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Targus ACC96US High-Speed File Transfer Cable (Gray)
List Price: $44.99

Our Price: $25.36

You Save: $19.63 (44%)


Product Description

The Targus High Speed File Share Cable is the premier file and data sharing solution for PC and Mac users. With Easy Suite software embedded inside of the cable there are no drivers or software to install, making it a quick and easy way to transfer large amounts of data. Transfer e-mail, music, photos, videos and document files from one computer to another, at speeds up to 480 Mbps. Compatible with Windows XP and Vista, as well as Mac operating systems, the High Speed File Share Cable is ideal for those transferring important files to a new computer and also allows you to quickly transfer music or video files to a friend's computer. Whether transferring from PC to PC, Mac to Mac, Mac to PC, or PC to Mac, the High-Speed File Transfer Cable is compatible and provides a direct computer-to-computer file transfer to save time. It is excellent for those who often share files with friends or transfer data between two computers.

  • Quickly transfers data from PC to PC, Mac to Mac, Mac to PC, or PC to Mac at a high transfer rate
  • Can replace other forms of media such as CD's or DVD's for data transferring
  • System Requirements - Windows XP, Vista, Macintosh OS X or later; USB 1.1 or 2.0 port
  • Exterior Dimensions - 3.3 x 1.2 x 0.5

Customer Reviews:

  • Saved the Day in a Modern-Day Laptop Horror Story
    This cable is, simply put, an awesome tool. Like every good legal beagle, I'm absolutely tied to my laptop. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at performing backups. Predictably, less than a week ago, my primary laptop crashed. I ended up hooking my laptop up to an external hard drive and doing five excruciating hours of data recovery on three years worth of work product and other miscellaneous data (75 GB worth). Fearing that the data was corrupt, or that it wouldn't transfer correctly, I also transferred a few selected files onto a flash drive. Moving 2 GB of data from the laptop to the flash drive took eons, even on a USB 2.0 connection. Then I had to plug the flash drive into a spare laptop and transfer it onto the spare. That also took what seemed like forever to copy over. While I managed to get some of my documents back, I left the other data for dead, so to speak. So when I received my new laptop, I wanted to avoid using the "middleman" of the flash drive/external hard drive between my two computers. Instead, I used the Targus cable to transfer information directly from my gimpy laptop to the new laptop. I was worried, since one laptop ran XP and the other ran Vista, but the data transferred quickly and accurately (except the corrupted data). A 2 GB transfer which took eons with a flash drive - was a snap with the Targus cable.

    The cable is plug-and-play, and the interface that pops up on the screen of both computers is basically two windows explorer panes tiled horizontally. After you select the desired folders on the "host" computer, you drag and drop them into the recipient computer to transfer them. That's it. I can see this being really helpful on group projects, where you are trying to transfer something like a gigantic PowerPoint. You can just leave your computers linked by the cable - eliminating the need to use e-mail or a flash drive as an intermediary.


    *Cuts out the middleman - the flash drive or the external drive and provides a direct computer-to-computer connection.
    *Very fast data transfer on two USB 2.0 connections.
    *Plug-and-play, no extra software to install
    *Comes with a nice carrying pouch and a velcro-wrap to keep the cable tidy


    One end of the cable is about the size of a regular flash drive (width is about 3.5 cm), so it might be a little unwieldy if you don't have a horizontal USB port.


    I would definitely buy another and would have bought one before now if it had existed! What a great invention. I love this thing and it makes transferring a bunch of files super easy, especially in our four-laptop household. It's way easier to carry one little cable around instead of a 500 GB external hard drive (like we have been doing). It's worth every penny and invaluable for laptop-toting college students....more info
  • Very Easy To Use, Super Fast File Transfers
    This cable makes file transferring a breeze! I have never used anything like this before and virtually just plugged it in and away I went.
    I hooked this up between my HP Laptop running Windows Vista home Premium and my Compaq Desktop running Windows XP.
    It transferred a 30 mb file in about 8 seconds, then 73 mb of video in about 26 seconds.
    I later transferred 8.2 gb of misc video in different file formats in about 10 minutes. This device is a great time saver for those who need to transfer files or folders between computers.
    I admit I was a little apprehensive about using this; but after plugging it into both computers (my XP Compaq asked to restart before doing the first transfer, my laptop running Vista did not)it was a breeze!
    It brought up a screen with all files and folder on my laptop (host computer) on the lower screen area, all files and folders on my Compaq (remote computer) above. I selected the folder from which I wanted to transfer the files, and to where to send it on the remote computer and that was it! It did everything else itself which makes it extremely)

    If you plan to buy a new computer and need to transfer files and setting or just selected files, this will make it a daunting time-consuming task quick and easy; just need to transfer a few large files? this is just what you need!

    I fully recommend it!...more info
  • Transferring files? Not a problem with TARGUS!
    Works great, and I have not had any problems transfering my personal files using Targus ACC96US works great. ...more info
  • Useful as a hassle-free thumb drive
    I must preface this review by stating that I'm only using a fraction of the features of the software embedded in this device and I will only be reviewing the portions I used.

    I used this cable to quickly push files from my desktop to one of several Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) at my workstation. The UMPCs ran Vista and XP and seemed to do okay most of the time, but when I tried to connect to a touch panel running XP embedded the device drivers did not properly install on the other machine and the cable would not work. Unfortunately, this was compounded by the fact that I could not easily find drivers to download online.

    For the machines that the software did work on, the experience is very simple: plug in the machine and wait for the OS to install the drivers (if it hasn't been plugged in before). Auto Play on PCs will lauch the software suite allowing you to explore local and remote file directories and push and pull files across the USB cable. I copied a series of large files across and was not annoyed at the connection speed.

    The cable length is adequate for local operations and I imagine a USB extension cable would probably work on it if needed. It's not a complete replacement for a flash drive since both machines must be in the same vicinity, but it's still a handy tool that serves a role in allowing direct file transfers.

    The software has E-Mail and folder synchronization features as well as PC migration features. I did not have use of any of these features. I wanted a one-way folder synchronization where it would copy new files from my development PC to a UMPC it was connected with, but I was afraid setting up the cable would make it a two-way synchronization so I didn't press my luck.

    The cable also advertises it works for Apples. I don't deal with those and was unable to verify this functionality.

    I'm pleased with the cable and the software, but it's still a little quirky as evidenced by the driver problem I encountered. It's definitely a niche cable and I can see it saving a good 15 minutes of file synchronization time from any given work day....more info
  • Easy file transfer option
    This plug and play unit allows you to easily and quickly transfer your existing files into another computer. It is great for updating a new computer to your own specs, or simply moving things from work to home via a laptop. It is also an excellent way to back up your files to another computer in case you have a crash. I like to use it to keep all my units "in sync" so I can easily move from place to place and use the same data. It gives you a more orderly mode of transfer than a WAN because it is a hardwired connection and hence few firewall issues. For ultimate security, shut off your wireless while using the device. Fast and easy and compatible with most major operating systems,this is a must have device for anyone who has to do a lot of on the move file sharing. It is also a great way to get all of your data on a new computer seamlessly. 5 stars all around for this transfer unit,you can't go wrong with it.Aten Technologies AF142 Bitronics Bi-Direction Reverse 1X2 or 2X1 Auto Switch with File Transfer...more info
  • Worked like a charm
    Instruction very easy to follow and it transferred everything from one computer to another. Also used it to transfer music from one computer to another, both Apples. Maybe a little pricey, but i did not shop around. ...more info
  • great, esp for non-tech savvy types
    My husband and parents both recently got new computers, and both used this little device to move over all their stuff. Both were transferring from XP to Vista.

    My husband at first did it manually with the device, which he said was kind of a pain (moving things from Outlook Express to Windows Mail etc). I used the EasyTransfer and it worked great. IIRC, the 'fat end' goes into the NEW computer, and the other end into the old one. I may have that backwards - try it both ways until you see both computers' stuff on the new computer. The directions kinda suck, but the tool is pretty self-explanatory.

    Anyway, it transferred over files, basic preferences (desktop background etc), emails, and basic email settings (from OE to Mail), and also Internet Explorer favorites. Note that it will NOT transfer passwords that you've told IE to 'remember" (a good thing in my book, for security). My parents had a little shell shock with this since they are bad about writing down that stuff and also bad about updating new email addresses to get the info - but that's a different story.

    I haven't used this on my Mac, but I'm sure it would work fine. So final analysis - for someone who has a TON of stuff on a computer and no external hard drive to move it to, and who cannot/does not want to network the computers wirelessly, this is a good solution. I still wouldn't pay more than say $20 or so for it though, since likely it'll only be used when you get a new computer, and anyone with some knowhow could easily network or move things in another way. A great find on Vine for me though - thanks Amazon!...more info