer as we speak. The last printer I had was a HP, and it broke within 6 months, under light use. I will absolutely never consider buying another HP printer again....more info
  • Great Printer
    I find this printer to be great. It makes nice quality prints compared to other printers in its price range, and I have not had a problem with it going to sleep and not waking up. It works wonderfully wirelessly with my 2 vista laptops. I am pretty sure from reading about this printer from other websites that the issue many people are having with this printer is mainly a MAC issue, but I could be wrong. All I can confirm is I have two PC's and it works great with them. My only gripe is it prints kinda slow, but that is because it prints higher quality than other printers. The HP Vivera inks make photos look really colorful as well....more info
  • Installation a nightmare
    Without too much fanatacism:

    1) Every time I tried to setup the printer on my wireless network, I got the following error message:
    "Unable to communicate with your printer at this time. This may be caused by a Firewall. If you are using firewall software, verify UDP port 427 is unblocked from your printer at to your PC.
    If you reconfigure the firewall, click Retry to see if the network communication is unblocked or click Next to continue."

    Please see my post on Fixya for full details:

    In a nutshell, even disabling the firewall completely doesn't fix the issue. I suspect it's a bug in the installation software. The printer was able to connect to my wireless network but the installer software always reported this error.

    2) HP installs maybe 2GB of junk on your computer
    I said I would post without fanaticism, but I lied. Where does HP feel like they get the right to install so much junk for a printer? I just want the printer to print and scan, thank you very much. My wife has an old, slow laptop, and this took 1 hour to install (apart from the above issue). The 2GB figure comes from free disk space before and after the install. The laptop only has 30GB...

    I'm considering returning the printer. I definitely won't buy HP again unless I'm convinced all the competition isn't any better....more info
  • maddening softwear
    While I haven't yet had any problems with the printer itself, Photosmart Essential 3.0, the softwear that comes with it is stunningly bad. The softwear makes the printer nearly impossible to use to print photos. This softwear is doubly disappointing when compared with what came with their old printers. A definite down-grade. The photo editing options are rediculously limited. I can no longer resize photos to a specified measurement in inches (or any other readily understood measure). Instead I have the choice of pixel or percent. So now when I have an unusually sized frame or opening in a collage mat the photo needs to fit I can no longer simply enter the desired print size! If, like me, you expect more out of HP Printsmart softwear than the simplest of editing functions you will be pulling your hair out every time you try to print a photo!

    ...more info
  • Excellent wireless all in one printer for the $$
    I stumbled on these reviews after I had already purchased this printer elsewhere. Was expecting problems, but had none of the issues mentioned about the printer going into sleep mode. In fact, I ran a test print this morning after the printer had been idle overnight - printed awesome. Not sure why some of these printers are unable to awake from sleep mode but I can attest that mine is NOT one of them.

    Using this in a wireless home office with a Linksys WRT54G router, an older iMac desktop running 10.4.11 with an airport card, a Dell laptop running XP Pro, and a Mac laptop running 10.5.1. I'm not using a static IP addy for the printer. I found that the install CD had the same driver version as HP's web site but would recommend checking to make sure you have the latest drivers. No problems printing wirelessly to any of the three computers here. The scan feature works fine on both of my Macs contrary to one commenter here - open the scanning software, click scan and voila. Works as intended and no rocket science degree needed.
    Prints much better than average photos from my older Canon A75 digital camera. Found the included photo software to be extremely simple to use.

    The only con I can come up with is, the printer is slow to react. At least 13 seconds before it starts printing. Other than that I can't say a bad thing about it. Easy initial setup for the wireless connection, easy to install ink, easy to load paper, easy to make copies. We're very happy with this one. ...more info