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DaVinci Emily Convertible Baby Crib
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Product Description

With a sleek, modern, sophisticated look for today's nursery, the Emily Crib from DaVinci? features one static side with no moving parts as well as a day bed conversion rail kit, full size headboard, and footboard. Built with thought so parents can take their little ones out of the crib with little effort, the crib features a 4-level mattress spring system to adjust to your child's growth.

  • Constructed of solid pine wood
  • 4 level mattress spring system to adjust to your child's growth
  • Day bed conversion guard rail, full size headboard and footboard included.
  • Full size bed rail kit sold separately.

Customer Reviews:

  • Beautiful & Sturdy with a few drawbacks
    We purchased this crib ahead of our adoption of a 4 month old baby girl and absolutely loved the style and look of it in ebony! It has been in full time use for about 17 months now and still looks almost as good as new. It does scratch easily, but surprisingly, we have had very few issues with that (maybe our little one just isn't into the chewing on the crib thing). The rails are a bit on the flimsy side and I have worried about breaking them on a few occasions as they flexed easily, but so far, all is intact. As other reviews have mentioned, our daughter has been able to occasionally get an arm stuck between the round bar in front and the crib, and recently I rescued her (heard her on the monitor) with a leg stuck through the crib slats and twisted so she couldn't get it out.
    This has not happened much and is easily resolved as long as you have that monitor on! When we began hearing those ominous "thuds" recently, we realized we had to do something new. It seems to be easy for our daughter (starting at about 17-18 months) to get leverage on the side of the crib and fling herself out onto the floor. We ordered the crib tent II and were able to install it on this crib, although it doesn't fit as perfectly as it would on other styles. Unfortunately, we have already had a tear, sewn it, and then had our daughter get ahold of the zipper and completely jam it, so that we actually had to tear the door open to get her out of the crib! So, back to square one. We actually have the mattress lying on the floor in the crib at the moment which seems to work is completely sealed and she can't get any part of herself under the rails, but it is definitely harder to get her in and out way down there. We are considering the transition to the todder bed with guard rail, so I will report on how that goes. I can't imagine this girl being loose on her own during the night in her room. Scary! All in all, we are very happy with the crib, it looks great, matches all decor and we are planning on purchasing a second one just like it for our next adoption, so enjoy but be aware of the issues!...more info
  • Nice Product, Nice Price
    We wanted a nice looking convertible crib at a good price. We found it in this crib. The crib is adorable and very nice. The quality is very good. There were only a couple blemishes in the finish, but nothing significant. We would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Great Buy!!
    I ordered this at Christmas with the free super saver shipping. The crib arrived within a week. Assembly was simple and the crib feels very sturdy and stable. It's attractive, but my only complaints are 1)it did arrive with about five different chipped/gouged areas in the white paint (this was easily remedied by touching up with white paint) and 2) the bolts are exposed on the crib-it would have looked better if they had provided caps. Overall, I'm very happy with the crib AND the price- can't wait to use it for my little girl who is due in May!...more info
  • Great Crib
    This is a great crib. My baby loves it. Everytime I put him in it he gets really excited. It is also a great finish and very sturdy. I also like that is can convert to a toddler bed with just a few adjustments. The crib arrived in a torn up box with missing hardware. I contacted the makers and they were great. With no charge or hassle they sent me the missing parts. This crib is a great price for what you get....more info
  • Beautiful!
    This crib makes our nursery! Every person that has seen the room comments on what a beautiful crib this is. The wood is very thick and expensive looking for a very inexpensive price. The crib is very sturdy when put together, and with no movable parts (the front piece doesn't lower) it is very safe for the baby. Knowing that this crib will grow with my baby through toddler and childhood years is reassuring too. I'm glad that I purchased this crib! You can't beat the quality for the price....more info
  • Great piece of furniture
    I bought this for my daughter in Colorado and had it shipped to her. She said it was sturdy and very pretty. She was pleased with the purchase....more info
  • beautiful crib!
    This arrived quickly and in great shipping problems here and no damage to the crib. It was easy to assemble and is a very sturdy crib. It doesn't have any moving parts, rather the mattress can be set at different heights as your child grows. Includes the conversion to toddler bed kit. It is beautiful and a great deal for the price! I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Beautiful Crib
    This is a beautiful, sturdy crib. I bought it since I had the exact same model in white for my daughter and knew it was a heavy well made crib. It's easy to put together (I did it myself in about 45 min) and is SOLID. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is it scratches VERY easily and the wood underneath is not the same color so the scratches stand out. I think it scratches worse than the white one I have and the few marks it had could be easily touched up with white paint. Other than that I highly recommend this crib and I would buy it again since the price was $100 LESS than I paid for my other crib and by far the cheapest I found anywhere. Great bargain!!...more info
  • Great crib at a great price
    It's always hard to buy something like a crib without seeing it. But this crib is great! It went together easily and it is very sturdy. We got the natural and the finish is beautiful. And, the fact that this crib will stay with the child through life means that it actually cost very little per child. And, if you're expecting a boy, don't be fooled by the name. It's not "girly" at all in appearance. ...more info
  • Beautiful crib with good price
    This is a very beautiful crib with affordable price, easy to assemble. I am really happy to have it for my baby....more info
  • One flaw
    Our son is now 18months old and this crib has been amazing. Yes I agree that it does scratch easily but it is solid and very sturdy. Our only complaint is that the front rail that curves out to the front of the crib has a gap just wide enough for our son to stick his arm into and get it stuck. Now that he is starting to try to put his leg over the crib it gets stuck in there too. We have since moved him to a toddler bed but the arm getting stuck has been an ongoing thing since he was alittle past 12 months old. Other than that we love the crib and plan on using it for all of our babies, though we may make our own alterations on it to prevent our 3 month old from going through the same thing with getting his arm stuck.

    If you do have this crib always remember to keep your monitor on and loud enough to where you can hear the cries if a little arm gets stuck....more info
  • Great crib for a great price
    We bought this crib online & couldn't be more pleased. The shipping was great - a few minor nicks but nothing overly noticeable. The directions aren't bad - but they could be a lot better/clearer. We also bought the matching change table & it looks great in the baby's room. Net, great value for a great product! ...more info
  • Very Nice Crib, But...
    I have to start off by saying looks wise I love this crib. Clean lines, goes perfectly with any "nursery look" I just LOVE it. It is also quite sturdy. Now the bad part. It damages very, VERY easily. Since the wood is extremely soft the slightest bump nicks the wood. Once dented the lighter interior of the wood shows through. If you want to keep in perfect condition so that it can survive through all the stages it is meant for do not move a laundry basket past it or have any thing near it that can move. I have two boys, aside from my daughter who the crib is for, and the two year old loves to climb he can get into the crib in about 15 seconds if that much . The other crib I had took him a bit longer to get into. So as far as looks goes this is a great crib. Long term use may be hindered by the weaknesses of the wood, and if you have a climber in the family make sure they are never out of your sight....more info
  • Great crib but could have been greater
    We just put two of these together (twins) and the cribs look very good. However, the holes that are provided for the larger bolts are too deep which makes assembly a little cumbersome. Also, where those bolts go in, it would have been really nice if they had provided some finished plugs to plug up the holes. It would have made this piece look a lot less cheap. I am really surprised it didn't come with those because the holes that are left really scream out for them. Other than that, the finish is very nice (we got Cherry) and overall the crib seems solid....more info
  • safe crib at great price!
    We bought this crib sight unseen on amazon based on consumer report recommendation. The crib shipped free to Alaska and arrived in perfect condition. My husband put it together in no time without any problems. The crib is sturdy and looks great. We're 100% pleased with crib and!!
    Others have mentioned the unsightly holes where the screws are - maybe they didn't include plugs because of potential choking hazard? ...more info
  • Great crib but quality has changed!!
    I bought this same crib in May of 2005 from Buy Buy Baby and it came in six weeks pretty easy to assemble I did it while I was pregnant. It had no scartches or chips. I like it a lot and my daughter loves it. we havent converted it to a toddler bed or the full bed shes only 2. But its very roomy. It can get dented a little easily as when she banged a toy on it there were some dents but since its in white you dont notice it that much.
    I really like it cuz the quality is superb and we're very very happy with. In fact we bought another one from amazon, for my son. My kids are 12 months apart so we needed another crib for him since now hes 1. He likes it a lot too. But even though company and everything is the same. the crib did come with some damaging to it, but it wasnt that bad, you dont really notice it, we got lucky i guess. But i do plan to just paint over the parts where the white paint has come off. The quality also seems different it doesnt seem as dense as the first one I bought. I dont know whether the manufacturing has changed or its quality issues. But overall its a nice crib I just wish it came in better condition and that it was the same wood feeling as the first one. But its definately worth the buy. AND it came with SUPER FAST SHIPPING with amazon. and the shipping was free too. But its well worth the buy!!!!!! My kids are happy and so im happy!!!...more info
  • DaVinci Emily Crib
    The crib arrived in great time. A few bumps and scratches from shipping, but no major problems. Thanks very much....more info