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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Screwdriver Tamper Resistant Torx Size 8
List Price: $7.99

Our Price: $1.99

You Save: $6.00 (75%)


Product Description

Now available for your delight and convenience, the hard to find tamper resistant torx screwdriver size 8. Has a small hole in the tip, to bypass the post in a tamper resistant torx screw, like the ones found in the OEM Microsoft wireless controller for the xbox 360. Works perfectly on all the screws in the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller. Screwdriver handle is MUCH easier to use and provides much more leverage than L key style wrenches provide. Ease of use plus a low price gives you a great value! The quality you need in an affordable design.

  • Tamper Resistant Torx Tip has indent to engage tamper resistant screws easily
  • Made of high quality chrome Vanadium (CRV-6150) hardened steel
  • Matte finished handle provides a firm grip
  • Designed for Xbox 360 wireless controller screws
  • Long life materials, not a disposable tool

Customer Reviews:

  • nice product!
    very helpful and good product. nice design. sturdy build..would purchase this product again.. a must for people that mod controllers...woohoo!...more info
  • Tamper resistant Torx Driver
    Within the first couple of uses the head of this driver was stripped. It only lasted long enough to disassemble and reassemble 2 controllers. The design of these tamper resistant screws forces the design of this driver to be very thin. A far stronger material should have been used for this tool....more info
  • A real deal
    this is a great product i ordered it Monday 9pm and i got it wed i used it to clean my controller and hopefully will mod one of my controllers(paint and LEDS)This item has a plastic handle but it works for me...more info
  • Great screw driver for unlocking any xbox 360 controller
    Perfect Xbox 360 controller screwdriver. I've used it for a dozen or so mods thus far....more info
  • Almost a month, no driver, and cant check the status of the order
    I cant speak for the quality of the tool, it was ordered om 2/9 and its now 3/3.I cant get the status of the shipping, the tracking system on the web just keeps bringing me back to the login page every time I try and track it.If I ever get this and it turns out to be something useful I'll modify this review, but at this time I've received nothing and don't even know if it was shipped or have any means to track it....more info
  • Spaghettios
    I ordered it to open my xbox 360 controllers. Low and behold it works. Exactly as described....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great tool for opening up the xbox 360 wireless controller. The only thing i would change is make it have a longer handle...more info
  • Fair Priced screw driver.
    Pro: Quality is good and function is great. It hasn't stripped yet. (Worked on three controllers)

    Cons: Handle lacks leverage. Could be packed in a smaller package for such a small screw driver....more info
  • Most Amazing Srewdriver Ever
    This screwdriver is amazing. It is so well built. Its smooth plastic handle feel so good in my hand. It has a super strong metal bit which does an incredible job of loosening screws. If this screwdriver was a woman, I think I would marry it; it's just that good....more info
  • works well, but...
    the handle is smooth and kinda hard to hold on to, but the head fits perfectly on the tamper-proof screws. i was able to take apart and reassemble 4 controllers with no issues, and no problems with threading. the only reason i gave this 4 stars rather than 5, was the handle being smooth and slippery. if you're looking at this, buy it. ...more info
  • it does the job
    i used this to open an xbox 360 controler because I had some cat hair stock inside...and it worked. the only thing is that I did't see the screw that's inside the battery case(it is covered by a sticker with the controler's code) it took me a wile to open it...but that's not the screwdriver's fault :)...more info
  • Screw Driver impropperly cut
    The screw driver i received has a fourth of it that hasnt been cut, and it is therefore useless....more info
  • They put the money where it matters.
    I was a bit concerned, when I bought this screwdriver. I have bought many screwdrivers that had a fantastic handle but were disappointing in actual use.

    This screwdriver is extremely good. They put all the money into the business end - the tip is hardened steel. I have used it many times, and it still looks new.

    The handle is very plain but works perfectly. I only paid $5 delivered, and at that price, I can't complain....more info
  • Worked great -- saved me $50 bucks on a new controller
    It happens to the best of us. My Xbox 360 controller was sitting on my coffee table. I accidently knocked over a glass of soda and the controller was hit.

    I was able to dry the surplus soda off the unit, but the buttons immediately became sticky and slow to respond. I figured this would be an easy fix, so I came to Amazon to find an Xbox 360 controller screwdriver.

    I placed my order and received it in just two days.

    Opening up the controller took just a few minutes. I gently unscrewed the security screws as to not strip them. The controller loosened up, but took a little massaging due to the dried soda.

    After opened, I cleaned the controller housing with water, cleaned all the electrical contacts and buttons with 50/50 alcohol and water. I was also able to clean out all the crud that builds up between the two haves of the controllers.

    I blew out all the extra water using a hair dryer. I let the housing and buttons sit for an hour.

    I put the controller back together in reverse order and everything worked beautifully. No more sticky and slow responding buttons.

    At $5 bucks, you cannot go wrong. As the title says, I saved $50 bucks....more info