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Weezer (Red Album) [Deluxe]
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Early word on the sixth album from Weezer--and their third self-titled record, although fans, sensibly, are referring to it as "The Red Album"--is that this is their experimental record. Luckily, Rivers Cuomo isn't interested in penning his own jazz odyssey; for him, experimental is just finding cunning ways to nuance Weezer's stock-in-trade--crunchy, candy-sweet guitars and vocal harmonies--with new pop tricks. The sardonic lyric of "Pork and Beans" hints at a new direction: "Timabaland knows the way to reach the top of the charts," Cuomo sings, "maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art". Actually, Timbaland's not on board, but producer Jacknife Lee brings a variety of drum machines and electronics, and Weezer rise to the challenge with some generally inspired messing around. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Theme)" sees Cuomo adopt a gangsta rap slur over screaming sirens, while elsewhere, the other three Weezer members take a turn at the microphone. But it's Cuomo's songs that are the winners--notably "Heart Songs", a tribute to the songs that "never feel wrong" that swoops from melodic schmaltz to grunge scuzz with a deft invocation of Nirvana. Skip to the bonus tracks, meanwhile, for a great cover of "The Weight" that takes The Band's original and drenches it in chundering guitars. --Louis Pattison

Limited Deluxe Edition of their 2008 album features four bonus tracks over the standard version and comes housed in a special digipak, with a deluxe booklet containing lyrics, photos, liner notes and band commentary on the songs. Weezer, one of the biggest and most influential bands of the last decade will, for the third time in its six-album history, release a self-titled album already being referred to by people as The Red Album. Comprised of sessions produced by Rick Rubin, Jacknife Lee and the band itself, the album is adventurous and undeniably Weezer. The first single, the quirky and catchy 'Pork and Beans', was recorded under the watch of the Irishman Lee and already a Modern Rock smash hit.

Customer Reviews:

  • These are the songs I keep singin'
    The fact that Weezer's sixth album is simply titled "The Red Album" would lead most to believe that it somehow resembles 1994's "The Blue Album" or 2001's "The Green Album." While it does parallel both as being yet another rebirth for the band, it's actually a record that Weezer has never made before. For the first time, the whole band has a hand in not just the songwriting, but also in sharing the vocal duties. That's right, Brian Bell, Pat Wilson and Scott Shriner (who is now officially the longest lasting bassist in the band) all get their moment in the limelight. Combine that with a new approach to songwriting from frontman Rivers Cuomo and an overall outsider's attitude, and "The Red Album" is the least predictable album from Weezer since the now iconic "Pinkerton" was released over a decade ago.

    For the most part, the material on "The Red Album" will sound alien to even the most devote Weezer fan. Sure, the first single "Pork and Beans" sounds familiar enough (and like "Beverly Hills" on "Make Believe," it's the worst song on the album), and such autobiographical tunes as "Troublemaker" and "Heart Songs" sound like updated "Blue Album" material, but the rest will take some getting used to. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" is probably the most attention-getting song here. As a good candidate for a second single, which clocks in at almost six minutes long, it is perhaps the most epic Weezer song to date, changing pace almost every thirty seconds and covering a dozen genres all at once. "Cold Dark World," a collaboration between Cuomo and Shriner, despite it's dodgy lyrics, is both catchy and dark, and dares to go places the band has never gone before. "Thought I Knew," as sung by guitarist Brian Bell, sounds like a completely different band altogether, but put in the context of this funky, eclectic album, it seems to fit. "Automatic" is one of the most upbeat and Weezer-esque of the album, yet it features drummer Pat Wilson on both guitar and vocals. Thankfully, "The Angel and the One" is by far the most satisfying closing to an album since "Only In Dreams," and is likely to win over even the most jaded of fans. That is, unless you count the four bonus tracks at the end of the "Deluxe Edition." "Miss Sweeney" is classic Weezer, while the other three songs "Pig," "The Spider" and "King" continue in the same weird groove that the first ten songs started.

    The great thing about this album, for all it's flaws, is it's "anything goes" attitude. For the first time, it feels like Rivers has loosened his grip. He's obviously given up the quest to write the perfect song, and letting his bandmates pick up some of the duties has really helped to diversify the sound of the band and ensure they have a future beyond album number seven. It's a tough album to get, and it'll definitely take more than a few solid listens to get there, but even if takes a couple years like with "Pinkerton," this album will find it's audience....more info
  • Good fun, if ultimately underwhelming...
    This album is a really fun album to listen to. Just keep in mind that it is one of the weakest, if not the weakest, of their catalog of releases. It's just not as good as it could have been.

    Still, I would recommend this to any Weezer fan and the Deluxe Version is the way to go. ...more info
  • Great effort
    This is a MUCH better effort than their last album "Make Believe". Unlike their last album, this album actually has some soul to it and some creativity. The first time through Make Believe I was disappointed. The first time through this one I wasn't disappointed and was even very impressed. I don't like all the songs, but that's normal for me on every album. I hope that Weezer can keep it up like this and I think they will do fine. Just a warning, this cd is very different than their other ones but I think it is a good change. There are a few songs or sometimes just a few measures or a chorus that are very Weezer sounding while the rest of the song is different. It's very good! I would recommend this to any Weezer fan. ...more info
  • Different but still great.
    This album is definitley a detour from Weezer's other albums, but I think it is a succesful and interesting one. It took a few listens to soak in because it is so different, but songs that I originally dismissed like The Greatest Man that Ever Lived is now one of my favorites from the album. I would definitley put this above Make Believe. I think that Miss Sweeney is a great song and should be on the actual album instead of being a Bonus Track. I know that the earlier Weezer albums have more merit, but this album still holds up as a good Weezer album and a great rock album in general. It is still a lot better then most bands out there today....more info
  • rock & dance yeah
    if u like to shake it cuz hey sum ppl do or just like to rock out buy this album its really aewome i cant stop listening to it in fact im listening to it right now ...more info
  • The Great Sound of Weezer is Back
    It's been since 2005's Make Believe that we've gotten music from the LA faves Weezer and now they return with another self-titled release this one referred to as The Red Album. We had the Blue Album and The Green Album in the past which I loved and underground alternative rock fans loved as well. So after Make Believe it seemed the band was dying down and due to comments made by the band and singer Rivers Cuomo in interviews, I wasn't sure if they were going to remain together or go off with their own side projects like they've done in the past, but now they come forth with The Red Album.

    I love the energy of this album because it brings back the fun and quirky nerdi-ness that got you to fall in love with Weezer in the early 1990's. It features songs like "Troublemaker" and "Everybody Get Dangerous" along with a rendition of EMF's "Unbelievable" (which we all remember, unfortunately). I especially love the first single "Pork and Beans" because it is classic Weezer. So again this album brings back the great sound of Weezer that was lost for a while but now has returned....more info
  • A rock "opera"
    The literal definition of opera is "work" and it's obvious that this is a collaborative work from the members of Weezer. There are so many different directions this album takes (as well as different voices) that it is evident why this leaves some Weezer fans scratching their collective heads or completely panning the album.

    That said, I am giving this thing the full 5 stars it deserves. It goes full spectrum, from pop-tune to Queen-esque epic rock-opera to self-indulgent hype. Those of you deriding the 'awful lyrics' of some of the tunes have obviously never heard the phrase 'tongue-in-cheek'(and are not familiar with the mindset of Rivers Cuomo).

    This is a mature, diverse, sprawling work that (hopefully) redefines what Weezer is. I'm a 41 year old who has been a Weezer fan from the start and the genius is that this album speaks to not only me but my 11 year old. You can't be all things to all people, but this effort by Weezer gives it a heck of an effort! Love it (and mucho love for 'Miss Sweeney'- it should've been a regular album track! Hope it gets played in concert here in Dallas!)

    Do yourself a favor & give it multiple listens....more info
  • Red Album
    Still keeping in touch with their roots, but tweaking their successful formula ever so slightly to create a new sound that is still recognizably Weezer. Great album. Listened to it non stop the first couple weeks I had it....more info
  • Weezer's Mixed Bag: not classic, but not bad
    The Red Album provides some solid songs with catchy riffs and great harmonies, but doesn't produce the cohesive listening experience of previous albums. However...

    Tunes like "Troublemaker", The Greatest Man...", "Dreamin'" and "The Angel and the One" are definitely stand out tracks, while "Pork and Beans" is definitely to throwback to the Blue album sound.

    Great tracks, but that doesn't really make it a great album. The Blue, Green and even Make Believe have a consistency throughout that make it easy to listen to the album all the way through, that is what is missing from The Red Album.

    The key ingredient to Weezer's success is also missing: ANGST! Gone is the relatable insecurity of songs like "In The Garage", "The Good Life", "Don't Let Go" and "Perfect Situation" and in its place is a false bravado and gangsta attitude.

    My theory: Life is good for Rivers, he has success, meditation and a wife so the insecurities are gone and so is the magic that caught our ear in 1994.

    Enjoy the album for what it is, but don't expect another Blue album from these guys. It's been 14 years, time to let that dream go....more info
  • Great Weezer album!
    It's always fun to see what Weezer is going to put out, and the Red Album does not disappoint. Some of the songs have a new flavor with the bassist singing, which is really cool and makes for a different harmony. Song #2 The Greatest Man in the World took a couple of listens before it started growing on me and now I think it's going to end up an all-time Weezer classic song, like El Scorcho became....more info
  • Some Great Singles...
    As an album, these songs don't gel with each other at all and there are some definite flops ("Thought I Knew" is so bad it almost seems like a joke).

    The bad songs aside, there are some great tracks on this album that rank up there with the other classics of Weezer.

    - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
    - Pork & Beans
    - Heart Songs

    If the album were a batting lineup, the position of the songs listed above at 2,3,4 makes perfect sense because those songs are the heavy hitters. For me, the album falls flat after Heart Songs and doesn't pick up again until The Angel and the One.

    Miss Sweeney is a brilliant track with a bit of a Flight of the Conchords flavor, how did this track not make it onto the regular album??

    Pig is also a great bonus track and better than most of the songs on the album.

    Overall, it's nice to have some new Weezer tracks to get through the summer, but you're probably better off purchasing individual tracks instead of the entire album....more info
  • GENIUS !

    To each his own I suppose. But in my eyes this cd emits brilliance and pure genius ! -- a very stealth intelligent album! Open your mind and open your ears and see if you can hear it ! ...more info
  • Go Deluxe
    Weezer's latest effort is definitely a mixed bag, and saved by some outstanding tracks on the deluxe version. Not to say that none of the tracks of the standard album are good--"Pork and Beans" is a catchy number with a nice guitar hook, and "Dreaming" features some nice Beach Boys style harmonies. But most of the others are either mediocre (Thought I Knew) or downright annoying (Heart Songs). Several songs seem to be skewing towards a young male demographic--those who may have liked "Beverly Hills" but didn't get the irony. "Everybody Get Dangerous" is particularly loathsome with its celebration of moronic adolescent behavior. That being said things start to get better near the end with "Automatic", and this leads into the best moment of the album "The Angel And The One", ending the standard album with the repetition of "peace, shalom". Moving on to the deluxe tracks three are four are excellent, more personal and emotional. "Miss Sweeney" has an interesting vocal cadence in a song about an office crush, "Pig" is either a PETA theme or an allegory about life. In "The Spider", another song dealing with life and death, he identifies with a spider caught in a drain, struggling to survive, but doomed eventually to die. In the end enough to keep Weezer fans satisfied for the time being....more info
  • Good, catchy pop/rock
    Having read all the reviews, I thought this might be the last Weezer disc I would buy because Make Believe really disappointed me. I think this album is catchy and clever, and is a welcome (in my opinion) departure from the standard 3 chord rock. Don't get me wrong, they do 3 chord like no one else. In fact, the Blue album is my favorite album of theirs. My reco is that you listen to each song clip before picking this one up if you are expecting more 3 chord rock though....more info
  • Weezer is back and better than ever!
    This is without a doubt the most creative album Weezer has put out in their career. With diverse genres, various lead singers, and amazing music filling the songs, it is without a doubt a masterpeice.
    Some of my favorite tracks are Miss Sweeney, Dreamin', Automatic, and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. If you espcially like certain albums like Pinkerton and Blue, you will find that certain songs on Red, such as Dreamin' and Greatest Man, are very reminiscent of those records.
    I usually dont mention the lyrics on songs being good, but i cant resist. The lyrics are very powerful and exceptional, like in Pig, and combined with the superb music make the album flawless. If you have liked any of their work in the past, you will thoroughly enjoy Red. I also suggest getting Deluxe because if you dont get it you are missing out on some of their best work. This is my highest recommended album! ...more info
  • Another Weezer Classic
    Better than Pork and Beans and the Nintendo Wii. This group of guys really know how to deliver a whole album, not just a single. I love the diversity of tracks. Long Live Weezer!...more info
  • What? A lower average rating than Make Believe?
    Wow, I thought this album was a big improvement over Make Believe. I'm surprised how low the average rating is. They really did some good experimentation here. I'm just going to rate the songs by ratings, no explanation. I usually don't write a review on a Weezer album so quickly, but this one needs an added half star!

    Troublemaker: 6.5/10
    The Greatest Man That Ever Lived: 10/10
    Pork and Beans: 10/10
    Heart Songs: 8/10
    Everybody Get Dangerous: 9/10
    Dreamin: 8.5/10 (is really good for the most part, and fizzles strangely at the end)
    Thought I Knew: 8.5/10
    Cold Dark World: 6.5/10
    Automatic: 10/10
    The Angel And The One: 10/10


    Miss Sweeney: Funny, 9/10
    Pig: 9/10
    The Spider: 10/10
    King: 8/10

    Good album, I recommend you at least give it a chance to grow on you before ripping it! Automatic, The Greatest Man, Pork and Beans, The Spider... All great tracks. This is a big step up from the slump they had on Make Believe....more info
  • An Incredible Debut
    I know that this isn't Weezer's first album, but it truly is the first album in a while to capture what I feel is their essence.

    Every review on here says "this album is miles away from Pinkerton," or "Pinkerton is so much better."

    You really can't compare it to Blue or Pinkerton. It's different. Almost as different as Blue and Pinkerton!

    The second I put the album in, I knew that I was in for something great. While it was a little surprising to hear other members of the band on lead vocals, it was a nice change. Of course I miss Rivers' whine on a few of the tracks, but the other members of the band really bring it forward. Truly impressive.

    The overall sound of the album is great. I would say flawless. I don't feel like the album is meshed together as some reviewers have stated. I bought it and listened to all 14 tracks straight through (I had to drive to seven stores before I finally found the deluxe edition) and felt that the album flowed incredibly.

    Bottom line: you can't continue to judge a band like this on a sound that you feel they had four albums ago. Yeah, I love Pinkerton and Blue, but I realize that Weezer isn't just going to make the same CD twice. Every cd of theirs has a unique sound to it. In order of my favorites, this ranks third, but for such new material to be that good to me in a relatively short time span is incredible, considering I've been listening to their other albums for years.

    Let this one grow on you. Before you know it, you won't be able to put it down.

    Promise....more info
  • Six albums deep, and Weezer still keeps it resoundingly fresh
    Weezer's 6th full-length album re-introduces them to the mainstream in a similar fashion to their other self-titled releases. 1994's "Blue Album" and 2001's "Green Album" were, and are excellent introductions to Weezer's discography, as is 2008's "Red Album". The "Red Album" actually exemplifies excellent progress in their career. What's really changed is Rivers Cuomo's disposition & approach in his writing and delivery. He's a little older & wiser, and he's sounding a little more comfortable than he was on 2005's "Make Believe". Weezer still favors roaring guitar hooks, and pop melodies, as well as first-rate tongue-in-cheek pop culture references. However, their formula has been expanded to include long sprawling compositions that border on progressive rock.

    As he has done with 2005's "Make Believe", producer Rick Rubin gives this album a perfectly polished feel. The album spans 10 tracks in just over 40-minutes, leaving the record filler-free. They covered all their styles quite nicely. "Troublemaker" is an infection classic-Weezer hard-rocker, while "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)" & "Dreamin'" exemplify excellent growth & progressive elements full of infectious harmonies & melodies. I can't think of a better single than "Pork And Beans", which boasts an excellent music video (as per usual). "Heart Songs" is a pop-culture treasure. It falls into a slower pop vibe similar to the infectiousness of 2001's "Island In The Sun". Arguably my favorite song here. "The Angel And The One" is the album's near 7-minute closer, and spans a variety of time changes, riffs, and melodies.

    Compared to other post-grunge/alternative pop/rock acts that have been active since the mid 90s, Weezer has kept their material seamlessly riveting by staying current & fresh to mainstream standards, while simultaneously proving that they are one of the industries most successful mainstays. Weezer fans unite; they did it again!...more info
  • A mixed bag of songs which send out mixed signals
    weezer's Red Album is tough to put your finger on. Some songs are excellent and expand upon the band's classic, well established, hard rock sound. However many other songs are so poppy sounding or distant from what weezer once was, that its almost sickening to listen to(refer to weezer's previous album, Make Believe). The deluxe version of weezer Red features 4 "bonus songs" which are really more like b-sides or rejected solo project demos. Don't let a couple of extra songs fool you into thinking that it makes this album any more special or unique.

    Here is a breakdown of weezer's Red Album (Deluxe) songlist...

    1.TROUBLEMAKER - Probably not the best choice for an opener, or possibly a song on this album. (weezer usually picks great songs to open with). It sounds like an overly generic and poppy weezer song (without truly heavy distortion anywhere). The lyrics are fairly weak... "Biatch", "Kiadz". Im embarassed at the fact that Rivers Cuomo actually said in an interview that he thought the lyrics he wrote for this song were really cool. To boot, this song has probably the worst vocals on the entire album. Aside from singing the lame chorus, Cuomo mostly just half-sings or talks all droney and monotone through the verses.

    2.THE GREATEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED - I admire the sarcastic and arrogant nature of this song. There are many tempo, and guitar distortion changes throughout. It starts out with piano, simliar to their song "Across the Sea", then begins to sound very similar to the song "Beverly Hills" when the drums come in and Cuomo begins to talk/rap to the beat. The song takes on many different weezer sounds heard over the years and, eventually, even takes on an epic church choir sound. A very lengthy and unique song expanding upon the band's sound.

    3.PORK AND BEANS - In my opinion, the best track on the this album. Its like taking to a trip back through time to the release of "Buddy Holly" off weezer's Blue Album. With heavy Marshall amp distortion, the chorus really couldn't be much more perfect. Its the beloved classic weezer sound that every fan wishes the band would use more often in their newer albums. I bought the Red Album, with high hopes that most of the other songs would have this sound.

    4.HEART SONGS - A mushy ballad of sorts where Rivers pays tribute to some of his musical influences, by mentioning them in personal instances. The song is very slow and very acoustic sounding. The lyrics are almost too personal. They may mean a lot to Cuomo and close friends, but to the avaerage listener it tends to get lost in translation(or at least importance). This song really isn't all that interesting or rockin'. The lyrics are pretty cliche, as are the vocals.

    5.EVERYBODY GET DANGEROUS - This song starts off trying to sound like a hard rock hit, but its fairly generic and not all that heavy, it turns out. Again, extremely weak vocals(mostly a monotone voice or sing/talking) and an even weaker uninspired, emotionless chorus that never really gets catchy.

    6.DREAMIN' - A happy little heavy rock song. This song sounds very much like the weezer we all know and love from the 90's.

    7.THOUGHT I KNEW - This is (the guitarist) Brian Bell's song on the album. His vocals and even the overall theme of the song remind me of something that may have come striaght from a Uncle Kracker and Carlos Santana colaboration project. The song's pace and style don't seem to fit in with the rest of this album's(or any weezer album's) overall theme. This would, at best, be better suited for a B-side collection or Brian Bell solo album.

    8. COLD DARK WORLD - This is (the bassist) Scott Shriner's song on the Red Album. It actually has a lot of potential. It has a very dark theme, much like the song "Slob". Scott is probably the least talented singer in the band, but the nifty guitar and drum arrangements make up for the lack of vocal power. Rivers lends his voice for backup, probably to help strengthen Scott's vocals. There are some interesting guitar notes and tempo changes within the song. Although obscure, this songs fits nicely on Red.

    9.AUTOMATIC - This is (the drummer) Pat Wilson's song. It is my favorite song written and sang by another member of weezer. Pat is very talented, both musically and vocally, and it definitely shows in "Automatic". I only wish Pat would have provided another song for the bonus track section instead of Brian Bell, the Uncle Kracker wannabe. This song is sweet and melodic, yet also tough and heavy. Its bold and emotional. The chorus and guitar riffs are extremely catchy.

    10.THE ANGEL AND THE ONE - Another one of Cuomo's acoustic ballads. Again, very slow and droney. I hardly ever make it through the whole song. I just lose interest. Not a whole lot of difference in vocal pitches or anything else, for that matter. It would be better suited for another Rivers Cuomo home recordings session cd. I just don't see how this song fits well onto this album.

    The Red Album (Deluxe) BONUS TRACKS...

    11.MISS SWEENEY- Sounds kind of quirky and trippy with workplace background noises at first. Reminds me of a They Might Be Giants or Pink Floyd intro. It soon turns into a hard rock love ballad. Nothing here really wooed me though.

    12.PIG- Yet another droney, uninspiring rock/ballad type song. Again, nothing really impressive here by any stretch of the imagination.

    13.SPIDER- "Spider" sounds way too much like the weezer song "Butterfly" from the Pinkerton album. If you've heard one, you've essentially heard the other song too.

    14.KING - One of my least favorite tracks on this album. This is another song written and sang by Brian Bell. Again, there is a very strong Uncle Kracker vibe vocally. Musically it sounds very country/rock, like something you might hear from Kid Rock or Brooks and Dunn. Were the "BONUS TRACKS" really a bonus afterall?

    ...more info
  • Not what you'd expect from Weezer
    Weezer has bitten off more than they can chew. Pork N Beans is a great song (and a great video), and it's what you'd expect from Weezer: it's fun! That's about as far as the Red Album goes. They've tried to expand their horizons and go beyond the 'norm', but they have a gangsta rap song, an elevator music song, and the rest of the songs are just boring. You're better off recording Pork N Beans off of YouTube and buying this only if oyu have a sick obsession to own all things Weezer....more info
  • A must own for any Weezer fan!
    Great Album, Dreamin', The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Trouble Maker, Cold Dark World, Heart Songs, and Pork'n'Beans are all songs that alone could be on an album and make you want to buy it.

    You're probably wondering if the DELUXE edition is worth the extra money though, and it is! The song Pig is awesome and The Spider and King are nothing to shake a stick at either!

    If you like Weezer you'll for sure love this album! It's one of my favorite.
    ...more info
  • Weezer makes their best since Pinkerton
    Rivers and company have finally put out an album (since Pinkerton) that truly stands out. Green, Maladroit, and Make Believe were all good in their own ways, but their newest effort shines in every way they could possibly imagine.

    Troublemaker (4 out of 5)- Great opener. Definitely the best album opener since Tired of Sex. Very good choice because it really sets the standard for the album as being, for the most part, a fun rocking album. Not the best lyrics, but overall, a fun song to listen to.

    The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn) (5 out of 5): When I first heard this song, I thought, "Wow, I can't believe Weezer could pull off such an epic song." Songs off of Blue and Pink were amazing, but Weezer really outdid themselves with this one. This is the result of a band throwing caution to the wind and saying what the hell, let's throw a few different genres in this song and see how it works. They definitely got a winner with this one!

    Pork and Beans (4 out of 5): As most have heard, Rivers created this song as a result of his anger with the record company for not letting Weezer be, well let's just say, Weezer. Angry with the fact that the company wanted catchier songs, Rivers gave them a big "F--- YOU" with this song. Very catchy, fun song to listen to. The song stood out to me right off the bat, similar to how Buddy Holly stood out to me on the Blue Album.

    Heart Songs (3 out of 5): Rivers goes back to his roots with this nice, heartfelt song. I got a kick out of the Nirvana reference. Overall, a very good change of pace after starting the album out with three mostly fast paced songs.

    Everybody Get Dangerous (4 out of 5): As a reviewer before me said, this song could've came straight off a RHCP album. Fun, catchy song to sing along to, the chorus is something that will stay with you for days.

    Dreamin' (4 out of 5): This is your typical Weezer song, but done with such excellence. The singing on this track is amazing, quite possibly the best on the album by Rivers.

    Thought I Knew (4 out of 5): I've seen mixed reviews on this one, but this song is easily one of my favorite songs. Brian Bell does a wonderful job singing on this track, and I believe it fits well right after Dreamin'.

    Cold Dark World (2 out of 5): I think Scott's voice is good because it gives the song a little more of an edge, but I really don't feel like it fits well on the album. It's a good effort by the band, but just doesn't belong on the album. Lyrics aren't great for the most part. Definitely the weakest track on the album.

    Automatic (3 out of 5): I wasn't a big fan of this song at first, but after awhile, you realize it's pretty catchy. Pat plays guitar on this one, and he does a fantastic job doing so. The lyrics are ok, but overall, a rockin' song.

    The Angel and the One (4 out of 5): Very good album closer. It sets the mood right away with it's slow start, but it eventually builds up and makes for a great finish to the song. I wasn't too crazy about it at first, but after a few listens, I really started to like it.

    Extra Tracks:
    Miss Sweeney (3 out of 5): Good song, but just not something that really stuck with me.

    Pig (4 out of 5): I loved the song when I heard it first as a demo. It's even better with the band behind him. I would've included this or King in place of Cold Dark World, but still glad it was included as a bonus track.

    The Spider (2 out of 5): Good song, but not strong enough to make the album.

    King (4 out of 5): I really dug this song. Scott does a great job singing. I can see why it wasn't included on the album because it's not your typical Weezer song, but seeing how much they experimented, I don't see how much a difference it would have made.

    The Red Album is my 3rd favorite of Weezer's discography, behind Pinkerton and Blue. If you're just getting into Weezer, pick all three self-titled albums up first (Blue, Green, and Red) and then Pinkerton. ...more info
  • Great Album
    When I first heard the songs on this album I immediately liked some and really didn't like some of the others. However I thought the album was good enough to buy because there were some songs I really liked. But after listening to all the songs a few times I liked more of them and more of them - until now I just like all of them. You can't take all the lyrics too seriously in this album or really in Weezer songs in general. Weezer's more about fun and good listening than anything I think. To the point I think this is one of the best albums ever done. Previously my list was 3 albums. Hotel California by the Eagles, Breakfast in America by Supertramp , and Eye in the Sky by the Allan Parsons Project. These are all 70s albums so alot of readers will not be familiar with these. The were coincidently all the best selling albums of the year in which they came out. I doubt that the Weezer Red album will achieve that distinction but I hope it does. This is just my opinion, but I think it's a great album. Extraordinarily well produced, well performed, fun to listen too and many times awe inspiring , seeming to lift you up to a higher dimension. It is alittle different than previous Weezer music in that its more of a studio album. It is obvious that alot of hard work was involved in putting it togeather. If you buy it - give it a chance and don't judge all the songs right away and I hope you come away liking it as well as I do. By the way - definitely buy the deluxe version. It makes the album Soooo much better. ...more info
  • Pure Suckage
    Wow, Weezer's really outdone themselves this time. Even worse than Maladroit, now there's an accomplishment. Garbage, seriously. Huge waste of money. Don't buy it....more info
  • Great Weezer CD.
    Make sure you get the Deluxe edition, you don't want to miss Miss Sweeney or Pig. Overall a great! Weezer's 3rd best behind the Blue Album and Pinkerton. ...more info
  • A huge disappointment...
    I have been a hardcore Weezer fan since just before the Blue Album got huge... I have anxiously awaited every album release and loved them all... some more than others of course... but this album is just terrible... none of the songs has any heart and soul... they all sound like every other pop song you hear on the radio... I liked the last album but hated "Beverly Hills"... I like the Green Album but hated "Dope Nose"... if you love these songs you may indeed like the album... but I always just though these songs were fluff... songs written because they needed a single from their new album... well... here's a whole album full of songs that follow that recipe... and I just hate it......more info