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Pandigital 15.0-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $249.96

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Product Description

Digital Cameras don't require prints to display images. Images may be viewed on an LCD screen like the one on your camera. That's the concept of a digital picture frame; only the screen is much larger. The Pandigital PAN1502W02 LCD Digital Photo Picture Frame has a large 15" (diagonal) screen and 512MB built-in memory to store up to 2,000 images as slide shows. It is the best companion to your digital camera.

This attractive black wood frame with espresso accents matches any decor and displays your images on an oversized LCD screen with a high definition 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Copy your photos, videos, and music directly from your memory card, digital camera or PC. Frame stores up to 2,000 images on 512 MB of internal memory. Programmable on/off Includes digital photo frame, 512 MB of internal memory, AC adapter, remote control, and USB cable Frame measures 18 H x 16 W x 6 D

  • 15.0-inch TFT LCD screen with 400:1 contrast ratio
  • 1,024 x 768 pixel HD resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Built-in 512 MB flash memory; supports CF I and II, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, xD, Micro Drive, USB drive
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible; headphone jack; alarm clock and calendar
  • What's in the box: Photo frame with black and espresso wood, remote control, AC adapter, USB cable, owner's manual, quick start guide

Customer Reviews:

  • Stunning display on this frame
    OMG!!!! This frame displays a jaw droppingly GORGEOUS picture, I have Brookstone and Sony frames which are good frames, but this Pandigital is in a class all of it's own. The resolution is almost twice tha of my 10" Brookstone. Shots of flowers have amazing color and look so real you can almost reach out and touch them. I just inserted my USB flash with as high as 14 MP images, turned on the frame, and marveled what a nice job this frame does displaying pictures. It's big and bright and has a wide viewing angle.

    The only minor gripe I have is you can't completely close the cover over the the card slots if you use a longer sized USB flash drive....more info
  • Good gift item
    I bought 2 of these for my parents for christmas and I was pretty pleased with how easy they were to setup as I preloaded some images on them. I can't really think of anything bad to say about them. Good digital frames for the money....more info
  • Loved It
    I bought this for my mother for her birthday and loaded some of her favorite vacation pictures of the family into it. It has plenty of memory, the black frame looks good in her home and the pictures are clear. It is generally on "slide show" but has other settings....more info
    Do not buy this item from PRICE BREAKER! It is cheaper in price, but the company is a scam. They gave me a digital frame which isn't the model depicted through Amazon. It does not even have the wi-fi feature, however it did have 1 GB of internal memory rather than the 512 MB listed. The picture is excellent, better than I thought it would be. All photos seem to be compatible from my Canon digital camera. It even plays video clips which look awesome! I'm glad I bought this. Would have gave it five stars, but I didn't get to really rate the wi-fi since Price Breaker sent me a different model....more info
  • Stop Your Search
    This is, by far, the best digital photo frame I've seen. MP3 player plays along with the photo slide show. Remote control is full featured. Photos are optimally resized without distortion. Frame bezel is removable. Compatible with all popular memory cards including a port for USB thumb drives. Absolutely no down side to this. I had purchased other frames from different manufacturers. None came close to this one in terms of ease of use and utility....more info
  • A bit disappointed
    I bought two of these frames for 2 sets of parents. I was surprised at the button response on the unit--it was lousy (the remote works better for controlling menus). I think the biggest disappointment is that this is a product to display photos and smack in the left quadrant of the display is a digital clock stamp. Why? and why can't it be turned off? When I looked at the box for this product, the promotional photo frames display no clock--If I had known that the clock was there and could not be turned off I would have bought something else. Maybe this is picky, but remember getting snapshots with a date stamp on them? cheesy! I expected more of a $200 product....more info
  • Good Product, Great Performance, Awesome Customer Support!
    This is by far the best looking frame they had on display. Compared to other models, the clarity and color was supreme.

    I have had the item for about 5 months now. Mine had some problems after the second month, called tech support and they mailed me a new one ASAP...did not even require me to mail old one back.

    For the people who are concerned about the other reviews: Be aware people are much more likely to write a review if they have negative things to say. They feel somehow they are getting payback. However, I advise you: The item clearly states it has an industry standard 90 day warranty. You get what you buy.

    Also, for the black lines issue, you most likely used a memory card/usb connection that transmitted a virus or some malicious software. Simply resetting the device, as advised on Pandigital's website, will fix the problem. The Pandigital seems to perform the best and it has lived up to its standards. My father owns the 6" version, for what he has had for 13 months now, no problems!

    ...more info
  • Problems with PAN111?
    Just purchased a PAN111. Also purchased an 8" Pandigital at the same time. Some very nice features:

    * The PAN111 is dramatically faster than the 8" display
    * USB pen drives work great in this unit

    However, overwhelming all the good features, the display quality is unacceptable.

    The display appears to be incorrectly converting the image or oversharpening the image. Also, highlights are too bright. Several things I tried:

    * Setting photo to original size (from optimal)
    * Adjusting brightness and contrast.
    * Reset to factory defaults

    Nothing worked. I am planning to return the display....more info
  • If you like picture clarity do not buy it
    Picture is quite fuzzy and the aspect ratio of the frame is 'widescreen' so your normal 4x6 ratio pictures are going to be clipped. Frankly pictures of people with with their heads clipped do not look that pretty!
    If you like picture clarity and no clipping, do not buy it....more info
  • constant errors with "No Photo Files!" error
    the 10.4" PanTouch model keeps getting "No Photo Files!" errors when I load new set of images on memory card (many SD/CF cards tried). Slideshow would start playing for a few minutes until I think it encounter a JPEG file it does not agree with. Then it constantly fails back to menu screen with the error "No Photo Files!". Afterwards, the frame will no longer see any picture images from the card. I have to remove it and insert the card. Then it would find the images again and plays the slideshow then repeats the error.

    The problem is that the Frame does not give you a more detailed error of which Image files are causing the frame to error out. PanDigital support website was not helpful and they have not release updated firmware.

    It is a shame since the display very good at 1024. I do hope PanDigital tackle this issue with a firmware update. ...more info
  • Digital Frame is Nice, but still a Novelty
    This is my first venture into Digital Frames. It has a 7" LCD, which is measured along the diagonal. Actually, the matte covers a very slight portion of the screen, so technically, you're getting a diagonal measurement of 6.8125". Since this is my first DF, I don't know what to expect with regards to the screen clarity and color. It obviously is not as good as my computer monitor, so it is unrealistic for me to expect it to be like that. However, I do think the quality of the photos displayed is sub-standard. Rest assured, my photos do have good quality; the problem lies with the LCD of the DF.

    I first transfered my photos from my computer, using the enclosed mini USB cable. The transfer goes very smoothly. But I learned that having my photos at a size of 1 to 2 MB is a little large for the DF. Oh, it can handle it, but the transition from photo to photo goes a little slow. So I re-loaded the photos, having reduced them to around 350K. The photos display much better. Actually, it almost seems to me that the quality and color are better when the photos are not too large. Go figure.

    I do have trouble with the settings. I've selected the buttons to display the photos in random order and to have a fade-out transition for each one; yet, it continues to display my photos in order and with a different transition effect.

    Also of note - and this is just me, but I cropped all of my photos first, in the computer. I cropped them using a ratio of 6" x 3.375". This is the ratio of the screen. I did not want the DF to distort or force fit my pictures.

    It is simple to use, but I still think it's a novelty. If I wanted to see my pictures with good quality, large sizes, in a slideshow - I'd just use my computer!.

    I recommend it on the basis of it being a novelty, but it is still too expensive for such a use....more info
  • Great!
    I have had no problems with my picture frame. I thought that the clarity of the pictures I loaded were wonderful. I expected that for the price I paid ($79.99) that it wouldn't be of very good quality but I think that the picture quality is very good. It also has a feature where you can show a calendar on one side and a slideshow on the other which would be really nice for a desk. It has an alarm too. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because the remote is a little goofy. Takes a couple of tries to work. ...more info
  • low price, but it also means low quality
    I bought this product from another retailer on sale for $89.99. The price was really low compared to other brands, which makes it a great gift, but unfortunately the picture quality wasn't great. I'm returning it and opting for one that is a bit pricey, but hopefully the picture quality will be better. ...more info
  • Don't buy PanDigital.
    Do not buy PanDigital. They do not support the product. Mine quit working (flash!) after less than 4 months. "Customer Service" told me "unfortunately...." after the 90 day warranty they would do nothing. Don't believe the manual or their website. They do not repair this product...There are NO parts, you are just SOL. Stay away!! ...more info
  • Terrible product, Lousy Customer Service
    I purchased the 7" Pandigital frame for a Christmas '08 present. It sure looks nice, but after I set the time and calendar and then turn it off for a period of time (couple of hours, but leaving it plugged in), the time and date defaults to 12am and year 2000. What good is it if I need to reset the time and calendar every time I turn it on? My frame has no backup battery for the date. I called Pandigital and they had me return the unit. They sent me a new unit 1-month later, but it does the same thing. I called Pandigital and their answer was two-fold: "Oh, your frame is out of warranty", and they hang up on me. Terrible customer sevice and a lousy defective product. Please, someone wake me up from this nightmare!...more info
  • So Far So Good...But Time Consuming To Get Good Results
    I'm using my own, separately purchased, 1GB SD card to hold more than 1,300 pictures which look great on this frame. (No distortion as many have said.) I'm giving this as a gift to my mother with pictures from family events through the years that I know she will appreciate. This is capable of playing mpeg videos but I haven't experimented much with that. I got movies to play in it, but I'm concentrating on still images.

    How to:
    Using iPhoto on my Mac I was able to create a "smart" photo album called "LCD Photos." Every photo that I gave that label automatically went into that album. I only selected photos shot in landscape layout, not portrait. I want each photo to completely fill the screen. (Portrait shots will be made much smaller with black on either side to fit within the LCD screen.)

    Next, I selected all of the photos in the album. Then I exported all of them (menu FILE, EXPORT) to my desktop using the JPEG (Kind JPEG, Size Medium) setting. This setting may take some experimenting depending on the original size of your photos. This allows me to store MANY more photos on the SD card than if the photos were all original file size. Then I copied the photos to my SD card.

    When the SD card is inserted in the frame the photos play back beautifully. Again, this is a gift and although I've tested out the frame to make sure it works I've only had it in use for approximately ten hours total. Perhaps this frame will fail with constant use, as other have said. But so far it works for me. Good luck!...more info
  • Pandigital 10.4 inch LCD Digital Photo Frame
    For the money, I did not like it. The pictures did not have the clarity I thought they should have. I had a hard time getting it to work. Finally - through the seller - reached tech support who said they admit manual was not good and to call them with any questions. Also had some technical problems for which they said to return the unit. I returned to the seller and purchased another brand. Seller was fantasic and helpful in every way....more info
  • Died after six months of use
    Mine died after six months of continuous use. It started making a buzzing sound and each image is partially garbled. It might not be a big deal but the device only has a 90 day warranty! It also suffers from a poor user interface and documentation....more info
  • Advice on using this product
    At $120 advertised price I had to downgrade to 2 stars. Others have commented on various good and bad points. So I'll try to stick to advice on using the unit.

    I suggest using the remote control if the unit has one instead of using the on-unit buttons. The on-unit buttons require some practice to be able to use all the functions available. Sometimes you have to just press a button, other times hold down for several seconds, other times hold for 1 second, depending on what you are trying to do.

    For me, it is easiest to download from computer via included USB cable. The interface for downloading from a flash card seems a bit clunky to me. I have not gotten movies to play yet, but I have not tried too hard.

    With firmware (I think) dated 2007-05-13 the optimum picture size for quality vs file sizes is 832Wx468H. This avoids some artifacts from the resizing of photos, prevents the unit from making it's own cropping decisions, and will probably allow you to fit several hundred jpgs into 128MB of memory. This does take a lot of time to crop and resize all your photos yourself on the computer prior to loading them onto the unit.

    I also have gotten decent quality up to 1108x436 but this will crop your photos on the sides. Files close to optimum size (832x468) but off by a bit will tend to interpolate poorly leaving ugly artifacts. If you deviate from 468H then I suggest you go quite a bit bigger as the resize algorithm works better with higher resolution photos that with lower resolution photos. If you do not match the 16:9 aspect ratio of the 832x468 then the system will crop, stretch, or add black bars on top or sides according to some logic I have not quite figured out, but black bars seem to be used if W:H ratio is outside of the range 1:0.55 to 1:0.75.

    Even at 832Wx468H the quality is not what it could be. It appears that the logic converts whatever you put in to 416Wx234H (half of 832Wx468H) if it is not using black bars. This is a 16x9 ratio. The native resolution of the LCD is 480Wx234H however, so in the horizontal direction it then has to get converted again to 480W. I don't know if the conversion is digital or if an analog 416 signal is being sent to the 480 wide screen. This apparent double conversion means you lose sharpness in the horizontal direction.

    If you put in smaller than 400H you will probably get black bars all around as it seems the unit goes ahead and downsizes it by about half even though the photo is larger than the actual screen resolution.
    ...more info
  • Defective Product and NO Customer SUpport
    Do not buy PanDigital. They do not support the product. Mine quit working (flash!) after less than 4 months. "Customer Service" told me "unfortunately...." after the 90 day warranty they would do nothing. Don't believe the manual or their website. They do not repair this product...There are NO parts, you are just SOL. Stay away!! ...more info
  • No Memory Stick Duo Support - Incorrect Packaging
    I bought this digital frame for use with my father's Sony Memory Stick Duo and Sony camera. This frame is one of the few that claims to support this format. However, the product does not work this way. The customer service rep explained to my father that in spite of the statements on the web, box, and package inserts, the device does not actually support this format....more info
  • Good picture; great user interface
    I needed a digital frame for use by/for seniors -- it had to have reasonable sized buttons and a simple interface. Pandigital frame is perfect for those users. On top of that the picture quality is almost 5 star -- the only distraction is that the viewing angle is fairly narrow but if the item is being handled or on your desk it will not matter.

    I purchased a Phillips product first but the user interface was 'dumb', the external buttons were tiny, and no remote. I returned to Amazon with their amazing return policy and got the Pandigital.

    The only drawback is the design for the compact flash card slot. It is too large and will allow the card to drop into the unit. I do not use compact flash cards so I literally put duck tape over the slot. SD, MMC,MS cards and USB sticks are no problem. It is a dumb design issue and will probably not be corrected.

    I have had it now for about a month and would downgrade my rating. Customer support is not good -- they are third party support personnel that support a variety of other products and are not Pandigital employees or agents. The product has microcode flaws that are acknowledged but there will be no correction. Pandigital is a sales arm and the product is manufactured overseas based on somebody's specification. The support experience and product flaws definitely have changed my original good opinion. ...more info
  • Love this Photo Frame
    I have two Pandigitals; a 10 inch and a 15 inch.

    Both worked perfectly right out of the box.

    Although some have had trouble with tech support, who hasn't??? Tech support overall in the USA is horrible!!!!! What company has good tech support?

    This photo frame plays day and night, 24/7 playing a slide show of my trips abroad; the depth in the color is so incredinly good.

    My only critism is a small arrow which is constantly visible showing the direction of the slide show....but it is small.

    I am going to get another when I return from this summers vacation. Constantly reliving your happy past via a beautifully displayed slideshow is so very nice. Just download the pictures onto a memory card, insert the card in the photo frame....and enjoy. You don't have to load a slideshow to make it work.

    The other plus is this is a 4:3 format thus not requiring you to tediously re-size the pictures as a wide angle would.

    ...more info
  • No problems. Easy to use.
    I got this as a gift form my mom. I loaded photos using a flash drive. I found it very easy to upload the photos and set up the slide shows. The quality of the photos is not the best but it is more than adequate for the price. My only complaint is the support on the back of the frame is weak and will need to be reinforced. The frame keeps falling backwards.
    I hope this helps....more info
  • Pandigital Frame
    I got this as a gift for my father in law and it has performed flawlessly. He is non-tech and had no difficulties running it. Picture quality is excellent....more info
  • Junk, junk, and more junk
    Don't even think of even looking at this junk. If you are lucky enough to have vista recognize (no drivers are available for xp - go to pandigital site and they say "drivers coming"), then it doesn't transfer files to internal memory. I don't care if they gave it to me, it would go straight in the garbage....more info
  • Nice first impression, but total junk on the inside
    I came across this frame during a holiday price special and picked it up on a whim. I tried it out before looking at any reviews. I whole-heartedly have to agree... if Amazon allowed 0 stars, this is the product that would make it happen. While I was able to quickly see my pics from the SD card, the images were always distorted. No matter what picture setting you choose, I would have had to manually crop every picture to get the correct aspect ratio. I consistenly received error messages when trying to use the remote to advance to the next picture. At that point, I didn't even open the USB cable to try that method. Luckily, I'm on day 2 of my 45 day return period, and this thing is going back to the store ASAP. Skip Pandigital altogether. It had a nice "first impression" but that's where the good stuff ends....more info